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Seoul’s “Kiss Bang” Tongue Kissing Rooms

As I’ve previously mentioned several times, South Korea has a wide and varied pay for play sex industry. Some of it is quite creative or some may even say strange. As I’ve also mentioned, most of it is off limits to people who are not Korean. There are some exceptions to that like the previously reviewed Belle, Hooker Hill, and independent escorts. Then there are the Kiss Bangs, which are basically make out rooms staffed with hot college girls that charge various rates. Some of those accept foreigners too.

Bang (방) is the Korean word for room. So you can find things like DVD Bangs that are private rooms to watch movies. You can also find Noraebangs which are private Karaoke rooms. Kiss Bangs are rooms for kissing. I am sure you can follow the logic.

Kiss bangs in South Korea

There are many kiss bangs in South Korea. A lot of very hot sexy young women work in these places too. In a few shops you can get a hand job or a foot job. Occasionally you can even suck some nice perky tits. Usually though, you just sit and chat, make out, and maybe cuddle for a set period of time.

South Korea Kiss Bang

The sign says “Kiss Bang”

Many girls are shy with first time customers. That’s probably true even for Korean guys. For foreign guys it is even more noticeable. A lot of the gals working these places are university students. They don’t always have the best ability to break the ice with strangers. Most are not hardened pros. So they tend to warm up as things go on.

The experience is pretty straight forward. First you enter and pay a set fee to the guy working the counter. Then you are taken to a bathroom where you have to brush your teeth and use some mouth rinse. Next you are led into a private room. Next one of the ladies comes in, sits down next to you, and often sets some ground rules to open. After that the fun begins and doesn’t stop until the time limit is up. Finally you head back to the restroom to brush again and then your mini-vacation is over.

Price and service

Appointments are sold in blocks of time. There are usuallye 20 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour sessions. There are usually discounts for longer appointments paid up front, but if you extend a shorter appointment you pay full price. You can also set a series of short appointments with multiple women. Repeat customers seem to get the best treatment, for obvious reasons. But a lot of the women who work in these places don’t last long in the business. This is usually temporary side work to pocket a few bucks.

The clerks often ask what kind of girl you want. They might actually try to find someone who matches requests. But since most guys ask for pretty gals with big boobs, I imagine a lot of it comes down to the luck of the draw. Old and overweight women are not common in these places. But there are some rail thin chicks occasionally.

lady at kiss bang in korea

The privacy in the rooms is good. Things are well managed so that the only people you ever see are the door clerks and the women who service you. Otherwise you don’t normally pass others. So it is all quite discreet.

The women all tend to be cute. Some of them can even speak quite a bit of English since they’ve been learning it in school. Others have next to no ability in the language. Or at least they are too shy to try the English they know with foreigners.

Kiss Bang locations

When I first wrote this post I listed some kiss bang shops I knew. The list wasn’t extensive. But it painted a picture of what was available. I visited again after writing the post and found that some of the places I mentioned shut down.

At that time I was able to locate a handful of other shops. I then amended this post to add them. Alas things may have changed quite a bit since then. So these shops may not even exist anymore. Nowadays it seems that the majority of kiss bangs advertise and find their customers online. Many don’t even post signs outside.

A list of Kiss rooms in Seoul

Kiss Time in Sadang is one of the easiest kiss bangs to locate. It is just out of Sadang Station exit 4. There is a Dunkin Donuts on the right side of the street. Kiss Time is on the third floor of that building. There is even a sign but you have to look up to see it. The shop accepts respectful foreigners without issue. The price is 50,000 Won ($43 USD) for thirty minutes and 80,000 Won ($68 USD) for one hour.

Kiss Time is in Hongdae. It is outside of exit 1 of Hongdae Ipgu Station. Making the first right turn out of the exit, then the first left, leads to the street. About three-quarters of the way down there is a red brick building on the right. The kiss bang is on the second floor. The windows of the shop are blocked out. That’s the give away. Kiss Time is a run of the mill place with standard rates.

7 Kiss Bang in Hongdae is out of Hongdae Ipgu Station’s exit 8. The place isn’t the easiest to find. I went out of the exit and turned left at the first intersection. Then I went right at the fork in the road. Halfway up the block I saw the front of this kiss bang on the second floor. The name of the shop was posted in the window. The level was a strange blue color that really stood out.

Kissing seems to be a little more intense here, but everything else is about the same. The women working also have little more range in age from what I can see. They ranged from 20 to about 30 years old. Extras are offered with some regularity. The price is again 40,000 won ($37 US) for 30 minutes or 70,000 ($65 US) won for an hour.


There are or at least were also a lot of shops in Sinchon, but I couldn’t find any during my last visit. With a very short trip I didn’t have a lot of time to explore. I have been to a kiss bang near Sincheon station that finished the session with a nice hand job. There was also one more around Hongik University that finished with me jacking myself off while my temporary date tongued my mouth out. Unfortunately both of these places seem to be long gone. There are many more around, and new ones pop up all the time. I just don’t have any exact locations at the moment.

Anything more than kissing and touching the girls above the waist seems to get shops in trouble, so it’s usually frowned upon. There are places called lip cafes set up for oral services. I may report on them in the future. Extras are offered in some kiss rooms at the full discretion of the service provider. Guys are expect to follow the rules. Sometimes you get lucky. It’s not that bad even if you don’t.

One way to find these places is just to look around. Another is to look at the little cards all over the ground nearly everywhere in Seoul. These advertise all sorts of sex shops. Sometimes they include kiss bangs. The hardest part about it is not looking like an ass when you pick one up off the sidewalk. Truthfully though, most shops use the internet today.

Full service is available in Korea at very reasonable rates, and finding freebies to fuck isn’t too tough either. But for a no hassle make out session with a college coed, kiss rooms are hard to beat! Most shops are open from noon until very late in the night. And they get steady streams of customers.

566 thoughts on “Seoul’s “Kiss Bang” Tongue Kissing Rooms”

  1. I think Kiss Bang is not worth to go there! It´s the same rate like you go an hour to Belle. So what?
    It was nearly 5 o´clock and after clubbing in Hongdae I saw the big light “First Kiss”. It´s quite in the near of exit 1 Hongdae. I go in payed 40.000 Won for half an hour and the girl was ok. We talked, we kissed a little bit and I touched her tits. That´s it. So it was ok, but really not worth, to do again!

    1. Hi Lucky. Thanks for reading and commenting. Sorry you didn’t have a good experience. As I said the kiss bangs are a specific kind of experience that aren’t going to be desirable for everyone. If you’re looking for some intimacy with a hot younger gal it can be good. But yea for the price you can get a lot more elsewhere.

  2. Rockit,
    Are the kiss bangs in Sinchon or Sincheon. Because the University is near Sinchon and Sincheon is on the other side of Seoul near Jamsil. I will def. give a report after my visit this weekend.

  3. Hey.. thanks for the write up… I have been in Korea for more than 2 years and had no idea about these treasures… ;) what a fool I am.. after reading this I did some searching and visited a kissbang… It was such a pleasure, man… kissing (lip, tongue etc), touching and caressing her breasts ( I even kissed her nipples but she didn’t let me suck), caressing her thighs and hips… what else do you want for 70000 won? I couldn’t ask her for a handjob… I think If I had asked she would have done it… but there is always a next time ;)

    1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Some would argue that for 70,000 you could want a massage, blowjob and handjob like you’d get at a place like Belle, or even full service fucking like you’d get on Hooker Hill. But as I said, there is a time and a place for everything and that includes Kiss Bangs. Glad you enjoyed. Which one did you end up visiting?

      1. yeah… but It was my first time at such a place and I was not ready for HJ, BJ or FS yet… Kissbang was exactly what I was looking for.. The place was very clean, safe and private.. The girl was a hot university student.. I was nervous but she was leading the conversation and everything else ;) I was satisfied… I visited a place at Sadang but they are everywhere… just type 키스방 in Naver and you will find hundreds of them with phone numbers and maps… Would be great if you recommend a good place for HJ, BJ or more now.. ;)

        1. The aforementioned Belle is the easiest and one the best for hand job and blowjob. Check the review. Hooker Hill is good for full service, as are the independents I reviewed here. Click “Sex in Korea” on the right hand side of the site and see if you can’t find something useful.

        2. I’m having trouble finding the aforementioned places. Can you give us directions like north/south if you still remember? Thanks.


          1. Hi Jimmy. Thanks for reading the site and commenting. The directions provided are the best I can muster at the moment. They are all pretty easy to find, but the least difficult would probably be Kiss Plus which is two blocks from the station. K-Love is pretty easy to find too, as evidenced by comments made here by others. Let us know what you find.

    2. Tried to find Kiss Plus and I got lost in the narrow streets, decided to try my luck at 7 Kiss Bang instead. Relatively easy to find, though the late hour and the shade of the sign made me miss it the first time I passed by. Went in and got shown into a room, the guy at the front desk didn’t really speak English and there was some confusion regarding the time block scheduling.

      The girl that came in was drop-dead gorgeous and spoke some English. We made small talk and got down to the action shortly afterwards. Definitely intense, she didn’t really seem to mind me shifting her top and bra down for a suck so that’s a great plus.

      After exiting the guy at the desk actually offered a different girl as well but I declined as it was getting pretty late.

    3. Please note that on English version of the subway map, there is a Sincheon station. I’m pretty sure you mean the Sinchon station near Hongik Univ. I had a nice 2 hour round trip and walk out from the wrong exit 3 until I figured out what happened!

      That said, I got to Sinchon and went out exit 3 and then saw the overpass. So I crossed to the left side of the street, to a left down the second road before the overpass, and couldn’t find the K-love sign. Even went one street up and one back and still didn’t see it. What color is the sign and where is it exactly (eye level, up on a building).

      1. Yes they are two different stations, though they are both on the same (Number 2) line. I made a mistake which happens sometimes when I type things up too quickly and don’t thoroughly proof read. I mentioned Sincheon a paragraph or two later and must have typed it out while having the other stop in my head. Sorry about that, I’ve corrected it now.

        K-Love is out Sinchon exit 3. It’s on a street to the left two blocks before the overpass. You make the left just before the Starbucks. It’s four or five blocks up once you leave the station.

        I wish I could be more specific but I’m not the only person who doesn’t know street names in South Korea. Koreans don’t either, which makes it tough to look things up or refer to addresses.

    4. Do you know the open hours for the kiss bangs? Are they 24 hours?

      I went to the 7 kiss last time (around 1pm), but they didn’t open the door. Do you know why?

      1. Sorry, I have no idea. It could be that they were not open yet. It could also be that they just didn’t want to let you in based on appearance (which is an unfortunate part of the industry), high number of customers at the time, or something else altogether. I don’t believe they are open 24 hours.

    5. hanks for all the info. Ill just update everyone on my recent experiences. I will say i could never find K-love or Kiss Plus, which was unfortunate. However i have now been to 7 Shop 3 times now, and it is awesome.

      Now these are just my experiences not necessarily standard. First visit: came in one night first girl they gave me didnt want to kiss so i asked for another. Gave me a bombshell. We had a great time. She straddled me, took my shirt off, played with her tits, etc. Now i know she gets paid for this but we hit it off real well. Then she had another appt. so i asked for another girl for 30 minutes. She was real cute, spoke good English and gave me her phone number.

      Night 2: literally the next night. Wanted to see that bombshell again so i called ahead. Saw her for an hour tit licking great kisser. Then she had another customer but i.wanted an HJ real bad. So i said i would wait the hour and have her after. The boss agreed so while i waoted i asked for a girl fpr 30 mins. He gave me a chick with big tits. Didnt take much of her clothes off but asked to see my dick right away and started playing with it and just right into an HJ. Quality. Maybe best ever. During this i played with her tits and rubbed her under stockings but over her panties. So when the other girl came back i was juiced out. But she still played with my dick some and pulled her dress down. Then she gave me her number.

      So its been about two months but i was bored today and decided to head back for some fun. Got there at 2, had just opened but no girls available til 4. So i came back, and got this girl with great natural tits, C cup she told me and i believe it. Then she asked to see my dick. So took my shirt off and pulled pants down. Then whispered in my ear and asked what i liked. She would give me BJ for 30k tip, or cum in mouth BJ for 40. She proceeded to lick my chest all over pull her shirt down and really go at it.

      As she was sucking and jerking she told me she wanted to fuck me real bad. I wasnt down for that today so i declined, but she gave me her number so if i wanted to another time we can meet at motel, or i can back and fuck her there. Great BJ and HJ. After wards she just rubbed my body, i played with and licked her awesome tits.

      After her i had some more cash so decided 30 more minutes with one more. I got a really attractive girl. Didnt speak much English but was only 20 and i learned it was her first day working there. I already had my hose drained so we kinda just layed there, made-out, she asked to see my sick. Touched it a little but nothing really. She also pulled her dress down so i could lick her nice nips. lack of experience showed, but again i was there for a more gf experience, not FS. All in all 6 girls, 3 numbers, an HJ and a BJ. Also clean and staff is friendly.

      also all these chicks were between 20-25 which was great.

      Probably my favorite place in Korea.

      I have also visited “kiss time” in hongdae. Same side of the street kind of where kiss plus is supposed to be. But its shitty. No locks on the doors (girls in 7 shop always lock the door, so pants etc can come off. Had 2 girls both pretty but not into it at all. Like you were bothering them. For same price as 7 shop, its not even close to a comparison.

      All that said, anyone know of any of these in Incheon

      1. Great report! Thanks a lot for coming back to share the info. I’m curious if you speak Korean, since you seem to have gotten more than many others (though my experiences were pretty similar to yours). I don’t know of any Kiss Bangs in Incheon, but there are plenty of other style shops, including some right by the airport that I reviewed in another post.

