Sex is on sale in the “Men’s Paradise” of Macau


Guys who have visited the Special Administrative Region of Macau at some point or even read the reviews I’ve done of Macau saunas on this website will have no trouble understanding why the place is often referred to as a male paradise. Those who have not had the pleasure of checking out the scene may not.

Sometimes I think it may not be worth my time to share the information I have since there’s already so much floating around on the internet. Then I come across a review like this (which is titled “Avoid unless your like prostitution and gambling,” as absurd as titling a review of Alaska “Avoid unless you like snow and nature”) and I realize there are still millions or even billions of people in the world who really are unaware of what goes on in places like Macau. I write this report with that in mind.

Macau sauna prostitution

The sale of sexual services in legal in Macau, which is precisely why there are so many high quality, sanitary, well-organized and generally safe options available. Sex workers in Macau have access to free health services, and in 2012 Vicky Lei Wai Kei from the Health Bureau of Macau said  that “no HIV positive case was found among the women” she had access to, even those tended to be on the lower / less expensive end of the spectrum.

Although the Macau SAR is quite small and compact (so much so that you can often get around easier on foot than you can by car) there are numerous facilities around for guys looking for fun. Unlike Japan and South Korea, the scene in Macau is totally open to foreign visitors and there’s no real barrier for those who don’t speak the local language (unfortunately there appears to still be some prejudice on the basis of skin color though). Here’s a rundown of what’s out there.


Saunas are the cream of the crop, offering everything from showers with a bit of oral from 19 year old beauties to ear cleanings, dick and ball massages, and of course full service fun with beautiful women from around the world.

You spend as much time as you’d like in these places, and it’s quite normal to take in some sleep with a heaping helping of the free food and drink on offer. Rates vary depending on the place, the services and the level and origin of the girls a customer chooses but expect to drop the equivalent of between 250 and 500 US dollars for several hours of real fun.

I have already reviewed a number of men’s saunas on this website, including Emperor Sauna, Familia Nobre, Golden Sauna, Rio Spa, Beverly Sauna, Sanado Health Spa, and Eighteen. There are several more that I haven’t reported on, like Big Boss.


Fishbowls in Macau operate a lot like they do at places like Honey Massage in Pattaya. That said, I think the Macau shops tend to be a little better on average. The best place of this sort in Macau in without a doubt Darling 1. It’s moved around a few times recently but it’s worth tracking down. Unlike the saunas the action here is more to the point. Customers walk in, chose one or more of the ladies from the extensive line up of beautiful women (mostly from Vietnam) and then head to a private room where they get bath play followed by full service fun. Another fishbowl is Darling 2, which is basically a smaller and less expensive version of number one.

Casino girls

There are many working women in Macau who prowl the casinos in search of customers. These gals are usually Chinese and they usually prefer Chinese and other Asian customers. The “race track” at the Lisboa (so-called because the women keep walking in a circle to avoid problems with security) is the most famous area for this sort of action. Beware that the rates are high and the service is mediocre. For many punters who are not Asian none of this will matter though since it’ll be inaccessible to them anyway.


A number of freelance working women can be found in bars and discos around Macau. They range in nationality though I’ve run into a good number of Filipinas, Vietnamese and Indonesians. Some work at saunas and are just looking for some fun or extra money on the side. Others specialize in this sort of action. In my opinion rates are too high considering everything else that is so easily available. If you’re interested in an overnight or even just a little fun with a lady of this type it’s pretty easy to arrange a meeting outside of work with many of the floor service women (masseuses, attendants, etc.) who work in the saunas. Just make sure there is a little chemistry and try to be discreet about it.


These are exactly what they sound like. There are a few straight forward point and poke places like this around Macau. Perhaps the well known or most accessible to short-time foreign visitors would be Hou Va, where a short romp with one of the women on staff goes for a lot less than it does at sauna or even a place like Darling 1. These aren’t the hottest women in the world but they definitely aren’t the worst either. This is a good choice for guys who blow their stack on the gaming tables and only have a few bucks left for fun.

Walk ups

These work the same way they do in Hong Kong. You find a place and walk up to the door. If you like the gal inside you can step into the room and make a quick score for a set fee. If you don’t, you can move on to the next place. Websites are the best way to find these places, though the pictures shown online don’t always match up with reality. Sites like 141 Macau are good nonetheless, and they can also put you onto girls who do outcall or work out of hotels.


As with almost everywhere else in the world, there are plenty of escorts in Macau for those who prefer to go this route. In this modern world I shouldn’t have to tell you that these women are most easily found online, especially since you’re reading this information on a website.

Recently escorts in Macau became even easier to find online. The Smooci website recently added Macau to its already extensive reach. It makes “escorts on demand” available to anything with an internet connection. And they list both incall and outcall escorts.

For my money Macau really comes into its own with the saunas and fishbowls. The other options can be nice but they are sort of run-of-the-mill when it comes to pay for play. I think Macau’s saunas are the best thing going in Macau, but I’m also the kind of guy who eats French food while in France while avoiding things like international fast food chains. For the most part anyway.

Below is a map of many of the men’s entertainment areas in Macau. I can’t take credit for creating it. Those responsible did a very good job and most of the places mentioned here are listed.

View Macau in a larger map

How do you get to Macau? There are many options. The easiest is just to fly in directly. Depending on where you are coming from that can also be the cheapest. Another option is to cross over by land from mainland China. Finally, you can take a short ferry ride over from Hong Kong, which despite being one of the easiest places to get laid in the world can’t really compare to Macau when it comes to pay for play action. One positive is that many travel companies sell discounted tickets that include ferry service to and from Macau along with a certificate good for full service in a particular sauna, though there is usually some stipulation such as allowing the management to choose the lady and limiting the other services like thigh massage one can get.

The US government has put Macau on a watch list for “human trafficking.” Do people come to Macau for work? Absolutely. Does some of it involve sex? You better believe it. Why that’s different than going there to work as a card dealer in a casino I guess depends on your perspective. Are people forced into the work? I don’t think so. They are definitely motivated by financial reasons, recruiters and family but I’m sure that’s true of any overseas employment. I’ve talked to dozens of ladies working in saunas and fishbowls in Macau, many times outside of their places of employment and well beyond earshot of their employers. I’ve even become friends with some of them and stayed in contact long after they returned to their home countries. None have ever told me they were forced into anything, even when I brought the subject up. Since “human trafficking” is the favorite buzzword of the movement to criminalize all sex work I take reports like the one out of the State Department with a grain of salt.

Should you travel to Macau? That’s your choice. Tens of millions do each year and most leave with a great experience. As always, I don’t advocate that anyone do anything. I’m just stating the facts and trying to provide a little adult entertainment.

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