Hong Kong: one of the easiest places to get laid on earth


Hong Kong is a relatively small island with a little extra in terms of land and some other things. While at times it can seem a little overwhelming, hot, crowded and in a lot of places dirty, the right approach can reveal the sunnier side of things, at least from the perspective of the randy man. The truth is that despite everything else Hong Kong is one of the easiest places to get laid in the world.

I’ve read a lot of complaints online from people who claim that women in Hong Kong are xenophobic, gold diggers, and a host of other stuff. Surely some of that exists but what else would you expect from a place like Hong Kong? It’s a financial center and former colony that only recently rejoined China. That’s got to mess with people’s heads. And to be honest, I think a lot of the people who complain abut Hong Kong and especially the women who live there are just bitter about their own failings.

Hong Kong easiest places to get laid

As small as Hong Kong is it offers a myriad of options to guys looking to get laid. There are seemingly endless options for men to score freebies, engage in pay for play, and enter the murky grey area in between the two.

Even though Hong Kong is located in the heart of Asia a lot of the women who live there can speak at least passable English. That alone would in theory make it easier for English speaking foreigners to meet women. Even a first time visitor who had no game at all could be balls deep in a matter of minutes thanks to the wide range of commercial sex services available.

With all of that said I’m going to break down some of the options available to show you just why Hong Kong is one of the easiest places in the world for guys to score. Of course your mileage may very.

Escorts in Hong Kong

There are lots of working women among the millions of people living and working in Hong Kong. Many of those gals ply their trade as escorts. For years they met people through ads places in print or online. Now that sites like Backpage and Craigsist are no longer open to escorts other sites have become more popular.

One of the most interesting of the new sites has to be Smooci. Originating with openings elsewhere the site launched in Hong Kong in June 2018. Known as “the Uber of escorting” the site features both independent escorts and agency employees in Hong Kong. Customers are able to search available women and book sessions right on the website. After that they are able to track the location of the ladies they hire over the website and leave reviews afterward.

Freebies: Online action

Hong Kongers are connected to the web in a big way. Millions use the internet in their everyday lives. That’s increasingly true in all of the world but people in “the pearl of the orient” are ahead of the curve. They were heavy into internet use a decade ago. It’s now second nature. Because of that guys have a good chance to connect with women online on dating and other websites.

Guys who set up profiles on the few dating sites frequented by women who live in Hong Kong have the best chance at meeting women online. Some of the most popular choices are DateInAsia.com and the arguably more serious OK Cupid.

The most successful men on these sites upload the best photos of themselves than find on their profiles and write good descriptions. The let the women who will look over their profiles on the sites know about their main interests and personalities right up front. That saves them a lot of aggravation later and puts them in contact with women who might actually enjoy their company.

After guys set up their profiles they can browse the women on the site and send them messages. The contents of the messages can be as simple as a note announcing a visit to Hong Kong and a desire to get together for a drink to see where things go. A lot of the messages sent on these sites are ignored but enough get responses to make it worth while for guys to send them. If it were otherwise the sites would pretty quickly disappear. In the case of Hong Kong it seems that honesty is usually the best policy. Even some of the most forward messages can get responses that would surprise most guys in other parts of the world.

To be sure some of the women on Hong Kong dating sites are looking for serious relationships and marriage. But they are not the majority by any means. A lot of women using the sites in Hong Kong are up for a whole lot else.

The most successful temporary visitors to Hong Kong set up a few dates in advance of their stay. At the very least they get contacts for the women they meet on the dating sites. Phone numbers are useful but a lot of people in Hong Kong today using messaging apps like Line and WeChat.

Guys who set up numerous dates have the best chances because at least some women usually cancel or change plans. In the worst case scenario they have more dates scheduled than they have time, but that’s not a big concern. It’s always easier to cancel or postpone existing dates than to find new ones!

Guys who get contact information can just message women on the spot once they are on the ground. That can work best since a lot of people don’t want to plan far in advance for things which may not even come to fruition.

