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Review: Milky Baby in Tokyo, Japan

Milky Baby in Tokyo is a fetish shop providing services that one could only really expect to find in a place like Japan. At least one of those services should be obvious from the name and logo of the place. A main feature at Milky Baby is a staff of lactating women for those guys who didn’t get enough breast milk early in life. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

pregnant Japanese prostitute

Along with the milk maids working at Milky Baby are several other women who cater to other fetishes. The first group consists of pregnant women. Obviously they are limited in the amount of time they can serve those with a fetish for a baby bump, though I’m sure many move on to the milk segment afterward. Additionally, there are debu (meaning fat) women and a few others offering “balloon play.” Don’t ask what balloon play is. Even I don’t know.

Milky Baby maintains an extensive website. It’s been up for years as one could probably tell by looking at it, but it’s updated regularly and gives a lot of details on the shop’s services.

Pregnant prostitutes and erotic lactation

There are so many different services and options on the website that things like pricing can even be confusing for someone with a pretty good grip on the Japanese language. Thankfully for those who have their heart set on visiting, the staff at Milky Baby is quick to recognize a booking request from a non-Japanese person. When they do, they will contact the perspective client by email to confirm the appointment and services and give a price. In this email, they ask the client to call in and confirm their appointment. This is something that is quickly and easily done. There is actually a guy at the shop who can speak pretty good English, though he isn’t always available.

Those who can’t read Japanese at all are advised by the shop’s owner to use Google translate and make their best attempt at filling in the info. As long as the basics are filled in there shouldn’t be much problem.

I have no idea what readers of this report may be into, but I can give a general idea of price for the services of the ladies at Milky Baby. A 60 minute session with a milk laden lass costs 22,000 Yen ($218) with an additional 2,000 Yen ($20) required for admission. On average then regular sessions run about two and a half hundred greenbacks. Longer sessions obviously cost more, as do the myriad of available add-ons like sex toys, costumes, and the opportunity to film a session. I would imagine asking for any of these extras would be tough for someone who can’t speak Japanese, and thus they may be best avoided for those fellows. Those able to converse confidentially in Nihongo however should have no trouble adding in a few spices.

How it works

Customers are expected to show up at the offices of Milky Baby at least a few minutes before their previously scheduled appointments. That’s when they will discover that the shop isn’t really a “shop” at all. Instead, it’s a small residential facility being used as a base of operations. Once in Ikebukuro and in the general area, customers can call Milky Baby for precise directions. They are good about answering the phone, as can be expected of a Japanese outfit.

Inside the apartment-cum-headquarters customers will show the staff their passport (for safety reasons) and meet their lady of the hour. They will also pay for the session. Once that’s done, their lady will gleefully lead them to a nearby love hotel where the fun will take place. The customer will be expected to pay for one or two hours in the love hotel, but the cost isn’t too high.

What comes next largely depends on the customer, the provider, and the services that have been bought and paid for. Standard procedure would normally include showering and a bit of making out, but from there things can go in any number of directions.


As I’ve written here many times before it’s officially illegal for anyone to charge money for vaginal intercourse in Japan. Handjobs and oral are okay though. And apparently so is “AF,” known by the rest of the world as anal sex. In Japan’s sex shops, an “AF” designation for a service provider often (but not always) indicates that they will offer full sex. Again though, this isn’t set in stone by any means. Guys with their wits about them will let the ladies take the lead and not push a single thing. Besides, full sex is available in a number of places across Japan, including soaplands like Darling Harbour. Milky Baby’s claim to fame is the special services on offer and anything else is pretty much a bonus.

Those who want to suckle some teets for an hour or two will be in heaven whether or not their provider allows them to go all the way. At the very least a happy ending will provided by hand or some other body part, so there’s no need for customers to worry about leaving the love hotel blue.

After a session completes, the client and provider will clean up and head back to the shop. The provider will reenter the apartment block and the client will head home. And that’s it.

As a fairly easily accessible foreigner-friendly shop catering to fetishes, Milky Baby is certainly a place of note. I also think they deserve credit for doing their best to accommodate gaijin in a place like Japan, where most of the sex industry is off limits to anyone who isn’t local. Keeping that in mind while also considering their unique services, I give Milky Baby a solid three-and-a-half stars.