    6. Carlos from America

      Thanks for the info found this place and would like to share my experience. Went to 7 Kiss Bang and had 7 girls. 1 one hour and the other 30 mins. Will share my analysis
      First—1hr. Fuckin nervous as fuck. So this girls shows up. Face would be 5/10, Body 6/10 (Big dark nipple tits but saggy), service was 9/10. Girl was so cool not so much attracted to her. She wasn’t ugly but not my type. Man I love kissing but I can just kiss so much and after 40 mins I got bored. But anyhows she was a trooper. Let me suck her tits and then I went oral on her. She took out my dick and played with it. We were playing who would make each other come first and with fingering I made her stop and say ok need to clean up….haahha. Amazing.
      Second—so I was ready for another 1hr but the host comes by and says let me get you more girls and just pay 30 mins. I was like ok. She shows up. Beatiful chick. Looks 7.5/10, Body fuckin TOO skinny for me so a 6/10, service 3/10. Anyways she acted really nervous. But as time went by she started getting comfortable. I still politely told her if you are not getting comfortable then leave. Its ok. The kissing subpar but she let me played with her tits. She had panty hose and it was impossible.
      Third—Host gives me a discount (hint: tip them guys) This girl was fuckin crazy she came and I was ready to start small talk like with the others but she didn’t want any of it she just started eating me. Fuckin fantastic. The best kisser of the 7 girls. Looks 7/10, Body 6.5/10, Service 8/10. The only problem was she was wearing a panty hose and so aside from fingering I couldn’t eat her down there. But she was great. No talk whatsoever, she was like I’m here down for business…haahaha.
      Next Day…
      4th—Here enters this girl which I’m from the get-go not attracted to whatsoever, her face is just flat, squared and reminded me of a younger version of my landlord. Looks 3/10. Body 5/10, Service 3/10. Anyways we get down to it. She’s not attracted to me either and I’m like ‘girl let’s get this going’. So I lay her down and pull up her dress and played and suck her tits. The kissing was horrible. Just imagining a girl you’re not even attracted to (unlike #2 above). The worst part is when I fingered her and then somehow someway I start caressing her face while kissing her with the hand/finger I fingered, I smell a stench. A stench in my 30 plus years and numerous girls I’ve never smelled. I just look away and I was like ok you need to go. Again politely I said look you not comfortable with me and you are afraid so please go its ok. She was like no its ok. I was like no please go because this is not working, its ok. I honestly didn’t care I had lost my money. Anyways she says sorry dresses up and leaves. The host again cool guy gives me like half the money back and says I’m sorry I’ll even discount the next girl.
      5th girl—This girl was fuckin gorgeous. Looks 9/10, Body 8/10, Service 6/10. So listen she shows up her english is good and I tell her “are you korean-american?” and seh was like no. Now I know where I fit in the realm and food chain. This girl I have no fuckin chance. I tell her that and she laughs. I even say to her I’m intimidated by your beauty. She laughs more so she starts getting closer and BOOM. Girl was great. Good kisser and again fuckin panties, but she didn’t like to be touch there. Eventually as time drove on she started getting more into and let me play with her tits. Fantastic girl, I know I’ll never get a hot asian girl like this again in my life.
      6th girl—So this one shows up and Jesus Christ she’s the tiniest of all and looks like 12 year old which creeps me out. So the first thing out of my mouth is how old are you? 21. I’m like shut the fuck up. She laughs. Looks 7.5/10, Body 7/10, service 8/10. She has the tiniest mouth and which with my thick lips and normal face I think I’m swallowing her face while I kiss her which is ackward. Get her to lay down and her dress up. Play with her tiny tits and her pussy barely has any hair, which I at first was like “do you shave?” And no she just had a little girls body. Anyways come to find out she has a tampon. Yeah FML. Overall a great trooper.
      7th girl—So the host comes and says you ready for the next one and i’m like this one better be good or give me #3,5 or 6 for repeat. He is like no I’m going to give you the BEST OF THE BEST….ahahah. I was like ok brother bring her on. Ok she shows up, looks 8/10, body 8.5/10, service 7/10. Great girl. The second best kisser, the only downside is she didn’t let me touch none of her body. She fuckin touch mine though….hahahah. But overall the kissing was very passionate and amazing. I ask four girls for numbers (1,3,6,7). She’s the only who gave me hers. #6 was like you give me yours as I lost my phone. Whatever I know the deal. #1 and #3 said come back.
      Overall thanks guys. This place is legit. Treat them kindly. Tip the host.

      1. Thanks for reading and coming back to post this extensive report. It sounds like you had yourself quite the adventure. Hope you got to check out places like Hooker Hill, Belle or Cool, an independent escort or two and and at least one Anma too.

        On your experience I have a few comments, based on my own outlook and opinion. Others will feel differently. Feel free to disregard what I say here.

        I would never tip anyone in South Korea for anything. Not only is it uncommon, it’s actually frowned upon in most situations. You may say “who would turn down money?” Some will. It’s not a tip culture, thankfully. You showing up will get you good service in South Korea. Repeating on service or especially repeating visits will usually get you fantastic service, no tip required.

        The other thing is that I wouldn’t send a girl back. I know a lot of people will disagree, thinking you should just man up and get what you paid for. I feel differently. These are mostly amateur girls / students. They are not pros. And South Korean society being like it is, they usually know little to nothing about sexual health. They don’t know how to take care of themselves a lot of times, and they don’t even know who to ask or where to go if they have problems. I don’t think the women are to fault. And when you sent her back, especially with the partial refund given, I’m sure she had her pay cut (which is probably why she asked to stay and said “I’m sorry”). That may have ruined her day or even turned her off to adult work completely. Some sort of polite recommendation or advice would probably have been welcomed, would have helped her deal with her issue, and possibly helped transform her into a better service provider for future clients.

        Thanks again for giving us all the info!

        1. Carlos from America

          Rockit thanks for the advice. Understand about the tip, but its a habit coming from the States (esp when good service is given).
          In reference the girl, I didn’t mention anything about her hygiene. Trust me I know better not to belittle someone as I would not like that on myself. I even told her before she left it wasn’t just working out and she could leave and I was ok with what I paid. I told her she looked uncomfortable and not in the mood and I understood that. I never got frustrated or showed anger towards her. And trust me I did try to get her in mood to no avail, it was just constant excuses that my jaw hurts, no tongue, etc. When the host came I initially refused the money back and I told him it was ok that I wasn’t mad/upset and that simply there was no chemistry, he insisted (at the end of the day I ended up returning the money to him anyways). But thank you!

          1. I understand. But the thing is that in much of the world good service good service is provided standard and workers receive what is deemed fair pay for the task they do. Tipping is alien in these situations. If people from the US start to tip it can either cause a negative reaction or, worse, cause others to expect tips in the future. So it can actually degrade the level of service. Better to go with the flow and do as the locals as much as possible. Some guys will overpay for a blowjob in a place like Thailand and then say “it’s still less than I’d pay at home.” In the end it’s up to them, but I wonder, why not just stay at home if that’s your outlook? Enjoy the new experiences when traveling abroad.

    7. Carlos from America

      Also in reference Anmas (not fond of girls being in control and massages) or escorts (too expensive for a short time), not my type but thank you. Lke they say everyone their own thing.

    8. Hi friend,
      Thanks for the sharing. I went last year and the girl gave a great service but only limit to the top. I went today and asked for an hour. The owner said he will gave me 2 girls and i agreed.
      1st girl: Was kinda shy and we had a good conversation. Her english is about 6/10? Subsequently, we broke the ice and started kissing. I can’t really undress her because she is wearing a sleeve top and she was cautious about certain position; she would push you away or just start hugging you. Regardless that, the service was good and she is a good kisser
      2nd: This is really the bomb. She is a graduate student but do not want to share about her university though we both realised that we stay very near each other. her looks will be 8/10 and service is definitely 10/10. Had a short conversation with her and we started kissing. I undressed her top and bra and we started hugging. We were at 3rd base and time was up. I requested for another 30 minutes and she asked her boss for permission.
      The boss came in and collected money from me. So she came in and we continued where we stopped. We were in all position for sex just that our pants are on. (There was one occasion where she keep touching my dick and my dick was facing her, I wasn’t sure if i should undress because when i came last year, the girl said they cant. So bro, what is your advice for this? Usually do u need to ask if the girl will do BJ or u just strip and see if he do it?) The room got really hot as both of us were sweating and finally we stopped our action and talk for the last 5 minutes. I tried to exchange contact number with her but she gave excuses so i supposed because she wants to keep her identity secret. Found out from her that she only work here once a week occasionally so not sure when i would see her again.
      I would say that this is a good place overall. I will be here for the next 3 months so will probably visit this place. I went to the one called wink in Sinchon (the one before Hongik University), I would advice you not to go there because i got a girl that really sucky. She tried to waste time by asking for my phone and keep checking on my photos. We only kissed for 5 minutes and worst thing is, it was just kissing of the lips. So friends, please dun waste your money and go there. Try others!

      1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to report back. To answer your question, my advice is usually to go with the flow and see where things go. In many cases being upfront with a working girl can be the way to go, but that’s probably not best at a Kiss Bang. Try to read some reports online to see how far guys have gone at the place you plan to visit (different shops may have different limits), and then show up and see how far you can get. If she is actually tugging on your unit through your pants then it would probably be alright (and advisable) to politely ask something like “Can I take it out?” Unfortunately, there’s no secret method to get your nob polished. If you visit again please let us know how you do.

        1. Ic, Thanks for the advice. I will probably visit there soon since i am staying here for the next 3 months. I will update here. Actually I was surprised that she would go such a great extent to try out in different sex position with our pants on. It was really worth it and the girls here speaks decent English so I would say its quite foreigner friendly.

          1. It’s truly a case of YMMV (your mileage may vary). People report a range of things at Kiss Bangs, from nothing but a few pecks on the lips to mutual oral sex. It depends on a combination of the service provider, the customer, the particular location and the chemistry. By the way, that’s great info (about the English and foreigner friendliness). Thanks!

      1. What “links” are you looking for exactly? The directions to this place are posted here in the article you are commenting on.

    9. Thanks for the info, not sure of your age and you may have no idea but how do you think they would respond to someone in their mid 50’s?

      1. Thanks for reading and commenting. It shouldn’t be any problem whatsoever. If you visit, let me know how it goes.

    10. Happen to have any online resources for Kiss Bangs in other areas (Gangnam, Jamsil, Suwon, etc)?
      I tried typing 키스방 in Naver and Daum but was just directed to adult (19) restricted sights. Maps & locations would be a real gem.

      1. I’ve been to a few others, but I’ve posted the info on the locations I have exacts for. Others were usually found while out and about, and since this site didn’t exist, I didn’t record all of the names and locations. Sorry. I do have reports for Belle and Cool (massage parlors with extras) and some ANMAs elsewhere on the site if that helps at all. Cheers.

    11. Thanks for the useful report. I was wondering can you create a google map for these shops? I think this would be a whole lot easier for us to locate them. Thanks.

      1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad to help. I think the directions are straight forward enough to get you there. I found these places with a lot less info than what’s available here. If I get some free time I’ll try to ad a map, but I can’t promise anything. Cheers.

    12. So decided to investigate online. I found a “Kiss Bang”in Bundang. Followed the obscure Korean directions which led me to an office-tel. Went up to the 5th floor and was greeted by a sketchy Korean bloke, mid-40s. Decided to cut my losses and bail. Walked outside and took a stroll around the neighborhood. Took a right at some korean restaurant and lo-and-behold i saw a giant sign with “Kiss” in giant letters — 3rd floor. Too good to be true i marched up. Greeted by an ajossi who told me to brush my teeth and gargle. Was brought into a small room and told very directlly “this place is not hardcore. just kissing. ok?? understand??”

      A girl came in. face 8, body 9 (and i am picky as picky can get). Excellent English. We chatted for a good 5 min before i moved in for the kiss. Kissed with tongue for a bit. Removed her top. Sucked on her tits but was not allowed below the waste. Before i knew it time was up. In all honesty felt like a giant cock tease.

      However, decided to go back the next day. Boredom? possibly. Curiosity? Definitely. Same guy greeted me at the door. Big smile. “Welcome!!” with another run down of the strict house rules…I was lead to the same room after brushing my teeth and then forked over the 40,000. I waited a good 10 min until i heard a knock on the door. 21 year old girl walks in (Min E)…face 9, body 9.5. Stunning. We talk a bit (broken Korean) begin deep french kissing. I feel her body bucking slightly as we kiss. I pull down her top and start licking her tits. After a few I slowly work my way down. Her panties are SOPPING wet. I pull them aside and begin licking her pussy. We end up in a 69 position where i blow my load in her mouth while dining on her ridiculously hot/wet pussy.

      Been back a couple times and its hit or miss. Very least: kissing with boob touching and licking with mechanical supportive handjob. Very best: full service, bareback 21 yrs old, blew my load inside pussy. And all things in between.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to make this extensive report which proves, as much as anything, that YMMV is the only rule in the pay for play game. Any directions on getting to this place? Cheers!

      2. Hi,

        I am in Bundang and would love to know where this Kiss Bang is. Is it in the Migeum area? Ori area? Can you tell what is the nearest station and how to get there? Ta.

    13. i tried to find 7 kiss in hongadae by following your directions but no luck. Can you give more details? Coming out of the exit and turn right into the alley and then…

      1. The directions given in the post are the best I can come up with. Consider looking at the directions and following along step by step at Google maps to prepare yourself for a future visit. Sorry I can’t be any more helpful. Check they comments from sexyaki30 and Carlos on this post — they found the place and seem to have had some fun. BigD and KG also found the place. Cheers.

      2. I went to 7 Kissbang (or “the 7 shop”, as they seem to call themselves at the moment), and the instructions in Rockit’s report were spot on. The “strange blue color” has “the 7 shop” written with white letters on it, you go upstairs to the second floor and enter the door that says “the 7 shop”.

        I paid 70,000 for one hour, got a very pretty girl with small boobs but a wonderful innocence about her. She spoke practically no English, but was a very passionate kisser. I did what Rockit often says – went with the flow – and got to touch her pretty much everywhere without taking any of her clothes off. Since I got so hard from the heat of the moment, I asked if I could take out my dick. She said yes, but wouldn’t touch it at first. I told her I would be interested in paying for extra services, and was offered a HJ for 30,000. I was literally not in any position to turn that down. When I enquired about the possibility for her putting it in her mouth, she merely laughed in a sweet and innocent way, as that apparently wasn’t on her menu. I wouldn’t call her a masturbatory genius, but the girl and the kissing was such a turn-on that I didn’t take long to come.

        Definitely a good experience and well worth checking out.

      1. What happens depends on the place and more importantly the woman you are with. If things don’t go there naturally you can ask politely. It shouldn’t be a problem. Is it dirty? Compared to what? If you are a germophobe you’ll probably want to avoid the sex industry as a whole. Cheers.

      2. I mean where to put your germs. I imagine it is a small place with your pants partly on so how to leave the building clean without stuff at your pants.

    14. I tried to gind 7 kiss again anf couldnt find it. I made the right out of the station and went up the alley about 100 meters to the mini intrrsection took a left and went up another200 meters and came to a fork and made a right. There was a CU convenience store here. I walked up the block buy found nothing.

      pls help

      1. Sorry, I don’t think I can offer any additional assistance. As you can see in the comments here plenty of people found it with the directions given.

        Here’s what Dick said in a recent comment: “I went to 7 Kissbang (or ‘the 7 shop’, as they seem to call themselves at the moment), and the instructions in Rockit’s report were spot on. The ‘strange blue color’ has ‘the 7 shop’ written with white letters on it, you go upstairs to the second floor and enter the door that says ‘the 7 shop’.”

        Hope that helps.

        I may add a map at some time in the future if I have the time. In the meantime, I suggest reading the directions carefully and following along on Google maps from home to get your footing. Cheers.

    15. For kiss plus Ipgu Station’s exit 3, make the first right, will we arrive an Yang HWa street? I am trying to figure out at google maps but can’t find out yet

      1. Yes it is, just the Korean name. There are announcements and signs in both Korean and English as you probably know if you’ve been there. Cheers.

      2. its hongik university, or in korean, hongik dehakgyo. its simplified down to hondae, like ehwa woman’s university = ehwa dehakgyo = edae

      1. Probably not. You never know what can happen in the room, but I wouldn’t count on it. Most anmas and any lady on Hooker Hill should be totally fine with it though.

    16. Do I need to get an appointment for these places? I have seen elsewhere that one has to do so and that would be difficuly for me because I do not have a Korean cell phone yet.

      1. I have never once called ahead to any place in South Korea. I don’t think any of the other commenters here have either. Shouldn’t be a problem. Cheers.

    17. Went to 7 Shop and had five girls while I was there.

      First one was a fierce kisser who also gave me a handjob and a BBBJ. Second one didn’t go further than frenching. Third one I paid an hour for, but got a peck on the lips before she actually tried to go to sleep! Almost walked out after that, but the owner let me switch. Fourth one I just kissed and cuddled with. Fifth one, great kisser, sucked on her tits and got a handjob that made me cum. Pretty good place all things considered. Will go back at some point.

      1. Kiss Bangs are the “lightest” end of the $13,000,000,000 pay for sex industry in South Korea. They’re not persecuted by police, and even if they were, customers wouldn’t be the target. I have to say though if the thought of paying for sexual services seems frightening, it might be something you want to avoid all together. There are some guys out there that go to pieces worrying about various aspects of the industry to the point that their whole experience is ruined. I don’t like golf. It’s not for me. Pay for play isn’t for everyone either. If you do go, you should be quite alright. Just let us know how it turns out. Cheers.

      1. Quite possibly, unfortunately I don’t know of any. Maybe someone else can help you out. Alternatively, just catch a quick bus or train to Seoul when you have some free time. Cheers.

    18. Hi, is it possible to provide the updated locations of the kiss bang rooms in seoul areas? and the directions to get there?

