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Sex is on sale in the “Men’s Paradise” of Macau

Guys who have visited the Special Administrative Region of Macau at some point or even read the reviews I’ve done of Macau saunas on this website will have no trouble understanding why the place is often referred to as a male paradise. Those who have not had the pleasure of checking out the scene may not.

Sometimes I think it may not be worth my time to share the information I have since there’s already so much floating around on the internet. Then I come across a review like this (which is titled “Avoid unless your like prostitution and gambling,” as absurd as titling a review of Alaska “Avoid unless you like snow and nature”) and I realize there are still millions or even billions of people in the world who really are unaware of what goes on in places like Macau. I write this report with that in mind.

Macau sauna prostitution

The sale of sexual services in legal in Macau, which is precisely why there are so many high quality, sanitary, well-organized and generally safe options available. Sex workers in Macau have access to free health services, and in 2012 Vicky Lei Wai Kei from the Health Bureau of Macau said  that “no HIV positive case was found among the women” she had access to, even those tended to be on the lower / less expensive end of the spectrum.

Although the Macau SAR is quite small and compact (so much so that you can often get around easier on foot than you can by car) there are numerous facilities around for guys looking for fun. Unlike Japan and South Korea, the scene in Macau is totally open to foreign visitors and there’s no real barrier for those who don’t speak the local language (unfortunately there appears to still be some prejudice on the basis of skin color though). Here’s a rundown of what’s out there.


Saunas are the cream of the crop, offering everything from showers with a bit of oral from 19 year old beauties to ear cleanings, dick and ball massages, and of course full service fun with beautiful women from around the world.

You spend as much time as you’d like in these places, and it’s quite normal to take in some sleep with a heaping helping of the free food and drink on offer. Rates vary depending on the place, the services and the level and origin of the girls a customer chooses but expect to drop the equivalent of between 250 and 500 US dollars for several hours of real fun.

I have already reviewed a number of men’s saunas on this website, including Emperor Sauna, Familia Nobre, Golden Sauna, Rio Spa, Beverly Sauna, Sanado Health Spa, and Eighteen. There are several more that I haven’t reported on, like Big Boss.


Fishbowls in Macau operate a lot like they do at places like Honey Massage in Pattaya. That said, I think the Macau shops tend to be a little better on average. The best place of this sort in Macau in without a doubt Darling 1. It’s moved around a few times recently but it’s worth tracking down. Unlike the saunas the action here is more to the point. Customers walk in, chose one or more of the ladies from the extensive line up of beautiful women (mostly from Vietnam) and then head to a private room where they get bath play followed by full service fun. Another fishbowl is Darling 2, which is basically a smaller and less expensive version of number one.

Casino girls

There are many working women in Macau who prowl the casinos in search of customers. These gals are usually Chinese and they usually prefer Chinese and other Asian customers. The “race track” at the Lisboa (so-called because the women keep walking in a circle to avoid problems with security) is the most famous area for this sort of action. Beware that the rates are high and the service is mediocre. For many punters who are not Asian none of this will matter though since it’ll be inaccessible to them anyway.


A number of freelance working women can be found in bars and discos around Macau. They range in nationality though I’ve run into a good number of Filipinas, Vietnamese and Indonesians. Some work at saunas and are just looking for some fun or extra money on the side. Others specialize in this sort of action. In my opinion rates are too high considering everything else that is so easily available. If you’re interested in an overnight or even just a little fun with a lady of this type it’s pretty easy to arrange a meeting outside of work with many of the floor service women (masseuses, attendants, etc.) who work in the saunas. Just make sure there is a little chemistry and try to be discreet about it.


These are exactly what they sound like. There are a few straight forward point and poke places like this around Macau. Perhaps the well known or most accessible to short-time foreign visitors would be Hou Va, where a short romp with one of the women on staff goes for a lot less than it does at sauna or even a place like Darling 1. These aren’t the hottest women in the world but they definitely aren’t the worst either. This is a good choice for guys who blow their stack on the gaming tables and only have a few bucks left for fun.

Walk ups

These work the same way they do in Hong Kong. You find a place and walk up to the door. If you like the gal inside you can step into the room and make a quick score for a set fee. If you don’t, you can move on to the next place. Websites are the best way to find these places, though the pictures shown online don’t always match up with reality. Sites like 141 Macau are good nonetheless, and they can also put you onto girls who do outcall or work out of hotels.


As with almost everywhere else in the world, there are plenty of escorts in Macau for those who prefer to go this route. In this modern world I shouldn’t have to tell you that these women are most easily found online, especially since you’re reading this information on a website.