I’m sure some may find the place too weird for their tastes, but I’m certainly not one to judge. I limit my critiques to the shops and their services, not the kinds of clients they serve.

Milky Baby. 1 Chome-31-15 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM. Phone: +81 03-5979-5477. Website:

46 thoughts on “Review: Milky Baby in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. A new review of a Japanese shop, great !! Dude where are you from, if i may ask ? And are you in Japan these days ? I am in Japan and really wanted to meet you. You really are like Godfather to me.

    1. The places didn’t advertise publicly. I was introduced by a local guy. This was years ago and I have no idea if they still exist. Cheers.

  2. Dear Rockit,

    For an American like me staying in Shinjuku visiting Japan for the first time. What do you recommend as least hassle form of transportation to go there? Money is not a problem. I’m just afraid I’ll take the train or walk then end up searching for it for an hour, then go back to the hotel blue.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi. I don’t recommend anything. This site is for entertainment only. Milky Baby gives their exact location to customers after they book a session but they are centrally located not far from Ikebukuro Station. There are taxis in Tokyo though the drivers usually don’t speak much English and the prices are relatively high. People who aren’t concerned about this still use them often. Cheers.

  3. understood, and thanks for the prompt reply! One more question: Does Milky Baby give their location in english? or do I need to know Japanese? Thanks

  4. Hi rock it,

    Can i ask is it only by reservation? Can i call in and rock up at the shop? Also are they girls hot? Well at least the one that you went to?

    1. Reservation only. Looks are always subjective. I think there are a lot of beautiful women working there. Other people may not. It’s a theme shop so the fetish takes importance over everything else. Cheers.

  5. It’s me again. I just got back from Tokyo. This is an awesome place and the main guy booking the appointment was very accommodating (I’m American, don’t know any Japanese). Thanks Rockit for reviewing this place.

    Here’s my experience: I filled out the form, the guy responded through e-mail and mentioned that the girl I picked was not available, but suggested 4 others. We went back and forth with e-mail and finally decided on a lady on Sunday morning. He asked to call him the night before to confirm. I did, his english is good, he simply asked me to bring my passport with me and what to tell the taxi cab.

    Took a taxi from my hotel by simply showing the driver a screenshot of the “Map” page from the website. Once i arrived, they got me my membership card (Awesome!), then went off with a lady to Hotel Chocolat (the nearest love hotel, just literally 3 minutes walk). Paid the room fee, then the fun began. My appointment was 60 minutes with wedding dress option, totally worth it.


  6. Hi Rockit,

    First of all, I want to thank you for making these fantastic reviews. I really appreciate all the work you’ve done.

    Are there any place like this in any English speaking countries? I’m looking for places that specializes in lactation fetishes in western countries.

    1. I’m not aware of any places like this in English speaking countries but I don’t know about everything that exists in the world. There are all sorts of escorts that cater to different fetishes around and I’ve heard of lactating women working in legal Australian brothels drawing a group of dedicated repeat customers before. Cheers.

  7. Hi Rockit,

    Are you aware of any places that caters to the tall girls fetish in the same way that Milky Baby caters to the lactation fetish? It doesn’t have to be in Japan.

    Thank You!

    1. I have come across some places like that in my travels but I can’t remember any names at the moment. I never pursued the places either so I don’t know whether or not they accept foreigners. Cheers.

  8. Hi Rockit,

    Thank you for your quick response! I have another question. How about muscular fetish or bodybuilder fetish?

    Are you aware of any places that caters to the muscular girls fetish or the bodybuilding fetish in the same way that Milky Baby caters to the lactation fetish? It doesn’t have to be in Japan. I heard there’s some places in South America but I can’t be certain.

    Thank You!

  9. Hey Rockit,

    What do they need passport for? Are they making any copies of your personal info? Is it safe to leave your personal details there if they make a copy?


    1. They need it to ensure the safety of the women on staff. With that information they at least have something to go on if something were to happen. It may seem intrusive but on the other hand many places require a call from a Japanese phone number which can only be acquired by handing over name, address, etc. Cheers.

  10. This is really awesome place, I booked a lady not knowing they have any sort of schedule and they replied she wasn’t available at that time. I looked which ladies are available and at first I was slightly disappointed, because I wanted to do either pregnant lady with AF, or one with huge tits with AF. However, I ended up booking 90 minutes with Kozue – petite cute lady with incredibly huge tits.

