Review: Devil’s Den in Pattaya, Thailand


The Devil’s Den is a sort of “all inclusive” sex shop that has been around for some time in Pattaya Thailand’s LK Metro. Operating along the same lines as The Eden Club in Bangkok (which it was affiliated to at some point in the past) it offers a guaranteed level of service provided by at least two women at once.

The Devil’s Den is incredibly easy to find. The place is no secret hideaway by any means. Just in case you didn’t come across the shop’s website or the shop itself there are signs all around town advertising it’s location, including on the back of some baht buses.

The Devil’s Den in Pattaya

If you’ve read my review of The Eden Club, then you already have a general idea of what kind of place Devil’s Den is. It’s basically a location where you can pick up some girls who work to provide you with a “porn star experience” without any hassles or uncertainties.

The Devil's Den Pattaya

Pattaya is a well known for it’s massive commercial sex scene. All sorts of things are available from regular bar pick ups to top models from world famous go go bars with big bolt-on tits, and everything in between. Will all of that compacted into a relatively small city, why would people visit a place like Devil’s Den? There are a few reasons.


One is that it’s straight forward. You show up, call or email, select you ladies, and head off to the races. Another is predictability and security. You know what you’re going to get ahead of time, which is not always the case with women who work in beer bars and go gos (even if you bring up the subject before hand there are no guarantees of what will actually go on in the room). More? All of the women who work at the Devil’s Den are described as being genuinely bisexual, which means customers can see real interaction between the women they chose or between the women they choose and women they bring to the shop with them (apparently Devil’s Den even gets some adventurous solo female customers).

They also have one of the most extensive websites around, with full profiles that include pictures and lists of what each woman on staff will and won’t do with customers. I’ve heard that the website has gotten them in  some hot water before but that’s pure rumor. I have no way to know whether or not it’s true and in any event it is still online and regularly updated so if something did happen it must not have been too serious.

So how does the Devil’s Den work? You can call or visit the website to book ahead with the women of your choosing but that’s rarely the best move for first time visitors. As usual in the commercial sex industry the pictures on the website do tend to look better than the women they portray, but that’s to be expected. I will say that the images are authentic, with no fake shots of models or women that have never been anywhere near the place. Guys who don’t have prior experience at the Den will probably find it more effective to just show up in person and walk through the door.


Unlike some other places, you don’t pick one of the women sitting outside as soon as you show up. That comes later. As with The Eden Club, customers are greeted inside by a cashier behind the bar and a male manager. While the manager at The Devil’s Den is not as creepy as the guy behind The Eden Club it’s still strange to walk into a sex shop and be asked “how can I help you?” That’s as true for a seasoned vet like me as for anyone else. It’s a small awkward price to pay for what you can get.

If you are a new customer the manager will probably give you a quick run down of how things work there. After that you can have a drink or call for an immediate line up. Whenever you are ready the manager will call on the available women to come inside the bar. There is a big line running down the wall and across the floor in about the middle of the bar. Those who stand on the left do not accept anal sex. Those who stand on the right (which is usually a smaller number of women) do accept it.

Women at the Devil’s Den

The women vary in looks about as much as they do anywhere else. The general level of attractiveness is higher than what I saw at Eden but it’s not out of this world. Most women on staff are acceptable to average, with only a handful that I would call exceptionally beautiful. While staff comes and goes at any adult establishment it does seem that the overall level of looks has gone down slightly at the Den, but that’s purely subjective. At the Devil’s Den the level of performance is more important than looks alone so it’s an added bonus to find women on staff that look good. Luckily there are always more than a few available at any time that all but the most picky customers will find attractive.

At Eden you are encouraged to pick the first lady and then let her chose the second to get maximum chemistry. At the Den no such recommendation is made, though you could still go that route if you’d like. It depends if you want to get two women you find hot or at least one woman you find hot along with better interaction. The choice is yours.

Sessions at the Devil’s Den

Incall sessions take place in the short time hotel that is right next door to the Den. You have to select a minimum of two women. The standard course is 90 minutes for 3,600 Baht ($116) which includes everything. A 90 minute session usually allows for you to get off twice, assuming you are up for it. You can also add more time and ladies for additional, reasonable fees. If you show up with a pal or a lady of your own to join in the fun, you will have to pay double the single rate.

Once you make your selections you pay the cashier and head next door. The women you chose will come along with you, showing you to your room and bringing a bag of tricks that includes everything you would expect from condoms and lube to dildos and strap on harnesses. The room is big and clean, with a huge bed, sizable bathroom, mirrored ceiling and walls, television playing adult videos, and a sex swing hanging from the ceiling.

One good thing about the Devil’s Den is that there is zero pressure for you to purchase drinks for yourself or the women you chose. That’s great since you can avoid the extra charge if you’d like and aren’t in need of refreshment. It even makes it more comfortable when you do actually want a drink since you don’t feel like you were forced into buying it.

Once you get into the room things are pretty routine. One women will shower you off along with her own body then take you to the bed to get things started. The other woman or women will shower themselves off and join you soon after. Although the porn star experience is the name of the game things still do depend on the women you chose, their experience, and the overall chemistry. There are no bad performers at the Den by design, but some can be quite mechanical. A guy who rarely gets laid will probably be in heaven regardless but the more experienced may be a little disappointed. Those looking for women who can take the lead, get nasty, and perform any particular tasks would do best to discuss their needs with the management beforehand. These could be a little uncomfortable but everyone already knows why you are there and the slight discomfort should be made up for by the increased level of service that would come after.


The only other way to get the real lowdown would be through experiencing each and every lady on staff, which needless to say would require a lot of time and money. I guess if you started with some of the more experienced staff members who indicate they are up for everything on the menu if you wanted to increase your chances of success.

Outcall to hotels in Pattaya is available, starting at 2,000 Baht ($64)  for a 90 minute session with a single woman. An overnight option from 10 pm to 6 am goes for 3,500 Baht ($112).  Other women and addition time requires an additional fee.

Another interesting option is a VIP bus offered by the Den loaded with two women from the staff that will pick you up at the airport in Bangkok and the make the 2 hour trip to Pattaya quite enjoyable though this costs a hefty 18,000 Baht ($576), which is quite a lot compared to the $40 fare you pay to a regular old taxi for the same ride.

The Devil’s Den is a Pattaya standby offering a reliable service. It’s a good alternative to the uncertainty of the go gos and beer bars that compares favorably to Eden in Bangkok. It was a little harder to come up with a score for the Den than it has been to score some other places around the world, mainly because a lot depends on the women you select. I’ve decided to score the place on the overall experience and came up with three stars, though that could go up or down as much as a full star on any given visit.

Address:LK Metro, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 087-149-1996
Hours:1:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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