      1. Hi. There are directions posted for each location mentioned in this post. Did you miss them? As I said in a previous comment, I may create a Google map of these locations, but only if I have the time and energy. Cheers.

    19. Went to the 7 shop and have a warning for all. Went Monday night and had a great time. I was with a cute friendly girl who was all over me. The first time was such a positive experience I was all for round two. Flash to Wednesday night and I roll into 7 shop. When I go in same as round 1, pay first, brush teeth, and into the room. This is where it gets weird. The girl comes in and I can tell immediately something is off. She is acting strange and being very rude in broken English. Five minutes in and the door opens and two Korean guys come in the room. One has a small club in his hand, and said foreigners should not be here and unless I give them 100,000 won it will be bad. I am an army ranger and multiple combat vet so these two Korean “tough guys” were not very intimidating. I tell them to fuck off and after a tense few seconds they leave. I go back to the front and tell Mr. Kim I want my money back. He told me I need to leave or he will call the police. I am sure he is bluffing but decide to cut my losses and leave.

      1. Hi. Thanks for commenting. Since I don’t know you, I have no way to verify your report. All of my experience tells me that there must be more to the story, or that things didn’t happen the way they are portrayed here. Maybe you pissed the girl or the shop owner off? Maybe there was a price dispute? Hard to tell, but the account goes against everything I know about the country and the scene there. It also contradicts plenty of comments here that confirm a good service offered at the shop. Sorry to doubt you; that’s the nature of life and the anonymity of the internet for you. Perhaps others will make similar reports and prove me wrong. Only time will tell. Cheers.

    20. First of all thanks for this website, it does help a lot! That’s why I decide to share my experience. So after a big hesitation I decide started with a kiss bar it is not for everyone but for me is a good first start. So I went to kiss time in sadang which closer to where I am studying so I did send a basic text message in Korean asking for an apoinment and checking how they will be with foreigners as some comments -especially the last one- where negative about the place serving foreigners. They text me back in Korea saying “see you at 7” so took the subway and as expleined is extremely easy to get there, the only thing is just in front a bus station and at 7 pm you can expected a lot of people in front. So I really pushed myself to come inside and get to the 3rd floor, the owner is very nice and toke me to the room as has been explained here.
      The girl comes, look is good but a bit skinny for me, actually very skinny, very little English only bad bing she has brackets but I was like, oooook. She was shy but I was way worst, small chatting and the. She asked me to lay down. She wasn’t skilled at all so I focus on her nice tits and smooth Korean skin, I tried to make her feel good and there was a good response I could feel her felling more comfortable and a bit turned on, she didn’t touch me much though but she was fine whit me touching, nice tits with nice nipple which I kissed and lick most of the time, pussy over her panties. So even tough the girl wasn’t the best in overall was a nice first experience for 40$ I definitely will try again next week and cross fingers for a better girl. So if you are new in here I really recomend this place to start, just don’t be an idiot and try also to make an appointment the same day. I will let you guys know next time I visit. And it will be great if someone knows places like this in gangnam.thannks again.

    21. I am new to Seoul and was wondering if anyone knew of any Kiss Bangs near Hyehwa Stations. Seems like there should be some but I have failed to find any. Thanks!

      1. Hi. Thanks for commenting. My only advice is to wander around likely places looking for signs, or alternatively to hop on a train and go to one of the tried and tested places. Maybe someone else can chime in. Cheers.

    22. Sadly, I did wander around Hyewah looking for some sign that might look like a Kiss Bang. I am so new here I just didn’t see anything.

      So I did end up going to Hongdae. I found both places from your directions. At 7kiss I showed up at 5 pm and he said to come back at 7pm. So I went to the other one. They recieved me right away. They charged me 50K. I am guessing that is the chump foreigner price.

      The experience was ok. The girl was a little shy and not the most beautiful Korean. She was short and not korean slim. From what I can tell her face wouldn’t be considered pretty by Korean standards. However, she was young and had some nice B-breasts that were in a push-up bra. All in all I say a 5/6 in looks. She spoke very little english which made it a bit awkward but hey that isn’t exactly what you are there for right. Though this is my first time and I am finding that I think that will personally matter to me..the ability to feel some sort of personality connecton. She tried hard given her limited english and she was nice if a bit timid. She definitely didn’t take the innitiative on anything but generally allowed herself to be coaxed. We started kissing and eventually she let me touch her breasts and take them out. She said no kissing her nipples but then “just a little” and eventually let me lick and suck a bit. I assume that is part of the game a bit. However, it did seem to make her uncomfortable. She wasn’t really experienced in just making snuggling and different positions easy, though like I said she would pretty much be led. All in all I would give the service a 4. I tried to get the guy at the desk to extend 1/2 hour at the hourly rate with a new girl but I am not sure there were any other girls there. He held firm to 50k for a new half hour. Given I was expecting 40k and the service was mediocre I turned it down. I waited around until 7 and went back to 7kiss where I was now told I needed to come back at 8pm. That was disappointing. I don’t speak korean so i assume that all the girls were busy and they didn’t reserve one for me because I didn’t ask for that (and in all fairness they had good reason to doubt I would show up). I would definitely try again, but afternoon works best for me and it is unclear to me that many places have many or particulary good girls at the afternoon hours. Is that generally true? Do you have to go nights and weekends to get good girls? Also, am I probably right in assuming the guy jacked the price on me?

    23. I went back to KissTime in Hongdae to give it a second try. Well actually I tried again to go to 7 store but got the same “return at 7” thing. So if you want to go there before 8pm I would recommend you call and make an appointment if you can find the number.

      Anyway, I ended up back at KissTime. This time I decided to pay for an hour. The girl this time Taysom, was super friendly and spoke fairly decent English. She was very kind and worked hard to put me at ease. Face 7, body 5 (she was really thin and a bit too small chested for my liking), Service 8. We chatted a bit but she showed much more innitiative than the girl the first night. She immediately reached out to hold my hand, stroke my leg etc. I didn’t feel like I had to work and I admit I like at least the appearance of eagerness. We kissed and she let my hands under her dress right away which was a good sign. She was a good, passionate kisser. She started playing with my nipples and asked where I liked to be touched. Since it was so early and the whole point of an hour is not to be in a rush in I figured we would start easy and she began playing with my nipples. Pretty soon my shirt came off and she asked to suck on then and if biting was ok. She really got into that and was quite good at it. At that point I asked whether if she minded if I take my cock out. She was fine with that. She gave the requisite oohs etc and told me she was fine if I wanted to cum. we continued to kiss etc. Interestingly she said she liked her nipples kissed and sucked but would let me do that. Only some light kissing on the breasts. This may be her tease to try and bring me back. She wanted to keep her bra on the entire time. However, she was perfectly happy to have her dress off and my hands pretty much anywhere, though I didn’t push for the Y. I was thoroughly enjoying myself and we flirted back and forth about my cock. I asked her if she wanted to touch it. While I didn’t get a full hand-job she played with it lightly while kissing and sucking on my nipples which she gave ever appearance of enjoying. I think she wanted me to ask for her number as she hinted about meeting outside where we could really “be friends”. But I wasn’t into that so i didn’t pursue it. Eventually with her running her fingers along my cock and sucking my nipples I let myself cum. We cleaned up, chatted some more and she saw me off. My general sense is that is the case where if you went back t her a couple of times as a regular the service would be HJ/BJ. All in all a very pleasant time.

      Just a note. The prices again were 50k for 30 and 80k for 60. Though I actually ended up having something like 77k on me which was stupid. The guy took it but I was afraid he was going to tank the service as he made sure I knew is was a KISS, KISS room only. Fortunately, the girl was clearly not just doing the bare minimum. She was experienced having worked in one other kiss bang before. Much better than the first girl both in looks and personality. It makes me wonder what a repeat customer can come to expect. It was only my second time and I got a better girl and was just a step from a HJ.

    24. Just got back from kiss+ on hongdae. Tried 7kiss before but the lady said come back at 8pm. went over to kiss+ instead, easy to find and hassle-free. Damage was 80k for an hour. Got ushered into a room and waited for my gal to arrive. Knock on the door and in came a pretty Korean girl, she was slim with long legs and small breasts. Probably a 7.5 for Asian standards. Minimal English, didn’t understand what I was saying most of the time but she tried to accommodate. Had many awkward silences before she asked if I wanted her to jerk off instead of myself for an additional 50k, later she ‘claimed’ to love giving head for 70k. Penis trumps brain at this point and I went for her ‘full service’. Her bbj was really weak, claiming I had a large penis for an Asian she only sucked/licked my head and didn’t go further. Allowed to put hands up her panties with no clit or anal rubbing, together with the standard bra pulled down routine. Had to teach her to use her tongue, seriously weak bbj but she switched to hj while making out before I came. She wasn’t watching the time but she didn’t seem very much interested in conversation after. With about 20 more minutes to go I decided to leave. Weird experience, more expensive than belle (yes I checked that out too) but definitely more convenient based on location. Enjoy seoul and thanks rockit

      1. It’s a holiday week, but places like that tend to stay open when there are lots of available customers with no work to do. Sometimes they have reduced staff. One way to find out for sure is to call. Another would be simply to stop by. PS: I edited your comment for readability. Cheers.

    25. I will be visiting Beijing for a few days. I haven’t seen any information re china on your site.
      Do you have any recommendation?

      Thank you again.

      1. Hi. I don’t have much info on the kinds of places I tend to review here when it comes to mainland China. The Beijing scene is surprisingly limited considering the size of the city. You’ll probably want to look at escorts and perhaps places like barbershops and KTVs. Hope this helps a bit. Cheers!

    26. It’s Chuseok (mid-autumn festival) here which is a big holiday so Seoul is quite dead but I still managed to hit two places in Hongdae with some success. I should mention up front that I’m a gyopo who speaks almost no Korean but I do understand basics like numbers and counting.

      On the first night, the day before Chuseok, I visited Kiss Plus in Hongdae using the directions provided in this post. They’re pretty accurate. Look for a sign that reads “Kiss +” in English and you should have no trouble. Reading Korean is not required to find this joint. Walked in, handed the guy 70K and muttered “han shi-gan” (one hour). He took the cash and pointed to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth. Came back out and was ushered to a tiny room. About 5 minutes later a late 20s, medium-height girl came in and pretty much immediately jumped into kissing and some light fondling. About 15 minutes into it, she flat out asked me if I wanted a HJ, quoting 30K. Didn’t think for too long and took her up on it. Uninspired but effective. Left shortly afterward since there was nothing to talk about. Will post about 7shop soon.

    27. Geez, I guess it really does depend on the provider what you get. Don’t even expect to be KISSED in a kiss bang, I guess. I went to 7 in Hongdae and was INCREDIBLY disappointed. I was there for one hour, had two girls. The first girl came in, spoke really good English. We talked a lot, then suddenly a little timer went off. She got up and started to walk out. I guess it had been 30 minutes, and she was only there for half? I was all “you never kissed me!” So she kissed me on the cheek and left.
      I didn’t say anything, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have waited for her to make the move. But I did feel like I’d just paid to give someone else an English lesson.
      The second girl came in right after that. She started talking too, listing movies and asking my opinion… I answered back for a few, then leaned in for the kiss. Every time I tried to kiss her, she tensed up, squeezed her face like she’d bit a lemon, and turned away. Then she’d act like there was no problem and start listing more movies. I kept asking if there was a problem, she said no, but eventually I had to stop going for the kiss because she made me feel like a creepy molester. So I sat there and listened to her say the names of movies while trying to avoid eye contact. Ugh.

      1. Hi Clive. Thanks for taking the time to let us know how your visit went. As you can see from my report and some of the other comments, a lot more than what you mentioned is possible. Often times, you have to make clear what it is you are looking for. I wouldn’t mind a little brief chat, but obviously I’m not going to drop $70-80 to teach someone English phrases. Kindly asking that things progress after a little ice breaker would probably move things along nicely. I would also note that Korean and Japanese girls can sometimes put on a shy routine that can pretty quickly melt away. Make sure you never mistake that for genuine dislike however. You don’t want to pressure someone to do anything against their will in ANY circumstances, ever. If you’re less of a take charge guy and prefer to lay back and get serviced, I suggest Belle and Cool, two Seoul locations which I have also reviewed on this site. Cheers.

    28. great advice on kiss bang! i guess is really case by case basis..i had 2 1hr and both give me great experience.. even got a cim.. i would say.. take 1 hr one shot and spend a little time to break the ice and u be treates very well

      1. Really? The information was accurate as of very recently. If that’s true they must have made a rapid change, which isn’t unheard of. If I get a chance to make the rounds again I will update. Cheers.

    29. Hi Rockit,

      Been completely fascinated with reading this report and users reviews! From what people have said the best two places to visit are 7kiss (or whatever it’s called now) and kiss+. From the two which would you recommend? I’m going to try it out tomorrow night. Fingers crossed I have a good experience. By the look of it an hour is the way to go. Great site by the way! Other users please let me know your recommendations too!

      1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t really have any recommendations. It seems you’ve picked up a lot of information here on your own. Cheers!

    30. So today I decided that I would make my way down there to check out the kissbangs. I tried The 7 shop first but the guy told me to come back at 4pm. So I went over to Kiss Time and went in the place and there was a lady working the desk. I told her an hour which she charged 80,000 won for. I brushed my teeth and went to the room and waited almost 15 minutes for the girl to come. She was a Japanese girl in her early 20s. As far as body is concerned 4/10 on face, 7/10 on body and a 4/10 service. She did let me play with her pussy a little bit but she would keep her legs so tight that I could not hardly touch it. Also she had a pretty big jungle growing down there. Needless to say I was disappointed. She would hardly kiss at all, she did give me a hj but she was very disappointing since she would hardly kiss and I could barley touch her body she would not let me touch her boobs at all. I doubt I will ever go back there again. I decided to go eat and then give The 7 Shop a try out. I get back there right at 4 and the guy there directed me to a bathroom to brush my teeth and after I was done to a room. I waited about 5 minutes when I got into the room and then a knock on the door and in walks a pretty attractive girl she spoke some english and told me she was 23 and a student at a university. She was tall and thin, about 5’7″ and I would guess about 125lbs. She did not have big boobs at all but she made up for that when it came to kissing. We made a little small talk and she let me feel her body. Then we laid on the couch and I felt her boobs and the outside of her panties. She got up for a second and moved her dress and bra out of the way to uncover her boobs. SHe was wearing panties and I could tell she had a bush down there are also. I reached inside her panties and I could feel something down there which ends up being a pad FML. She said she was menstruating but at least I did not see blood. I pulled my shirt off and we were chest to chest and she was a great kisser. She did feel around my dick and she started to take my pants off. She did that and then my underwear. She was great at giving me a HJ and I continued to play with her nipples and we would move all around with her on top or me on top. I never attempted to see if she would go any further then that but she was not too bad compared to the other one. I will say a 7/10 on face 7/10 on body and service was 6.5/10 on service. I might try there again someday.

      1. Thanks for the detailed comment. YMMV seems to apply to these places more than almost anywhere else. Most reports lately have been positive though. Cheers!

    31. Hmmm went to Hongik, found 7kissbang easily, thanks for your directions. From the other reviews it sounded great, so I said three girls, 30 minutes each, first girl came in, not too bad, tall, semi attractive, larger girl but I thought I would give it a go. Not much kissing, I had to initiate all of it, licked her nipples a bit…I said to the guy, not very good service, please someone better looking, Next girl came in, looked like female Shrek!!! I asked her to change, she left and another short girl with a fat stomach came back… She was very sweet but I had to urge to want to kiss.. So we just talked… Then I went out and said any beautiful girls today? He said no, sorry not today… That is different to what he had told me when I came in. So I got my remaining 40k won and I’m now on my way to Cool.. You can always count on cool.. Maybe just bad timing at 7kissbang.. Who knows..