For my money Macau really comes into its own with the saunas and fishbowls. The other options can be nice but they are sort of run-of-the-mill when it comes to pay for play. I think Macau’s saunas are the best thing going in Macau, but I’m also the kind of guy who eats French food while in France while avoiding things like international fast food chains. For the most part anyway.

In summary

How do you get to Macau? There are many options. The easiest is just to fly in directly. Depending on where you are coming from that can also be the cheapest. Another option is to cross over by land from mainland China. Finally, you can take a short ferry ride over from Hong Kong, which despite being one of the easiest places to get laid in the world can’t really compare to Macau when it comes to pay for play action. One positive is that many travel companies sell discounted tickets that include ferry service to and from Macau along with a certificate good for full service in a particular sauna, though there is usually some stipulation such as allowing the management to choose the lady and limiting the other services like thigh massage one can get.

The US government has put Macau on a watch list for “human trafficking.” Do people come to Macau for work? Absolutely. Does some of it involve sex? You better believe it. Why that’s different than going there to work as a card dealer in a casino I guess depends on your perspective. Are people forced into the work? I don’t think so. They are definitely motivated by financial reasons, recruiters and family but I’m sure that’s true of any overseas employment. I’ve talked to dozens of ladies working in saunas and fishbowls in Macau, many times outside of their places of employment and well beyond earshot of their employers. I’ve even become friends with some of them and stayed in contact long after they returned to their home countries. None have ever told me they were forced into anything, even when I brought the subject up. Since “human trafficking” is the favorite buzzword of the movement to criminalize all sex work I take reports like the one out of the State Department with a grain of salt.

Should you travel to Macau? That’s your choice. Tens of millions do each year and most leave with a great experience. As always, I don’t advocate that anyone do anything. I’m just stating the facts and trying to provide a little adult entertainment.

108 thoughts on “Sex is on sale in the “Men’s Paradise” of Macau”

  1. Rockit, while I have yet to try any places mentioned, I definitely trust your reviews. So I’m glad that you make these even though there are some others out there.

    That being said, I have made some mistakes and am trying to plan so I get the most “bang” for my buck this time. It looks like usually these girls are paid per hour, or for a certain time slot. For those of us that can go multiple times, say 2-3 times per hour, are the girls usually ok with this? As hot as you make some of them sound, I could easily blow a quick load in the first few minutes and it would be a shame if it ended there.

    1. Thanks for the comments Mali. The rule is usually one blow and you go, but I’ve never been rushed out of the room or anything. For quick shooters there are available services like the dick and ball massage to get your first load or two out on the floor before you go private with a full service gal. Cheers.

  2. Excellent review Rockit!!! I’m planning to visit Macau so your reviews just gave me wisely information to go check out. Anyway, for value of money, would you prefer Sauna or Fishbowl as I don’t see you reviews on Fishbowl in Macau eventhough Sauna sounds more value of money

    1. Thanks for the comment. The fishbowls offer a good value, and at places like Darling 1, great service. For me though the main course of a trip to Macau is the saunas, which are simply hard to match. There are more reviews on the way, and I think you’ll find what you’re looking for. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for all your suggestions, will be in Macau soon and this has given me a lot of ideas .

    Now a question about payment. You mentioned cards and cash… for Saunas. Which is the more commonly used. And if I want to avoid using cards and pay in cash does that mean I have to lug around 5 or 6 hundred USDor worse local currency?

    Also, is there a danger of overshooting cash you bring?

    1. Hi. The saunas are pretty well managed in that you rarely run into other customers up front when it’s time to pay. In fact I never have in dozens of visits. That’s why I can’t tell you what’s more commonly used. I’ve never had a problem paying with cash or credit, though some places may tack on a small percentage for credit payments. Could you spend more than you carry? Sure. You could also do that at a casino, restaurant or any other place. Luckily it’s no problem to walk around with large sums of money in Macau, which is an incredibly safe part of the world. The common 1000 HKD note, which is equivalent to about 129 USD, makes things even easier. Cheers.

  4. I will be in Macau for a few days next week. I am a American but am black can you tell me what’s the best option is for me to visit.

    1. Sorry, I’m not really sure. Some others have said they had problems gaining entries in a few saunas, but Famile Nobre was mentioned as a place that accepted black customers. Good luck. Cheers.

  5. Haiii rockit,

    Thanks for your information. Really it will help me to see the heaven in macua, as am travelling to this dream world by this weekend, as Bbobbchi said even Iam a black Indian, Iam really wonder whether I can enjoy the day at macua or not. Anyway its already planned so let me take a chance. If possible suggest me best and cheap accommodation where I can take girls to the room

    Thanks in advance.

