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Review: Eighteen Sauna in Macau

Eighteen Sauna (also occasionally listed as “18 Sauna”) is located on the sixth floor of the Golden Dragon Hotel. The place is as easy to find as walking into the hotel and entering the elevator which is adorned with pictures of scantly clad Asian models advertising the sauna.

Eighteen Sauna ladies

Way back in March I wrote a review of Rio Spa in Macau. In that review I said that Rio Spa is one of the most well known saunas in Macau. That is certainly true. Eighteen is another one of the most well known establishments in the Special Administrative Region.

Inside 18 Sauna

Once on the sixth floor things go pretty much the same way they do at any other sauna in Macau. Regular readers will know the protocol by now. The customer heads to the locker room and undresses while an attendant gives him a wrist band with a number on it to track purchases. The punter then heads in to the wet area where he can either shower himself or have one of the scantly clad Vietnamese attendants do it for him (though only if he’s not shy since the staffed showers are right out in the open). This soap up involves a bit of a jacking but doesn’t lead to anything else. After the shower the punter heads into the main lounge area where he he chooses a chair and sits down.

room at 18 sauna macau

The lounge is much like the others around town too. It isn’t incredibly large or terribly small. It just is. At this point you may start to wonder why Eighteen is so well known. I sort of wonder the same thing and I don’t really have any answer. I can only guess that perhaps Eighteen has a great public relations team even though I found out about the place through word of mouth.

Eighteen Sauna has all the usual floor attendants. The women who provide services “from the waist up” (in their words) wear sexy short skirts but tend to be on the older side. The women who do foot massages and things like pedicures are mostly middle-aged Vietnamese gals who don’t appear to have received any professional training at all. The women who do the special “inner thigh massages” which take place under a big towel right on the main floor are mostly average looking women from Vietnam in their 20’s or early 30’s. The rates for all of these services tend to be higher than they are at most other saunas and the time limits appear to be shorter too. Worst of all these attendants and the floor attendants who get towels, free food and drinks and otherwise are meant to help customers are among the most unfriendly at any similar establishment in the city. There are always exceptions and bright spots but for the purposes of a review like this the overall view is what matters most.

The best of the best?

Certainly the best aspect of 18 is the team of full service ladies. There are always plenty of gals on staff. Most of the women come from mainland China but a few other countries are also represented.

The vast majority of the full service women could be described as beautiful. That’s especially true for the Chinese ladies. Lineups happen fairly regularly with some of the women even giving punters a glimpse of the goods. Customers are under no obligation to chose a service provider until they are ready and some customers will view a few lineups before making a selection.

Once a punter chooses a gal she will guide him to one of the rooms. While the quarters aren’t all that important they are something that needs to be considered. Most all saunas have very nice rooms with many being specially designed for the purpose.

At Eighteen Sauna the standard room leaves a lot to be desired. It’s small and cramped, the sheets look like they’ve seen better days and the towels are obviously worn to the point of having holes in them. This is simply unacceptable in a sauna like this. Much lesser priced saunas are able to keep bright new linens in stock without issue.

Price, service, and summary

What about the price? At Eighteen the price for a standard round of full service is 2500 HKD ($323 US) which is on the high end of the spectrum. What’s worse is the way they nickle and dime the customer, going as far as to charge 140 HKD ($18 US) for a condom. Customers have no choice but to give in to this extortion since it’s impossible for them to bring in their own condoms and unprotected activity is simply out of the question.

The level of service is on average good. While many of the women who work the full service gig at Eighteen are very beautiful and some are quite friendly, there’s nothing going on in the sauna that justifies the higher prices and little add on items that are thrown in.

Once things are done the punter is taken back to the lounge where the woman bids him farewell (at least until the next line up). He can either lay around some more, take up some other services (like a mediocre full body scrub) or head back to the locker rooms to get dressed and settle his bill.

