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Since the earliest days when this website first went online I have received numerous comments and questions about sexual services for couples and single women throughout the world. Over time I was able to put in the required research to report on the subject to some degree. That lead to overviews of available erotic action for women and couples in Bangkok and later Pattaya. Now I will cover the sexual services available to women and couples in Chiang Mai.

As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is obviously a lot larger than Chiang Mai. Pattaya may have a smaller official population count. But it is actually one of the most visited cities in the world. And both Bangkok and Pattaya are known for their adult entertainment. Chiang Mai is a smaller city that is more known for its mountains and tamer tourist activities. Yet as regular readers will know there is actually a thriving sex industry in Chiang Mai. That of course extends to couples and women too. Though things are slightly more limited in that regard.

Go go bars

Chiang Mai certainly isn’t renowned for its adult nightlife. The city has its agogos though they hardly compare with what can be found in other cities. There is no equivalent of Pattaya’s Windmill or anything even remotely like it in Chiang Mai. But there are some bars where women dance on stage and regularly leave with customers. Occasionally those dancers leave with women and couples. But that seems to be pretty rare.

thai go go for women

In go go bars women are paid to dance and entertain. Anything else that happens outside of the bar is between the gals and their customers. There are often ladies working the bars who are okay with taking on women and couples. But it ultimately comes down to the situation. One of the better looking women who dances at Foxy Lady tells me she has gone with a couple once but rejected several others. She did not provide a clear explanation of why she accepted one pair but passed on the others. There were probably many factors involved in her choices.

I have also seen plenty of women inside Spotlight Bar in Chiang Mai over the years. The old location along the moat seemed to draw in more female tourists. But the first time I visited the new location I saw two Asian women enjoying themselves over the seats behind the stage.

Freelancers and sideliners

There are quite a few freelance and sideline prostitutes in Chiang Mai. Some are part timers or university students who sell sex on the side. Others rely on the sex trade for their entire income. The majority of the freelancers in Chiang Mai mainly work with Thai customers. Though there are some who focus on foreigners and others who cross back and forth as the market dictates.

In an interview on this website one such freelancer tells the tale of a time she was hired by a couple. Apparently it is not that uncommon. Though at least one member of the couples typically speaks Thai. It would be different otherwise since the sideliner websites are all in the Thai language. Still it is not impossible. I have been told of couples and even single women finding freelancers through various online portals like LINE.

Couple friendly erotic massage

Some of the erotic massage shops in Chiang Mai seem most open to entertaining female clients and couples. One example is Absolute Paradise which warmly welcomes women and couples. In fact it seems to be a normal thing there as the staff and management are familiar with couples and already have pricing in place for such sessions. They do recommend that women contact them in advance to book a session though. This is probably to make sure there are enough gal friendly service providers on staff.

nude Thai massage

Two more sensual massage parlors in Chiang Mai that welcome couples and solo women are Little Mermaid and a place called Dolphin Massage located inside the old Your Hostel building on Sridonchai Soi 2 near the southeast corner of the moat. At Little Mermaid women are charged the same rate as men. Couples are charged double the normal single rate and treated by two women. Dolphin is notable in that it also employs men who can provide yoni massage to ladies. A couple’s massage provided by two women at Dolphin costs 3000 Baht ($95 USD). The same massage provided by one man and one woman costs 3500 Baht ($105 USD).

Other massage parlors

At some other body rub places in Chiang Mai there are certain women on staff who will work with women or couples. But it appears to be a special service that requires at least an inquiry in advance. I have been told that some of the ladies working at Anime Kawaii will work with women or couples. But couples must take two providers and go into separate rooms. I haven’t researched every other massage parlor in the city. But I imagine many similar shops would be the same.

At least some of the soapy massage parlors in Chiang Mai seem up for accepting female customers and couples too. But it sometimes requires a bit of conversation to get over any initial confusion. I am aware of some cases of couples visiting soapy massage parlors and receiving service. They simply explained what they wanted to the floor managers and paid twice the normal rate. I also know of at least one foreign woman who has been serviced at a major soapy massage parlor in town. Though at first the staff apparently thought she accidentally wandered into the wrong place.

That concludes this overview of places offering sensual services to women and couples in Chiang Mai. This is not a conclusive list. So there may be more places that willingly throw open their doors to ladies and life mates alike. In fact I would almost bet on it. If I am able to do further research into this issue in the future I will update this post with my findings. For now this should serve as a good look into what non-traditional erotic options are available in Chiang Mai.

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