Review: Darling 1 in Macau


Darling 1 offers an upscale “fishbowl” type of experience in Macau at a rate much lower than what the Special Administrative Region’s famous sex saunas charge.

I first mentioned Darling 1 about six months ago in my post on paying for sex in Macau. Since I first became aware of the establishment it has relocated. It is now located on the third floor of the Macau Masters Hotel.

The Macau Masters Hotel is a little out of the way but still within walking distance of places like the Grand Lisboa. The hotel itself looks pretty old and worn from the outside but it’s pretty good once you enter the door. Customers heading for Darling 1 take the lift to the third floor which leads them directly to the place.

Darling opens at 1 PM but there isn’t a full staff until about 3 PM. The two hours in between is when a lot of the women arrive and get themselves dolled up for a day of work.

The staff itself is rather large and made up of women from China, Vietnam and Thailand. The Thai women tend to be whiter than most of their sisters working the go go and beer bar circuit back home. In other words they are a lot like the light skinned Thai women that go for higher rates in the Bangkok soapies.

There is always at least one floor manager on hand to get a customer a drink, help explain the pricing or help select a service provider. These managers tend to hail from Indonesia and operate a bit like the typical “mamasan” but most are a lot younger. It’s quite possible to chat them up a bit.

Customers can enjoy the comfortable seating and take their time looking over the available staff without worry. There is no rush at Darling 1. I understand that many guys find it uncomfortable to look at a lineup. For them Darling 1 could be even more difficult than Bangkok soapies since there’s no actual “fishbowl” to speak of. The ladies sit on chairs right out in the open and quite often make eye contact with the customer.

But the women working at Darling are used to being looked at and looked over. It’s the job they perform day in and day out and they seem to accept it. Many of the Chinese customers who enter the facility make no qualms about their process, however long it takes. Hilariously there is even a pair of high range binoculars on standby for those who have bad eyes or want to get a better look at the women who are seated only a meter or two away.

Once a customer chooses a lady they indicate her number to the floor manager and chose a service level. There are various options available mostly differentiated by the length of time one wants to spend in the room. Once all the selections are made the bill is settled at the front desk and then the customer is led by his lady of the hour (or more) to a room.

There’s really something to be said about the rooms at the new Darling 1 location. They are very large and very well appointed with huge round beds, mirrored ceilings, a flat screen television that only plays porn and a large bathing area walled in with glass so that nothing goes unseen.

Once the customer gets settled in the room a female attendant will come by to deliver some water and hot tea. After that the customer and the service provider disrobe and begin the session.

There’s no way to map out every experience in advance and that wouldn’t be any fun anyway. What can be said is that the bed, the large tub and some of the other things in the room (like the hot tea) are utilized by the service provider in expert fashion to create a memorable experience. A full range of services are provided and I can’t imagine that many men walk out of the place unsatisfied.

The price for a standard session that can include two pops is 1749 Patacas, which comes out to right around 226 US dollars. This is pretty average pricing for the area but is cheaper than a round of full service at a sauna since it cuts out any additional fees. Guys looking for a straight in-and-out experience may very well prefer Darling for that reason.

Darling 1 is a well-run establishment with great rooms, fair prices, and a staff made up of beautiful women from several parts of Asia who all offer a high level of service. When reviewing a place I always consider what other options are available nearby and how they compare. Since Darling 1 is located in Macau I think it’s fair to give it three-and-half-stars. If this place was almost anywhere else in the world it would probably deserve at least a slightly higher score. Alas, it’s only minutes away from five star establishments like Familia Nobre.

Address:3rd Floor Macau Masters Hotel, 162 Rua das Lorchas, Macau (Map)
Hours:1:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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