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Review: Strawberry Jam in Tokyo, Japan

Strawberry Jam is a popular fashion health shop in the Shibuya section of Tokyo. Fashion health shops serve customers on an incall basis as opposed to delivery health places like Tokyo Hentai Club that send women out to meet guys in hotels or homes. It’s a lot like a massage parlor you’d find in many other parts of the world. There are countless fashion health venues across Japan. Only a handful of them openly accept foreigners.

While Strawberry Jam doesn’t go out of its way to recruit non-Japanese customers they have long been open to gaijin. The front desk staff doesn’t even test the Japanese language skills of foreign customers as is done in places like Ooedo. They just point to various prices and options to make things easy.

Strawberry Jam in Shibuya

Strawberry Jam is centrally located and easy to find in the basement of a red brick building. It is just a short walk from the famous Shibuya Crossing. It also marked with several signs around and along the building including one that displays prices. The signs aren’t in English but they’re easy to see and probably figure out even for those with no Japanese skills. Everyone knows what a Strawberry looks like.

sexy strawberry jam staff

At the entrance there is a desk where a male manager greets customers. They don’t use much Japanese when foreigners arrive. They probably figure the guys can’t understand anyway. They have current but slightly edited photos of the available women on the desk. They will remove photos of women who don’t work with foreigners. While Strawberry Jam is open to foreigners some of the women there are not. It seems about half of the ladies are okay with gaijin while the others are not. There’s no noticeable difference between the two groups in terms of looks.

Price and procedure

As with most fashion health places and Japanese venues in general there is a wide assortment of services and prices. A basic session costs 15,000 Yen ($138 USD) and lasts fifty minutes. There is an additional fee of 2,000 Yen ($18 USD) for selecting a gal. There are no additional tips or fees required.

sexy Japanese slut in lingerie with arched back

When customers pay they are shown to a small waiting room with two padded benches, some books and an ashtray. It looks like kind of waiting room you see all over Japan. You almost can’t distinguish it from the waiting rooms at places like New Hot Point and Madonna.

When a session is about to start the manager hands over a laminated card with a number. The number is matches a door on one of the rooms located down the hall. These are relatively small purpose built quarters. They have somewhat worn foam mats covered with sheets. The walls are covered with mirrors to enhance the session and each room has a small shower for cleaning off.

Staff, service and summary

Strawberry Jam has a very large staff of women. Most are in their twenties and quite fit. The majority of the ladies are attractive too. Of course beauty is subjective but at least the photos used at Strawberry Jam are generally accurate. While there are dozen of women employed by the shop there are usually just a handful on premises at any given time. This seems to match demand nicely.

In the room the gals introduce themselves and go through some small talk before stripping and moving into the shower. The level of spoken English is low to non-existent as is to be expected in Japan. But the caliber of service is suitable. The gals know how to wash a man off with special attention paid to the sweet spots. But this is no soapland.

As I have explained here many times in the past the sale of vaginal intercourse is illegal in Japan. Women are allowed to do handjobs, blowjobs, simulated or intercrural sex and even anal sex. The first three are officially on offer here. Anal is not. Some gals that work at this shop at times do offer more sometimes in exchange for a tip. That is not officially allowed of course. There is even a large sign in the shop warning of a huge fine for having against sexual intercourse. So the women who offer full service do so of their volition. A guy visiting with full service in mind could be disappointed or worse. The standard service is as described above.

Lubed handjobs and blowjobs are usually quite pleasurable when done correctly. Those services alone are enough to get millions of men into massage parlors and similar shops all around the world. That is the bread and butter these fashion health places are based on. Strawberry is no exception. I wouldn’t say every gal inside is a model with superhuman suction skills but for the most part they look good and know what to do. In other words the shop employs some good looking ladies who know how to get guys off even if they don’t hail from the land of the rising sun.

The prices at Strawberry Jam are reasonable considering the location and the staff is friendly and welcoming to gaijin. That alone makes the place stand out from the pack. Still the place doesn’t have the super service oriented approach that is available from some other places that are even more eager to welcome foreigners. Taking into consideration the presence of top notch businesses like Tokyo Style in the same city I feel it right to give this place three-and-a-half stars.

Strawberry Jam. 2-chōme-27-2 Dōgenzaka, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 11:00 AM until 11:00 PM. Phone: +81 03-5784-0078. Website:

4 thoughts on “Review: Strawberry Jam in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. The lubed BJ is underrated IMO. If the girl is skilled at putting on the cap, and the sheath is thin, I sometimes find them as enjoyable as Au natural. Especially if the alternative is the girl pulling away abruptly when Old Faithful pops his top.

    Thanks for the post Rockit!

    1. I agree with you. Women who are experienced experts can make it seem as if a condom is not even in use. Then there are women who do poor bareback blowjobs. A lot of it could be mental too. Some guys enjoy the piece of mind a rubber provides. Others can’t even get hard if there is a condom in the room. Cheers.

  2. Went there the other day. Don’t speak a word of Japanese. There were only pictures of 4 ladies, this was at 6pm on a weekday. The guy at the counter asked me (I believe) if I had reservation and I had none, then he took out pen and paper and asked if I wanted to make a reservation for the following day indicating that today all ladies were going to be occupied. It’s odd as I thought there will be more choice but the website does indicate a smaller selection of literally 3 or 4 every day

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