    If any one intrested to join with me in macua

    Awesome organ

  6. Hi, thanks for the reviews, your site was very helpful. I was able to visit Macau for 5 nights last week. In 4 nights I was able to visit Familia Nobre 2 times, Emperor once, and Golden sauna 2 times. Also tried to visit Sanado and Darling 1 but couldn’t find either. The thigh massage was amazing at Familia Nobre, however in Emperor and Golden they did not have an option for a private room. Out of the three places, I thought the shower scrub was best at emperor, while at Familia for the table shower massage, the lady was topless at the end. The girl at Emperor was horrible but I guess YMMV with any girl. At Familia I didn’t have a chance to try from the lineup because the first night I connected with my Thigh Masseuse and she ended up being my GTG both nights. She provided a real GFE. All in all a great experience.

    1. I’m not sure where you can find the best. That’s subjective and it’s not really my thing anyway, especially when in Asia. I do know that there are Eastern European women working at Famile Nobre which has been reviewed on this site. Cheers.

  7. Hi Rockit.
    i read all your Spa write up…..Besides going for Full service which is a must try, I m a fan of dick massage.
    If after the full service, I love to hv a complete food massage follow by a balls massage all in a “Private room” n take a nap overnite in the room…. where is your first choice? Golden Spa?

  8. Hi, had stumbled upon your site with reviews. Just wanted to add that other than all those you have mentioned, another level of fun is the “Night Clubs”, these Asian Style Night Clubs are Karaoke joints where mama sans brings in dozens and dozens of girls where you can choose from and they sings and drink with you till you either get wasted or you can book them up to the hotel rooms provided for an hour or you can book them out for a whole night if you wanted to. Though “Night Clubs” are a whole different level of game play, you are looking at average of $3000 up to $10,000 hkd+ a person. I have had many experience where i had gone at one time many nights a week.

    One of the best Night Clubs right now in Macau is Club 9 in L’Arc.


    1. The KTVs are definitely a part of the scene but they seem to be more oriented to Asian customers than even the saunas or other options. I guess that the majority of readers of this site hail from the West and don’t have a lot of interest in the karaoke shops, but that I could certainly be wrong. Thanks for the comments. Cheers.

      1. The main thing I can say is that it’s expensive. I wouldn’t be able to provide an itemized price list. It’s not my usual type of venue but I’m not even sure many regular clients would be able to. Cheers.

    2. You must be A VERY VERY VERY RICH GUY?!! KTV $3,000/10,000 ?? Wowww!! Is that sooo easy for you to earn SO MUCH MONEY?? Wooowww man!! With soooo much money power, WHY U NEED SERVICES FROM KTVs?? You guys, REALY KNOW NOTHING about Macau!!! …i have a monthly salary of hk$8,000 to handle my life around here and i had/have fck with GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL CHN,KOR,JAP,VIET,IND,PHL and RSS girls!!

      1. I’ll think you find that a lot of people who pay for sex have scored their fair share for free but prefer the commercial route for things like simplicity and lack of drama. Cheers.

    1. I don’t make any recommendations. This site is only for entertainment. Famile Nobre seems to have the best prices of any sauna in Macau, but it’s still not cheap. Darling 1 and Hou Va are less expensive still but they are not saunas. Macau is an expensive place all around. Cheers.

    1. There’s no way for me to answer this question. Some people are disease free and others aren’t. I can’t tell which are which anymore than anyone else.

    2. I had a friend work in Macau for a few years, but he didn’t frequent hookers (too good looking). He only told me what he heard and I was wondering if there was any truth to it. He said someone told him the street walkers (like the lisboa girls) can’t get a job in the saunas because they may/may not be disease free.

  9. Hi rockit I visited macau in September end and i went to Darling-1 or Darling – 2 …I don’t remember which one but either of one….they were really great had a great time…but i have one question are they really safe ? As I had protected but she had a open oral….and i had a doubt of condom burst just before a throwing out so i am bit worried abt it please help Thank you

    1. Nothing in the world is totally safe, least of all sex. You can be killed crossing the road. Oral is usually considered low risk, especially for the receiver. That’s why it’s done without a condom so often. I have a review of Darling 1 on the way. Cheers.

  10. Hey Rockit,
    Love your site. Would you know where is the best place to find local girls? A Chinese-Macauan? Saunas? MPs? Hole in the wall brothels? Or the Girls at the Lisboa? Thanks

    1. I’ve only met one native Macauan in the adult industry in my life. She was an “above the waist” service girl at 18 Sauna for quite a while, and she was still there as recently as 2014. She is good looking but in her late 30’s by now. Cheers.

  11. Excellent guide.

    For rockit, or anyone. I was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience of using wechat or go141 in Macau?