In my learned opinion Eighteen Sauna is one of the worst saunas in all of Macau. The actual establishment is just okay, the prices are relatively high and the management seems unconcerned with the enjoyment of the customers. Little annoyances like charging extra for a rubber and lacking free wireless internet only make things worse. If Eighteen Sauna was located in some city where it was the only establishment of its kind I would possibly score it much higher. Since it’s located in walking distance of so many excellent venues like Familia Nobre and Emperor that provide more for less money I’m giving it a star-and-a-half.

Eighteen Sauna. 6-76 Rue de Malaca, Macau. Click here for a map. Open 24 Hours.

22 thoughts on “Review: Eighteen Sauna in Macau”

  1. Good timing, I was in this place last night. Only discovered your site the other day and this was my first sauna experience.

    I may try another one so I can assess this place a bit better (of course that’s the only reason) but agree with much of your review, if not all (internet, rubber charge). I will follow up on this a bit more but overall I would say the line-up was probably the best part (huge and varied selection for a Monday night), even though I found it pretty uncomfortable standing around by the small pool for 10 minutes while all the girls moved along ultra slowly. One time, so much so that I considered taking up the offer from the Vietnamese shower girl instead (though not at the price quoted, she was a six at best).

    One other thing that bugged me, I can read chinese reasonably well (characters for countries anyway) but had a real hard time making out where each girl was from on their little numbered badge things. Could make out Japan easily but those girls were wearing kimonos anyway…Seemed like there were a lot of Taiwanese girls but couldn’t quite see well enough unless I got close up (which was uncomfortable).

    1. Thanks for the report. I guess it’s natural to feel uncomfortable to some extent especially early on. The real pros never do. I mentioned in my review of Darling 1 that they actually have binoculars for guys to stare at the girls with.

  2. Ha, that wasn’t actually the report.

    Should warn you this is going to be much longer than I intended (nothing much else to do on the ferry) but here goes…

    So I had a few hours to kill this afternoon and ended up checking out another place. I narrowed it down to three. Basically on my walk down the main drag from Golden Dragon/18 Sauna (where I was staying) I passed the Rio, then, as the road curved round to the left saw Fortuna Hotel and clocked Golden Sauna across the street. I continued on and, by sheer chance, walked right past Familia Nobre. Didn’t see much point in specifically hunting down any others (of the ones I’ve read about on here that is, I did pass a couple of other saunas).

    So I walked around a bit more as it was only 1pm, and stopped in one of the casinos for an overpriced coffee while I deliberated where I might go. I figured Familia might be quite dead at 2-3pm and, having been put off somewhat by the showtime experience at 18 I decided Golden Sauna was a better bet than Rio.

    I should add that, if the weather is ok and you don’t have much luggage, the walk directly from the ferry terminal to all these places is quite pleasant and you can reach Rio/Golden/Familia within 10/15/20 mins.

    Anyway, if I can compare 18 and Golden a bit…(even though it may not be the best, an evening at Rio I guess would be a better yardstick).

    Similar locker room experiences. Quite different shower experiences. I went for assistance both times and got 6/10 Vietnamese girls (that made themselves available) both times. I think I would seriously consider going down this route if/when I’m next over, but they would need to be a bit cuter. I think I did catch a glimpse of a fairly hot one in 18.

    Both these showers were done right in the open. This wasn’t a problem at Golden as it was pretty quiet at half two, but at 18 it was seriously awkward.

    I couldn’t really have timed it any worse. About five minutes into my shower I noticed a mass of dudes heading in my direction. Confused, I asked the girl what was going on before looking over my other shoulder to see literally dozens of girls making their way past. I didn’t dare look to be honest. First five minutes ever in a sauna and there’s about 50 hot girls seeing me close up in the buff.

    Anyway, the shower experience at Golden was way better. About twice as long and three times as many soapy ‘hand jobs’ (I think it was five but kind of lost count). This cost either 128 or 168 I think for 25 minutes. Either way, unbelievable value.