    Instructions to get there are pretty easy, once you get to the building you call them and they give you the exact location in the building – the girl on the phone spoke a bit of English so it was fine. Once you get there they just have a look at your passport if you’re a foreigner, no copies or anything like that. You get your membership number , pay the money and ready to go. The website says something about discount but I was charged full price.

    After finishing the above incredibly cute short girl came out from the room behind. We got to the nearest hotel and got a room for 90 minutes. She didn’t speak any English so the conversation wasn’t going very well, but who cares.
    Once you get to the room she gives a quick call to let them know she’s there and the fun begins – starts with a shower where she will happily help you wash all the part of your body with the main focus on your man’s parts. You are very welcome to help her clean her parts as well.
    Since no AF was in the offer I was limited to tits play / 69 / HJ and BJ. Man those huge boobs on this small girls were amazing, she was really pretty as well and had tons of milk. You can suck them, squeeze them, whatever you want. I tried fingering her in the mean time but she said something in Japanese which I didn’t understand and stopped.
    She started with HJ, then BJ, I asked her to move around and we did 69, man I wish I could get inside this tight nice pussy, but I only got to play with it a little bit with my tongue. Once I came more fun with tits, then again to HJ and sucking, BJ was pretty good but since I was exhausted from travel and went to the New Hot Point the day before it took me longer than if I was fully rested, unfortunately we started running out of time – they gave us a call on the room phone. We went to shower again where I quickly finished myself – her reaction was cute and precious and she happily cleaned my rod again.
    Once we got out of the hotel I think you can go back with the girl and they would give you a ride to the nearest train station, but I just went my way, I had more things to see in that part of Tokyo.

    Even though I didn’t get AF it was awesome experience and I will definitely do it again on my next trip to Japan. Girls are beautiful and playful. Highly recommended. Cheers

  11. Hi Rockit. Just discovered this blog after a quick internet search for some interests of mine. It’s awesome; you do a thorough and entertaining job of providing some unique insight. Do you know of any place in Bangkok that offers lactation fetish scenarios like the ones you reviewed here? Thanks.

    1. No I don’t. In fact there is a real taboo around that kind of thing and go go bars prohibit pregnant women from working. Cheers.

  12. Hey chaps. In case you don’t know, Milky Baby is a ‘bonyu’ fetish club in Tokyo for people that want to experience adult breastfeeding (erotic lactation) or playtime with pregnant Japanese women. Overall, I would rate the entire experience as a 6.5 / 10 and would not recommend it to the general mongers because you have to jump through hoops to join the ‘club’, you don’t know what the girl looks like until you meet, the prices are a bit high and, as it was in my case, the time I paid for was less than what I received. Also, the experience was less – “erotic” – than what I imagined it would be.

    Looks: 6.6
    Body: 6.5
    Milk: 7.2
    Price: 22,000 girl + 2,000 membership fee + 4,000 hotel = 28000 JPY (subsequent sessions do not have the fee; there are coupons available through their email list subscription but those are minor)

    Tokyo has several bonyu shops and I believe Japan is the only place in the world that has agencies providing such a service. There were articles online about bonyu bars where Japanese men can go and sip milk from a glass or straight from the bosom but I did not find any options with bar-like venues. Bonyu service is provided primarily through clandestine agencies in Tokyo and Osaka and most are non-foreigner-friendly. I did some research on the options and Milky Baby is the ONLY choice for non-Japanese speakers. There are around 8 shops affiliated with Milky Baby in Tokyo and Osaka (Chichipara, Milk-DX and others) but only Milky Baby accepts foreigners. I contacted most of them but they did not respond to emails and hung up on me as soon as they realized I’m not Japanese.

    The women working for bonyu agencies are of course mothers. Some are married. A few are basically escorts and AV girls with babies. Most of them, I assume, are amateur service providers that need money and got recruited into this crazy niche for a temporary gig. I examined those bonyu sites extensively before I made my decision to try it. A few theories I came up with are: If the photos reveal most of the girl’s face (with just the nose blurred), then she is more likely to be cute. Also, if you want milkier tits then read the girl’s bio for her birthing date — the more recent the birth, the more milk she is likely to have (although this differs from woman to woman).

