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Review: Asian Relax in Tokyo, Japan

Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of the infamous and chaotic Kabukicho section of Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward sits a peaceful little slice of Thailand. Easy to miss in the clutter of large colorful signs and flashing neon lights Asian Relax offers massages with a little something extra to customers who are able to find their way inside of the shop.

It’s not that Asian Relax is an especially difficult place to locate. It’s just that Shinjuku in general and Kabukicho specifically seem to be places that leave a lot of foreigners and even some locals lost most than found. Luckily Asian Relax is located right on the main strip and has a sign outside on the street to make things easier. Those who use the map on the shop’s website should have no problem.

Asian Relax in Kabukicho

Asian Relax is relatively nice and quiet considering where it is located. The shop is a little small and cramped but those used to Tokyo won’t be surprised in the least. In fact they might not even notice it. In any event there’s certainly more room to maneuver at Asian Relax than there is at a place like the nearby New Hot Point.

Mary Thai handjob massage

The name of the game at Asian Relax is Traditional Thai Massage. I don’t know how “traditional” the rub downs at Asian Relax are, but I do know that the women who perform them are from Thailand. The owner of the parlor is apparently a Japanese gentlemen who married a Thai woman and set up shop. Operating openly in Tokyo the place is licensed and legal and it recruits Thai women to work.

Sexy staff at Asian Relax

The astute reader may notice by now that Asian Relax sounds a lot like the nearby Asian Feeling which I reviewed back in July. There’s a very good reason for that. Asian Relax and Asian Feeling have the same management and operate as sister shops. What this means is that the women who work these shops rotate between the two so that a gal may be at Asian Feeling on Monday and then put in a shift at Asian Relax on Tuesday.

Those who like the looks of a specific woman on staff at either shop need not worry much. A schedule is posted on the website that indicates which women are at which shops at any given time. Those who show up unaware can even request that a gal currently at the other shop come over to provide service. As long as the 1000 Yen ($10 US) nomination fee is paid and the woman in question is free this is usually no problem.

Price and procedure

Customers who don’t have a specific lady in mind won’t have to shell out the nomination fee. Instead they’ll just pay for a massage. The going rate for a sixty minute powder massage is 9000 Yen, which comes out to be just under 90 US dollars at current exchange rates. Thai and oil massages are also available at different rates and customers can even opt for massages as long as 120 minutes if they’d like.

Asian Relax shares a business model and even a staff with Asian Feeling but the shop itself is a bit different. The protocol is the same. The customer chooses a massage and pays his fee. Then he kicks off his shoes and heads to his nice and neat room. Soon his masseuse will enter and take him to the shower where she’ll wash the accumulated urban filth from his skin before taking him back to the room. As he settles in she’ll retrieve a cup of tea for him. After he drinks up and lays down she’ll commence to give him the kind of rub down he selected.

The standard back rub will lead to a front rub which will be concluded by the soft and skilled hands of the masseuse. Somethings other body parts like legs and forearms are used but the same result is always achieved. Relieved of stress and bodily fluids the customer will be allowed to rest a bit before being taken back for another shower, dressed and then finally escorted back to the entrance to head back out into the urban jungle.


Well, that’s almost correct.  Standard service at Asian Relax also includes a full body shampoo and a steam towel service. These feel like genuine benefits rather than bits tacked on simply to jack up the price. There is an additional 500 Yen ($5 US) fee for these services though, which means that customers who are budget minded may want to head to Asian Feeling instead. Those who put no price on comfort and quality will probably find the little extras to their liking. The mirrored walls in the rooms at Asian Relax are also a nice touch.

As a long-established massage parlor with reliable services that is more than happy to accept non-Japanese customers, Asian Relax can be an easy choice for many punter. Sharing an owner with Asian Feeling and offering a very similar service from the same exact staff the reader may expect that I would give this shop the same three-and-a-half star score. While I think that Asian Relax offers a better service and better facilities I simply can’t justify giving it four stars. It’s a nice place and I think a star above average suits it well.

