Review: Tokyo Style massage in Tokyo, Japan


About two months ago I introduced Tokyo Style, a foreigner friendly erotic massage provider in Japan, on this site. While that post gave a run down of the shop and what it offers, this post will consist of a full review that will go a lot further into detail.

As I’ve written here many times, Japan’s gigantic adult entertainment scene is unfortunately off limits to foreign visitors for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of places where a gaijin can get his rocks off, but rejection is the name of the game for the vast majority of play places in the land of the rising sun.

The reasons for this exclusion range from an inability of non-Japanese speakers to deal with the providers and confirm that they understand the rules to a fear of foreigners all together.

Tokyo Style is foreigner friendly

No such problems exist at Tokyo Style however, which very warmly welcomes customers from around the world who happen to find themselves in Tokyo for whatever reason. The management at Tokyo Style has even gone as far as creating a detailed website in English, something which isn’t very common in Japan and gives you an idea of just how willing they are to work with non-Japanese speakers.

Japanese law officially prohibits the exchange of money for sexual intercourse. It is of course still available in the excluded soaplands and the grey market shops that skirt the law completely. Most shops however follow the rules and are fully licensed and regulated. Tokyo Style is one of those shops on the up and up. All in all, this seems to be a generally good thing for punters at it insures a certain level of operation.

Booking and staff

Booking a session with Tokyo Style is incredibly easy. One simply has to call, email or contact the shop via Skype (a link to their account is posted prominently on the website). Giving a name and location is pretty much all it takes from there. I will say they the place does seem to be popular and reserving time with a particular gal may require giving them some advanced notice.

Fortunately, the people at Tokyo Style list the staff that is on duty at any given time live on the website. That definitely beats the practice of so many other outfits that show countless hotties who are unavailable when you call or who may not even work at the shop anymore (if they ever even worked there at all). The profiles for each staff member at Tokyo Style also list their ages, measurements and English skills. In my experience it’s all pretty accurate, as are the photos.

There is a nice variety to the staff at Tokyo Hands. While all are relatively young and well built, there is a range of talent from tanned babes to innocent college student style gals.

What about the language issue? I’ve had the pleasure of meeting two separate women who work at Tokyo Style. One spoke passable English and was clearly working hard to learn more, and the other spoke near perfect English, which is difficult to find in Japan in general, let alone in this sort of venue.

Erotic massage service

When booking a session, customers will request that lady of the hour visit them either in their own hotel or home or in one of the countless love hotels around Tokyo. The area of Ikebukuro is home to quite a few very nice and reasonably priced love hotels and the location is quickly accessible to the women working at Tokyo Style, though most other areas in Tokyo are totally okay too.

sexy Japanese escort at Tokyo Style

Different services are available at Tokyo Style. The standard course involves the service provider showering the customer while wearing nothing but a pair of panties, an aroma oil massage, a testicle massage, some time for the customer to play with the providers breasts, and a hand job finish complete with nipple licking. The deluxe course offers all of this plus more. The initial shower is replaced with a fully nude standing body-to-body slide and in some cases a bath and the hand job ending is upgraded to a blowjob. Both courses are ended with a shower and warm goodbye.


The standard course starts at 27000 Yen (270 USD) for 75 minutes  and the deluxe course starts at 35000 Yen (350 USD) for the same amount of time. Longer appointments are available up to 360 minutes, which would have to be a insanely pleasurably way to spend 6 hours.

I’ve learned in the best way possible that deluxe sessions of 120 minutes or more include a bath with the masseuse in slippery nuru nuru water that can be quite fun. I don’t know that I would book the 2 hour session exclusively for this, but it definitely is a nice addition.

What it is like

Once the session is booked things can go ahead as scheduled. First a man knocks on the door, which could be a bit startling for those not prepared. There’s no need to fear however, as this is simply the driver of the service provider. The driver steps just inside the entrance to drop off the masseuse’s bag of supplies and have the customer sign a short form that indicates that they understand and agree to the rules (the main one being no vaginal intercourse or touching of the vagina). Once the form is signed, the driver hands over a DVD containing a “secret word” for future visits and a Japanese adult DVD and then disappears into the sunset. He is soon replaced by the arrival of the service provider.

Warm greetings are given and the customer is asked to choose one of several types of aroma oil to fill the room. Those with significant others will be happy to know that there are even scent-free options to keep the smell of sensuality from stinking up a relationship after the session. With the smells all set, the next event is a caress and undress session that involves each participant mutually stripping each other down.

The bathing action comes next, and either option is good. The main goal is clearly to get the customer clean, but there’s plenty of playfulness along with it. The deluxe course even includes a short bit of bareback sucking which could only be included to insure that the old unit is thoroughly cleansed.

After the water comes a dry off and a rather nice and lengthy massage. This is done really well and with just the right amount of erotic flare to keep it interesting rather than sleep inducing.

The happy ending

As usual with erotic massage, the real fun comes on the flip. The masseuses really come into their own here and do all sorts of maneuvers and rubs. I could try to describe things but I think it’s better not to. First, each service provider is different. Second, the words I am capable of producing on this website wouldn’t be enough to describe the experience. It is here that I think the deluxe option really shines, though the basic course is also very good. When oral is on the menu it is offered covered or uncovered, depending on the provider. Even those who offer bareback blows will ask the customer if they’d like to glove up however.

I don’t know exactly how the women at Tokyo Style learned their hand and mouth service techniques, but in my experience they are at the top of their games. I’ve had quite a few mediocre suck jobs at foreigner friendly pinsaros in Japan, which may seem surprising seeing that the staff at such places really does nothing else but blow guys for money. I’ve also had my share of mechanical jerk sessions at jack shacks around the world. At Tokyo Style, the action is truly top notch.

After the inevitable finish, the customer is allowed to lay down and recover while the service provider cleans up the room a bit. This is followed by a return to the showers and a bit more chatting.


The women at Tokyo Style seem genuinely interested in their work and their customers. At no time does it feel like anything is forced or rushed. It’s truly refreshing to find service like that in the midst of all of the lesser entertainment available. Some may consider the price a bit high, and when compared to some poor countries and even lesser services in Japan itself it can seem as such. I contend though that the price is completely fair for what is offered however, especially when compared to what exists in the rest of the developed world and what it goes for. As busy as Tokyo Style seems to be, many others must agree with my assessment.

As a very accessible and easy to use, high-quality service in Tokyo, I give Tokyo Style a solid five stars. It’s really tough to beat for the kind of service it provides and is without a doubt one of the easiest services to book in all of Japan for foreign visitors. The friendly and skilled staff and extended hours only make me like the place more.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 03-5956-9123
Hours:2:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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