    And re the saunas, couple of things I’m unsure of. I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times but where exactly are these coupon/offers in the ferry terminal, and what sort of deals/discounts can be had which include return ferry tickets? Are most of the saunas covered?

    And mainly for rockit I guess, how do you find the saunas when you return there or even become a ‘regular’, do you get treat any differently? Or is it not really a factor due to staff turnover/different shifts etc?

    1. I’ve used some of those websites in Macau but not often. I think they’re a lot more valuable in Hong Kong. In Macau the best saunas are so good that I rarely have time or energy for anything else. That’s me. Others may spend all their time chasing Chinese gals at race track in the Lisboa or hitting up Darling 1, Darling 2, Hou Va and some walk ups. It all depends. I’ve never been remembered by a manager in any sauna that I’m aware of but then again I don’t really pay attention to them either. I am often remembered by staff in the saunas, from the locker room gals to the full service gals, sometimes several years after I last saw them and in entirely different saunas! I don’t think the service level gets any better but that’s fine because in the best saunas it’s already fantastic. Cheers.

  12. Cheers,

    Yeah I agree, should be better for Hong Kong.

    I had a strange experience with wechat in Macau. Anyone who uses it and has been to Macau may have noticed the offers that flood in as soon as you hook up some wifi, particularly if you go on ‘people nearby’. The concept is great (accept chat request, bit of small talk, request pic, ask her over) but the reality I’m not so sure about. I may have just got unlucky but my suspicion is you have some sort of pimp sending out messages on behalf of multiple girls and then just sending out whoever is available. My request for a real time photo threw up an 8.5, only for a 6.5/7 to show up. It was some time later as I’d been up all night and need a couple of hours kip, so I guess it’s conceivable the girl I’d been hoping for had another engagement. The one that showed up seemed surprised I wasn’t Chinese, charged a laowai premium, and pretty much wanted to get it over and done with as soon as possible. Only real high point was she had fantastically flexible, verging on bendy, legs, but everything else was forgettable.

    Had a good experience with a ‘non-sexual’ massage joint in HK listed on 141 but am unsure about the listed girls in both HK and Macau. Tried to fix something up with one girl in Macau via the ‘macau8girls’ wechat profile but got nothing back, and her profile disappeared soon after. Not overly bothered about going down this route but she was a real standout. Does it maybe work better to just call the listed number?

    1. Like I said I have little to not experience with the apps in Macau. I have had success in other places like Hong Kong though. Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  13. Hi rockit;

    thanks for all the effort,I have enjoyed your reviews etc. I have a few questions. I have a 12 hour layover in HK ,is this plenty of time to get to Macau enjoy a sauna experience and get back to the airport?

    I am white european guy in my late 50’s and not in great shape, does this make any difference? I sort of get the impression that most of the guys visiting the saunas are younger and of SE Asian appearance.


    1. It would take some time for someone to exit immigration, get downtown, catch a ferry to Macau and make their way from the ferry to a sauna. I doubt there would be much time left to really enjoy a sauna considering that airports ask passengers to arrive a few hours early for international flights. Most of the guys who visit the Macau saunas are middle aged East Asians from China and to a lesser extent Japan and Korea though some others do visit too including big white guys. I don’t think it matters much to anyone since they all spend the same money. Of course I don’t advocate or recommend anything on this website which is for entertainment only. Cheers.

    1. Yes. It was shut down by the police a while back with many arrests made. It actually made pretty big news. Cheers.

  14. Is the racetrack still closed? What about the saunas/fishbowls? If the former is closed but not the latter, what is the reason for the selective enforcement?

    1. From what I have heard the racetrack is done. I haven’t ever heard of any saunas being closed by police in Macau though. Cheers.

  15. How much is the typical entrance fee at a sauna? If one sees a lineup but can’t find a suitable girl, is it cool to just say no and do basic services like foot/thigh massage? What if you see 2 or 3 lineups and want someone from the first but dont know her name? do they have #’s?

    1. Sauna entrance fees are usually a few hundred Hong Kong Dollars. There’s no rule that anyone has to select a woman from a lineup. Customers could use the facilities and simply pay the entrance fee if they really wanted to. The women in the lineups typically wear small badges with numbers on them. All the women available usually show up in the lineups. If a woman shows up in one lineup but doesn’t show up later that could mean that she went home for the day or is busy with another customer. Cheers.

    1. As with most places in Macau the saunas accept Macau Patacas and Hong Kong Dollars interchangeably. I’m not sure if they accept foreign currency like dollars and Euros but they all do seem to accept credit cards from any country. Cheers.

