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Review: Mitu in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)


The first mention of Mitu massage in Bangkok, Thailand appeared on this site a few months ago. Almost immediately afterward I began to receive comments and questions about the place.

At the time I didn’t have much to go on other than what I could gather from the shop’s website and my knowledge of massage parlors in Thailand. As it turns out none of that could have prepared me for what I experienced when I was finally able to experience the place in person for what would be the first time but certainly not the last.

Japanese soapy massage in Bangkok Thailand

Mitu isn’t as public as some of the other massage parlors located right out in the open on front streets but it isn’t difficult to find either. The shop is located just inside the S33 Compact Hotel plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 33. It is only a stone’s throw from previously reviewed massage parlors like Dream Teen and Akane.

Upon entering the S33 Compact Hotel plaza from Soi 33 one is immediately face to face with a staircase. Walking up that staircase and turning right brings the well marked yet discreet entrance of Mitu into plain view.

An English and Japanese speaking manager waiting at a desk just inside the door welcomes customers into the shop and directs them to a very large U shaped set of couches facing a flat screen television. Drinks are offered which can be a relief after coming in out of the Bangkok heat. Things are already impressive because the lobby is so clean and well done and the service is so good. One might expect this sort of thing at any self respecting establishment of this sort but unfortunately it is not the norm at many shops in the area.

There is no line up at Mitu. For some this may seem like a problem but for others who feel uncomfortable with a group of women standing around waiting for the customer to make a choice it can be a blessing. Full realistic pictures of each of the women available at any given time are shown to customers on a high resolution Ipad. In the past the website only had a few photos of the women with their faces obscured. The website now has a full gallery of pictures showing the women in all their glory.

The different women on staff fall into different categories with corresponding prices. The cheapest sessions can be had with “Nice” women and they start at 2700 Baht ($75 USD) for 50 minutes. While these women look good they may not be as attractive as those in the higher levels who are more likely to be in their early 20’s. These women don’t perform soapy massages either.

Women in the “Excellent” category are truly that in my experience with good looks and great soapy massage skills. Sessions with them start at 3700 Baht ($104 USD) for 50 minutes. Women in the higher still “Wonderful” category are even more attractive and would be in model class at a Macau sauna. Sessions with them start at 5000 Baht ($141 USD) for 70 minutes. Other options like VIP rooms and multiple ladies are of course also available.

The astute reader will notice that these prices are higher than the various oily massage parlors in Bangkok but it will soon be clear why since this shop doesn’t fit into the same category even if it is located in the same city.

After selecting a course and a lady the manager will introduce the customer to his service provider and allow her to take over. She will greet the customer and lead him up some Everest like stairs to one of many rooms. When I say many rooms I mean it. The place is deceptively large and seems to go up forever. The rooms themselves are large and well appointed too. Most are set up for soapy massage and they look exactly like the rooms in Japanese soaplands do right down to the specially made giant air mattresses where the soapy body to body massages are done. The cleanliness and quality seen in the lobby continues throughout the building. The stairs are clean and the rooms are too. Everything is big and open. There are no bad smells and customers don’t have to watch their heads to avoid low ceilings and tiny doorways.

My review will focus on the categories that include the soapy massage service since I think it is stellar at Mitu even if the standard “Nice” service is also good. Besides the cleanliness it is the soap style set up that really sets this place apart in my opinion.

Upon entering the room the experience begins with the service provider bending over to carefully remove the customer’s shoes. This is the kind of attention that is characteristic of soaplands in the Land of the Rising Sun but often missing from the adult industry in other countries. Thailand is a great place and the working women are usually more warm and friendly than one would experience in many other places but they are not always as versed in the ways of customer service as the women are in Japanese shops where “the customer is God.”

After the shoes are removed the rest of the clothes come off and the customer is free to relax on the huge bed for a few moments while the bath and mat are prepared. The water is hot and high quality Japanese massage gel is used so things can get going full speed in no time.

Staff member Kitty from the “Excellent” category is representative of the kind of women working at Mitu. A beautiful college educated unmarried and childless 23-year-old woman with big enhanced breasts she does everything in her power to make sure the customer enjoys the experience whether that means customizing the routine to meet his needs or occasionally checking to make sure that he finds the room temperature comfortable. Of course the air temperature could seem like small potatoes when one is having their salad tossed for an extended period by a beauty like Kitty but it is a part of the overall experience.

Besides being comfortable and excellent at rimming along with oral, hand service and full service, Kitty is also an expert at the body to body soapy massage. This is so true that I had to wonder if she was specially trained in Tokyo since her moves come so close to those of the experts in the Yoshiwara soaplands that places around the world have mimicked for decades but she assures me that she has never left Thailand.

Truth be told I’m usually not a big fan of soapy body to body or nuru nuru massages anymore. The first time I experienced it I found it very exciting but after some point it began to lose its edge. I’m not talking about all the places that have added “nuru nuru” or soapy massages on their menus but staff women who don’t really know how to do the act properly. I even started to get bored at some better places and saw it as an obstacle on the way to the real action. When it is properly done however it can still get me going as I found out this year at some very good soaplands in Japan and more recently at Mitu.

I can honestly say that everything is well done from beginning to end at Mitu. On my last visit I was even offered ice cream on the way out!

Mitu is a fantastic establishment that brings an accurate representation of the Japanese soapland to Thailand. At first I was thinking of giving the place four-and-a-half stars as I usually do with really good establishments but when I thought about it more I realized that there is absolutely nothing I would change about the place. In other words it is perfect for what it is and so it deserves a perfect score. Mitu thus gets the third five star review in the history of this website.

Note: The original Mitu location has closed. A new Mitu shop has opened nearby that offers the same kinds of service. Here is my review of the new Mitu.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 33, Bangkok, Thailand
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