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Icha Icha is the first genuine nuru nuru massage parlor in Chiang Mai. The shop really sets itself apart from the pack with everything from its clean and well designed interior to its beautiful and well trained staff. With a dozen women working at any given time there is a lot to draw men inside.

While Chiang Mai is home to more adult venues than the casual observer may realize there has never been an authentic Japanese style nuru massage parlor in the city. Since Icha Icha opened that has changed. The Japanese managed shop has brought a real taste of the land of the rising sun to this northern Thai town. Some might even call it the best of both worlds.

Location and setting

Icha Icha is located right next to the famous Iron Bridge that is a popular meeting and photography point for locals. More notable for readers of this site would be the Celebrities soapy massage parlor which is just a few meters north on the same street. The place is easy to find with a big clear sign that reads “ichaicha” in big bold orange letters.

Icha Icha chiang mai lobby

Inside the shop is spacious and clean in a way reminiscent of the aforementioned Mitu in Bangkok. Although the two places are not related they do share many similarities. The menu at Icha Icha is clear and straightforward. It is provided by polite staff that aim to please. Icha icha means flirting in Japanese and the staff sure seems to know the meaning.

The private rooms at Icha Icha are specially designed for nuru massage. They have a wet area where showering and the slippery slide take place alongside a dry area with a full comfortable bed. Everything is clean and well kept. It’s a lot like being inside a soapland in Japan except with more room to move around.

Nuru nuru massage

When I published my review of Celebrities regular commenter Deca wrote “Nothing comes close to Japanese soaplands”. Years ago I would agree with that statement wholeheartedly. These days things are different. There are now a few professional nuru massage shops in Thailand that do come close to Japanese soaplands. They include places like Mitu and Doki Doki in Bangkok and Icha Icha in Chiang Mai.

Nuru massage originated in Japan. The name nuru comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia nuru nuru which is meant to indicate something slippery. Authentic nuru gel also comes from Japan where it is made with natural ingredients like seaweed. Real nuru gel is a world above some of the fake stuff sold and used elsewhere. The same goes for nuru massage. A genuine nuru massage is on another level.

At Icha Icha the women are well skilled in the art of nuru. They perform almost identically to their Japanese counterparts though of course they do have their own characteristics. Still everything from the special made inflatable mat to the nuru gel used at Icha Icha is the real deal. With a full liter of nuru gel used in a genuine nuru massage this attention to detail does make a difference.

Nuru sessions at Icha Icha start with the customer being undressed and bathed sensually. Then the air mat is prepared with warm water. The customer is positioned on the inflatable mat while the service provider slides her slippery body up and down, left and right until everything is covered. And I do mean everything. That is followed by a combination hand, oral and full service that can stretch from the mat over to the bed. It’s a real experience.

Service providers and prices

There are a lot of women working at Icha Icha even in these times. On a given day they could be ten to twelve women on standby. In addition the shop always seems to be recruiting and training new ladies. The gals are all in their early twenties, fit and pretty. There are no unattractive women to be found which makes sense since Chiang Mai has a reputation for producing the prettiest ladies in all of Thailand. Bam and Mew are living proof of concept.

Although they seem to find a lot of fresh faces the women are talented and know what to do. There must be some kind of rigorous training method in place. Perhaps it is like Japan where the experienced gals teach their trade to new recruits. If that is the case I would love to be a fly on the wall!

Whatever the case the fact is the ladies know what they are doing. One cannot always expect attractive service providers to be skilled in the sack. Sometimes it seems the prettier gals are less active when push comes to shove. But that is not the case here where even the best looking babe knows how to get busy. At all times the customer is treated incredibly well.

The pricing at Icha Icha is very straight forward. A sixty minute session is 2700 Baht ($85 USD). A ninety minute session is 3200 ($101 USD). There is nothing else to calculate with no additional charges or fees. This pricing is quite comparable to other places nearby even though the level of service is higher.


It is clear that the people behind Icha Icha care about their customers. They’ve brought the Japanese customer is god service style to Thailand. They even require the women on staff to get regular health tests and make the results available to customers who ask to see them.

Japanese soaplands, nuru massage and Thai women are all world renown for good reason. At Icha Icha they combine to create a true oasis. Many guys who enjoy pay for play find the place to be one of the best around. I find no reason to disagree with them.

I long wondered when the authentic type of nuru massage parlor that started appearing in Bangkok a few years ago would spread to other parts of the country. There is still no genuine Japanese style nuru massage parlor in Pattaya. But there is now one in Chiang Mai.

This site has been online for close to a decade. Despite publishing reviews and reports several times monthly without fail I have only found a small number of places deserving of five stars. Two of those places were reviewed this year. Icha Icha clearly deserves to join the club. It is a well run place with a great level of service. I give it five stars.

Address:73/2-3 Charoen Prathet Rd, Chang Khlan, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 063-412-5002
Hours:11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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