  16. What exchange rate do they use for HK to Macau Pataca? Is it just 1:1? If so, it would be better to change to Pataca, though the difference is small.

  17. Hey thanks a lot for the info, much appreciated. Quick question, I am going to Macau with one guy friend. The first thing we will do is going to one of the saunas from your list. However, we do not want to see each other naked at all!!! Is it possible?

  18. If I go to saunas how many hours of fun can a 1000usd give me. Saying I only go for 1 round of full service then a couple of massages then just eat and drink? Thanks

    1. Hi. Ideas of prices are given in reviews of individual saunas. One hundred US dollars is about 775 Hong Kong Dollars. A single round of full service at a place like Eighteen Sauna runs 2500 Hong Kong Dollars. That’s one of the more expensive places. One of the cheapest places of a sauna nature is Darling 1 where a session costs 1749. This gives a general idea. I ran down a list of services including multiple rub downs and a round of full service at Familia Nobre that came out to the equivalent of 348 US dollars. There are all sorts of additional services available at most saunas for a lot less. There is no set amount of time. Some guys walk in a sauna get serviced and leave. Others spend hours or even an entire night inside. Cheers.

    1. What is expensive is ultimately subjective but I don’t think anyone goes to Macau saunas to save money. Sauna prices haven’t gone up too much since this post was published. Hou Va is the cheapest established regular place though there are all sorts of hole in the wall operations around too. Cheers.

  19. Very useful information for newbies who have never visited to Macau saunas. I have been to Changan, Dongguan, China, I know the saunas routines and rituals. The only question I have for you is do you know any home inns in Maucau?

    1. Thanks for the comment. The south China scene was hit hard by raids a while back. I don’t know if any home inns in Macau. Cheers.

  20. What exactly is the legal situation in Macau? I have read from other sources that the sale of services is not illegal, but operating a brothel and “procuring” are. There was an article on your other site “ROKit” about how there was a prostitution bust in Macau, with clients arrested. I remember reading something about the Lisboa racetrack having issues as well. What gives? How dangerous is the scene in Macau these days? How at risk is someone to raids and the like?

    Is there anything you do to increase your safety and privacy?

    1. I’m not attorney but the law seems to state that prostitution is legal but pimping is not just like in Hong Kong. The recent South Korean ring bust in Macau only put the accused organizers behind bars. None of the women involved or any of their clients were arrested. The Lisboa racetrack seems to have been shutdown over allegations of inciting prostitution, living from the proceeds of prostitution, bringing women in from mainland China to work as prostitutes on tourist visas and other things like that. It’s alleged that the managers of the Lisboa ring charged women a fee to come work at the hotel which would be illegal under Macau law as I understand it. Another smaller ring was busted sooner after for similar things. As far as I can tell having sex with a prostitute is not illegal in Macau the existence of sex saunas in so many four and five star hotels seems to confirm that. I have never heard of a sauna being busted. Only underground rings. Again I’m not a lawyer or Chinese legal expert so none of this should be taken as anything but a well educated guess. Cheers.

  21. Hi rockit. Firstly, thank you for the fast reply, especially during the holidays! I just get the impression that China is trying to crackdown as the expiry date on its promise to let Macau be independent nears. What do you make of articles like this:

    Anyway, how discreet are most saunas; do they ever record you? I would prefer to keep anything that goes on in a sauna separate from normal life. Additionally, is there a way to find out if the saunas currently have any specials like the ones you mention in your reviews?

    1. I don’t think China ever promised to let Macau be independent. Macau and Hong Kong were handed back over to China in 1999 under an agreement to follow a policy of “one country, two systems.” There was a promise by Beijing to grant Macau a certain level of autonomy in many areas until at least 2049 which is still pretty far off in the future. In my opinion the mainland will become more like Macau and Hong Kong in the future. I don’t think Hong Kong and Macau will become more like the mainland. I have no way to know what saunas do and don’t record. I know they have security cameras and credit card machines. They also have hundreds and even thousands of visitors including many people with lots of money and probably some social importance. I don’t give advice as this website is for entertainment only but I usually say that people who overthink and fear the sex industry would probably be better off to avoid it or limit their involvement to reading about it. Adult entertainment is intended to provide enjoyment and pleasure. Not stress and worry. I wouldn’t eat sushi if I was paranoid about food borne pathogens either. Cheers.

  22. Hey Rockit, I want to thank you for all the great work. Also, sorry in advance for the question dump. I have a lot of thing I want ask about saunas.

    So if you choose full service at a sauna, the entrance fee is waived?

    I once saw a price list from 2014 for different saunas ( Are they close to current prices in general? Is ~$400 USD enough to really enjoy what a decent Macau sauna has to offer?

