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Review: Stella Nuru Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

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Stella Nuru Massage is the newest full service nuru massage parlor in Bangkok. This Japanese-style shop has a team of attractive Thai women who offer body-to-body massage with genuine slippery nuru gel performed on soft purpose-built beds. For many this is the pinnacle of service when it comes to erotic massage. At Stella Nuru Massage it is easy to see why.

Nuru nuru massage originated in Japan. There authentic nuru gel was created using seaweed of all ingredients! The clear natural lubricant can be warmed and applied to the entire body. In nuru body-to-body massage the masseuse covers both her nude body and that of the customer with the warmed gel. Then she slides up and down in a way that is somehow both erotic and therapeutic.

stella nuru massage bangkok

Nuru massage transformed from a local specialty in Japan to a worldwide phenomenon. No doubt the internet and the exchange of adult video from Japan had a lot to do with that. Whatever the case it spread like wildfire showing up in locations and distant as the Philippines, Australia and even the United States!

After the global trend cooled most of the fly-by-night operations were gone. Thailand and especially Bangkok then emerged as the only place outside of Japan to get an authentic full service nuru job. That is not to say that every so-called “nuru massage” in Bangkok is the real day. Many are nothing more than low end massage parlors that happen to have some phony “nuru lotion” on hand. But the best nuru massage parlors in Bangkok now rival the Tokyo shops in terms of quality. At the same time Bangkok shops charge less and are much more accessible to foreigners.

Stella Massage location and layout

Stella Nuru Massage is located on a small side alley just off of Sukhumvit Soi 22. This is a convenient and easy to reach spot that is nonetheless away from prying eyes. The shop is relatively near to the Khlong Toei Market and Benchakitti Park. It is accessible from both the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre MTR station and the Phrom Phong BTS station.

While Stella is fairly easy to find it is also more private than most other similar businesses in the city. It would be very easy to visit this place without another person knowing about it. For some that must be a great feature. For others it is simply a nice side note.

VIP nuru massage room

Despite being discreet the Stella Nuru Massage shop is clearly marked. The shop house style front has the word “STELLA” displayed over the dark tinted sliding glass doors at the entrance. When the shop is open they also put out a smaller folding sign that says “Stella Traditional Japanese Soapland”.

Inside the place is utilitarian and to the point while also having some nice touches. Each room has a tiled wet play area where the nuru and slippery shower action takes place. Each room also has a nice sturdy bed with clean white sheets. The VIP room is larger with an illuminated field of stars projected across the ceiling.

Staff and nuru massage services

Stella really stands out in terms of staff. There are some quite striking and skilled women working here. Only a few of the women are actually pictured on the Stella massage website. This is apparently by request of the ladies. The good news is that the women look fantastic in person.

There are close to a dozen women working at Stella on any given day. Customers can sit on black sofas in the lobby while the available ladies line up to be chosen. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but Kitty and Aya really stand out to me in terms of looks. Ladies like Summer from Phuket and the 26-year-old Sherlin are tops in terms of skills.

thai nuru nuru massage women

The level of massage and extra services at Stella are spectacular. The women who work here were clearly well trained in the arts of erotic massage, nuru massage, happy endings and more. Despite my years of experience I am impressed by what I have seen at Stella.

In my experience the people at Stella are polite, welcoming and eager for business. Everyone from the front desk staff to the providers treats customers the right way. The English-speaking Stella management can also be contacted through the popular Line app.

Prices and summary

Although Stella Nuru Massage offers a great service from a wonderful staff it does not charge an arm and a leg. A 40-minute shower session at Stella runs just 3000 Baht ($82 USD). A full-on one hour Japanese nuru session costs just 1,000 Baht more. The 90-minute session at 4,500 Baht ($122 USD) is the real standout however. Those who can afford it enjoy a truly amazing experience that is difficult to match.

The only surcharge at Stella massage comes in the form of a 1000 Baht option add-on for Stella signature gel. Is it worth it? I personally believe that the best nuru gel is so far superior to the other stuff that it can really enhance the entire experience. At the same time I recognize that a great nuru full service session would be enjoyable even with “regular” nuru lotion.

So a session at Stella can cost anywhere between 3000 and 5500 Baht. Considering the quality of the service and the great looks and skills of the ladies who work there I judge these prices to be more than fair. Especially in this age of rapid inflation when it seems like everything costs more than it should. Stella’s pricing is right on the money. Especially since no one at this Asian style shop requests tips.

There was a time when it was very difficult to find an adult entertainment venue deserving a full five star review. In my view perfection is some combination of staffing, service, surroundings, prices and a certain je ne sais quoi. The true Asian-style nuru massage parlor model that has sprung up in Bangkok recently ticks all the boxes. Stella Nuru Massage is a great example of a place that mixes the high level of attention and care of a Japanese soapland with the warmth and lower prices of Thailand. I give the place a perfect five stars out of five.

Stella Nuru Massage. 316, 18 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM. Website:

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