It’s not uncommon for a guy in Hong Kong to conclude a date by extending an offer to visit his place. Some common excuses for such a visit include a desire to show a date something in the room or “watch a movie”. The idea is that a lot of women aren’t upfront about their desires even when they are horny as the guys they are dating.

At the same time a lot of the most modern women in Hong Kong are actually refreshingly upfront. It’s like Tokyo and to a lesser extent New York in that regard. Many modern women want sex and they aren’t afraid to talk about it. There seem to be more people with “friends with benefits” in Hong Kong than any other city on earth with the possible exception of Paris.

Even guys who have no time or energy to set up meetings in advance can find it pretty easy to score casual sex in Hong Kong. It’s not that complicated at all. If it was, I wouldn’t call it one of the easiest places to get laid in the world.

I can speak from personal experience. More than once I’ve been in Hong Kong and found a quick fling online in a matter of hours. I’ve met with mainland Chinese women, Hong Kong born women, Malaysian women, Filipina women and Indonesian women this way, never paying a dime to any of them. They were real no strings attached freebies. I’m neither Brad Pitt or Bill Gates, so I can only imagine that I am not alone in that regard.

Several sites and apps can be used by guys looking for hook ups in Hong Kong. The long list includes obvious choices like Tinder to lesser known avenues like Tagged. Previously using online methods like looking for partners on Craigslist’s casual encounters section worked for many. Until its personals section was shuttered Craigslist remained one of the only places guys could get away with totally straight forward posts saying things like “I’m visiting for two days, and honestly just looking for a no strings attached sex partner for a quick romp” and actually get replies from real women.

In Hong Kong, the options for finding action online are almost limitless.

Immediate pay for play action: Walk-up brothels

What about guys who don’t want to put in the effort for dating for whatever reason? Since most all men with heartbeats are interested in sex they must want to quench their desires too. I have no way to know for sure but I believe they make up the bulk of the customers in the local commercial sex industry.

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China so it is able to maintain some of its own laws. Because of that prostitution at least in some forms remains legal in Hong Kong today. So it is that the easiest way for guys to get laid in Hong Kong is to pay.

The most widespread venues in the Hong Kong pay for play field are also some of the easiest for customers to navigate. Those are the the numerous walk ups. They’re exactly what they sound like, rooms customers “walk up” to. How do guys find them? In this day and age they rely on the internet.

There are several websites like Miss148, Sex141, and 161Sex that list locations of walk ups and pictures of some of the women who work inside of them. Reflective of the position of Hong Kong in the world these websites all maintain both English and Chinese versions.

Hong Kong walk up brothel prostitute

Customers can browse these websites by area in order to find service providers and the rooms they work out of. There are a lot of options that can be used to narrow down searches but if too many are selected few to no results are returned.

Guys who find places or women they like can look at the listings to find an address. Some listings only include a phone number or something similar. Those require guys to call ahead for appointments. The phones are often staffed by people who do not speak English even if the website listings are multilingual.

Even places with addresses aren’t always right where they are supposed to be. A lot of the walk ups are located in tenement buildings. They’re usually filled with private residential apartments but they normally have staircases open to the street so anyone can just wander inside.

Because of all that some guys don’t bother with the websites at all. Instead they go to large buildings filled with numerous walk ups such as the Fuji Building on Lockhart Road. Once inside they can just go door to door until they find a service provider they like.

While a few walk ups operate in total isolation its more common for several to be bunched together in a single building. The Fuji Building is one of the biggest but even smaller buildings with walk ups often have a few grouped around one another. They’re usually down a small hall illuminated with some kind of decorations or lights. There are unmistakable due to the signs on the doors telling customers whether or not the women inside if available. They something like “available” on one side and “sorry I’m with someone, please come back” on the other. The service providers display these accordingly.

Normally there is only one women in each walk up. If more than one works out of a single room the people in charge can be busted for running a brothel under the stipulations of local law. But there are almost always several rooms running in a row filled with women. Because of that customers are rarely left waiting. When their dream girl from 141 is busy they can just knock on another door nearby.

