Review: Milky Baby in Tokyo, Japan


Milky Baby in Tokyo is a fetish shop providing services that one could only really expect to find in a place like Japan. At least one of those services should be obvious from the name and logo of the place. A main feature at Milky Baby is a staff of lactating women for those guys who didn’t get enough breast milk early in life. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Along with the milk maids working at Milky Baby are several other women who cater to other fetishes. The first group consists of pregnant women. Obviously they are limited in the amount of time they can serve those with a fetish for a baby bump, though I’m sure many move on to the milk segment afterward. Additionally, there are debu (meaning fat) women and a few others offering “balloon play.” Don’t ask what balloon play is. Even I don’t know.

pregnant Japanese prostitute

Milky Baby maintains an extensive website. It’s been up for years as one could probably tell by looking at it, but it’s updated regularly and gives a lot of details on the shop’s services.

There are so many different services and options on the website that things like pricing can even be confusing for someone with a pretty good grip on the Japanese language. Thankfully for those who have their heart set on visiting, the staff at Milky Baby is quick to recognize a booking request from a non-Japanese person. When they do, they will contact the perspective client by email to confirm the appointment and services and give a price. In this email, they ask the client to call in and confirm their appointment. This is something that is quickly and easily done. There is actually a guy at the shop who can speak pretty good English, though he isn’t always available.

Those who can’t read Japanese at all are advised by the shop’s owner to use Google translate and make their best attempt at filling in the info. As long as the basics are filled in there shouldn’t be much problem.

I have no idea what readers of this report may be into, but I can give a general idea of price for the services of the ladies at Milky Baby. A 60 minute session with a milk laden lass costs 22,000 Yen ($218) with an additional 2,000 Yen ($20) required for admission. On average then regular sessions run about two and a half hundred greenbacks. Longer sessions obviously cost more, as do the myriad of available add-ons like sex toys, costumes, and the opportunity to film a session. I would imagine asking for any of these extras would be tough for someone who can’t speak Japanese, and thus they may be best avoided for those fellows. Those able to converse confidentially in Nihongo however should have no trouble adding in a few spices.

Customers are expected to show up at the offices of Milky Baby at least a few minutes before their previously scheduled appointments. That’s when they will discover that the shop isn’t really a “shop” at all. Instead, it’s a small residential facility being used as a base of operations. Once in Ikebukuro and in the general area, customers can call Milky Baby for precise directions. They are good about answering the phone, as can be expected of a Japanese outfit.

Inside the apartment-cum-headquarters customers will show the staff their passport (for safety reasons) and meet their lady of the hour. They will also pay for the session. Once that’s done, their lady will gleefully lead them to a nearby love hotel where the fun will take place. The customer will be expected to pay for one or two hours in the love hotel, but the cost isn’t too high.

What comes next largely depends on the customer, the provider, and the services that have been bought and paid for. Standard procedure would normally include showering and a bit of making out, but from there things can go in any number of directions.

As I’ve written here many times before it’s officially illegal for anyone to charge money for vaginal intercourse in Japan. Handjobs and oral are okay though. And apparently so is “AF,” known by the rest of the world as anal sex. In Japan’s sex shops, an “AF” designation for a service provider often (but not always) indicates that they will offer full sex. Again though, this isn’t set in stone by any means. Guys with their wits about them will let the ladies take the lead and not push a single thing. Besides, full sex is available in a number of places across Japan, including soaplands like Darling Harbour. Milky Baby’s claim to fame is the special services on offer and anything else is pretty much a bonus.

Those who want to suckle some teets for an hour or two will be in heaven whether or not their provider allows them to go all the way. At the very least a happy ending will provided by hand or some other body part, so there’s no need for customers to worry about leaving the love hotel blue.

After a session completes, the client and provider will clean up and head back to the shop. The provider will reenter the apartment block and the client will head home. And that’s it.

As a fairly easily accessible foreigner-friendly shop catering to fetishes, Milky Baby is certainly a place of note. I also think they deserve credit for doing their best to accommodate gaijin in a place like Japan, where most of the sex industry is off limits to anyone who isn’t local. Keeping that in mind while also considering their unique services, I give Milky Baby a solid three-and-a-half stars.

I’m sure some may find the place too weird for their tastes, but I’m certainly not one to judge. I limit my critiques to the shops and their services, not the kinds of clients they serve.

Address:1 Chome-31-15 Higashiikebukuro,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo (Map)
Phone:+81 03-5979-5477
Hours:10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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