      1. Hi James. Thanks for the comments. It definitely seems to be dependent on the gal you get. That applies in a lot of places though, even Belle and Cool. The really standard service is becoming harder to find unless you head to Japan or places with a set offer like blowjob bars. Cheers!

    32. Went to 7kissbang in June, had a girl who was medium, small breasts and wore braces. She was totally in to me. Paid for an hour and by 40 mins i was fingering her puss. No protective pad there at all, she got very wet. 50 mins I went for it and covered my Johnson and slid it in. Great experience 10/10. One month later I got a slapper who gave me one peck during a one hour session. Just shows it depends who you get on the night. Was wondering if anyone has ever made reservations and if they have, did they get what they reserved?

      1. Thanks for the report! Sounds like a great time. I haven’t tried making an appointment but perhaps some readers have. Cheers.

      1. Hi. I haven’t been to any of these places in a while. Other than trial and error, the only real way to get a current sense of conditions is to check recent comments and reports where you can find them. Cheers!

    33. I guess I’m having the same issue as the gentleman before was having. Can you give me a color of the k love sign and Is it even in English? Also are you positive it was gate 3 lol. If not I’m gonna go try hongdae. Thanks.

      1. My directions and descriptions were accurate as of the time of writing. Nothing beats on the ground research but street view on Google maps comes pretty close in allowing you to see what’s there before visiting a place. If this doesn’t work the easiest option would probably be to visit one of the three places indicated on the map. Cheers.

    34. Went to 7 shop said come back at 6 or 7 after I asked a question he then said Korean only. Hopefully he’s just saying he only speaks Korean only. the other one is massage parlor now if that’s the directions. The red brick building with blacked out windows. Older woman too. It’s right next to a K plus theme cafe. Am I just SOL I guess?

      1. I don’t think anyone is ever shit out of luck in Seoul. There are so many options around. The kiss bangs listed here are accompanied by dozens more that aren’t listed. There are also the massage shops like Belle and Cool, places like Hooker Hill, the barbershops, the redlight districts, the anmas, and excellent independents like Sarah Miehn. As they say: if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Cheers.

    35. Went and tried another KissBang at Seoul National University (directions here . This site doesn’t seem to be being updated but it has a couple other Kiss Bang reviews). you have to watch for the place and use the picture. The place was much more run down and seedy than the two Hongdae places in the OP. Completely run down furniture, no bathroom on the floor, dingy etc. However, they did have flat screen TVs in every room. The rooms were small and their was no AC. Fortunately part way through my session the girl got us switched to a room with a window which was also bigger.

      On the plus side, the price was 65,000 for an hour. A bit less than the 70-80k that Hondae seems to be charging (if that matters to you). The girl was the best looking one of the three or four I have had. Body 7 (breasts were typically small), Face 7, Service 8. She said she was 24 but looked 20 so I tend to believe her. She gave the closest thing to a GFE I have had at a KB. She spoke very little English but gamely tried to communicate and appear to have fun. She got into the kissing right away, sucked on my nipples, I sucked on hers, hands went everywhere, though I stayed outside the panties (felt like she would have let me in). She took her time and paced the session well. I initiated some things but she initiated others. Felt like there was a natural give and take. She seemed like she was really into it and enjoying herself. Light handjob finish (no extra money). All in all if you don’t mind a run down place with insulation coming out the walls, and it would have been uncomfortably hot had we not moved rooms.

      1. Thanks for the detailed report. Haven’t tried that place. I’m guessing you visited some time ago? There shouldn’t be any need for air conditioning this time or year, right? Cheers.

    36. Not too long ago actually. The weather turns fast. It would be convenient people could add KB on the map. If you don’t speak Korean they are not that easy to find. I wandered around Sinchon for a long time (never found the one you have in hear) pretty late at night on a weekend and couldn’t come across any KB signs that I could decipher.

      1. Hi. If I ever get around to visiting the place I will do that. Sorry you had a tough time finding the places. It can be tough, even for me. Cheers.

    37. I went to Kiss Time at Hongdae today. I live walking distance so it’s very convenient. First girl was quite attractive and for a 50000 tip gave me a decent BBBJ but overall she just wasn’t getting into it. After a long BBBJ and HJ it wasn’t happening and she kept complaining she was hungry so I told her to go get something to eat and not worry about finishing the time. I got a second girl and holy smokes she was so hot. Would have been a 10/10 if it wasn’t for her average teeth. She was really shy and spoke zero English but my Korean was good enough to keep a good conversation. We made out a bunch but there wasn’t much else on offer it seemed but I was happy enough to make out with such a hot girl. It was my first time to a kiss bang and I love it. After visiting 1000s of girls for full service it us completely different and there is a slight challenge to see how far you can get with the girls at the kiss bangs. If you gave limited money I would probably recommend just going straight to hooker hill but for those looking for something different and interesting give it a try!!

    38. Went to 7 tonight at around 11 PM, rang the bell and it seemed like they were pretty busy with a couple of people sitting at the top of the stairs. Someone said ‘closed, closed’ in English and I just shrugged it off and left.

      May try again at an earlier time tomorrow and see.

      1. You never really know what you’re going to get at these places it seems. Luckily there are enough around to find one acceptable in most cases. Cheers.

      2. Bro Kai 399,
        I was in the 7 shop on the 21st and you won’t believe what happened. I think you were lucky cos the guys sitting on the stairs were under covered cops. The manager knew they were there hence he didn’t let any of us out n didn’t let any one in. I waited for 35min before the manager let me out, n the following happened.

        Here is a snippet I wrote in another forum, worth sharing with everyone here:

        Then when I called it a day n about to leave, a group of POLICE busted in (the guys on the stairs mentioned above) n pushed me back into a room, shuted the door. I was stranded there for 30-40min. A lot of shouting outside, the police were shouting to the girls n the manager. At the end I guess they couldn’t prove anything, they let the guests go one by one. I wasn’t too worried all the way (what can they charge me? They didn’t catch me doing anything and I was walking out), but I can see some bros could get really freaked out by this. I was thinking to call the embassy if they don’t let me leave.

        Would I return? Probably not, good to try for once, the girls quality aren’t that great. Police raid left a bad impression.

    39. Thank you very much for this post! I just read one of the latest comments on the police ‘raid’ on 7 Shop.

      Is it still open / Is it safe to go there given the past situation?

      1. Sorry I don’t really have an answer for that. I think you’d have to use your own judgement on something of that nature. Thanks for the comment. Cheers!

      1. Hi. I answered that question in the original post (“Most shops are open from noon until very late in the night”) and in a follow up comment. Hope this helps. Cheers.

    40. Thanks for the write-up on the Kiss Bangs! I went to the 7 Kiss Shop this afternoon and can confirm they are still there (regearding the previous comment about the police raid)

      I had 2 girls, first one for an hour she was VERY pretty, Face 9/10 Body 8/10 service 7/10. She just made small talk most of the time and lightly kissed me every now and then and letting me touch and suck her breasts. I felt that this kind of service was exactly what I needed to introduce me to Kiss Bangs and she was very nice and talkative although she spoke little english. (enough to get by, anyways)

      Second girl was only for a half hour. She was also very nice. Face 8/10 Body 8/10 Service 9/10. She spoke close to no english so after we attempted to talk for a minute or so she nearly tackled me and started with a really deep, long kiss only briefly stopping to adjust her hair or to attempt some more small talk.

      I went in the afternoon around 4:00 PM and was able to go right in without an appointment. Definitely worth the cash if you’re looking for a nice girl to have some fun with.

    41. Hi,

      Does 7 Kiss Bang still exist? I tried to find it last night and had difficulty following this bit of instructions:

      “Halfway up the block on the right you will see the front of this Kiss Bang, which is a strange blue color, on the second floor.”

      I couldn’t find a door with a strange blue colour, but somewhere around there I did go into the building and went to the second floor. I went in and the lady told me it was a massage shop. I asked if it was Kiss Bang and she said “no kissing”.


      1. Did you try looking at the map I posted? I have no way to know if it’s still in operation, but if it is that’s where it is located. Cheers.

      2. 7 shop was there right before Christmas. The “strange blue” referred to here is the sign outside the building not the door to either the main building or the Kissbang itself.

    42. I found one which is not available to foreigners.

      It is in Gangbyeon. Walk out of Exit 8 and walk to the nearest traffic crossing right in front of you. Look ahead and up at about your 1 o’clock, and you should see a red and white sign at the top of a building called “Kiss Time 6F” or something.

      I trekked up to the 6th floor, pushed open the door, only for the guy to say “no [Korean word] no” and waved me out.

      I’m still looking for my first Kiss Bang experience. I keep hearing there are many, but all the ones posted on the internet seem to have closed.

      I wonder why these places don’t allow foreigners? It’s just kissing, and you would think if girls are worried about their identities being revealed, it’d be safer to see a foreigner who is in the country for a short time rather than a local.

    43. So we (2 guys) tried three kissbangs on the 30th Dec, all failures;

      1. Kisstime (Sadang)
      Found it easily but the guy at the door politely told us “no, sorry”, he bowed and we left.

      2. 7 Club in Hongdae
      Not sure if this was closed or whether they just didn’t want westerners. We found the building no problem but there was a doorbell with a camera on it, which worked, but no response. Tried twice.

      3. Kisstime in Hongdae
      Found the place no problem but when we got to the door, there was an old lady who said “massage”. We replied with “Kiss?” and she said no and walked off closing the door.

      We don’t speak any Korean which is clearly an issue :(

      1. Sorry about your luck. It might not be a great idea to travel in a group next time, but you never really know what the cause for rejection was. Thanks for the report! Cheers.

      2. You guys must have looked sketchy :) or maybe you went early in the day? I have been to both Kisstime and 7 club multiple times as a complete white guy foreigner with no problems except going to early and being told to come back later. I would try again if I were you. The one in Sadang has been rejecting foreigners or gone for awhile now. that one isn’t worth trying.

        If you want guaranteed success the one at Seoul National University stop is your best bet. The women are a bit older but it is also a much more clearly “with extras” for a tip place. At the two Hondae places that is a crap shoot.

    44. I hope you guys all know that at all kissbangs you are supposed to masturbate (that’s what the tissues are for).
      So just take your junk out and do it yourself while the girl is kissing you.
      In some cases, and only if she really likes you, more will happen.

      1. Has anyone had experience of getting their junk out like this? I’m presuming the girls must be used to it if it’s the done thing? The next time I go I’ll make sure to drop in a reference.

        I’ve just been using kiss rooms as a way to make out with hot college girls. I had no idea that’s what the tissues were for! Everywhere I go in Korea has tissues – I thought they were just thrown in!

      1. Comments here say 7 was open only two weeks ago. There are dozens more throughout the city, so even if the few mentioned here all closed shop there would still be plenty more to find. Shouldn’t be too tough for people with open eyes, especially if they travel in places like Hongdae. Cheers.

    45. I’ve lived in Seoul for a few years now and saw ‘키스방’ here and there but was told by a Korean guy that they were places where you meet an ugly girl, kiss her, and that’s it. It seemed a waste of time and money so I didn’t bother investigating. Thanks to your website I discovered the truth and I’ve now been five times!

      It’s true that there can be a little hit and miss involved with the service provider you get. They were all hot but of the five ladies I met four were great and one was terrible. She was cold, crap at kissing, checked the egg timer several times and wouldn’t let me touch anywhere. She told me she met another foreigner there once. He’d paid for one hour and left after 30 mins! I thought, “No wonder.” She was so bad I went to a different kiss bang the next time.

      The other girls were all dynamite. They varied between pretty/gorgeous and they really made it easy. They dress up in sexy, revealing clothes. They all happily removed their dresses when I asked and let me touch/kiss/lick/suck their nipples and body as much as I wanted. I never asked them to remove their underwear. I got the feeling this was a pretty hard and fast rule. With one girl I attempted to slip my hand under, but she went, “Uh-uh,” and I retracted it. They were fine with me touching them over cloth. Of these four two put their hands on my crotch and had a squeeze. I should have probably whipped it out and let them have a play but until I read Inquisitor’s post above it never really occurred to me that it was anything more than idle flirting. Next time, Gadget!

      None of them could speak English well, but my Korean is okay, so it wasn’t a problem. I don’t think it would have been a problem even if I couldn’t speak Korean. But some of the girls mentioned how some foreigners come, sit there, and say/do nothing for 30 mins. If you can’t communicate with language, for God’s sake communicate with your body! Just lean over and kiss them. They will be receptive.

      I strongly suggest anyone new to kiss rooms go for just 30 mins with a new girl each time to begin with. Find some ladies you like and request them again later for 30 or 60 mins. At least that way you already know you’re going to get a good service and you’ve already met and she’ll feel more comfortable with you and you can do more than with a new girl. Maybe later you’ll be able to meet in a love motel, who knows. Also, it’s best to have several you like because they don’t all work full time. Some only work part time and they can be odd hours.

      I live too far from Hongdae to try out those kiss rooms, but I’ve been to two others. They’re called 족족족 (jok-jok-jok) and 서울대유투 (Seoul University You-Too). I texted the one in 사당 Rockit mentioned but have never got a response.

      Here are the kiss rooms I have been to:

      족족족. Kangnam/Yeoksam. I found it on the following website:

      The directions are pretty good, though there are no signs saying ‘kiss room’. You would never find this place otherwise. All the info re: phone numbers and when to make a reservation are correct. Ignore all the comments about it being closed/not open to foreigners. It’s all rubbish. As of this post it is open and foreigner-friendly. You MUST text them and make a reservation. They’re very busy. I usually send them a text as the following: ‘8시에 예약해 주세요 30분으로 좋겠어요’ This means ‘Give me a reservation at 8pm, please. 30 minutes is good.’ If the slot is available they should reply with something like, ‘네, 감사합니다 그때 뵈요’ (Yes. Thank you. See you then.)

      There is a bed in every room. The more often you go, the cleaner and bigger room you get. The place is generally a little dirty and run-down.

      Price: 40,000 for 30 mins, 70,000 for 60.

      서울대유투: Seoul University. I found this on the same website as above:

      The directions aren’t great. Instead do the following: go to 서울대입구 (Seoul National University) subway station on Line 2. Come out of exit 8. Walk along this road for about five minutes. At the end of this block you will see a building with ‘유투타로점’ written across it (check the picture in the link). You’ll see some stairs with ‘유투타로점’ written above it. Go up to the third floor. It’s fairly nondescript and easy to miss.

      The owner of 유투 said that if you go in the afternoon you don’t have to make a reservation. Just turn up. You might have to wait 10 or 15 minutes but it will be fine. If you plan on going in the evening, make sure to make a reservation. Personally I would always make a reservation. You don’t want to go all that way and then get turned away.

      The replies to texts can be somewhat spotty at times. If they don’t reply within 20 minutes, send another message.

      I’ve only been once so far, but you get a very low/narrow sofa and a TV. The walls were dirty.

      Price: 35,000 for 30 mins, 65,000 for 60 mins.

      1. Hi Biscuits. I too have experienced locals in Korea and other countries giving me bad info on local sex shops. It’s hard to tell if they just really don’t know or they are trying to deter you from visiting for whatever reason. In any event, much thanks for the detailed and up to date report. I can only hope some readers will go over it instead of asking questions that it has already answered. Cheers!

    46. Can someone please give some real addresses of these places so I can ask a cabbie to take me there? Great posts and replies but so much confusion about what is actually open and how to get to these places via subway.

      1. I think this website is as good as it gets in English when it comes to covering and locating these places. As I’ve said elsewhere on this site I don’t know the addresses of these or any other places in Korea, and most Koreans don’t either. Directions aren’t that difficult to follow. Maps even less so. Finding things on your own as I’ve had to do over the years is what’s really tough. Cheers.

