Review: Sanado Health Spa in Macau


Sanado Health Spa is another good representation of what makes Macau’s saunas such amazing places for men to visit. Sanado is a part of the “East Start Group” along with the much larger East Spa. I could tell you that Sanado is the low-end little brother of East but I’m pretty sure that would paint the wrong picture. Talking about “lower end” saunas in Macau is like talking about “lower end” luxury cars. A CLA 250 is still a Benz, right?

Sanado isn’t the easiest place to find. On my first visit I walked past the entry at least twice. I knew I was at the right place but I didn’t see any of the typical neon signs outside. Finally I stopped to ask a door man in the street and he told me I was standing in front of it. You have to look inside the main building entry to see the sign for Sanado which incidentally is pointing downward because unlike most saunas in Macau, this one is located in the basement.

sanado sauna macau

Now that I’ve mentioned Sanado as a low end place in the basement of a building I’m certain I’m painting the wrong picture. Yes, these are the facts, but no Sanado is not a dumpy, murky place whatsoever. When you make your way down the short flight of stairs you’ll see what I mean. The lobby of the sauna is as nice as any modern four star hotel.

As usual with Macau saunas you don’t need to stop at the front desk on the way in. Just head toward the lockers where an attendant will meet you. Unlike some of the other spots around town (Emperor Sauna comes to mind), the attendants here are female. That might not sound like much but I’d much rather have a warm Indonesian woman help me undress than a young Chinese guy. Call me old fashioned.

Probably the best feature of Sanado is its standing discount promotion. Enter and leave the sauna before 6 pm and you will receive a 20 percent discount on your final bill. Since Sanado can be a little more expensive than some of other saunas, this represents a real value. What’s more? You get a bonus when you agree to leave before 6: a free shower and bareback blowjob! How do you get all of this? Just show up.

If you arrive during the day you’ll probably be asked at least two times if you plan to leave before 6. If you say yes, the attendant who helps you undress and put your things in the locker will show you to the jungle shower. I don’t know if that’s what it’s really called but its covered by fake vines so “jungle shower” it is. There are usually 3 very sexy Vietnamese women in bikinis sitting in the chairs out front. One of them will wash you front and back, standing and sitting, and then give you about 30 seconds of suction (or enough to get you standing at attention). Trust me when I tell you that it sure beats showering yourself. Those who show up late or plan to stay after 6 can still get the shower, they just have to pay for it. Or you can shower yourself.

After you shower you will head to the drying area where another female attendant will give you a pair of shorts and a robe. These aren’t the prettiest gals in the world but they’re cute, fun and happy to chat. Again, it sure beats the 20 year old Chinese kid who looks like he’d rather be smoking a cigarette out back.

The lounge at Sanado is much smaller than any other I’ve seen in Macau. That said, it’s still plenty big with lots of reclining chairs, a dining area and more. As usual you just pick out a chair and an attendant will quickly come over to cover you in a big towel and ask if you’d like anything to drink or eat. Like all saunas, the food and drink is free. At Sanado it all tastes pretty damn good too.

Fitting with the smaller size, Sanado seems to also have fewer attendants for special services. But it all works out and fits nicely. I’ve never had to wait for a drink or a rub down. Like all other places, the color of clothes lets you know what each woman does. Here green clothes mark the women who do foot massages. Those in the white outfits do things like ear cleanings I believe, though I’ve never partaken here. Pink outfits mark the “beauticians” who can do things like shoulder rubs and facials. Some of them will also do the famous “thigh massage” which is another way of saying long, lubed up handjob. At Sanado this is done in a private room that is equipped with a lounge chair and television (channel 10 has the porn if you’d rather watch a girl ride cock than look at a Chinese newscaster’s face while you’re getting wanked). If you go for two sessions the attendant can make you cum. This is less expensive than taking a woman for full service but not by much as you have to then pay a sauna entry fee (that’s waived when you take a girl to bang in the back). In my opinion it’s better just to go for a few rounds of jacking to get you warmed up and then move on to the main event. Most of the attendants at Sanado have been Indonesian when I’ve visited.

Whenever you’re ready you can tell any attendant that you’d like to see a line up of the available women. Within a minute or two an assortment of two dozen or more women dressed in some sexy combination of lace and thong panties will assemble in front of you. Most are from Vietnam or China. Take your time and chose the one you’d like and you’ll be off to the races. Sanado has a list of activities that will be shown to you before you go to the room. You have to select the ones you’d like and the girl you’ve chosen will probably help with that by indicating which she is good at. Once that’s all taken care of you’ll be escorted to a private room where you’ll be washed, sucked and fucked. In that order.

The full service women on staff at Sanado are all attractive. Some are real stars. There won’t be any who don’t know what they are doing. I can’t really imagine leaving unsatisfied.

As with any sauna you can hang around for a while, rest, relax, eat, drink and partake in any of the available options if and when you want. It’s tough to beat. Everyone on staff at Sanado seems to be very nice and knows what customer service is all about. If I have any complaints at all they are very minor. I’d like to see a little more ethnic mix in the line up. What else? I really can’t think of anything.

How much does it all cost? Like everything else in Macau it isn’t cheap. Even with the 20 percent discount a few hours of getting cleaned, rubbed and rode will run you about $300 US or more. It’s worth every penny.

Sanado is a damn nice place. It’s not perfect, but it’s close. Since it’s much smaller than most other saunas I have to take that into consideration. I always compare a place with similar setups when coming up with a score. I do think the discount is a major bonus though, especially for guys who for whatever reason want to visit a sauna during the day.

Address:J-Quarteirao 6 da Zona, De Aterros do Porto Exterior, Macau (Map)
Hours:24 Hours
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