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Review: Moon Love in Tokyo, Japan

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Moon Love (月の恋) is one of the many erotic massage parlors in Tokyo operated by Chinese women. These places pop up all over the city and sometimes disappear too but Moon Love has been around for quite a while. It is located in a small building not far from Ikebukuro Station that is also home to another Chinese massage parlor upstairs.

Moon Love is easy to locate with an illuminated sign in the street. Customers enter by heading up a flight of stairs open to the elements and ringing the bell at the door which is surrounded by small Christmas tree style lights.

Moon Love Massage

Ringing the bell prompts one of the ladies inside to unlock the door. After customers take off their shoes they are let into a very small lobby decorated with traditional Chinese massage pictures as well as a multi lingual menu that seems to be more or less meaningless and have absolutely no bearing on the actual prices charged.

A standard course lasts 60 minutes and includes a table shower and full body massage. The price is 10000 Yen ($94 USD). Other more expensive courses also appear on the menu and may lead to more intense special services later in the session.

soapy massage mat manga

After customers select a service they are led to one of many small but relatively private cubicles. These spaces are surrounded by quality walls that do not go all the way up to the ceiling. So even though they are private sounds can come in from nearby booths and even the shower room.

Those sounds sometimes include wet skin on skin slapping and load moans of ecstasy that reveal that more than massages go on inside of Moon Love even if first time customers who opt for the least expensive courses are not offered such a treat.


Truth be told some customers may not even want such services from the ladies who work at Moon Love especially if they are used to seeing gals like the lovely Sora at Tokyo Style.

It is not that the woman at Moon Love are unattractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the gals at Moon Love range in age from their thirties to their forties and tend more towards the run of the mill looks of mainland China. Some might even be described as chubby.

Still they are very cheerful and quite enterprising. While people in some parts of the world struggle to speak a second language or even forsake learning all together the ladies at Moon Love have learned to speak two or three languages to help themselves make a living and get a head.

Speaking of head it doesn’t necessarily come with the basic service especially for newbies. But other kinds of erotic services are offered.

Happy Endings

When customers first arrive in their booths they strip down and get into a quilted robe. Then they receive a bit of a massage that sometimes includes flirtation and naughty place from the gals who wear short skirts that often ride up and reveal their undergarments.

After that customers are taken into the table shower room which could fit in any Korean massage parlor in the US. There they are soaped and scrubbed from head to toe on both their front and back sides. This too often comes with some erotic touching.

Finally customers are led back into their cubicles where they get a decent nude body rub followed usually by a handjob happy ending. Then they are cleaned up and offered a drink before they are leisurely allowed to prepare themselves to depart. On the way of they are bid a found farewell that truly seems genuine.

As a place staffed by foreigners Moon Love is certainly foreigner friendly. The sign is in only in Japanese but a picture says a thousand words even if the sexy model pictured on the street level signage has never appeared inside the shop itself. Two-and-a-half stars.

Moon Love. 2-chōme−18−1 Liberty Ikebukuro, Ikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 1:00 AM.

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