    47. Thought I’d contribute after seeing all the great info on the website. I went to Kiss+ twice during my stay in Seoul. It’s located near the directions above for “Kiss Time (Hongdae)” except that it’s the very last building on that block as you walk away from the metro exit. You can’t miss it, look for a large yellow sign that says K+. It’s definitely open as of Jan 25th (70k/h 40k/.5h) and the guy in front spoke pretty good English.

      Both times I went I got similar service. Both girls were cute. The main difference was that the first one had big fake tits. The first girl offered me a HJ right after our small talk died down for 50k, which was kinda surprising. I said I only had 20k on me and she was fine with that. She told me to pull down my pants then she started playing with my cock. I could touch her but not her vag even over her panties. There was some light kissing, but nothing too intense. I eventually let myself cum while playing with her ass and nice fake tits.

      The second girl also offered me “extras” right off the bat: 20k for hj, 50k for bj, & nothing for me to do it myself. I figured this was standard at this place and that 90k for a hj was pretty much the same as going to Cool or Belle. I opted for the hj again, but this girl was even more restrictive than the last one — wouldn’t pull her top down all the way. Still it was fun, but nothing spectacular.

      1. Thanks for the report. I had Kiss Plus mentioned in the post earlier as you can see in some of the comments. It’s a decent place. I rotated the listings out to places I visited more recently and could map out locations on. Thanks again. Cheers!

      1. Several have been confirmed open as of last week. If you can’t work with the shops provided here, the alternative is go out and find the places yourself as I have done in the past. Cheers.

    48. I just need to confirm something – are kiss rooms actually legal? If so, why am I seeing reports of the police raiding kiss rooms and making a havoc?

      1. Prostitution is illegal in South Korea. I even read that cops were cracking down on hotels that rented out sex dolls a few years ago. And yet, there is a widespread industry that operates right out in the open and makes about 22.5 billion US dollars a year. You make the call.

    49. Rockit,

      Given how long and popular this thread is, a follow up next time you are in Seoul seems in order! Maybe finding and testing out new places. I have been in seoul for almost half a year now and can’t seem to find any new ones. So i just keep going back to these.

      1. Next time I’m there, I’ll look around. I’m trying to spread out the focus of this site a bit though. I still haven’t even covered places like Indonesia or Germany. I have tons of info on both! Cheers.

      1. I have been to Kplus and 7Shop in Hongdae and the one at Seoul National University in the last couple of months but none since December. So the 7shop news below is new to me. I can’t verify but given the nature of things it wouldn’t be a shock.

        The Kplus report about 4 girls seems credible to me. I think I can ID two of the girls he is talking about. That said, staff tend to change out pretty frequently and you get a lot of girls just trying it out. That makes the variance really high. The new girls can be really shy but also really fun if they like you. Part of the Kiss Bang charm is this almost “date” like quality about seeing how far you can go with some mixture of chemistry and little extra cash.

        I think for the most reliable extras go to the one near Seoul National University. The facility isn’t as nice but every girl I met there was open to extras (though they tend to be a bit mid twenties instead of early 20s if you care about that).

    50. Hi~
      Thanks for this great info! As a person who looks for intimacy rather than sex, I prefer kiss bangs to hookers any day of the week. I went to The 7 Shop a few times and it was great. I tried to go there again last night (01/02/2014) and when I got to the door I could see right in – the door was no longer blacked out, and the interior had been gutted – pipes hanging from the ceiling, all the rooms ripped out. Either they are doing some MAJOR renovations or they’ve closed down. I will go back in a few weeks to check it out again.
      Seeing as it was not an option, I decided to go to K Plus on the other side of the station. It was my 3rd time there. First time – fairly hot girl, but mechanical, couldn’t speak English well and wasn’t into it at all. She charged extra for a hand job and blow job. It wasn’t worth it. She was just in it for the money and nothing else.
      Second time – fairly chubby girl, which i’m not attracted to. She was totally into it. Toungue, groping, trying to get her hands into my pants, let me suck her tits. It was good fun! But I only had 20 minutes so I had fun preventing her from getting into my pants and then left.
      Third time – the chubby girl shows up and looks excited. This could have been fun, but when she asked if I’d like another girl I said yes because I’m not that attracted to her. Luckily the mechanical girl didn’t show up. A new girl appeared – small and petite, with a cute face. She was a bit skinnier than i’d like, but she was sweet. She was talkative and said her job can be pretty rough depending on the client – i guess some guys are asses. We talked a lot and she said it was only her 8th time. She said that only 4 girls work there, 3 of them most of the time and the extra one at night. I guess your experience will really depend on which girl you get. I thought there were at least 10 girls! She let me suck on her breasts but said that it usually costs extra. Perhaps that is their policy and not just the mechanical girls gold-digging personality. She seemed a bit uncomfortable so I stopped and just chatted to her more.
      To cut a long story short – The 7 Shop appears to be closed, K Plus only has 4 girls, each of which is totally different and you will get a different experience with each.
      I may or may not go back there, and if I do I will probably choose the 3rd girl. She’ll only be there for another month anyway. If it takes me longer than that to go back, I probably wont go at all. Might look for the one in Sadang. Does anyone know of any in Shinchon? That would be ideal.

    51. I want to confirm that the 7shop is being gutted and is closed. I walked by today and saw the work myself. My guess is it is gone.

      I did find a new kiss bang at Hongdae. I haven’t tried it yet but I talked with the guy at the desk. They require a phone/call text registration from what I can tell but didn’t turn me away as a foreigner. It is called K model. Here are the directions. You get out the Hongdae (Hongik) station exit number 2. You take an immediate left and then the first left again (at the WaBar). You will pass the Catholic Youth Center on your right. Keep walking. On your right will come to a wooden entry way over a gravel road. During the day you will see a sing for “Gamdong date cafe”. At night there will also be a little light up sign with a K on it. The kiss bang is in the basement on the left. I will report when I actually try the service, but figured someone else might get to it first.

    52. Friend and I went to the K + near exit 1 of the Hongik University station. Easy to find with a yellow sign and says K plus on the building. You can see it across the street from the TGI fridays behind some construction. Room was comfortable and clean. It was great. Both girls we had were 7.5 to 8. Mine was busty with amazing English, my friend opted for the skinny girl with not much english. Both were fully topless, let us finger them, gave hand jobs and blow jobs. I was able to cum on my girls chest, my friend just came in her hands. I would go back every day if I could, and so would he. People at the desk were fantastic and listened to our simple requests of type of girls we wanted. 40 for half hour 70 for full hour. This place is great, and you all must go.

      1. Hey Witness! I’m just curious if you know the busty, amazing English girl’s name? I went there last night and got a girl who was a 6/10 but amazingly friendly but not my style. When I went there they also did not ask about what type of girl I wanted, should I have suggested something myself? I definitely want to go back myself but hopefully can get the girl you had, she sounds amazing!


    53. Went to kiss plus yesterday night. The girl that came in was drop-dead gorgeous and spoke some English. We made small talk and got down to the action shortly afterwards. Definitely intense, she didn’t really seem to mind me shifting her top and bra down for a suck so that’s a great plus.

      After exiting the guy at the desk actually offered a different girl as well but I declined as it was getting pretty late.

      I’m going there tomorrow again for sure.

    54. Kiss time (Sadang), very easy to find, but no service. It is either not a kiss bang anymore or more likely just not foreign-friendly. Could not get even half foot in when the guy said no no.

      7shop does not exist like many have already confirmed. It is in total shambles so I don’t think it has been open for months and will definitely not open soon if ever again. I think they are building something else there.

      K+, very easy to find. Very nice guy who spoke good English. I chose two sets for 30 min each (kind of a mistake). So first lady comes in. I was positively surprised. Quite tall, good looking and great body, except small tits. Did not look like typical Korean. She had very direct approach. And even if her English was limited the rules of the house came clear. Wanking on your own is always included. HJ from her is 30k extra. So I opted for her HJ. Without lube it was not so nice so I asked about BJ. I think it was 30k still more and she started quite nice BBBJ. Took the load in her mouth. And oh yes the kissing (this being a Kiss Bang) was nothing special, I would not call even french. But overall nice experience.

      Then the second girl. And my mistake was that I had already paid for two and already shot my load to the first one. Anyways she was really nice, a bit shy or at least it felt like it after the first one who was definitely not shy. Very cute face. She spoke good English and very nice personality. She told that about half come there only to wank, then about 40% pay extras (normally HJ, not sure if she would have offered anything more) and 10% just talk or talk&kiss. I happened to go to the last category, because I did not feel like I could recover quickly enough from the first experience. Her kissing was much better, still not amazing DFK, but good. And like said very very nice girl, cute and nice body also. If I get another chance to go there I would want to pick her.

      So overall great experience

    55. I tried out a new Kissbang last week. The Rainbow Room at Seoul National University on the 2. I found out about it here. The location is right on the map but the directions aren’t accurate

      Go out exit 6 of the Seoul National University stop. Walk straight and cross the big street. Take an immediate left when you get to the other side and then the first right. The Kissbang is on the right side right at the corner on the first floor. It can be seen before you cross the first street out of the 6.

      I am pretty sure the photos at the other blog aren’t of the actual girls. I asked for Miso based on the pictures and I am sure it wasn’t her in the pictures. She was not nearly as skinny and not as light skinned as in girl in the picture. I was disappointed enough I asked for 30 minutes with her and 30 minutes with the other girl (I was there pretty early in the evening so the options were limited) hoping the second girl would be better looking. However, she was the ugliest girl I have ever seen at a Kiss Bang. Very overweight, bad teeth. In fact she was the lady that was running the desk when I came in. It didn’t even occur to me she could be one of the girls. So I asked for Miso back. One good thing they were very accommodating about the requests to switch girls both times.

      On the good side, while Miso wasn’t as advertised in the picture. She did like to kiss, let me suck on her nipples and and we were having a good enough time that I was happy to get her back for the second 30 minutes. (they even returned the extra 10,000 i gave to get a second girl) I decided for the second round that I wanted to see if I could get her to cum. She seemed genuinely to enjoy having her nipples played with. I went slow and finally got her hot enough she eventually let me go down on her which I enjoy (she was super clean). So I licked her out for about 15 minutes to a nice orgasm or two (don’t think she could fake the very blushed cheeks :) ). The door knock came a bit before we intended, but she gave me a very appreciative handjob letting me come all over her now completely naked body.

      So face 5.5, body 5.5 (a bit thick in the middle but nice breasts and very clean), service 7.5 in the end. We had a mutually good time. It was only 55k which is a good 15k cheaper than most places. It is really unclear if there are any really beautiful girls there, though. I wouldn’t go by the pictures on the other blog.

      1. I tried this place and wouldn’t recommend it. I paid 70K for an hour, so the event seems to be over. The first girl who came was overweight and ugly. I didn’t catch her name. I sent her back. The next girl went by Milae. (미래). She said that she was 20. She looked all right. Cuter than hot. Anyway, she complained a lot in the 30 or so minutes I had her. I just got up and left after having enough of her “I’m tired” and “It’s difficult” crap. (This was all in Korean, btw.) She just wanted to talk. So, I complained to the 20-something manager but just got a sorry with no refund. I won’t be going back.

        1. Thanks for the report. You might want to be specific in stating which place you visited. Things can become muddled in the comments sections. Cheers.

      2. Yes this is not one I would recommend particularly, but i have had only one experience there. SDogs is another. I just handed them 55 when I walked in. The prices at these places tend to be flexible. I think there is a foreigner premium especially if you are not a repeat customer.

    56. I went to my first Lip Cafe (blowjob shop) today – near Kangnam. I texted 3 cafes. 2 ignored me and 1 replied. In Korean it said, “Yes, foreigners can come.” An apt choice of words, I thought. I’d never been to one before, and it was an enjoyable experience. I saw some of the other girls there and they were very sexy (if not beautiful). The one I got wasn’t so much… But boy did she know her stuff!

      As usual with these kinds of places, I texted ahead to make a reservation. The prices are as follows: 35,000 for 15 mins, 40,000 for 20 mins, 60,000 for 15 mins (with 2 girls at the same time), and 60,000 for ‘relay’ (1 girl for 15 mins, followed by another girl for 15 mins).

      To say I was impressed with the line-up is an understatement. Such variety! My biggest concern with Kiss Rooms has always been the spotty quality. Sometimes you just don’t click with the SP. But with a SP at a blowjob shop, clicking is not so essential. We both know why we’re there, and the end result is virtually guaranteed. This being my first time, and it having been a while since I last got a blow, I opted for the 40,000 for 20 mins option.

      I almost forgot, there is something else with the cost. ‘Soft’ and ‘hard’. ‘Hard’ costs an extra 10,000 on top of the prices above. I asked what the difference was, and was told something I couldn’t quite understand – vocab I’d never heard before. I think ‘hard’ means they will take their clothes off, ‘soft’ that they won’t. Skinflint that I am, I went for ‘soft’.

      When I arrived, I called the owner and he came and led me to his shop. The front windows were covered by some kind of red flower pattern. I thought I’d come to the wrong place because there were regular shops – well-known convenience stores etc – around it! Anyway, he sat me in a waiting room by myself – I got the feeling it wasn’t because I was a foreigner but because he likes to keep his customers’ identities secret (same with the Kiss Rooms in my experience).

      I waited maybe ten minutes, then was led to a comfortable-sized room with what I can only describe as a bed specially designed for blowjobs. It’s half the size of a regular bed and sloped downwards, the headrest at the top. There was a towel in the middle – I guess some men have dirty asses.

      The girl came in wearing a skimpy dress and carrying a small basket with wet wipes, a couple of empty cups, a plastic container of lube, mouthwash and some kind of sanitizer. We chatted for a minute or two. She didn’t know English and wasn’t interested in learning. I told her I had never been to a Lip Cafe before and didn’t know what to do or how it went.

      She told me to take my clothes off and lay on the bed. She pulled back the hood of my penis (marvelling at how I’m not circumcised – all Korean men are, apparently) and wiped it and my balls. She whipped her dress off and wore only her panties (so much for my understanding of the ‘hard/soft’ pricing system!). She had a great rack. She lay on top of me and kissed my nipples. I think touching boobs is allowed, but due to the bed they’re awkward to reach. She kissed her way down. She kissed and sucked on my balls. Needless to say it didn’t take long before I was at full-mast.

      I won’t bother going into detail – this post is already too long – but she gave great head. She deep-throated me and before coming I realised I didn’t know the word for ‘come’ in Korean – just in case they had a ‘no Come In Mouth’ policy. I needn’t have worried – CIM is part of the service. She spat it out into an empty cup, rinsed out her mouth with mouthwash, then came out with the wet wipes and cleaned me up.

      I needn’t have bothered with 20 minutes – I doubt if I lasted 10. I’m definitely going back. Hopefully I’ll get one of the sexier ones.

      By the way, I found a nice little Kiss Room. It’s very clean, the owner is nice, comes with bowls of sweets in your room (great while snogging and passing it to one another), and the girls are beautiful – they match their photos (though you obviously can’t see their faces). Here is the website:

      To see who is available when, click on the left, on ‘근무편성표’. Then click on the advert – they renew it every day. ‘주간’ means ‘daytime’. ‘야간’ means night time. Where it says something in Korean, followed by the word ‘Manager’, this is the girl’s name. Scroll down and you can see the new girl’s (‘NF’ = New Face) details (age, height, cup size). On the left, if you click on ‘ 매니저프로필’ it will come up with photos. Some of these girls are gone, some new girls don’t have profiles/photos yet.

      You can text the owner or add him to Kakaotalk (NOTE: if you add him, it comes up with ‘교감 pick up artist’).

      P.S. ‘pk’ stands for ‘pick-up’. It’s masquerading as a place to learn how to pick up girls! There’s even a little booklet on the table to read while you wait!

      1. Apols for the slow response. I’ll give you the details tomorrow as I’m out at the moment.

        I’ll even do you one better and give you the addresses of 2 amazing websites that I found that are updated on a daily basis. They’re how I found the kiss rooms, lip cafés, officetels etc. I’ll include some directions of how to use them as they’re written in Korean. Chrome’s Translate’ button is only so-so. Better yet, get a Korean friend to read them for you.

