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Review: Seafari in Tokyo, Japan

Seafari is a fashion health shop in the Shibuya section of Tokyo. Fashion health shops are basically like happy ending massage parlors with a Japanese touch. These sort of places can be found all over Tokyo and Japan as a whole. But there are only a few shops that will accept foreigners. Seafari is one such shop though with caveats.

Unlike some of the soapy massage parlors in Thailand this fashion health club does not charge a foreigner tax of any kind. But they do limit foreign customers to service from certain ladies. Coincidentally those ladies tend to be among the least attractive to local guys on most days.

Seafari fashion health in Shibuya

With incall based sensual service performed in house, Seafari is similar to the previously reviewed Strawberry Jam fashion health. Seafari is perhaps even more comparable to that shop since it just a few minutes away. To put things into perspective a sumo wrestler could sprint from one shop to the other in July without even breaking a sweat.

sexy gal from seafari shibuya

In reality all fashion health clubs are more or less the same. They can vary in theme, staff or prices. But ultimately they are places where guys pay to get sucked or pulled off by a woman in a provided room. Of course if that’s all there was to it there would be no reason or rationale for writeups like this. So let me explain the details while further focusing on the specificities of Seafari.

Seafari is located in a nondescript building with an off white concrete exterior not far from Shibuya Station. It doesn’t really stand out at all but there are some blue and white signs outside. Additionally there is a red awning over the door to Seafari. It is all rather subdued but still easy enough to see. Incidentally the alley that houses Seafari is one of the only places I have ever seen graffiti in Japan!

Price and procedure

The Seafari lobby is down a set of stairs. There is a desk in the front staffed by a single Japanese man. There is also a typical waiting area with some seating behind a curtain that barely offers a modicum of privacy. Guys waiting here scarcely even acknowledge each other’s presence which reminds me a lot of the crowded halls of the Fuji Building in Hong Kong.

sexy staff at Seafari Shibuya

Seafari is so open to foreigners that they don’t even attempt to use much Japanese. Instead the guy at the desk just presents a couple of pictures and gestures. On the other hand the choices for foreigners are usually limited to a single gal on staff. So I am not exactly sure why they even bother to show the other pictures at all. It may just be that they’re too oriented to locals to bother with changing things around for the odd gaijin who wanders inside.

Like most Japanese shops Seafari has several options. The standard is a 60 minute session that costs 15,000 Yen ($137 USD). Shorter sessions are available for less. The price is also lower earlier in the day. The prices increase at noon and again 5:00 PM. So the later the visit the more it costs. Payment is made up front.

Staff, service and summary

While the Seafari website shows dozens of women it seems that there are rarely more than a handful in the shop at any given time. The women who are available are shown on slightly edited pictures posted at the front desk. To say they are a mix might be an understatement. There are attractive gals in their twenties working alongside much older, larger and less attractive ladies. It depends on the shift. Suffice it to say the choices or perhaps more accurately choice for foreigners usually resembles the mamas at a place like New York New York more than the babes over at Tokyo Style.

Secondly the rooms at Seafari are more like small booths. They have plastic folding doors and the partition walls don’t go all the way up the ceiling. So the booths offer some privacy but do next to nothing to muffle sounds. Japanese people are famously courteous so this isn’t too much of an issue. The entire floor being taken up by a mattress isn’t so bad either. No one goes to Seafari for the ambience.

There are shared showers at Seafari. So the gals take customers from the private rooms to the wash area one at a time. It’s all similar to places like Asian Relax and Moon Love in that way. The showers are more one sided than mutual with the customers being washed in their special areas. Customers are also given the standard mouthwash to rinse with.

Back in the booths the standard service at Seafari is happy ending massage. Things usually start out hot and heavy with no need for a phony massage. The gals use quality Japanese lubricant to work the twig and berries. Then they alternate between handjobs and blowjob services. Customers are usually allowed to touch the providers all over and some gals kiss too. Service doesn’t go further than sumata which is basically the Japanese term for the rubbing of a rod on the exterior of a pussy in a way that simulates real intercourse. Per the rules of the shop and the country that is the extent of it.

There are some reports of women letting the rules slide to the extent that guys actually slide right inside of them from time to time. That is not the standard service of the place by any means as it is forbidden at this place and others like it. Still there are enough stories of such events around to suggest it does happen with at least some regularity.

Seafari is a fashion health shop that accepts foreigners but limits their choices. The prices are among the lowest in the area. Additionally the gals can be quite alright and they are dedicated to getting the job done. At times some even go the extra mile. Still there is nothing particularly special about Seafari especially when comparing it to the global sex industry as a whole. Most punters with experience would probably agree that this place is just “good enough”. I certainly do. Three stars.

Seafari. 1-chōme-13-2 Dōgenzaka, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 11:00 PM. Phone: +81 03-3461-0417. Website:

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  1. I have always asked this question before the service in Japan and that is why perhaps I haven’t tried any of the Japanese p4p scenes successfully, yet. Cheers!!

    1. A lot goes unsaid in Japan. There are a lot of subtleties. I think that is one reason why many Japanese providers and facilities refuse foreigners. Cheers!

  2. It is obvious that some only accept foreigners with a cover for a bj. I just didn’t want to spend 150 usd for a cd job:)!! The subtlety isn’t so subtle at all. Cheers!!

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