    After that I probably spent about three hours in each place, just lounging around. In 18 I got a pedicure, foot massage (same girl) and I think a shoulder and head massage by a vietnamese girl, who was a solid six, kind of my type if she was a bit prettier/girlier, and ok to talk to but not a great masseuse. During one of the massages she disappeared for about 20 minutes.

    Golden on the other hand… I could put it down to the time of day but these (Vietnamese ) girls were a lot friendlier and better skilled. They all wore the same non-too-attractive dark clothing and I guess could do everything. I had three nice upper body massages and one ear cleanse (really good) from one cuteish but not exactly pretty 19 year old, and a foot and a thigh massage from an older (late 30ish ) woman. These all seemed to cost 128. The ‘thigh massage’ was kind of good in that it lasted ages but she was basically yawning, verging on falling asleep, almost the whole way through. She then suggested going to a room for another one, which I would have passed on even if I didn’t suspect it may be have been an elaborate ruse to get some kip.

    If the 19 year old had been just a bit prettier I would have really been tempted to sack off the main attractions and chance my arm, as she went way beyond just being complimentary and we struck up a playful rapport (in my basic mandarin) where I would have been comfortable putting anything to her. She also made me quite aroused at times, without any real intention.

    Despite being a massaged for maybe 2.5 hours solid, quite a few of the girls that were hanging around came over. Of course I shouldn’t have minded but a couple of them came across a bit pushy. The older Vietnamese woman actually gave one of the chinese girls a bit of a tongue lashing. Not really sure they should be coming over like that when customers are in the middle of a massage. The one Vietnamese girl that came over was a lot nicer to talk to (than the Chinese girls).

    If she had come over later on I probably would have said yes, as she looked a bit like a dancer I pulled in China 10 years ago – died blonde hair, great legs but something about her seemed not quite natural (facially). Of course might have just been me looking for excuses not to pick a girl within the first half hour of being there.

    I think I much prefer the line-up set up where you don’t have to move, but in the afternoon you may need to ask for one yourself. I’m sure in the evenings, it’s a real bonus to be able to see all the girls from the comfort of your chair (I’m assuming you could choose someone at any time).

    To follow up a bit more about 18 (as I’ve probably spent too long talking about Golden). I agree that the service ladies were not too friendly and the various massage girls not particularly attractive. The one thing that made me feel most uncomfortable about 18 (even more than the shower with 50 girls passing behind me) was the manner of the (very average looking) Eastern European girls during showtime. I don’t know if they act like that every time they see a (young looking) white guy, or it was related to the aforementioned shower experience, but it was almost like a role reversal where I was the one being judged.

    Despite the wide selection, I really struggled to pick a girl at 18. I say despite, it was more because of the wide selection I think. It got to 11pm and it almost felt like that particular showtime was now or never, as I didn’t fancy another hour in the lounge. I’d made a mental note of a couple of numbers of, I think probably, Chinese girls (718 and 758 from memory). Actually 718 could easily have been Vietnamese. Both young, great looking and quite petite, if a bit on the slim side. I was leaning towards 758 until I saw her doing a naked dance on the balcony. She did have nice tits but it kind of ruined the suspense a bit. I may still have chosen her but someone had clearly got there first as she disappeared. I hadn’t got a proper look during previous showtimes so decided to fix myself on the kimonos. I’m not into tall/thin girls so was quite glad to see the shortest of the bunch was curvy-ish and also looked the most alluring. I guess it’s a bit of a punt, having no idea really what the body is like, but I quite like that. The way the system here works it’s probably a positive because you get a good 20 minutes of hanging around to think about what may be underneath.

    The Japanese girls must have different rooms, as mine was quite modern (not quite as nice or big as the one in the pic but the bedroom looks vaguely similar). Unfortunately it was freezing cold when I went in (unlike at Golden where the heating was already on), I was genuinely shivering.