      2. After sleeping on it, I’ve decided not to give the details of this particular lip cafe on here simply because I’ve read so many comments about people turning up at kiss bangs etc without making reservations etc and I suspect the owner of this particular establishment would eventually turn foreigners away, thus ruining it for the rest of us.

        I will, however, give the names of the two websites I found. They are:

        There are others, but they’ve been blocked. If any of you guys know of any, let me know.

        Some instructions:
        You need to register for both these websites. Don’t worry – create a fake email address and phone number. I’ve never gotten junk mail from them, but it’s not worth the agro.

        For agassy:
        Once you’re in, move your cursor over ‘업소소개’. A list of every available sex shop will appear. In this order, they are:

        출근부[오피-서울] – Officetels in Seoul

        출근부[오피-지방] – Officetels in the countryside

        출근부[건마-서울] – Kon-mas in Seoul

        출근부[건마-지방] – Kon-mas in the countryside

        출근부[휴게텔] – Hyu-geh-tels

        출근부[룸싸롱] – Room salons

        출근부[립카페] – Lip Cafes (aka BJ shops)

        출근부[페티시] – Fetish

        출근부[키스방] – Kiss Rooms

        출근부[안마] – Anmas

        출근부[핸플] – Hand play (aka jack shacks)

        Click on one of these. There will be a list. Click on ‘강남’ ‘역삼’ whatever to nail down a location. Click through the adverts. Telephone numbers are prominent. Prepare to be ignored or refused because you’re a foreigner. If you go during off-peak times they tend to be more hospitable. Obviously I can’t verify the validity of some of the photos – despite them saying ‘Real!’ ‘Genuine!’ etc, but because these are mostly what Koreans use, they can complain a lot easier than foreigners if they don’t get what was written on the tin.

        For abam5:
        After entering, on the left-hand side at the top there is a list written in red. They are:
        서울[강남권] 오피 – Seoul (Kangnam area) officetels
        서울[비강남권] 오피 – Seoul (outside Kangnam area) officetels
        경기지역 오피 – Gyeonggi area officetels
        인천지역 오피 – Incheon area officetels
        충청도지역 오피 – Choong-Chun area officetels
        경상도지역 오피 – Kyeong-Sang area officetels
        안마/건마/스파 – An-mas/Kon-mas/Spas
        풀싸롱/하드코어/소프트 – full salons/hardcore/soft
        립카페/키스방/핸플 – lip cafes (BJ bars)/kiss rooms/jack shacks
        휴게텔/대떡/패티쉬 – hyu-gye-tels/dae-dok/fetish
        선불폰/기타 – others

        Again, same deal. Click on the one you like, then you can narrow-in on a more specific location if you want, then peruse the adverts.

        Prices tend to be very similar, though there are some events sometimes. A few general notes: Officetels charge about 130,000 for ‘one shot’/60 minutes and 200,000 for two hours. If you’re a premature ejaculater they can offer ‘two shots’, but at an extra price. You will see that some adverts have ‘extras’. There are invariably 3 options at 10,000 extra each: 1. ‘hand play’ i.e. tossing you off. 2. ‘ip-sa’ i.e. CIM. 3. Bizarrely, stockings. This option is often free. The SP will put them on for you before you arrive.

        If your Korean isn’t great I strongly suggest you either go with a Korean friend, or ask them to make the necessary calls for you.

        I’ll write some Korean phrases you can ask on the phone at a later date.

      3. Sod it. I’ll give you guys the Lip Cafe info anyway. Unless you live in Kangnam there will almost certainly be a BJ shop closer to your location (use the website info above).

        I went again today. I decided to stand up this time – that way I could get a good feel of her rack.

        I got a look at the girls’ changing room. None of them are particularly attractive, but they are reasonably young (mid-late twenties).

        Here’s a link to the one I’ve been to:

        You have to register with the website to see the advert. It has a map.

        Text the number to arrange an appointment. Here is the Korean:
        ‘4시에 예약해 주세요’ (This means, ‘Give me a reservation at 4pm, please.’)
        Obviously, change the number to the time you want. Book at least an hour in advance. You can only book on the day you want to go. Reservations are available from 11am. Don’t bother mentioning you are foreign. I am the most obviously foreign person in Seoul and they let me go twice.

        As I said, use the map on the advert if possible. The location is fiddly, but I will do my best to describe it now.

        The shop is in Woosung Apart (우성아파트). It doesn’t have a tube station. Go to Kangnam station. Come out of exit 7. Walk straight. You will cross several roads. You will walk for about 15 minutes. Keep going until you get to the Mcdonalds. It is on your right. The jack shack is on the first basement floor of the same building.

        I can’t even begin to describe the location of the actual shop. It is entirely red and the windows have been blanked out. There’s something written on the outside like, “Sensual massage” or something.

        At this point your best bet is to call the phone number and say, “도착했어요” (“Dough-jack-hess-oh-yo.”) This means, “I arrived.” He will come find you and take you to the shop.

      4. I forgot to mention, after you send your text message asking for a reservation, they will reply with something like, ‘네, 했습니당 그때에 뵈용’ or ‘네, 예약했습니다’ You should reply with, ‘감사함니다’ This means ‘Thank you.’

        Once, I didn’t say, ‘Thank you,’ and they thought I hadn’t confirmed the reservation. I turned up, confusion ensued, and I couldn’t enter the kiss room.

      5. Damn it, I forgot. I was a bit distracted!

        Other than deep throating, removing more clothes, jizzing on her face or tits, what else could it be? 69 possibly. Damn these Konglish words. They have no meaning.

        I should have asked the SP!

        1. If you find the elusive deep throat, please fill me in first. In my experience few even go beyond the head. Thanks for all the reporting. Cheers!

      6. Crap, finding these Lip Cafes is harder than finding a virgin in a whorehouse!!! It really sucks unable to speak Korean, made few telephone contacts but couldn’t get past basic hello, no directions :(

        Batting 0 for 2 but will try again next weekend. But I made one observation, on B1 level of most buildings there is a massage joint, too funny.

      7. Biscuits, can you please clarify your directions, “The shop is in Woosung Apart (우성아파트). It doesn’t have a tube station. Go to Kangnam station. Come out of exit 7. Walk straight. You will cross several roads. You will walk for about 15 minutes. Keep going until you get to the Mcdonalds. It is on your right. The jack shack is on the first basement floor of the same building”

        So is the jack shack in the SAME building as McDonalds? Because I believe the building name is “REXION” and the Woosung Apartments are older looking residential units few block away from McDonalds. So please clarity, in the same building as Mickey D’s??

        I know I was in the right neighborhood because, the JS website mentioned bang bang intersection, by the way it’s also near Belle and Cool.

      8. LWRC, yes – it is in the same building as the McDonalds. On the first floor of the basement. I can’t tell you the exact location of the shop in there because there are literally 4+ entrances, and I always kind of stumble onto it.

        I do remember a pool hall which is down the same corridor, but on the opposite side. I realise this isn’t a lot of help.

        As is typical in Korea, they name the bus stops etc after places that are CLOSE TO the stop/station, not actually AT the station e.g. Beng Beng Sagoli (Beng Beng is the name of a shop there, and Sagoli means crossroads! When a company like this moves to another location, they call the station a new name and add, “Formerly Beng Beng Sagoli”. It’s a tits-about-arse way of doing things and makes directions near-impossible). I don’t know what an Woosung Apartment is, but it’s the name of that particular stop.

        And yes – Officetels are FS. Basically, a pimp rents an office/living area (they’re actually often pretty decent) and puts a girl in there. I haven’t been to one yet, but I’ve read some of the Korean reviews, and the service seems fairly similar wherever you go. You say hello, have a chat, then she takes you to the bathroom. She undresses you and you have a shower together. She might blow you if you’re lucky. Then she takes you to the bedroom and the main event kicks off. I suspect the service will vary, as these things often do. I’d make sure to take charge, tell/gesture for what you want etc. As far as I can tell this is supposed to be better service than the RLDs in Korea.

      9. Thanks bro, yes I do remember seeing a pool hall down there. It’s kind of creepy down there, because you lose all sense of direction down in the basement level.

        Heck maybe after I hit up Belle , I’ll give it another try.

      10. Hey man, do you know what kind of service the 휴게텔 offer in general? Is it like all the other massage places, but with a different name :P? The price seem very similar with the massage place I’ve been to (with full service, but only for about 30 min).

        Thank you :D

      11. Hi Biscuits,

        The link you provided for the Lip Cafe shows a map that points out to a different place from that one you said, is the link correct?

    57. went to pick up artist today and was turned away , the dude at the counter stated there weren’t any girls available until 10pm even though I made reservations via kakao talk. I don’t know if this was truly the case or foreigner are not welcomed, I’m assuming it’s the later. Heck took my money to Kiss+ and had a good time

      1. Thanks for the report. It’s possible that they didn’t want a foreign customer, but in my experience they are usually not shy about simply coming out and stating it. Cheers.

      2. Yes, I think there was a misunderstanding because of the language barrier. PUA addresses their ladies as managers and I thought mistakenly when the clerk was referring to a manager, I thought he was speaking about the store manager, my bad.

        Will check out PUA someday soon, heck this little incident allowed me to get a phone number from Kiss+

      3. LWRC, you must be doing something right as I’ve never got a phone number from kiss room girls!

        Pick Up Artist is definitely foreigner friendly. Maybe I can post some useful Korean phrases on here that I often use.

        By the way, all kiss rooms (at least all the ones I’ve been to and seen on the internet) refer to their SPs as ‘managers’. It’s some form of Konglish, I guess.

        1. I’ve scored a few numbers and even met outside for cost-free fun, so it is possible. I had plans to include useful phrases in Korean and other languages in a premium section of the site but that never materialized. Thanks for the continued comments. Cheers!

    58. Tried pkartist last week. Best Kiss Bang I have been to hands down. It is at Naseongdae (line 2). Go out Exit 5. Take an immediate right at the first street. It is in the first or second building on your left on the 3rd floor. There are signs right inside the door.

      Make a reservation. The guy speaks very little english but was patient communicating with me. The place is clean and generally well kept. I did have to wait quite a long time even with the appointment causing me to change the appointment from 1 hr to 30 minutes. Too bad. The girl Ha Eun was gorgeous, exactly like her picture on the site. Body 8 (normally small chested asian girl, but otherwise perfect). Face 9 (seriously Kpop cute). Service 9. She spoke little english but there are other girls there that speak more. She was friendly and enthusiastic. Laughed and chatted but was happy to get down to business due to the short time (and my wait). DFK, nipple play, panties off.. Didn’t ask for extra money. The only complaint was we had to move to fast because I had an appointment and had to wait too long due to other late customers. I live near Hongdae and K+ but at least based on this experience well worth the extra travel.

    59. I signed up to the website biscuits posted and went by his advice and had a great time in a lip cafe. Maybe the difference between soft and hard is deep throat? I tried hard and she went deep. Will definitely be returning. Thanks Biscuits.

      1. Which one did you went to? I tried to contact every lip cafe close to where I live (Sillim) and all of them declined me because I’m foreigner (I send a message saying that in Korean).

      1. Oops, sorry for the late reply. I don’t think she’s working there anymore. She told me that she was quitting the next day (

    60. WTF does stocking mean? Is that a certain fetish Koreans find the need for? Office tells seem to just do BJ, HJ and not FS?

      1. Yes – stockings appear to be a fetish over here, so they offer it as a service. The girls put them on before you arrive.

    61. Re: lip cafes and services offered..
      There used to be a lip cafe in suwon i frequented a few times a week. Girl there were incredibly cute…all early 20s but the place shut down a good 8 months ago.
      They had different courses that includes stocking (girl wears only stocking), 69, 2 shot, relay etc.
      A common option was also rimming. Youd have to get on all fours and girl would tongue bathe everything before flipping you around, jumping into a 69 and finishing you off…all for around $50.

    62. Did a little research and found that stocking means FS. Officetels are very unaccommodating to foreigners. Got directly turned down 3 times because I am a foreigner. The other 2 wanted 360k for 2 hours which wasn’t happening. Ended up going to a lip cafe which was much better and the same service so not a wasted day. I agree with all the other posts in that PUA rocks!

      1. Went to my first officetel session and it was better than what I expected, for 150K, a very nice FS treatment with all the trimmings. The price on the website was 130K for 60 minutes but I was charged 150k, don’t know what the extra 20K was for, but I left happy so who cares. Next time it’ll be for 2 hours.

        Thanks once again to Biscuits, for posting the links to BB, great help

      2. I’m curious what website you’re talking about. Also, can you speak Korean or do you look Asian? I’m a white guy who can speak Korean, but I always thought that these places were off limits for non-Asians. Thanks.

      3. That website is just a portal to a list of dozens of different services. Do you remember which phone number you called? Which girl you met? Thanks.

      4. sorry no, after a while everything gets kind of blurry.

        If you are in Seoul, there are tons of options so you should be able to find what floats your boat

    63. i just went to kisstime in hongdae it’s a waste if time and money. i pay 40,000 and only knowing rhat its only for time and you pay another to kiss or touch the lady. its like i have been robbed. i will not go back on this place again.

    64. I finally made it to the Lip Cafe mentioned in the earlier post, it was it worth the wait and I’ll be returning soon.

      It is in the same building as Micky Ds, level B1, it’s right across from the barber pole, I think this place used to be a skin care store in it previous life because there is some skin care related writing on the door.

      Just ring the doorbell and let the fun begin.

      1. Also, I read that you’ve also had success with Officetels? I’ve called three today and all have said no foreigners allowed. Do you by chance have a link or the name of the one you went to? Thanks in advance~

      2. Hey. There’s one in Kangnam called ‘Muse’ which seemed open to foreigners when I contacted them a couple of months ago. It is hard to find one that will accept us, it’s true. Keep plugging away. I’m sure you’ll find one.

    65. Tried calling PUA Kiss Bang but get “number is temporarily disconnected” message.
      Can anyone confirm if it’s still open?

    66. Thanks to Biscuit and LRWC..I found the lip cafe, walk-in w/o appointment and had fun. I agreed kiss bang depends on luck..

    67. Hey Biscuit, or others who’ve been to the lip cafe, is kangnam different from gangnam? If so is it really far? I’m staying near sinsa station on garusugil, and would like to try a lip cafe before I leave .

      Thank you bro!

      1. Gangnam/Kangnam is exactly the same. In the Korean alphabet (ㄱ <– this letter) is pronounced somewhere between an English K/G, hence why the spelling is often different.

        One thing you do need to be careful of is Kangnam is a town (with the subway station), but there is also Kangnam-Gu, which is an area. Sometimes Koreans say one without telling you which one they're really referring to. There's also a Kangnam Office (another place entirely). But anyway, the one we're referring to above with the lip cafe is Gangnam station.

    68. Hi guys, i would like to go to one kissbang in seoul but little bit shy to go by myself….. Does anyone plan to go tomorrow, tuesday or wednesday ? I can go with you if you don’t mind, i will feel more confident….. Thanks guys

      1. I can understand your shyness (I was terrified the first time I went), but you ought to bite the bullet and just go for it. You’ll be glad you did in the end. I would suggest going to somewhere like the PK Artist your first time because it’s fairly clean and much less of a dive than some of the places I’ve been in.

    69. Just wanted to put my report in for the Lip Cafe.

      Was easy to get there but hard to actually find the exact place. But yes it’s fully covered in red and disguised as a skin care shop. Went in and the guy spoke decent english so it was easy to get what I wanted. Paid 40,000 for 20 min (way too long ha ha) and the girl I got wasn’t that much of a looker but her service was on point. Luckily for me I can understand Korean and speak some survival Korean so getting along was easy. Don’t need to detail on the rest but service was great and will come back again. The man at the front said that if I come in again he’ll offer even more service. I asked him what it was but he said just come back again. I’m assuming this is the “hard option”? Anyway had a great time and will be going again. Thanks Biscuit and LWRC!

