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Hou Va is located in a small building in the middle of an otherwise nondescript street. While there is a sign on the front of the building with the shop’s name it would be quite easy to miss.

I have written in detail about the sale of sex in the “men’s paradise” of Macau. Most of that coverage has been about the relatively pricey saunas which the Special Administrative Region is known for though I have written about the less expensive Darling 1. While Hou Va is located only a short walk from some of the most high end sex saunas in Macau it operates in much different conditions.

Inside Hou Va

Once inside Hou Va, customers are confronted with a small and very cluttered lobby and a small desk. An older Chinese woman runs the place though she is more often floating around the facilities than sitting up front. She does have either a keen ear or a good security system though as she doesn’t leave anyone alone in the lobby for long.

Although she is quite kind to customers the manager can barely speak intelligible English. Thankfully for visitors who don’t speak her brand of Chinese a pen and paper do wonders for communicating prices to anyone capable of reading. There are various sets for service available including threesomes but the most common is a sixty minute session with a single lady for 670 MOP ($84 USD).

Once customers pay for their session they are told to wait while one of the service providers are retrieved. Customers can make requests for certain looks or ethnicities and if they have the communication skills and assertiveness they can even ask for a specific lady on staff. Like their counterparts in the saunas the women wear numbered pins on their shirts. This allows for returning customers to easily request a repeat with a lady they like.

Women at Hou Va

There are around a dozen women working Hou Va at any given time. They hail from Vietnam, China and Malaysia and vary in looks. Most could be described as average though occasionally there are stunners and less physically desirable gals on staff.

Once customers are paired with their services providers they are led through a door marked with a piece of paper and up a flight of stairs to a hallway lined with red light private rooms. They enter one of the rooms and get undressed along with their service provider.

The rooms and service

The rooms are just okay. They are fairly large considering the price and area and could be compared to a typical room in a Bangkok oily massage parlor. They too are a little cluttered though it is not garbage but stacks of things like new boxes of tissues that take up space. In this regard they look a little like the facilities at the legal brothels in the Geylang section of Singapore.

Each room has an air conditioner, a heater and a fairly large shower in the corner than provides plenty of reliable hot water. Customers are washed up before and after each session and the providers usually soap themselves up too. This is followed by a move to the bed where the usual services of a place like this are provided.

The beds are nice and solid and the service usually is too. At any place with a variation of women on staff not to mention an ever changing set of customers it is difficult to rate the quality of service. Things can change from one minute to the next and between different people. Generally speaking the women know what they are doing and they tend to provide oral and covered full service. Some do refuse to provide certain services to certain people based on appearance, size or any other reason they’d like though this sort of thing is not terribly common.


After time runs out customers are asked to dress and led back out the door. On the way out they are bid a fond farewell by the mamasan who offers candy and bottled water.

Although it is not a big shiny sauna staffed with the hottest women from around the world Hou Va delivers an authentic experience to its customers. The women who work there and the manager seem to be fairly upbeat and happy in spite of the fairly dim surroundings and that shows something. All considered I give the place three stars.

Since many readers seem to have an interest I should note that customers from India and other parts of South Asia and the Middle East seem to be warmly welcomed at Hou Va even though many saunas will not accept them.

Address:19 Rua de Ferreira do Amaral, Macau (Map)
Phone:+853 028-565-484
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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