    If a monger is ready to join the club, he can log onto the website and using the Chrome browser’s Google Translate option to explore its contents. There is a schedule section to see which girls are available during the next week. Some girls are listed on schedule but do not appear in the Girls section (or their names are not translating properly). Don’t ask about those girls as milkybaby doesn’t answer for some reason.

    Next, the monger fills out a form using the above method, submits it and waits for a response. They respond rapidly during business hours. After you submit, they confirm the girl, date, time, your personal info and the price. Some girls cost 3000 JPY more than others, and they will not explain why. If you want AF (anal fuck, but that probably means FS as well) and the girl’s bio indicates the AF option, you can negotiate this option with the girl during your session. “Negotiate” really means that she examines your junk and is OK with its size and shape (the price is always 5000 JPY for AF).

    Registration is invasive and annoying because you need to reveal all your personal info and you have to call them two or three times using the phone number you registered in the form. This means that you have to verify international roaming options through your cell provider beforehand. If their caller ID doesn’t register the number they expect, they will cancel your appointment. For foreigners they should make an exception since Japan does not issue SIM cards easily — only at the airport and the cost is high. If you can’t use your own line then the cheapest option is to rent a phone for 250 JPY per day at any of the big airports. But then you cannot schedule the appointment with milkybaby until you know your cell number. MilkyBaby is very strict about this and claims it’s a security function. That’s only true for Japanese people, who have to register every SIM but foreigners can get anonymous SIMs with international roaming in many countries (just not from Japan). If you are allowed to work in Japan, you can have a legitimate SIM issued to you.

    After jumping through their membership-requirement hoops for over a week, I finally followed Google Maps to a small apartment building in Ikebukuro. I was instructed to go into a non-distinct tiny Japanese apartment on the 9th floor and found myself twirling my thumbs in front of a milkybaby mamasan who placed me into a tiny reception area next to a tiny living room with portable walls, behind which was hidden a second milky baby employee and Yuka. She checked my passport to verify my name and birthday. After I laid out the cash, which was carefully and slowly counted to emphasize an honest transaction, the mamasan disappeared and Yuka appeared seemingly out of nowhere. She seemed genuinely happy to see me but I was a bit surprised at first glance. I would never have recognized her from the photos, which were obviously polished with full makeup and costume and further enhanced with aftereffects. Her face is indeed cute but had a few features that guys would call ‘flaws’. And she had on the same unattractive ‘mom’ clothes that she would wear for babysitting. She carried a baby bag and in it were baby bottles with liquids for lubrication and mouthwash. I’m not sure why she chose not to dress up or carry her stuff in a regular bag. All the girls on their website are described by the management with words like sexy / model / pretty / cute / etc, so the imagination is allowed to run wild. But at first encounter, you might be looking at other descriptors. Sexy is what I had expected based on her bio and pics but that would not be the right word. Average Japanese mom with little makeup would be more accurate. I thought about it as we walked and I began to realize that to Japanese men this is a ‘fetish’ service and perhaps some of them really do wear a diaper and want to be treated like a newborn and gently breastfed (​​​​​​that is a real option you can pay for along with the strange balloon-feti, anal play and others). So sexy is not always the preferred adjective. On the plus, Yuka’s vibe is very pleasant and loving and I felt that she enjoys what she does to some extent.

    Yuka spoke only Japanese so there was only a bit of awkward small-talk as we walked toward the love hotel. We got to the room and she indicated that a shower is required before play so she washed me gently with body soap, allowing me to do the same if I wanted. She is relatively submissive and will follow your pace — if you want to kiss, she will kiss back, if you want to lick, she will moan — although she wouldn’t initiate much on her own. That was a plus for me since I like to run the show.

    With both of us finally on the bed, she mentioned ‘milk’, squeezed her tits to spray a bit out and asked if I want to drink. She made an odd gesture for me to lay down as if to position me for breastfeeding but I chose to pin her down flat and kiss and suck her tits at my own pace instead. The taste of sweet breastmilk was quite nice. If you squeeze the tits around the aureole you can get a the milk to flow nicely. I did a little DATY and moved her into BBBJ and she was OK with everything. She came close to orgasm but didn’t cum and at one point lightly faked it which was a turn off. I noticed that if I fingered her right while sucking her tits her milk flowed better.