    Another site was able to snap a picture of the Familia Nobre menu ( Why are there all those different types of massages at the top? Do they all include FS? Can you just skip the massage and go straight to the action for the entire time?

    Are there saunas where you can take a thigh massage with other massages (head, foot, etc.) in a private room?

    Finally, if you pay in cash at a sauna, is it possible to prepay a certain amount (like ~$400) so you do not accidentally go over? How do you avoid that issue?


    1. Thanks for the comment. There are many different kinds of massages with all sorts of Chinese names. The most common are full service and hand job massage. Usually the full service and hand job workers are the only women who will go into a private room. Occasionally women who offer other services will too if they are in a group and tipped well. I think 400 would cover most people in a sauna like Familia Nobre but might not be enough for a real pleasure seeker in a place like Rio. Of course it all depends on the services people purchase. There are also specials and things people can use to save money. Overall though I’d say that anyone who is really watching their money would probably not be able to really enjoy a place like Macau. They would probably do a lot better in a town like Pattaya. Cheers.

  23. So in the case of the FN menu, does the “Eastern-European Style Massage” (1902 HKD) literally mean full service by an Eastern-European woman? By the way, are the prices in the link still about right for FN?

    As for the specials and “shows” (like the one you mentioned for Golden Sauna), is there a way to find out what different saunas have ahead of time? It would be better than having to pay the entrance fee and commit on one. Time away from the office is at a premium, you know. We cannot all be living the dream in paradise like you. :P

    1. Yes that’s typically what it means and yes those prices look accurate to me. I put in research to find out about things and I report on them here. This website has a lot of relevant information. Some others may also have information. A lot of guys probably just go around and gain the knowledge first hand. Unfortunately I don’t live in paradise or anywhere near it at the moment. Cheers.

  24. Hi Rockit, great information thanks in advance. well I am leaving for macau in a weeks time. So, do you have any information regarding lactating escorts in macau.

  25. Do you think that a better quality of women can be found in saunas in general than other places? Also, what languages are alright in Macau, and sauna specifically? English? Very limited Cantonese?

    1. Generally speaking the saunas have more attractive women than less expensive brothels like Hou Va but there are exceptions. Darling 1 has a lot of attractive women. It’s rare to see an unattractive woman offering full service at a sauna. They can be found at other places. There are some amazingly attractive women working casinos and out of hotel rooms but they are more difficult to foreigners to hook up with and tend to offer a lower level of service. English is widespread in Macau saunas because people from many different countries need to communicate. Cantonese is also common. Mandarin can be heard quite a bit as can Vietnamese. The people who work at the saunas are among the most multi lingual I have ever seen. There are attendants from Indonesia at Familia Nobre and Rio who can speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Bahasa Indonesian. Most of them learned it all through work without taking any lessons. Cheers.

  26. Hi Rockit!

    On my last visit to Macau I was lucky enough to see the Japanese Rockza AV show, and wonder if you have any information on what’s available now. I heard of the Taboo show (tame, expensive), and the show at the Grand Lisboa (I’ll probably try it), but do you have any additional recommendations?

    1. Thanks for your comment. I don’t make recommendations. This website is for entertainment only. I don’t have any special info about those shows that can’t be found elsewhere either. Cheers.

  27. Hey rockit. So I just came back from Macau. I wanted to say thank you because your post somewhat inspired me to take a trip over there to check it out

    Anyways, Taipa, the newer, southern side of Macau also has a sauna, which I thought was much better than rio or Familia nobre. It was called JYS and it was much cleaner and nicer than many saunas up north. (Except rio and waldo).

    Girls were def. Better looking than most of the smaller saunas up north as well. Just wanted to share that since many westerners tend to get a hotel in taipa, Cota area as hotels are nicer and newer down there

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am aware of JY Spa Sauna which appears on the map in this report. I will probably report on it when time and space allows. Cheers.

  28. Thanks!
    Could you please also share with us the place’s address?

    What about the prices? More like at the Rio level or more affordable like Familia Nobre?

  29. Hi Rockit,
    Thanks for the in depth reporting, great read.
    I’m wondering about the business hours at the average suana, is walking in at 2am something people do?

    1. It depends on the place. Some people do go into the all hours places late at night but the biggest rush comes in the evenings. At a certain point even the around the clock saunas quiet down. Cheers.

  30. Useful and helpful informations especially on SPA in Macau.
    Any ideas or suggestions for KTV in Macau ? Up to date information

    1. I know there are some KTVs there but I don’t have any insight into them. As far as I know they work like KTVs in the mainland. Cheers.

  31. Hi

    Wondering if in Macau transit for 24 hrs (12pm to 12pm), can you just go sauna hoping with your luggage all day?