      1. I’m glad you don’t need to make a reservation. I suspect you might need to in the evenings when it presumably gets busier. I guess if you’re happy to wait, there’s no problem.

        Anyone tried the 2 girls at once option yet? Or the relay?

      2. Wow the world is a small place, just came back and one of the manger is a korean-american gal from the same part of the US I’m from, how funny..we might even know some of the same folks back home.

    70. I ran into this same lip cafe. It is called “Galaxy” on the abam5 site. It is a bit of a hike from the subway. I did relay but the other girl got stuck in traffic so ended up with the same girl twice. I like her so that was fine. I did set up a reservation but from what I can tell walk-ins are very normal. I passed right by the “skin care” shop looking for it but the guy came up and got me.

      The girl was super nice. Not crazy good looking but young, fit and really chatty/bouncy so a bit closer to a GFE. The BJ was a bit mechanical but did the job. The second was more involved since it was the second one :) but she worked hard if not too creatively.

      Just FYI. I had called another lip cafe and the response was “come by anytime”. There was one that just didn’t return my text. I sent it both in english and korean. I figure if they dont’ want a foreigner better just to know up front. Its too bad because it was north of the river where I work. But generally so far with LCs reservations seem not to be quiet as important than at Kiss Bangs.

      If anyone runs into a LC north of the river (downtown) let me know. They are hard to find up here. Not even one listed in Hongdae on the sites. I find that a bit strange.

    71. Guys – this is one hell of an informative albeit overwhelming stuff for a newbie like myself. I haven’t been to Seoul in 10 years and will be there in less than a week. I was wondering if anyone knows of a foreigner friendly Kiss Bangs places around JW Marriot @ 176, Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu?

      I will be happy to report back with my experience if I have any luck.

      My only experience 10 years ago was from Itaewon and was nothing to write home about :)

      Thanks in advance.

    72. Found Kiss plus easily based on the directions from here. Exit 9 at hongdik uni, cross the street, behind the construction and there it is.

      Clearly visible from the street when you exit

      My experience was mixed there. Girl was beautiful but shy and not a good kisser

      Tried a place called Secret Kiss. 200 meters past the exit 9 on the same side of the street. Next to a pizza shop. Yellow sign with a K

      Experience here was better. Got 2 girls. First not the prettiest but very friendly and a good kisser. Happy to be fingered and licked too. Really got into fingering her and forgot to take my cock out before the bell so cannot comment on her hand skills. Pretty sure if I had her for an hour anything would have been game

      Second girl was very cute but younger and a bit shy. Very nice girl though. No fingering and my offer of oral was declined. Good kisser though and she was happy to jerk me off while I rubbed her ass. Very enjoyable

      Saw some of the other girls as I left and all were pretty

    73. Hi,
      Tried kiss plus last sunday. The guy at the door was friendly but told no availablity for next 3 hrs so went again at 7. The girl walks in named sujin, body 8/10, face 6/10. After a bit of talking got into action. Kissing was lame. Her mouth was stinking like a pig, it turned me off right away, so was in no mood to indulge further. I dont know what level of personal hygine this girls have. overall didnt have a good experience. Tried to find 7 kiss shop but couldnt find based on your directions. I guess the shop is closed now and is replaced by a massage parlour. If anyone can let me know if its still open. Cheers

    74. First time visiting Seoul so naturally I find this site.

      I began looking for 7 Kiss but I couldn’t find any signs. There was a place with a blue neon light on the first floor but it appeared to be for a hair salon on the 3rd floor.

      I took Caveman’s advice and went to Secret Kiss, it on the 3rd floor to the left of a Papa Johns Pizza.

      The clerk was friendly and I asked if foreigners were ok (I speak zero Korean) he said yes. 40000w for 30 mins or 70000w (I think) for 1 hour. I didn’t know what was going to happen so I just said 30 mins. He told me to brush my teeth and wait in the room.

      The girls comes in wearing a tan dress, face 7+ but had an awesome body 9ish. Tall with nice round C cups.

      Her English was decent and she said she was 22 and going to the university nearby, broke up with her BF last month.

      We talked for like 3 minutes and got to it. From the time she came into the room she was touching me so she had no issue with me touching her. Pretty nice kisser and let me touch or grab anything. Pulled off her dress straps and out come the boobs which I enjoyed with my mouth and tongue thoroughly. I’ve got one hand on her boobs and the other fingering her as I feel her getting wet. I am about rock hard at this point so I whip it out and put her hand on my cock. We continue kissing and licking for a bit and I ask her to suck me. She says ok and I get on my back so she has a nice angle to suck. This girl clearly knows how to handle a dick as she is slurping the D like her life depended on it. I ask if she wants to fuck just for kicks and she hesitates and then says “ok, ok.” Next thing I know she is on her back and I’m inside her, she didn’t even ask about a condom. I’m concerned about the time and was pretty much ready to burst from the great BJ so we fuck for about 10 mins, changing positions a few times. I ask where to cum and she says “outside” and I ask her to suck it. She gladly lets me cum in her mouth and I give her a pretty big load. She spits it out into a cup and has some water I brought with me.

      After that I ask her how much time left and she says.. 8 minutes. That sure went fast. We both slowly get dressed, and finish up by kissing and me sucking her nipples. I ask her to show me her ass and I suck and lick it a bit and we talk a bit as well. She said it was her first time with a foreigner and it was better than Korean guys. The timer rang and she showed me the way out…

      So anyway, I am leaving Seoul tomorrow which is too bad as id like to spend some more time here. Sorry I didn’t catch her name. But tl;dr fucked a hot 22 year old for 40000. Not sure if any other girls are like this or if this is her style, but she said I was handsome and seemed pretty attracted to me from the beginning so your mileage may vary. Would love to hear of other success stories from this great place..

      1. Hi man, did you make a reservation or just went there? I’m trying to find the number of the place on the sites recommend by Biscuits, but couldn’t find them :/

    75. Decided to try a kiss bang out of curiosity after reading everything on this site. 7 kiss bang just does not exist. So I went to kiss plus. Guy said it was 40k won. I gave him a 50. He then urged me to go bruch my teeth and im like “you gonna give me my change?” And then he acts like he forgot and guves me 10k. I brush my teeth then he takes me to the room. This girl comes in after and is like a 6/10 face but 7/10 body. She talks to me for like 3 minutes then says 1 and points to my hand. Says 2 then points to her hand and then says 3 and points to her mouth. Im confused as shit based on what I read on this site and i also Balk at her in my mind like, why the fuck would i pay her anything to beat my own dick?! Bitch please. Anyways, i say her hand and mouth and she says 7. And im thinking does she mean 70k? And im like naw, and she then says 5. And then i say just her hand and she says 3. Then she tells me to lay down and pull my pants drawers down to my knees and then she lifts my shirt up. Then she starts doing the worst dry handjob on earth. Like wtf. While she does this she randomly licks my nipple and lightly kisses me every now and then. Otherwise she is awkwardly looking at me. Then she starts saying “finish” and im like i cant just finish (in my mind i also say

    76. I dont know why my post got cut off but it did, so here is the rest of it……..

      “you dumb bitch”) she was hella annoying me and my penis just was losing its erection to this shitty experience. Then i say fuck it just suck it hoping a good blowjob can overcome my annoyance with the whole situation. She sucks and its like the worst blowjob on earth and she only does it for like 30 seconds then stops and goes back to the dry hj and then randomly sucking on the tip for 30 secs then switching back. The whole time im laying down while her position is like crouched over me. Eventually im just like stop, lets just kiss. And shes like why and in my mind im thinking because i hate ur fucking existence, but i tell her im just tired. Before we kiss. She asks for thhe mony. I give her the stupid money. Then she lightly kisses me for like 5 seconds then stops and stared at me. Wtf. She does this repeatedly like 4 times then says ok i go now. What the fuck. I wanna burn this place to the ground. Worst experience ever. I shoulda just got a damn escort or went to Belle.

      1. That’s some report. I have to say that I’ve never been angered even by the worst of handies. There’s some bad that comes along with the good. It’s just a part of it. If it really upsets you, you could probably better apply your hard earned elsewhere. Then again that’s probably true of us all to some extent. Cheers.

      2. I know the girl you are talking about in kiss plus. I don’t like her either. She is the worst service I have run across in Korea by a mile. She is clearly wants to get in and get out as fast as possible as in AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Don’t let her ruin Korea for you.

    77. Guys I have had zero luck in finding any place in walking distance of JW Marriott in Seochu-gu next to express bus terminal. Does anyone know of any kissbang or jack shack around JW?

      Only had luck with one working lady that hangs around in hotel lobby. Neither her looks or service was worth the $200.

      Please help.


    78. tried to find Secret Kiss on google earth and couldnt find it. could someone post a grid square or gps co-ords?

    79. Was planning to go to Secret Kiss . As approaching I noticed a police car parked in front, so I kept walking then turned around after a few minutes. When walking by again a large police bus that could fit at least 30 people standing was parked in front, didnt notice many police standing by and not sure if it was related to Secret Kiss or not but I decided to go get a coffee. Will have another look when finished coffee.

      1. I saw upwards of 10 of these police buses on the side of the road in Yeouido yesterday. Maybe they were doing some sort of crackdowns.

        I have not gone to secret kiss but was planning on going soon. If anyone goes there and it is still open put up a report please.

    80. while surfing around some other forums, a lot of other people the talking about a place called Superman Massage. has anyone been there? (google earth location @ 37.490404°, 127.032788°)

    81. decided to go to kiss plus again today, last time had a bad experience there, so asked for a different girl this time. The girl was a beauty face 8/10, body 9/10. After a bit of chatting and know abouts. She got right into the business. Grabbed my hand and started kissing. She is an amazing kisser. Had good 15 minutes of deep french kissing session and than the timer ticks. I decided to ask for more time, but she already had an appointment for next 1 hr.

      So decided to try another girl mean while, door guy told me that shes the best. She was a 21 year old hottie. face 7/10 and body 8/10. She was another hell of a kisser. Her talks were interesting too. She got attracted to me and let me grab every part of her body. Played with my little sam for some time, and by the time i decided to take it out, oops the timer rings, got let down again, but this time my mistake, so i got that here everything is on….

      After waiting there for about 20 mins, i got the first girl again for a 30 min session. This time i just didnt want to miss out on anything. So got into kissing right from the 1st minute. She got intimate and grabbed my dick. She was so happy to rub it and njoy it hard. seeing the opportunity i just pulled down my pants, and god hell, she just grabbed it with her mouth so hard. It was the best blowjob i had in korea, she sucked real nice. Getting from such a hottie i could not hold it long and soon came off, she cleaned me up nicely. Had a great experience this time. will come back here sure and check other girls too.

      had been to secret kiss and kiss plus too, but I would say guys that kiss plus is a good 4/5 and secret kiss a 3/5. this place is not on the main road, so pretty safe. quality of girls is far better here at kiss plus, most of the girls are beautiful here and more importantly the kissing is hard and wins for me hands down when compared to kiss plus…and extras are available without any tips…excited to visit kiss plus again…cheers

      1. And did you just go there, or made a reservation? If you made a reservation, can you give me their number or site?

        Thanks :)

    82. Hi,

      Just asking, since I found this website. I am heading to Seoul for the first time on Wednesday. Wanted to ask about Kiss Time Sadang since it is the easiest to find. So the shop name is called ‘Kiss Time’?

      And 40,000 won and are HJs allowed?

      Thank you.

    83. hi rockit,
      Just asking out of my curiosity and fear, from the time I have heard about the recent crack downs of such places. This guys have a lot of cctv captures with them, so just in case if there is a crack down than can we get in some sort of trouble with our cctv footage with them. Thanks

      1. Is there some confirmed report of a raid somewhere? I haven’t been keeping up. I’m no legal expert and I’m not even moderately versed in South Korean law. What I do know is that South Korea has one of the largest sex industries in the world, with one report saying 20 percent of guys purchase sexual services four times a month or more. It seems unlikely to me that it would be so prevalent if there was a huge risk. That’s my guess anyway. I don’t advocate or suggest anything. Cheers.

    84. i got the info from my korean friend, there were some recent crackdowns in daejon. not sure about the scene in seoul, but just read above some comments regarding increased police presence near the area, so just thought of asking you about the outcomes

    85. Stopped into kiss plus today. Easy to find out of the hongik university. I paid for an hour and was excited as it was my first trip to kiss bang. I was pleasantly surprised with my girl. She had a beautiful face and about a 7-8 body. Barely spoke any english but my korean is enough for basic conversations. After we had our tea and chatted for a while she told me to kiss her and i took that request seriously. She wasnt’ the best kisser but she made effort which is better than a cold fish. Without asking she started to rub my member as i felt her up. I positioned myself and just pulled him out and without hesitation she went straight to HJ. We carried on between talking and making out for about 45 minutes and I realized i needed to get this done if i was gonna shoot before my time was up. I wish they had lube in the room!! I took over to finish since a dry rub can only be done by yourself in most cases. She kissed and rubbed on me while I finished. Overall 70k for an hour with hot 22 Korean girl. I will be repeating, it’s not the same as sex but it definable has a place in my rotation now.

    86. Hi guys, my very first trip coming up next week to Seoul, and i really want to try this rather than the usual massage type service. I have read and re-read a few times.. can you send or re-post the kiss plus directions. i am staying in Jung-Gu area so any places near here would be awesome. Thanks in advance and its a great website.

    87. I appreciate this might not be the best place to mention this, but has anyone else tried social media to get girls? (Do a search online – you’ll find lots of them) I’ve had some great success. It does take some effort, but if you approach the girls right, you can get a fuck buddy for as long as you like (or until you get bored and fancy a change). I’m always honest about what I’m looking for, and you’d be surprised how many girls in Korea are looking for the same thing. You split the cost of the motel, and it works out very cheap. A motel (during daytime hours – which for some reason goes up till around 11pm) costs between 30,000 – 40,000 for 3 – 4 hours. Of course, you can always invite them over to your place, and then it’s free. Just this weekend I met 3 girls. 1 was just for coffee, a meet and greet, and possible sex relationship later. The other two, we met for the first time, then went directly to a motel. I’m meeting a different girl (who I slept with a couple of weeks ago) next Friday. And another girl this Tuesday evening after work. If you’re in Korea for any length of time, I suggest you give it a go.

      By all means, continue going to jack shacks, officetels and kiss rooms etc, but if you have a little patience you can always add in a little social media-sourced hottie to your routine. There’s more intimacy, which I like, and you can develop a little rapport if you want to. I’ve found that if a girl agrees to go to a motel with you the first time she meets you, there’s not much she’ll say no to.

      1. When I started this site I initially intended to post on all methods of getting laid but the pay stuff ended up being the focus. I’ve hooked up quite a bit in places like Korea, Japan and (as mentioned in an earlier post) Hong Kong via social media and the internet in general. Cheers.

        1. I’d guess things like Facebook and Naver. Craigslist can work, but it is becoming a real spam heaven and it’s not considered social media in any event. Cheers.

      2. I’m also wondering which social media do you use. If it’s on Facebook, do you just go into random groups, spot some girls and send them messages asking if they’d like a fuck buddy (in the most polite way, even though I think it would sound rude anyway for most girls, no matter how polite you tried to be) and try this a lot until you find some? How good is your Korean?

        I’m really puzzled since I’ve being trying to get (non-paid) laid here in Korea for a pretty long time using dating sites and I never went ever close to get an one night stand, let alone a fuck buddy. I guess I lack (a lot) the skills.

        Sorry for the bunch of questions, but you’ve just became my hero :P

        1. I’ve met women on Craigslist, World Friends, OK Cupid, Facebook, etc. Anywhere there are women there is a chance at success. Cheers.