    Although she was generally sweet and aimed to please, Yuka is an experienced provider and you can feel that her time is money. I saw she tried to HJ me to a finish to make her life easier but that was a no-no for me. Throughout the session she did what I wanted and made a reasonable effort to please me.

    So here is the worst part. The Japanese are known for efficiency and milkybaby is no exception. Unbeknownst to me, they figured out how to sell thirty minutes of playtime for the price of an hour. I did not time the session or make it clear that I want a full 60 minutes but in retrospect I should have although it probably wouldn’t make a difference (their system seems very strictly set). Yuka’s phone alarm rang at one point and she told me we have 10 minutes left for playtime and shower. She gave me an option to do a BBBJ with CIM or to lube her hand and pretend to cowgirl me as I finish on her belly. What I realized after the shower is that they started running the clock FROM THE TIME OF THE APPOINTMENT, meaning that I was paying for the time it took to get registered, walk to the love hotel, smalltalk, shower and whatever else we might have done before getting in bed. If I had been a bit late, that would likely have affected my time with her even further. That’s the part that gave me second thoughts about repeating the experience again. I looked at my phone right before we started and I saw that it took the better part of 30 minutes to actually start the session from the time I entered their apartment/office. In reality I got to ‘play’ for only about 20-25 minutes before it was time to shower again.

    All that said, I felt relatively satisfied when she started the final BJ when her alarm rang. She gave a sensual amateur-like BBBJ and made sure every drop went into her mouth before politely excusing herself to spit in the bathroom. We went back to the shower and she washed me again focusing this time on the junk. During the shower, milkybaby called to give me another indicator that play time is over. Had she followed THEIR clock, I would still have gotten screwed out of an actual hour but at least there would be an extra 5 minutes for the session. And five minutes of sucking milky titties is like 5 minutes of snoozing in a good dream where time doesn’t exist. Oh well.

    Overall I would be on the fence about recommending milkybaby to fellow mongers and would rate the experience as a 6.5 despite it being interesting and very unique. The best part of course is the exhilarating feeling of drinking sweet breastmilk and being able to do just about anything with a cute Japanese girl as she moans for you. I was truthfully very excited at the idea when I discovered it and despite having several girls to choose from along with a myriad of options as add-on services, I was satisfied and disappointed at the same time.

    1. Trip to Japan scheduled to see the annual Emperor show, and in my planning I decided to come back to Rockit for anything on lactation services. Goldmine!

      Thanks for this detailed review. I’ve got my schedule now for daily protein intake.

  13. Is there any other places which cater for pregnant fetish apart from I have been googling around but can’t find another place like that in Japan or elsewhere.


    1. Not that I know of. In most places the thought is condemned. As far as I know pregnant women are basically forbidden from working in go go bars in Thailand and the Philippines. Cheers.

    1. I am not an attorney or expert on Japanese law. I simply report on things that exist in the real world for the entertainment of readers. As far as I know this place is totally legal which would explain why it has been operating and advertising openly for years seemingly without issue. Cheers.

    1. This website is not blocked in Japan. When in places it is blocked you can still view the site using a VPN like Hide My Ass though only you can decide if you want to do that. Cheers.

  14. Hey Rockit.. and others.. wonderful review. Though I had heard about bonyu .. but never really got the fine details. Thanks so much! I am planning a trip shortly to Tokyo. One quick question though – how safe is drinking the milk? I mean with STD’s and stuff like that? Or is Japan relatively safe for mongering? Thanks in advance!

    1. I am not a doctor or statistician. From what I have read there is risk of disease transmission through ingestion of breast milk. Most places also claim to regularly test their staff for diseases but of course this is no guarantee. Cheers.

    1. I have never heard of such a thing there. Prostitution is legal in Singapore but only when it takes place in the government regulated brothels such as those in Geylang. Cheers.

  15. I had a llok on the website and used the google translator into english.
    I have some difficulties to understand the translation of services like “face-up NG shooting”, “mouth firing”, “milky FOX or RITTO”, ….
    Even Urban Dictionnary is unable to give a word about these expressions !
    Have you any idea where to find an appropriated translator ?
    Thanks for all,

    1. There is an English version of the website. There is a link to it on the side of the page. It says “”Welcome to MilkyBaby for non-Japanese customers!” Cheers.

  16. frok experience, the sex scene is definitely available to foreigners, you just have to be above a 8/10 to be taken seriously

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