    Dont want to spend on expensive hotel if no need. Plus my luggage is just carryon.

    Also do saunus let you come back in if you go in morning, go to a casino, then come back in the evening…is that considered one single 24 hour entry pass?

    Fianlly, if you were to spend 24hrs in a macau sauna, which would you choose?

    Would be looking to sleep and shower before next flight.

    1. Most saunas have places for people to put luggage. Most casinos also store luggage for whoever asks. Some saunas let customers go in and out over a 24 hour period. Others do not. Cheers.

  32. In Korean spas the policy is for all customer to be fully without clothes even towel. In these macau spas, if we want, we have option to wear shorts, or towel at least. Right?

  33. one of the most recommended saunas on others sites is ONE Sauna inside the Landmark Hotel
    really big-luxury place, like the Rio, saturday night many customers, almost full but many girls too(more than 30 for sure)
    entry fee sauna 888
    shower with a girl 288
    thigh massage 260
    other massages 230
    25min sessions as everywhere else
    handjob in a private room 1300(50min)
    SEA massage/NO 1. massage 2488
    model massage(mostly chinese) 2888
    european(2russian blondes) 3488
    korea/japan 4688 but at midnight i have seen only 3korean girls, maybe too late, 1pretty the other 2 for me too skinny
    on the menu without price was a section for supermodel/japan AV actress but no info during the show about these girls, maybe only sometimes they are avialable when on tour
    staff chinese, not good english the normal/thigh massage girls as the waitresses too

    day before I was on my way to the Golden Sauna but taxi driver recommended me an other one, really the best in his opinion so i tried, the name of the sauna JYS he in chinese called it as ji-su I think. Not far from the Cotai strip, around 2km so not in the old part of the city as the other saunas.
    Arrived early, before 9, still under construction in some places so you can easilly see the chinese manual workers, not the best when you got naked. Staff mostly chinese
    Entry fee 1288
    massages 288
    thigh 338
    most of them vietnamese I think, one really pretty wanted to bumbum with me but didnt know her price
    First show around 9 and only me and one japanese guy watched it. Around 20girls, some chubby, maybe 2-3prettier but cant compare to Rio and the One.
    Viet 2488
    China 2788
    Model 3088
    Europe 3488
    World 4288
    Japan/Korea 4688
    was not impressed with my chinese girl, she wanted to finish after 40-45min. The club JYS really not worth the money for that price and because of the girls plus undergoing work in the pool zone, never recommend it to other guys.

    Because of the most professional staff and maybe most beautiful ladies u must try Rio, because of the prices, good selection of girls plus nice sitting zone try One.

  34. First sorry for my english.
    Prices same as 1y ago. Around 30girls, 3-4russians. Choosed young(26y) chinese nr.805 who looked very shy during the lineup, but in the room she was not anymore 555 Price 3000$ plus milk/cherry gel/sexy underwear 400$ more. Great GFE, pretty face, she missed only her boobs, therefore 8-8.5/10
    2h later japanese girl(nr.305 or 306), price over 5000 but got a discount 500 because of the 2nd girl on a same day. Very professional, but no GFE feeling and she looked older and her body looked like little bit her best ages are over in the room than in the dark during the lineup from 3-4m so bad choice for me because of that, 4-5/10 cause the average look/price. Staff very professional, lady manager offered me VIP card for next time. Vietnamese masseause girls, average looking but they are there only for massage, no problem. Chatted/joked with 2 a lot and one of them(around 30-35y) wanted to fuck with me after job finished(around 6am) for free in her hotel room but too late for me and I was really tired. Around 3morning I wanted to eat special food(charged) but they told me cant because the chief already left, only free food like burger/toast/noodles are available…
    Next day visited the sauna again, lady manager greated me at the entry and told me I have a discount 800$ for a girl and 3free massages as a VIP member. Choosed the same chinese nr.805 and again great GFE during 60min session. The vietnamese massause once again tried to make a deal fucking with me for free after work but I cant wait until 6morning, she was too horny, told me 2month without fucking is too much 555

