Review: Nui Beautiful Massage in Pattaya, Thailand


Nui Beautiful Massage is one of the many massage parlors located on Soi Chaiyapoon in Pattaya. It is notable because of its namesake. The expert touch of Nui has now become well known by many men in Pattaya and indeed all around the world.

While there are countless happy ending massage parlors in Pattaya offering hand service none are necessarily like Nui’s place. One reason for that is the outstanding and unique skills of Nui herself not to mention the other women on staff. Another thing that sets the shop apart are its origins as a used book shop.

Location and decor

The Nui Beautiful Massage shop is located on the east side of Soi Chaiyapoon. It is just a short walk from Soi Bukhao and the previously reviewed Lolita’s blowjob bar. Soi Chaiyapoon is probably better known for its incredibly poor condition than its many adult entertainment establishments. The road is in such bad shape that people sometimes refer to it as “Soi Pothole” even though it is listed on some maps as “Soi Chalerm Phrakiat 25”.

Nui first started working out of a place called Book Spot a few doors down. That place has a shelf of used book on the side though no one seems to be browsing them. Massages are done in the back of Book Spot as it doubles as a massage parlor. Nui is still in control of the place though she bases herself at the newer Nui Beautiful Massage up the street.

Nui massage Pattaya

Nui Beautiful Massage has a very small front. There is a glass window where the word “Nui” is displayed in large letters. Behind that there is a very small entrance room where most of the staff usually hangs around.

The main area behind the entrance is blocked from the view of the street. It is big enough but a bit cluttered and perhaps even claustrophobic. There is a wash room off to one side. There are also several massage cubicles that contain little more than mattresses blocked off from the rest of the space by heavy curtains.

Nui and the gals

Several women can be found working at Nui Beautiful Massage at any given moment. Most of them would probably be most accurately described as average in looks at best. A few are on the bigger side but most are somewhere in the middle. Occasionally a very petite or beautiful woman will show up on staff though it is not a regular thing.

All of the women at Nui Beautiful Massage are friendly and skilled in their own way. Still Nui and her legendary erotic massage seem to be the main draw for most. Even when Nui is not found hanging around in front of the shop customers can request her by name. She is often nearby or busy with a customer in the back. Nui probably wouldn’t be called a stunner by anyone but she is not bad looking either. Her warmness and good attitude shine through.

None of the women are fluent in English but most can speak enough to arrange a session. Nui herself also speaks quite a bit of the German language for whatever reason. Anyone who wanted to book an appointment at Nui would be probably be able to do so regardless of the language they speak.


Nui’s famous massage is an erotic head to toe type of service that is not found elsewhere. Things can vary according to circumstance but in most cases she gets topless to reveal her average breasts and large dark areola like Japanese porn star Mikan Kururugi. This is followed by a soft sensual massage that covers all of the body. Various parts are often even touched at stimulated at the same time. As things seamlessly transition into the happy ending portion Nui almost goes into a sort of trance that may be part of the reason she can get so in tune with her customers.

Many massage parlors in Pattaya staff women that offer mechanical handjobs. Nui performs what could only be described as real erotic massage. Her skills are remarkable and her massages almost border on the tantric. If she doesn’t enjoy her work she is at the very least very well versed in it.

Sometimes Nui even brings other women on staff into the massage sessions on her own accord. They perform according to their skills with some seeming to specialize in oral or body massage. Nui gets involved and often finishes the job. This seems to be some sort of training or a very interesting profit sharing arrangement that no doubt deserves further study.


There is no set menu on display at Nui massage. Perhaps this is by design. It could also simply be an aspect of Nui’s free and fun nature. It almost seems as if prices are just made up on the spot at times though never to the detriment of the customer. The prices charged at Nui are among the lowest to be found in Pattaya considering the services rendered.

Oddly enough the prices don’t always increase noticeably when Nui brings another attendant into a session. When a customer requests a double session prices are of course increased accordingly. When Nui is the only service provider involved prices are usually very low. A normal session with happy ending costs a mere 500 Baht ($15 USD).


Nui Beautiful Massage is an inexpensive erotic massage parlor with a lineup of friendly and skilled ladies. Still it is surrounded by massage parlors that could be described in a very similar way. The place probably would not be notable if it were not for Nui herself. She seems to know this which could explain why she sometimes introduces other service providers into sessions on her own accord.

Over the years Nui has gained quite a reputation as a woman with “magic hands”. Other gals on staff at her shop have also become known for their level of skill and service. Nui has never abused the reputation of her skills or her shop. She and the other ladies who work at Nui Beautiful Massage are sincere and well versed in their work yet they ask for very reasonable compensation. It is no wonder the place is so well regarded. Four stars.

Address:Soi Chaiyapoon, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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