Review: Golden Sauna in Macau


Golden Sauna is one of the many male-oriented entertainment venues in the Special Administrative Region of Macau where a guy can go for almost endless pleasure.

Once you get the hang of Macau’s streets Golden Sauna is very easy to find. In case you have any troubles the large neon sign out front should help you through them.

Like the other saunas in Macau there’s no need to stop at the front desk on your way in here. Just make your way to the locker area where an attendant or two will help you get your things off and into the locker. Then you’ll put on the provided towel, slippers and numbered wrist band and head into the wet room.

Here you take a shower. You can also spend some time in the sauna (an actual steam room, as opposed to the general use of the term to describe places like Golden) and the swimming pools and tubs if you’d like.

I don’t have much to say about either the attendants or the showers. It’s all pretty standard. One thing that is nice is the option to receive a sit down shower from a Vietnamese girl in a bikini before putting on your robe and heading to the lounge. The rate for this is pretty fair. If I remember correctly it was about 150 Hong Kong Dollars ($19). I’m usually good at remembering prices but in the Macau saunas one has so many different services that it can all become a sort of a blur.

The women who do the showers aren’t nearly as attractive as the full service gals available inside, but they are pretty enough. They’re also friendly and rather sweet. The showers are lined up against the wall. You take one of the seats and put your feet up on a concrete block in front of you. Your shower girl then washes you from the neck down. After finishing your front she will hand wash your dick and balls until you are erect and then work it for a few moments. After that, she turns you around in the chair and does the same thing again, making sure to get you hard a second time. I should mention that this is all out in the open, but it’s very unlikely any of the mostly Asian guys coming in or out or taking a dip in the pools is going to pay you any attention. I will say that on two separate occasions I noticed some of the female Indonesian attendants looking over during the part when my shower girl was getting me hard. Needless to say I had no problem with that. It made it even better!

After being showered (or moving past it) you head to the drying area. Here there is usually an Indonesian attendant and sometimes an attractive Vietnamese attendant in a silk robe. One of them will help you get out of your towel and into a satin robe and pair of shorts. I was once asked to give the Vietnamese gal who helped me a tip for this by the accompanying attendant. This is the only time I’ve ever been openly asked for a tip in any sauna in Macau. I went along with it because I figured the job is probably incredibly boring and low paying and also because the girl was actually quite playful, giving both my meat and my backside a few rubs while helping me into my lounge wear. I wrote down 30 HKD (less than $4 US) on the tip slip and everyone was happy.

As to the lounge, it’s neither the biggest nor the smallest of the sauna lounges I’ve seen. I’d say it’s just about right, with several rows of reclining chairs that face each other. Televisions and adult magazines also abound. The wait staff is good and attentive and the food is quite fine. The fresh fruit juices are particularly good, and as always they are totally free.

All the usual lounge services are available and priced very reasonably. One set of girls does things like ear cleaning and head and shoulder massages. Another set does the fun stuff like thigh massages. At Golden thigh massages can be done either in the lounge or in a private room. The cost is the same so the choice comes down to how much you like to be in public and/or how lazy you are. I’ve tried both. For in lounge massages you’re covered with a big towel and the attendant pulls down your shorts underneath it. She then slowly rubs and tugs your dick and balls for the full 25 minutes. In the rooms you get nude from the bottom down and the attendant has much more open access to your twig and berries. You also have the benefit of a television with a porn channel. The rooms do offer privacy, but not an extreme amount of it. The dividing walls between these rooms have small openings at the bottom and even though it’s not likely a room directly next to yours will be occupied, it’s always a possibility.

One positive note about the Golden Sauna is the regular “showtime” routine. If you spend a few hours in the lounge you’ll see a few of these. All of the full service girls are called out, and then as many of them as it takes make the rotation to each customer sitting in the lounge chairs. A sort of sound effect lets them know when it’s time to move from one customer to the next. They perform little tasks in order. The first round might be massaging your cock over your shorts, the second might be playing with your nipples, the third might be rubbing their bare breasts on your chest. You get the idea. There’s nothing too hardcore but the concept is pretty good. The only problem I have with it is that many of the girls tend to seem incredibly bored when going through this routine. That’s understandable since they have to do it several times a day, but it really takes the fun out of it. Oh well, at least you get a great view of the ass of whatever woman is working on the guy across from you at any given moment.

After the “showtime” there is a sort of bingo game played. The announcer will read off numbers and whichever girl ended up with you for the last round will mark off the little card next to your seat. If you win first you get some free services. Another nice touch. I won once and my gal seemed genuinely excited. She was happier about than I was in fact!

You don’t have to wait for a showtime to pick a girl. You can ask for a lineup anytime you’d like. Within a matter or minutes every woman available on staff will be standing in front of you. In the saunas many women seem a bit shy in these situations. It’s easy to understand. At Golden it’s even more the case though. A minor complaint, but one nonetheless.

There are always a few dozen women available for full service at Golden and the vast majority of them are smoking hot. Outfits and badge colors indicate the classification and price levels. Most women will be dressed in bikinis of some sort, some will be in other outfits, and a few are usually dressed like office ladies. The biggest portion of the sex staff is Vietnamese but there are also some Chinese women in the mix. Chose the girl you like then wait a few moments while she gets ready.

Soon your gal will return and take you to one of the full service rooms. These are pretty nice, with well-mirrored walls and ceiling and the usual flat screen television complete with porn channel. The shower section off to the side has a strange bent sort of chair in it that I’m not a big fan of at all. It’s a bit uncomfortable trying to conform to it while your lady lubes her body up with suds and slides all over you. In places as nice as the Macau saunas this sort of thing stands out.

Performance always comes down to the individual service provider but I can say that everyone I’ve seen at Golden knows what they are doing and does it well. I had one of the best sessions of my life here, paid or unpaid, with an absolutely smoking hot 19 year old Vietnamese girl with a perfect boob job. Words can hardly describe it.

I will also say that the shyness and/or boredom that can be off putting during the line ups and showtimes always seems to disappear once you make a selection. That’s a big plus. If it continued into the back rooms it would almost surely put me off of the place permanently.

As I’ve written here, Golden is one of the less expensive saunas in town. Don’t take that to mean it’s cheap. I’m just comparing it to what’s around. To give you an idea of what things cost without providing a copy of the extensive menu, let me give you a spending example. A guy spending 4 or 5 hours in Golden Sauna and partaking in 2 hand showers (on the way in and on the way out), an ear cleaning, a shoulder massage, a dick massage in the lounge and 2 more in the private room, a foot massage and a round of full service with a hot Vietnamese woman would run about 2650 Hong Kong Dollars ($342 US). It’s actually quite a value when you consider everything you are getting. Guys on a budget could get away for a lot less by only taking in full service and a single massage, but guys on a budget could have a lot more fun in a place like Pattaya than in Macau.

Golden Sauna is a very good sauna with a service oriented and attractive staff to match. If it were anywhere else in the world I’m absolutely certain I’d give Golden Sauna four and a half stars. I might even give it five. However the fact is that it’s well within walking distance of a number of places like Emperor and Sanado. Keeping that in mind I give the place a solid four stars. What took away from the score? The slight awkwardness and discomfort that comes from a girl rubbing her boobies on your stomach during “showtime” while looking up at the ceiling and daydreaming about greener pastures.

Address:121 Rua de Cantao, Macau (Map)
Hours:24 Hours
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