  35. ONE
    Last year I liked the One Sauna so tried again, prices same, after entry quick shower and sauna. During my sauna session ladies lineup but I cant get out cause they stayed before finish sauna entry. Around 20girls and only one russian who was very tall(180?). After sauna I visited the lounge arena, 2massages cause I thought have 30min for the next lineup. Massage ladies much hotter than in Rio and more sexy clothes and of course they are vietnamese. After massage finished still no lineup, managers were not interested to chat with me but I sit next to the pool area(show) entry so stayed focus if chinese customers move there but nothing happened during the next 2hours, friday night 9:30-12pm is this possible? Around midnight few chinese moved there so maybe showtime, but the managers again did not tell me. So I walked there after a minute and of course the girls stayed there, maybe 16-17 but again I did not get an info about the prices/country of the girls and I was not impressed with the lineup so walked back to the lounge area. Decided to quit the sauna because the service was awfull, it looked nobody care about the white guy. Entry fee 880$ and I had only 2massages(250 and 270thigh) so decided to take other 2massages for 250 to pay only 1020$ but at the end of the massage the vietnamese girls told me I must pay the entry fee too because not fucked there, so 1900$ in total or I can have other 4massages and I pay total 2020$, need to take 8massages in total for free entry, wtf unbelievable. But I was really angry and wanted to quit as soon as possible so told the girls sorry but I am going to Rio and not interested in massages and dont care about the price but care about the service, so never again One Sauna for sure. The ladies were sad, no job/no money(in Rio they got 58$ after every massage, I am charged by the club 270$ and thigh maybe 290$?). They again apologized to me and told that none of the managers can speak english, only now after midnight there is a guy with a small english knowledge.

  36. FN
    Wanted to try something new so after a quick research decided for FN(Familia Nombre). Only 5min walking distance from Rio so if it not goes well not a big problem. At the reception checked the prices, quite same as Rio(entry fee over 1200$ and the most expensive kor/japan massage around 5200 without member card). The staff member was very helpful, asked about the number of girls he told me 70. So quick shower than sauna, waited a little bit for the lineup there at the pool area as in other saunas but nothing happened. So walked inside the lounge zone, I must say the first time I did not like it, because u can see other customers opposite of u, so really not a big deal, u miss the privacy. Vietnamese massage girl walked around and asked for thigh massage, yes for sure and other suprise to me, we moved quite far to a room, maybe this is because of a not big privacy in the lounge area, other massages etc u recieve in the lounge. Quite nice thigh massage, of course no HE. After finish we walked out of the room and realised not far from that place there is a girls lineup, so decided to check it. Managers greated me friendly and started to talk about prices/country. Around 45-50girls stand there on both sides of the aisle and I just walked between them, so different than the other saunas, u can check the girl face2face 555 Managers told me I can call the lineup anytime I want. There were so many russians, over 10 for sure, mostly blondes and 2-3really bombshells, few of them too big friend with esthetic clinic(face,lips,boobs). After a bit of hesitation to choose well I decided to take a tall korean(around 170) for 5200. She was very nice, body excellent maybe only her face looked average but it’s quite hard to see they use too much of white makeup. After a slow start and not big expectations it turned out to be my lifetime GFE experience in 60min. The only problem was with the AC, it not worked well so after 30-40min I was too sweaty, she same and therefore exhausted, my dick was not ready for more erection so decided to take off the condom and switch to finish it in 69. After nice 5min BJ the AC started to work well and my dick too, she maybe same because after few minutes for my suprise she changed position decided not to finish me BJ but wanted to fuck in doggie. So I asked for a new condom but she told me that had only one, omg, she wants to fuck without that or what? Cant believe, she kept silent, only waited for my dick in doggie, I talked to her about safety, about her age how can trust a guy after few minutes, but she kept her position without an answer, wtf, I stimulated her pussy/ass and she was very horny. I cant write her number/name because of what happened, u must understand…
    Next day walked in FN before midnight, told her number to manager if she is available after yes answer I met her before our room. Again fantastic GFE but I cant finish inside 60min. After a buzzer she just switched it off and we fucked for other 10-15min without ejaculation so I decided to finish me with BJ/HJ, than maybe after 5min it was time to call it off because I cant make it until the end(I had little diarrhea during the day maybe therefore, don’t know) and we were 15-20min over the time so it was time to go, she told me her boss will be very angry because of the time limit but it’s a problem only for her and I not for me, she asked for a new session wanted to finish me but I was already exhausted so decided to quite. Quick shower, kiss and walked out.
    Staff at FN very friendly, english OK, u have one free massage in the entry price after all the time the massage staff will say that u need to pay for that. Biggest and best lineup, many stunners from all over the world

    1. I don’t know that they are treated differently than anyone else. I don’t think the people who work the saunas care much about national origin. I have heard reports that brown skinned people can be prohibited from entering some saunas but I have also seen people with brown skin inside. Cheers.

  37. Good evening, are there any updates on how the scene is going in Macau these days? I remember a few years ago when Macau was one of the only places on this site that you gave 5 stars :)

    1. Hi. The scene is basically operating like it was before at this point. There may be a few less ladies in some saunas. And the legendary Rio sauna is permanently closed. Cheers.

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