Asian Relax. 1-chome−23−13 Daiichi Otaki Bld 2F, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 5:00 AM. Phone: +81 03-3207-5527. Website:

22 thoughts on “Review: Asian Relax in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. Nice timing on this review! Both of my experiences were at this shop, so I will post them here. :)

    I was in Japan in October for a few weeks and I managed to make it by this place twice. My first time here was my first time ever doing anything in the “pay 4 play” scene and my first time getting a massage period, so I was a tad nervous. I walked around and after fumbling around a bit with Google Maps, I found Asian Relax first. I walked up the narrow stairs and into the lobby. A really nice, soft-spoken Japanese guy spoke to me in more than adequate english about the options. He even explicitly mentioned the happy ending with the universal gesture. lol. I opted for the 90 minute oil massage since this was only my second or third day in Japan and the pain from the intercontinental flight was very much still with me. He had me change into slippers and escorted me to a vacant room to wait for the girl. At this point I was kinda chuckling to myself about doing this. I was still in awe about being in Japan period, so this was pretty interesting.

    I got Ann on visit #1. Very pretty girl, great body and face. No complaints about her at all in the looks department. She took me into the shower and it was nice. A genuinely good wash and just enough touching of the privates to make it interesting. We went back to the private room and things got underway. I noticed right away that the walls have an opening near the ceiling, so it’s very possible to hear stuff going on in another room. One girl was giving one lucky customer a lot of encouragement and naughty talk. It was interesting to hear. As the massage got underway I quit listening. The whole world melted away. The massage itself was fantastic. Ann has a very delicate, yet powerful touch to her. It’s hard to explain, but I’m sure others know what i mean. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It genuinely got a lot of the travel pain out of me. I was so happy about that! We conversed just enough that it wasn’t dead quiet. My mediocre Japanese skills prevented anything too deep, but we talked about enough that it wasn’t awkward.

    Towards the end of the massage she did tease my junk while I was still face down, which took me by surprise. She was amused by that. After the flip we got to the happy part of the ending and her technique was pretty wonderful. As she was milking the cow, I asked her if touching was okay. She said sure and put my hand on her breasts. I felt her up pretty decently and she didn’t object to my diving in to feel some nip. I even put my hand on her thigh and asked if that was alright. She was cool with it. I didn’t try my luck beyond feeling up her legs and crotch a bit but she never objected to anything I did. She also made naughty faces at me the whole time, lots of eye contact. Eventually I popped and it was indeed a pop. lol. She proceeded to clean me up, we went back to the showers for another wash. I got dressed, she led me back to the lobby, and bid me farewell at the elevator. It was an A+ experience for sure. I was more than pleased with the play and the massage was amazing, too!

    Visit #2 was sometime during my second week. Same entrance procedure as last time, but with a different but still nice staff guy who spoke much better English. This time, I got Yuuko. She was pretty, not quite on Ann’s level but I liked her just fine. She was very talkative and friendly, and her massage was good too, although Yuuko takes a much stronger approach than Ann. I had to tell her a few times to go easy on a few spots, but she was very receptive to my feedback and all was good. Her happy time was better in some ways, and lacking than others. She positioned herself so that there was no way I could touch her. That was a bummer. However, her technique was god-like. Very slow and steady. It was amazing. She popped me good for sure. She even commented on it. lol. As I was getting my shoes back on to leave, the staff guy talked to me and asked how it was. I was like, “…saikou da.” and we laughed about that. He told me that Kabukicho can be unsafe but this place was fine and probably better than other places anyway. I agreed with him. Yuuko bid me farewell at the elevator at what would unfortunately be my last visit there for the trip.

    Asian Relax was a big win for me. I got to experience some fun, safe p4p and get a quality massage at the same time. This place gets a huge thumbs up from me. It is a bit more pricey than a place like New Hot Point is, but you get so much more here. Highly recommended to all.

    1. Thanks for the report Skycrawler. I don’t know how much you can compare this place with New Hot Point though since they have different systems and the women are of different nationalities. On the bright side, there’s something for everybody (who can afford it) in Tokyo. Cheers.

  2. I hit Kabukicho yesterday for the first time in about 20 years. I went to Asian Relax immediately after Hinomaru primarily because I wanted a shower right away to wash away any traces of the fairly nasty BJ girl at that shop. Also I didn’t want Hinomaru to be my most recent memory for the long train ride home. At Asian Relax, I got the 9000 yen powder massage (oil and powder come with the happy ending, standard Thai massage does not), and was assigned Asuka, who looks exactly like her photo on the website. She’s a young, slightly chubby country girl from near the Laos border. Her face is cute enough, her Japanese is terrible (just like it says on her web page) but her English is about a 2/5, and I had no trouble communicating with her enough to enjoy the interaction. Her personality is great. She’s a jokester, starting with the playful way she came in the room, a lot of joking in the shower, and she even tickled my underarms during the massage (which frankly destroyed the relaxation she had achieved, but oh well).