Regular customers know that the pictures listed on the various walk up listing websites do not always match the women actually working inside. That is especially true when it comes to foreign girls from places like Thailand who can be found at walk-ups on Electric / Java Road among other places. On the other hand the pictures of the Chinese women almost always match the actual service providers even if they are a little older.

There’s no way for me to narrow down an average age or look of the women in the walk ups. They are mostly staffed by mainland Chinese women in their thirties but there are also many from twenty to twenty-five along with some much older. As mentioned Thai women also work some walk ups as do a few women from regions that belonged to the former USSR.

Since the photos used to advertise online don’t always match the women actually working in the walk ups it only seems fitting that the menus on many websites are also incorrect. Sometimes specialty services are listed that just aren’t offered in reality. At other times the prices listed are wrong. Because of that most regulars expect nothing more than to get a short full service session at the going rate regardless of what the websites say.

The prices listed for basic sessions are usually accurate. Customers commonly pay around 300 Hong Kong dollars ($39 US dollars). Typically that includes a blowjob and sex with a condom. Some service providers also use condoms for oral sex while others don’t bother.

Of course the Hong Kong walk ups are are “wham, bam, thank you mam” types of places. A normal session goes like this: The customer knocks on the door. The service provider answers wearing sexy lingerie. The customer pays for the session. The service provider gets naked. The customer gets naked and takes a shower. The customer returns to the main room and lays on the bed. The service provider gets the customer hard by hand and puts a condom on his rod. The service provider then gives the customer a short blowjob and then unceremoniously squirts some lube into her pussy. Then the customer has sex with her in one or two positions until he busts a nut.

Hong Kong walk up brothel

There’s next to romance going on in the walk ups of Hong Kong. A lot of the women who work them take cock after cock all day and night, so you can understand their manner of operation. The Chinese women are regulars. The Thai women and others from abroad come in as tourists on visa wavers and work for two or three weeks before going back home.

With that all said customers who become regular visitors of the same providers or even just show some compassion and affection can sometimes get more special levels of service. It’s not always the case, but that sort of thing has been known to turn a mechanical session into something much nicer and dare I say “human”. Guys who talk to their service providers, act kindly towards them, and even bring small gifts sometimes find that it goes a long way. On the other hand some put in a lot of effort for nothing. And some don’t want to bother with any of that since they’re paying for a service in the same way a guy pays a mechanical to fix his car.

In any case customers don’t do much lingering and hanging around the women in the walk ups. Even when service providers take a liking to a particular guy they are still running a business where numbers equal profits. Besides the walk ups operate in a somewhat iffy environment and so some of the women who staff them can be paranoid. They often watching small screens in their rooms that are connected to cameras focused on the building entrances probably on the look out for law enforcement. This seems to be even more the case with foreign girls who do not have working visas that would allow them to sell their sexual services legally. As noted earlier, prostitution is legal in Hong Kong in certain forms but organized prostitution is a crime. Trouble is very rare but anything is possible. Customers at least are rarely bothered for police as purchasing sex from a consenting adult in Hong Kong is not a crime.

All in all, walk-ups are widely viewed as decent economical and relatively safe ways for guys to satisfy their urges quickly. They are established and widespread in Hong Kong and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

A grey area: Domestic helpers and more in Wan Chai bars

Somewhere between the dating circuit and the straight forward prostitution industry sits the Wan Chai bar scene. This is a popular area for expats and not only because it is so easily accessible from the MTR subway Island Line at Wan Chai Station.

On the right nights the concentration of bars in Wan Chai is filled with overworked domestic helpers, usually from the Philippines and Indonesia, looking for some fun and some extra money. Alongside them are the girls that work the bars and do nothing else. Both sets of women are usually in their twenties or early thirties.

