Review: Foxy Lady in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Foxy Lady is one of the three go go bars in Chiang Mai. Since I have already reviewed the other two go go bars in town I figured I might as well complete the task. Although Foxy Lady is arguably the most out of the way go go bar of the three it may actually be the most well known. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is the most popular however.

As I have mentioned more than a few times there is a lot of misinformation online. Especially when it comes to adult entertainment. This sort of thing becomes even more questionable when it is posed as personal reviews based on individual experience. I have been researching this industry around the world for many years. Yet sometimes what I read just doesn’t match with the reality.

Two people can look at the same cloud and imagine it looks like two different things. But a glass of water is a glass water no mater who drinks it. I continue to report on new places around the world. Along the way I run into places that have been reported on by others. Sometimes what I see doesn’t match what I have seen and heard. Places said to offer happy endings end up being legitimate spas. And places called rip off shops end up being normal bars. I don’t completely know what to make of it. All I can do is continue to report in the hopes that you will continue to read what I write.

Foxy Lady Go Go

Foxy Lady is located on Thapae Soi 1 not far from the Night Bazaar. It is not near much else in terms of night life or adult entertainment. Though there is a beer bar at the end of the street where it intersects with Loi Kroh Road. That road is of course well known as the center of beer bars and farang oriented massage parlors in the city.

foxy lady gogo chiang mai

The place is easy to find with large illuminated signs. Through the doors there is a mid-sized go go bar that would fit in Pattaya or Bangkok. At least in terms of layout. There are bench seats around the walls and some more private booths on the far left. The stage comes complete with the usual poles and it is surrounded by bar stool style seats. At the back end of the stage there is a bar where drinks are made.

Staff, prices and summary

While Foxy Lady looks like a big city go go bar there are usually only four or five dancers inside. At any given moment there might be one or two on stage while the others hang around the bar. There are also a few servers and a middle aged Thai mamasan.

The gals range in looks from average to attractive. Some of the dancers look very good and can dance very well. The youngest dancer might be twenty two. The oldest is probably thirty. The servers are in the same age range though they are no hired for their looks.

The place gets its share of customers made up of a wide variety of nationalities. Money speaks the international language though. So the staff is happy to serve up drinks for just over a hundred Baht. Lady drinks are 140 Baht ($4.60 USD) and the gals usually spend some time with customers who buy them rather than jumping back up on stage.

Although the place is small with a few dancers the gals never appear desperate to make money. In fact quite the opposite. The dancers at Foxy Lady are maybe the most selective I have ever seen in a go go bar open to the general public. It is not out of the ordinary for the gals to refuse a customer who asks to take them out of the bar. That doesn’t mean they never go out with guys. But it’s no sure thing. When they do join a guy outside the barfine is 600 Baht ($20 USD) and the ladies usually want 2000 Baht ($65 USD) or more for themselves. The mamasan often tries to get the full combined amount out of unwitting patrons. Two stars.

Address:Thapae Soi 1, Chiang Mai, Thailand (Map)
Hours:8:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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