    I won’t go into too much detail but she had a fantastic body, spoke basically no English (or Mandarin) and partook in a bit of tongue to tongue action, which was a bonus. There was nothing else really over and above what I would guess to be standard service. 3700 is obviously on the steep side, relatively speaking, but for a hot Japanese/Korean girl, it seems fair to me to pay that kind of premium (I did see some Korean girls, one maybe was quite hot but the others were kind of ordinary, certainly no better than you can see anywhere in Gangnam – any hint of plastic surgery is a real turn-off, for me there’s nothing worse than the generic Korean post-surgery face.

    I paid just over 5k all-in (similar to Golden Sauna, girl not included, but nowhere near as good). Afaik, I didn’t get any rubber charge but it’s possible I over-looked it on the bill. Wi-fi was free after I asked for the password.

    Glad I stumbled upon this site anyway, as it’s not something I would have really considered. I’ve only ever done Karaoke before, in terms of a similar experience. I do like the KTVs but they’re not something you can really do on your own. Especially when you hate karaoke. They can work very nicely if you’re with a friend or in a small group though. I find an hour or two drinking/talking/flirting/touching (and as little singing as possible) really make any extras that may come later way more enjoyable.

  3. Your reports are great. Looking forward to visiting Macau soon.

    My question here is actually about mainland China. Elsewhere you’ve mentioned more than once that you don’t want to go into details due to safety concerns (my paraphrase), but are the saunas on the mainland anything like that those of Macau? What about spas? The spas are seemingly everywhere I look, but since I don’t speak Mandarin or Cantonese, I hesitate to even step foot in one without knowing if action is even available.

    All of a sudden, the 3-4 massage parlors I used to frequent shut down at about the same time. Just wondering if I could find a suitable alternative, or if I just need to wait for Macau and HK.

    Any idea if or when you will post about this topic?

    1. Hi. I don’t know when I will post in more detail on the mainland. When I started this site there were some really great sauna style places but many were shuttered. I’m sure you know about the major raids in Dongguan not long ago. I’ll try me best to keep entertaining readers. That’s all I can really say. Cheers!

  4. What are the options like at the saunas? Is the “full service” always the same procedure or do you have a say in position/kissing/what the girl does etc?

    1. Full service changes from one woman to the next and whether the customer is an active or passive participant. Some amount of activity by the customer is usually fine within limits. Some women will kiss and some won’t. Some are up to receive oral and some aren’t. That’s why they say your mileage may vary. Cheers.

  5. Hey gents, Just a few questions..

    At the various shower rooms at the different saunas, how long are the hand job and blow jobs?
    Is it like a 1 minute thorough clean, or is it actually a decent tease?
    Do the showers get busy enough that you have to wait around with your dick in your hand waiting for the next girl to be available?

    Also is it awkward at all once finishing the wash down walking around with a raging hard on? is it par for the course or does everyone just dip in the pool till things calm down a bit. I just dont want to look like i am barred up at the sight of some blokes in the steam room if there is a hidden etiquette of everyone waiting till they are limp before wandering around.

    Also regarding the thigh massages, How much cock is on display in the lounge? is it covered well by towells or is it actually just lots of little doodles flopping around?

    1. I don’t know there is ever a line for the shower. Usually people filter in and out in ones and two. A lot of guys shower themselves too. In some places the women will spend significant time with this. In others it doesn’t last long. It depends on the sauna and to some extent the service provider. The thigh massages in lounges are dun under large towels. No skin can be seen by anyone else. Guys don’t pay attention to each other in any event. Everyone minds their own business. Cheers.

  6. I went to Eighteen Sauna & its generally ok – with decent to hot girls but the staff and the Philippino workers there are quite rude. The general experience was not worth the money. They try to hard sell head massage, foot massage etc and the service level in the sauna is very mediocre. Avoid this one at any cost – specially since there are too many good options in saunas available in Macau.

    Have fun!

  7. As an update Macau is now opened for foreigners quarantine free if you enter from mainland China AND holds a multiple entry visa back to china. Note that you also have to stay in China for at least 10 days prior to entering.

    Also the following saunas have since closed: Eighteen, Rio and Darling 2.

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