    For guys looking for a traditional massage with happy ending, Asian Relax is really good. The rooms and shower are clean and plenty big enough, the staff is friendly, the price is reasonable, the massage is legit (YMMV but Asuka gave me a proper Thai massage complete with the painful stretching, pounding, kneading, finger popping and hyperextending of joints) and the ending is pleasant. Asuka kept joking for the first bit of the crank stroking, but when she settled in next to me and locked eyes it became very sensual, with her legs twined in mind, and she let me squeeze her buttocks, which was nice.

    That said, if you’re looking for something more hardcore erotic, this is not the place to go. Judging from my one experience and the OP and comment above, the girls do not get nude, there is no breast touching, no kissing, no under the clothes touching of the girl… You get the point. This felt a lot less about sex than about relaxation — just like the name — and though I didn’t leave at all disappointed, that may have been because I had just come from popping in the mouth of a nude Japanese woman at Hinomaru who looked like she probably cleaned train station restrooms for her day job. Point being, I had already cum once in the prior hour and also pretty much anything was going to seem nice by comparison to that experience, which served its purpose but was frankly rather vulgar.

    I would give Asian Relax 3.5 stars for what it is, some points off for not even getting to see nudity, but points definitely added for friendliness, cleanliness and a decent massage. If it was all about the nut, I’d be pressed to give it more than 1.5 due to the lack of nudity and limited touching allowed. If Asuka had taken her top down and let me nuzzle those perky jugs, I’d probably be on the train to Tokyo again today.

    1. From my one experience at Asian Relax with Rie it was quite the contrary to what people above posted. I am not sure if it is because I might be younger than some on here or what but when it came to the ending of the oil massage, she put my hands on her and let me pretty much feel up any part of her body even under her clothes. She also brough me close to her and after saying I was cute and staring at me, proceeded to make out with me. It was quite the nice touch to a happy ending.

  3. For people wanting more of a traditional sexual massage, right across from Asian relax is another shop that welcomes foreigners, called Yozakura. You won’t get the same quality legitimate Thai massage that you will across the street, but if all you are really after is an oil massage of your legs and lower parts, and a nice handy by a damn decent looking girl, then this is the place for you, at the same price as Asian relax. 10,000 yen (never mind what the big numbers on the menu say) got me a really nice oil massage face down (legs and balls only) then a flip over for a good HJ and some under-the-bra boob and under-skirt-above-panty ass. My girl was half Thai, half Japanese, and was young – – I would guess early 20s. She was a little thick bodied, but in a good way, at least as far as I was concerned. Tight and firm with nice boobs and adorable nipples. Perhaps best of all, when it was done, I got an outstanding body wash. Not the usual standing shower, this place has the lie down on a rubber mat with an air pillow kind of scrub down that you get in some of the Japanese named roadside shops in the USA. I would definitely go again if I lived near here, and would probably split my time between this shop and Asian relax depending on whether I wanted the scrub down, the under bra groping, and above all that fantastic wash down at the end, or whether I wanted an actual legitimate Thai massage with a pleasant happy ending.

    1. Was headed to Asian Relax but there was a wait as the girls there were busy. So I decided to try out Yozakura. My experience was quite different. I was looking forward to the body wash… as I have grown accustom to them in the states. The cost was 13,000 yen for an hour — not 10,000. They have you put on this weird g-string to wear in the table shower and then for most of the massage. Not sure if that is true in other places, first time for me.

      But here is where things went wrong. On the flip the girl asked for 10,000 more for HJ. I tried negotiating to no avail. End of session for me.

      So a different experience.

      1. Thanks for the report. Sounds like a lot of money for little service. I don’t think I’m familiar with the place. Are the service providers Japanese? Cheers.

    2. The service provider I had was not Japanese. The place is right across the street from Relax. Their sidewalk side does not show the name, but says “foreigners welcome”. When you enter the staircase you can see the name on the wall. Though with my experience I wouldn’t suggest anybody go there. But Not Even Dave had an entirely different experience. As is often stated here and else where, your mileage may very.

  4. Asian Relax (AR) is easy to find; use the map provided in Rockit’s report. At the JR Shinjuku station, take the East exit. AR is on the street parallel to the street Hot Point is on. AR also has a big signpost on the facade; once you face the building you can’t miss it. I used the stairs because it’s on 2F = second floor. Using the steps, the door is left. Using the lift, the door is right.

