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Review: Spotlight Bar in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Spotlight Bar is one of the few go go bars in Chiang Mai. It is the longest standing of the bunch and probably the most popular. For years Spotlight sat across the moat and down from the famous Tha Phae Gate. More recently it moved to a new location. It is still on a main thoroughfare and within walking distance of what is arguably the biggest tourist attraction in town.

The go go bar scene in Chiang Mai is not large by any measure. But it does exist. There are three go bars in town. They cater almost exclusively to tourists and foreigners. Local guys also enjoy their adult entertainment. But they are much more likely to frequent karaoke clubs or local massage parlors like the previously reviewed Mossa Hue.

Location and layout

The new Spotlight Agogo is located on Chang Moi Rd near the intersection with Chaiyapoom Road. The old place was south of the gate. The new place is a little north but otherwise on the same side of the old moat. It is very easy to find. The sign is bright and obvious. And the building just looks like a go go bar.

Inside Spotlight Agogo is quite large. The old place was pretty big too. So nothing has changed except that the new facilities are cleaner and perhaps more modern. A large stage sits slightly off center on the right side of the floor. There is a bar on the left side with a clear view of the stage. And there are booth seats all around the walls near the stage.

The atmosphere at Spotlight is very laid back. Everyone is more or less friendly. There are no pushy mamasans to be found. Nor are there any menacing bouncers about. It is one of the more open go go bars around. This feeling is enhanced by the fact that it never seems to get swamped with customers either.

Despite the large size of the bar there are not many women working at Spotlight most nights. The place isn’t devoid of ladies by any means. But the building could certainly house a much larger staff. Though the customer base probably couldn’t support that.

Ladies, services and summary

As it stands the bar has somewhere between ten and fifteen women each night. They take turns dancing on stage in teams of two or three. Others mill about the bar or disappear into the back. The women range in looks but most are in their twenties or thirties and could be described as average to attractive in relative terms.

As with most bars things are really hit or miss. I vividly remember one visit when two quite attractive and fit ladies were prancing around on stage in thongs and not much else. Yet on another visit the ladies present were much more advanced in age and size. Though they were a little more covered up.

Most of the women who work at Spotlight are nice and easily approachable. And while it is not necessarily a hands on bar like Babydolls in Pattaya it is not out of the norm for dancers to get quite comfortable with customers who buy them lady drinks. Over the clothes petting in either direction is common.

Drinks and lady drinks are priced reasonably for the area and venue. The bar fine is 900 Baht ($28 USD). The ladies typically ask for around 3000 Baht ($94.50 USD) for a short time session. Some seem very keen to be taken out of the bar. Though others are quite satisfied staying in the bar and having drinks.

Spotlight Bar is the oldest bar in Chiang Mai. Yet it has updated itself over the years. It even relocated and built a new facility out. So it cannot be accused of resting on its laurels. Still it is a fairly average place. It stands out in Chiang Mai by being one of the few go go bars. In other areas it would be much less notable. Two stars.

Spotlight Bar. 311 Chang Moi Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 7:00 PM until 1:00 AM. Phone: +66 053-111-819.

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