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Review: Tokyo Amateur Escorts in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Amateur Escorts is a foreigner friendly escort service that offers both incall and outcall in Japan. This is no fly by night operation. The company has gained a good reputation with over 20 years in business. They are also legally licensed and registered according to local law.

In other words Tokyo Amateur Escorts is a real professional erotic establishment. The fact that they go out of their way to welcome in non-Japanese customers is something special. Especially when you consider all that they have to offer.

amateur escort shop in tokyo

I first wrote about TAE on this website almost five years ago. Over time several readers commented about their experiences with the service. It only seems right that I do my own full review of the outfit.

The Tokyo Amateur Escorts shop is centrally located in Tokyo. The place is just a short 8-minute walk from Shibuya Station. It is possible to rock right up to the shop and choose a lady for incall service. Though of course they also offer delivery throughout Tokyo.

Sessions with Tokyo Amateur Escorts can thus be booked in person or over the phone. Customers can call the shop or make arrangements over smartphone apps like Line, WeChat and Kakaotalk. The staff speak English well so it’s all very easy and convenient. They also offer round-the-clock delivery 24 hours a day.

Sexy All-Japanese Staff

Tokyo has a huge adult entertainment industry. Alas most of the many adult shops in the city do not allow foreigners inside. These days there are increasing number of shops accepting gaijin. But the number is still relatively low. Few shops actually cater to foreign customers who cannot speak Japanese. Tokyo Amateur Escorts does all they can to make things easy for foreigners.

They have English speaking staff. They maintain an English language website. They even accept foreigner currencies for payment! But what about the quality of the women who work at the agency?

blonde escort in tokyp

When it comes to the women Tokyo Amateur Escorts delivers on its promises to provide the best and brightest. They only hire real Japanese women. And all of the Japanese ladies on staff are between the ages of 19 and 25. There are some real lookers in the bunch too.

The women are all fit, attractive and fashionable. The desk staff can even make recommendations based on customer input. I was able to talk to the guys and tell them what I’m into. They then came back with a number of great options. The pictures are all pretty accurate too.

Sensual services

Each session starts with mutual showering. From there it goes to the bed where all the fun stuff occurs. The women are not clock watchers but they are as prompt as you would expect in Japan. The time doesn’t start running until the session actually starts. You get the time you pay for.

The standard service or “basic play” includes deep French kissing, uncovered blowjob, hand job and ball work, head to toe licking, fingering, pussy eating, 69 action and sumata. There is no limit on the number of pops a guy can have in a session. So quite a lot can go on while still remaining all above board and legal.

amateur escorts in tokyo

Extra services are available for more money. Most shops in Japan offer some sort of extras. But Tokyo Amateur has some really nice and unique add-ons. The 3P option is a real stand out. This allows a guy to book 2 women. Or two guys to book one woman and share. There is also a “tag match” option that allows you to go with two women in a row.

Other extras include cum-in-mouth, cosplay and the even popular AF. The women who work at Tokyo Amateur are skilled in their jobs. You always find some variation between various ladies at any shop like this. But overall these are some really great gals.

Prices and Summary

Tokyo is not a cheap place. But a few things make it worth the cost. The city is really unlike any other place on earth. It’s also clean, well developed, and peaceful. In recent times the exchange rate between the Yen and the US Dollar has made the place more affordable for many. Considering the high level of services on offer here this can even allow for some real deals.

Tokyo Amateur Escorts is a good example. They offer a full range of services to match any budget. The cheapest session is a 50 minute incall appointment for 17000 Yen ($111 USD). That would beat most comparable options in other developed countries in terms of price. Though it would be tough to find lovely ladies like this in any legal shop in another leading economy.

gaijin friendly escorts tokyo

Other services also come at what could only be described as reasonable rates. For example a 110 minute outcall session runs 34000 Yen ($222 USD). A 65 minute threesome is 42,000 Yen ($274 USD). Add-ons like oral creampie tack 2000 Yen on to the bill.

Is it worth it? Everyone has to make their own decision on things like the value of a dollar. Or Yen as the case may be. I can only say that I consider spending over an hour with two naked 20 year old Japanese women for less than 300 bucks a real bargain. I wouldn’t hesitate to book repeated sessions with Tokyo Amateur Escorts. Indeed I will do exactly that if and when the opportunity arises.

In my view Tokyo Amateur Escorts offers a good service at a fair price. The place has a full team of sexy Japanese ladies and a front desk staff that really goes out of their way to make things easy. I can’t knock them at all. And why would I want to? I give the place a full five stars.

Tokyo Amateur Escorts. 2F Eikogyo Building, 2-14-20 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 〒150-0043. Open 24 hours. Phone: +81 03-6809-0821. Website:

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  1. I have had a variety of pleasurable experiences in Japan, largely from information gleaned from reading Rocket Reports, but I must say getting a girl delivered to my hotel room from Tokyo Amateur Escorts really stands out. I might even say it was one of the best days in my entire life.

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