    Opening the door, I was immediately asked to take my shows off and put on sandals provided by the house. Then the question ‘first time’? I said yes even though I ‘knew’ from Rockit and their website. Papasan explained the system, and it was exactly as expected. Prices were the same as well. I selected the 90 minutes oil massage with the hot towel and shampoo treatment; 13,500 Yen = 110 USD = 100 EUR. I didn’t bother to select a girl for 1000, as I didn’t trust the photos on the website.

    Papasan showed me to the room and asked me to undress and wait for the lady. One minute wait, a knock on the door, Mirai steps in. What is it with me and my trip to Tokyo? Mirai was, you guessed it, exactly my type. Oh my god, she is tiny! Her feet, her hands – if I hadn’t seen her face, I would have thought they belonged to a child. Look at her face though, and you know she’s in her 30ies.

    We went to the shower, she washed me nicely; she stayed dressed (the whole time by the way). Then back to the room. The room was lovely, small but good sized for the business at hand, with a mat on the floor. The colouring was nice, Mirai toned down the light a bit, and there was no cheesy music; no music at all in fact which I prefer.

    Mirai started with the usual ‘hard’ massage that hurt but you accept it because you know that you will feel better afterwards. Then came the part using the warm oil. Back and front, ‘hard’ and oily was done in such a way to allow the hj to naturally take place in the flow. The hj was not the last act, it happened maybe 80% into the session.

    Usually I don’t care much for a hj, since every man does that anyway and knows what it is all about. However, Mirai did very well. Firstly, it happened naturally in the massage flow. Secondly, she didn’t just do the hand up and down thing; in fact, very little of it. She started at the base, massaged the balls nicely, and occupied herself with the top by way of passing. There was the up and down of course, but woven into the overall treatment. Simply put: the best hj I ever had in my life. Quite a statement, right? (I do have to say though that I didn’t experience that many.)

    After me finishing, Mirai cleaned me up and completed the massage. After that came the treatment of the hot towels – I recommend it, it’s 500 Yen well spent. Lastly, back to the shower where I was thoroughly washed again. Back to the room and dressing. I have asked her for her business card as recommended by Rockit. She was happy because that meant potential recurring business. I didn’t plan to go back, but I wanted her name (= the stage name she uses here).

    From stepping into the room until leaving it dressed again it took exactly 90 minutes. Well timed by her.

    At the entrance Papasan asked me if I was happy with the service, while Mirai was present. I said yes because I was. Must have been the correct answer or he does it all the time, but I got a discount card for next time. 1000 Yen, nice gesture or good business tactics. Mirai called the lift for me and saw me off, thanking me in Japanese and Thai.

    Recommended? Yes. Repeat? Hm, probably not. While it was very pleasant and the hj very good, I am in Japan after all; Thai ladies are the right choice when in Thailand. Also, you would have guessed by now, however good the hj is, I prefer bj every time.

    1. Thanks for the report. Mirai has a great technique but I think Amy is even better. At times I have the same ideas about sticking to Japanese women in Japan and Thai women in Thailand but I’ve realized one benefit of the Thai shops in Japan is that they’re run to high Japanese standards which can be a refreshing change from the poor way so many businesses in Thailand are unfortunately run. Cheers.

  5. Hi Rockit, you’ve got a point there. Is Amy still working there? Should I go back, I would ask for her and tell them you recommended her. That way you will get the discount next time :-)

  6. Went here 2 weeks ago, spent some time in Tokyo. Not the easiest to locate cause it’s on a busy street with a bunch of other massage parlors but you just take the elevator up which is in the back off the main street. Service was great. Girl was very cute and willing. Thai girl, english was pretty good. Very playful. She let me under her bra once but that was it. No body play or anything like that so don’t go there expecting it. Standard HJ place, would repeat. Bed on the floor is a little weird and not the most comfortable.

  7. Do you think Asian Relax would accommodate some non-standard requests? I have a huge foot fetish and would love to get some sexy Asian soles on my face as part of the experience. This is typically no problem in AMP’s in the USA, just want to make sure I’m not requesting something that is taboo as I have never visited the Far East.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. These reviews are great. Thanks for writing them up.

    1. Most shops of this type are pretty standard in their offerings. That said I don’t know for a certainty. If communication was possible with the client and the service provider speaking and understanding the same language then such a simple request might be possible. Cheers.

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