Amateur prostitutes in Wan Chai Hong Kong

With names like Neptunes and New Makati, the hot spots in Wan Chai are basically regular bars that provide options for cashed up punters. Guys who want to partake simply have to show up. Wednesday and Sunday nights are usually the most lively but there are women in the bars every night of the week. Sunday is almost always the most happening night since that’s the weekly day of for the hundreds of thousands of domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

Customers who enter the Wan Chai freelancer bars are often be approached or smiled or winked at by the women inside even if they’re not a very good looking guys. Rejection is almost unheard of in these places.

Guys and girls usually have a brief chat then decide if they want to leave together. Everyone knows the score so things are usually straight out and open. As with any set of independent contractors the prices can vary but the normal amount most customers pay these women is between 500 and 1000 Hong Kong Dollars ($64-123 USD) for a session lasting all night long. The money is usually paid the next morning as the women leave.

Some guys even forgo negotiations over price and just pay a fair rate without any discussion. The usual reason given for this is that they believe women who talk about money upfront are heartless money hungry hoes who give poor service as opposed to the sweet semi pros who give a girlfriend experience. I don’t know how true that is. It seems just as likely to me that a woman would talk about money up front so she won’t have problems or get burned the next day.

What’s special about the Wan Chai freelancers bars is that most of the girls are only around part of the time. They are often looking for fun and affection as much as money. Because of that some guys feel taking a lady away from these places is more like doing a straight pick up than picking out a prostitute.

Of course there are also bars staffed purely by professionals in the Wan Chai area. That includes some go go bars and the infamous Dragon Club where a dragon lady oversees a small staff of women who perform some adult acts right in the venue.

Here’s a map where some of the bars in Wan Chai are located. And here’s another. The scene being pretty compact so guys who visit rarely have any problems finding places.

Relaxing pay for play: Massage parlors

I covered Chinese massage parlors in the US in a previous post. In a way, Hong Kong could be viewed as the source of that. There are lots of massage parlors in Hong Kong with women just waiting to jack customers off for the right price.

Some of the parlors are small and dingy. Some are nice shops that often located inside of hotels. Some even double as high class spas.

Avid massage parlor clients use the internet to do research just like other punters in this day in age. In fact it seems that fans of the happy ending massage may even research more than others since there are so many websites dedicated to the scene.

In Hong Kong a lot of massage parlors do happy endings by hand at the very least. That doesn’t mean they all offer the service but enough do that some guys don’t bother with internet research. They just wander into a place and order up a rub down expecting the best.

Even some of the in room massages offered by hotels come with happy endings in Hong Kong. Any mention of “lingam massage” is usually code for a massage that concludes with a rub of the penis. Surprisingly this appears on more than a few massage menus even in some of the nicest hotels in Hong Kong.

An upscale massage parlor located inside the same building as the Ibis North Point hotel at 138 Java Road offers this service for 600 Hong Kong Dollars. Another massage parlor known as K-Pressure at 111 Woosung Street in the Kowloon section of Hong Kong offers body rubs with happy endings and beginnings for $500 HKD. There are countless others around too. Since they offer sensual release along with an opportunity for customers to relax its not hard to figure out why they are so popular.

Hong Kong is one of the easiest places to get laid in the world

By now you should notice that Hong Kong is indeed one of the easiest places in the world for guys to have an orgasm with a woman. All kinds of options abound for men in the SAR ranging from dating to casual hookups and even top end saunas and spas that offer happy ending massage.

I haven’t even begun to cover the dating scene, hook up scene and commercial sex industry in Hong Kong in full detail. This is just a general overview to give you an idea of how much sexual contact is available and occurring all the time. That should dispel any myths of Hong Kong as a sexless island of robots.

Sometime in the future I’ll write about the nearby Special Administrative Region of Macau. The men’s spas there are absolutely amazing by any standard. They offer all sorts of erotic services provided by a wide range of gorgeous women. And it’s only a short ferry ride from Hong Kong!

But I wouldn’t be surprised to find that some guys in Hong Kong don’t even bother to make the short trip across the water. With sex so readily available in various forms, they simply don’t have to. Hong Kongers have the sexual world at their fingertips.

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