      3. I’ve used Badoo, OKCupid, Plenty Of Fish and Craigslist with success. I met 1 amazing girl from Badoo. 1 terrible 1 night stand from Craigslist. 1 keeper from POF. The best one by a mile for me is OKCupid (3 ladies who I still meet now and then).

        I am an average guy with average skills. I have a few tips:
        1 – read the girl’s profiles. It takes 2 minutes. Find something to mention in the message you’re going to approach her with. Preferably a little witty or funny. Don’t do what most guys do and just write ‘Hi’ or ‘How are you?’ Put a little effort into it. If they don’t reply, do NOT get mad. Move onto the next one
        2 – only go for girls who are looking for ‘casual sex’ (this is rare) or ‘short term relationship’. They might also look for long term relationship, but don’t worry about that
        3 – if their profile says they are going abroad soon (for whatever reason) take this as a green light (meaning: “I want to have some fun before I go.”) These may be Korean girls, American, Greek, etc
        4 – send maybe 5/6 messages back and forth. I always wait for them to suggest talking on Kakaotalk (shows they’re interested). Give them your ID, or get theirs
        5 – be friendly on Kakao. Be yourself. Ask her lots of questions. If she replies quickly to your messages, you know she’s into you. I always speak 99% of the time in English
        6 – by now they know a little about you. They know you’re not a fruitcake. Ask them: “What kind of relationship are you looking for?” Some will flat out tell you they want a casual relationship. Others may be coy. If they skirt the question and ask you what you want, tell the truth: “I’m looking for a friend I can be intimate with. I don’t like 1 night stands” (they always appreciate the last part). If they’re into trying it with you, arrange a meeting
        7 – I want the first meeting to be as we mean to go on, so I often say to them: “If we get on well when we meet, I might ask you to go to a hotel. What do you think?” They usually say, “Okay,” or “If we get on well.”
        8 – This opens the way for sex talk. I always ask them what they like/dislike. Tell her what you like
        9 – After meeting and chatting for 1 hour, say, “Would you like to go to a hotel?” They’re often surprised and excited by this question. They usually say, “Okay.” (One girl wouldn’t shut up long enough for me to ask the question. When I finally interrupted her and asked, she looked relieved and said “Yes,” as if she’d been waiting for me to ask!)
        10 – They might be a bit nervous when you take them to the hotel. Point out you can take it slow, and make out at first. If she wants to do more, she is in control. They love this, and always go the whole way (be respectful). Also, make sure to make her come (fingering and eating her out always work. Do some research online if your skills aren’t up to scratch). They’re grateful, and will do pretty much any reasonable thing you ask them

        Man, that’s a long comment. I realise it’s a lot, but it’s really worth it. Several months of free/cheap (great) sex.

      4. I forgot to mention that if Asian girls are your thing and you want a fuck buddy, you stand a much better chance of getting one if she has either lived abroad for a while (either while she was growing up or to study English). They will have either had a relationship with a foreigner or are more open to different cultures and relationships. At least, that is my experience. Good luck!

      5. Thank you a lot for the post. It gave me some ideas to work on. It’s funny how what you posted looks like simple things to “come up with”, but still it’s the kind of thing that would take me a long time to figure out by myself, so again, thank you.

      6. I didn’t see Tinder mentioned here and I would highly recommend it in Seoul. It’s an iPhone app.. Check it out. I found dozens of girls (It took me a long time to go through all of them every time it updated) every time I went to a different station, and got a lot of replies with people interested in meeting me. I had to leave so I only got to see one of them for a quick date.. Quality girls.

    88. So after pursuing the directions offered on this really awesome resource (for those who haven’t read it all I highly recommend it – including the comments, they’re gold dust) I thought it only fair I put my 2 cents in with my own discoveries regarding this awesome service in the wicked country in which we live.

      Attended Kiss +, and the one in Sadang. Had awesome time in both. Suddenly realised I was travelling a heck of a lot of distance for this and there was every possibility there was one closer to my area. After a little bit of digging around… turns out there was.

      As I’m sure with a lot of people visiting this site, had to do a bit of mooching around trying to find it. But after following the directions on the site along with my own cross referencing on Google maps – I found it.

      Try putting this into Google Maps also if you want to GPS it yourself: 123 Ujangsan-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

      It’s called “Kiss You” and located on the 5th floor in a building around those coordinates. Look for the Korean type: 키스유

      It was still a bit of a trek as I live even further out, but it was closer than all the others and actually quite a nice choice find. Typically the guy seemed a little wary of me when I walked in, but some small pleasantries soon dispelled any worries he may have had. I’ve been twice now. The establishment is nice and clean. The rooms are quite big with nice comfortable sofa’s and TV’s for waiting time etc.

      It’s your standard Kiss Bang, they set out the ground rules which I’m sure are overlooked from girl to girl depending on chemistry etc. The first girl I met was very sweet, spoke fairly proficient English and the encounter probably would have gone further had the egg timer not cut us short. The second girl I arranged for an hour and wasn’t as good as the first but was still gorgeous and worth the premium. 40,000 for half an hour, and a little pricier 80,000 for an hour.

      Great resource Rockit. Hope you can update it one day!

    89. I went to Kiss + (Kiss Plus ), and had a great time. Before I went, I spent about 45 minutes looking for 7 Kiss Bang, wish I would have read the comments before taking my 15 minute walk, and 30 minutes of procrastinating at the park out side of the police station. Yes, there is a police station at the end of the street where 7 kiss bang is suppose to be, so I waited at the park trying not to look like a foreigner looking for the “red light stuff”. With only 15% battery life, I deided to read the comments and check for something nearby luckily it was KISS PLUS, literally a 5 minute walk. I walked back into exit 9 at Hongik Station and came out at exit 1, walked to the TGIF and looked across the main road and saw Kiss Plus. Kiss Plus is behind a concrete wall so people can’t see you walk in if you take a quick right turn onto the street and a quick left turn when you see the building entrance.

      I walked in, he asked did I have an appointment I said no, then he checked his HUGE paper calendar. I paid my 40k won, then brushed my teeth, then went to a room. After entering I waited about 3 minutes, but I heard him 3-4 voices talking, probably who has a free 30-minutes. Anyways, a Korean chick walks in alleged age 22 years old. We talked for 6 mintues and then we started kissing. Her exact words were “HJ 50K”, to bad I was scared of getting in a fight with drunk college students, so I only had 15K won in my wallet, which she checked to make sure I wasn’t lying and accepted it. We kissed while I got a HJ. Her french was okay, but maybe her tongue was just short. I released, she cleaned me up and then we sat and chatted a little longer before kissing again. I her kitty area twice, during the hj and after when we were kissing the last few minutes. (Over the panties, though.) Face I’ll say 7/10, if I met her out at the club(while sober) I would talk to her. Body, 8/10, B Cup, toned thighs, and perfect shoulder length hair cut, and clear face. Height 5′ 4″.

      She a little ditzy, so I believe I could have got the HJ for less, I’m talking 5K. Why I think she is ditzy.
      1) She left the money inside the couch crease when she left the room to throw away the now dirty wet napkin.(She realized it when she was seating back down)
      2)She also left me in the room with the silent digital time for about 1 minute and a 1/2.

      Also she spoke little English, a little language barrier, but enough communication to talk about relationships BF / GF, stuff. I ended it there, since I don’t want to be spilling out my personal life.

      When leaving there was a van park right in front of the door walk way near the sidewalk. The person inside looked like a female body guard with a bullet proof vest on, so I took a left turn when leaving and headed back to the night life area and waited for the train to start, I didn’t want to risk being followed in a taxi.

      Does anyone know how long(months?) these chicks usually stay at these places before quitting?

      I asked for her number, she declined and KakaoTalk, she declined, then she made me pinky promise to see her before I leave Seoul. In my head, I’m like “WTF, I’m trying to build a connection outside of this 30minute / 1 hour, so I can get more at a cheaper price.”

      1. Thanks for the detailed report. I’m not an expert on South Korean law but I don’t think there is much risk for those visiting kiss rooms. Cheers.

    90. Great site, got me hooked onto reading all these comments for the last few days,
      I’m going to visit Seoul in a month or so, I really wanna try out those Kiss Bangs,

      got a question,
      I have located Kiss Time (Hongdae) with google earth, pinpointed the exact building,
      I still cant find Kiss PLUS :( been through all the comments
      so I come out of exit 1 and walk towards Kiss Time or the speed mate petrol station,(both in the same direction)
      cant find a yellow sign with a big K on it
      is it on the same street? or the main street next to it? how big is the building?

      thanks guys

      1. you come out of exit 8, walk for about 50 meters, cross the street towards your right. A big K sign is clearly visible from the signal, its on the second floor. Tip, once you come out of exit 8 just keep lookin towards the street across on your right you will find the K…cheers

      2. trying to find it on google earth but there is a lot of construction in the area. i think im in the right area, but could someone post some coordinates?

      3. hey bzeisman

        just noticed the google earth images are very old,
        maybe dated back in 2009,
        if you zoom into exit 8, it says exit 4,
        and i did some google research, that that exit 4 was changed to exit 8 few years ago,

        so yea bet those construction are all finished now,
        I guess I just have to be there in person to search for that place,
        hope I will find it and not look like an idiot on the streets

        thanks chris88 for your info, cant wait for my holiday

    91. Hi Rockit,

      Let me share my experience so that there is latest information on this thread.

      Tried 2 kiss-bangs in a day – Kiss+ and Secret Kiss. Both near Hongin subway station.

      Kiss+ – Take exit 1 from Hongin station. First right, then first left, walk a couple of steps and you are there. The place is small. The couch provided in the room is not very comfortable and you would waste time trying to figure out a good posture before the kissing starts. I ended up standing and kissing the girl. Now coming to the girl – she was very gorgeous. Not too skinny and not to chubby either. The kissing was good but she was a little uptight. Did not undress and didn’t let me touch her anywhere as well. Just over the shirt boob grabbing. This was my first visit at any kissbang and I was a little disappointed. Hence I thought of trying another kissbang in the vicinity, i.e. S Kiss.

      S Kiss – This is a couple of metres away from Kiss+. Take exit 9 of Hongin station. Keep walking until you reach the Papa John’s Pizza shop on your left.. The kiss bang is on the 3rd floor of this building. The place is lavish as compared to the Kiss+. The room was bigger and so was the couch. Big enough for 2 people to lay sideways and cuddle. This girl was also gorgeous. Was a little shy. But after a little persuasion opened up. She stripped down to her undies and let me fondle and kiss her breasts. She even let my hands hover over her crotch. My half an hour time slot ended in a jiffy. Would surely like to visit this place again.

      Once again, Rockit, thanks for compiling all these info. For guys like me, this website is like treasure. Hope to add more reviews on this thread.

      1. (sorry, this is all i have to go on when looking for these places)

        is this where S Kiss is….. 37.554420°, 126.920703°

    92. Hi guys, thanks for the great info!!!

      @rinseoul, the links you posted, on my computer anyway, don’t seem to work
      Could you give directions for the seoul national univ. station where you had a bit older women?
      Was it fairly decent experience?


    93. Some great reports on Kiss Bangs here in Seoul.

      Living in Samseong Area so looking for some decent Kiss Bangs in Gangnam? Any recommendations from posters would be appreciated.

    94. guy,

      It looks like that blog was taken down recently which is why the link isn’t working. there are a number of kiss bangs in that area. i recommend going through the trouble of signing up for the site. Using Google Translate you can work your way through it. They list kiss bangs in all areas of Seoul. If you are around line 2 I would take it up to Hongdae and do Secret Kiss in the Papa Johns building there. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. It even looks like the Pick Up Artist Kissbang site is down. Too bad. That place was good and in the area. I can’t remember directions to it well enough without the map on the site but others here might.

      1. bzeisman
        June 3, 2014 at 12:36 am

        (sorry, this is all i have to go on when looking for these places)

        is this where S Kiss is….. 37.554420°, 126.920703°

        can you please confirm this is where S Kiss is please. Thanks

      2. @ rinseoul: google translate doesn’t really do anything for that site. all the stuff for the signup is still in Korean.

    95. Great website. I am from Europe visiting Seuol. I tried the Secret Kiss it worked as you said first I had a shy girl who i supposed did not like foreingers but we changed to another girl and she was great. We kissed all our lips and nips and cuddled and she was very positive nice looking. Hlaf an hour went fast.

      S Kiss is easy to find you do not need google maps take just exit 9 and walk along the street to papa johns pizza.

    96. I just want to give my experience. I went to Kiss+ today. What a waste of time and money. I spent over 30 minutes looking for 7 Kiss before I realized it just doesnt exist anymore. At Kiss+ I got a girl who offered me a HJ for a 30k tip within 2 minutes of starting. Well, I wasn’t aware of that, but now that I think about it I’m glad I didn’t take it.

      She was a crappy kisser, the couch was too fucking small and she was constantly complaining that it was uncomfortable. She was a 5 in the face and her body was a 6. I got to feel her tits, and she squeezed my junk a bit but she kept having to stop kissing and readjust due to the couch being so small. I’m pretty sure she wanted the 30k for the HJ so she could have as little interaction as possible, but at 70k (40k+30k) for 30 minutes, that makes Kiss+ more expensive than Belle. It makes no sense to go there. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AT KISS+! I’m not a big guy at all. Those couches seem like they are designed for midgets.

      One more thing. The girl was 25 and had already graduated college. So she wasnt a student at all and she said she had a BF during small talk. My experience at this place was so disappointing, but after reading the comments I realize it wasn’t the worst. How that place is still open is beyond me.

    97. Went to Secret Kiss the other day. 40K for the half hour. Easy directions from above (Papa Johns building) and the signs were clear on the building. I was amused that the phrase “Top Quality” was on the signs…does it cost less for “not so good quality”? Anyway, after brushing my teeth I was led to a standard room with a couch/bed in it. The girl came in…mid 20s. Face 7 body 8. It looked like she just got up…no make-up and fairly sleepy (esp for 1pm). Her English was passable, and we started kissing. Not the greatest kisser, but not bad. Didn’t like to french too deep. After a while tits came out and I did some nip sucking and kissing. Was pretty hard so opened up my fly and she started touching it. She wanted 20K tip for a hand job. I said 20K for oral. She said 40K for that. I said no. Eventually wound up 20K for “some” oral. She was pretty good, and after a bit of sucking, she got me off with her hand. We still had time so we chatted a bit about food and movies etc. From what I read this seems to be the typical conversation. The experience was nice, but I preferred Belle.

      A few days later I tried to find the Lip Cafe in Gangnam. Found the McD’s and went to B1. I found the “red covered” place and saw the door was open. I went in and asked the guy at the counter “Lip cafe?” He shook his head fast and said “no no no” so I left. I’m pretty sure that this was the place (down the hall from the billards place), but it seems to be closed, or perhaps I came at a bad time? In any case, since Belle was in the area I made a second trip there instead.

    98. So to confirm, 7 Plus is closed now, sign is all gone.

      I’ll see what I can find on this trip and report it back to everyone!

    99. Hi,

      Thank you very much for this site. I learned a lot.
      Just want to know pkartist’s website and the Kakao talk#

    100. Hi i was on the abam5 site, does anybody know what 핸플 or “haenpul” is? im guessing its a jack shack like belle but i just want to be sure.

      Also does anybody know if the red lipcafe is gangnam is still open?


    101. to Capnkrunch,
      please let me know the Secret Kiss, i am new to this town. If you can give the subway station and exit no, a great help.
      Or anyone can direct me to get in the Secret Kiss.
      thanks guys

    102. i see they have bathrooms where customers brush their teeth prior to the seeing the girl, but do the girls clean up/shower after seeing a client? are there showers for the girls? one poster mentioned a girl he saw had breath stinking like a pig, so i guess it’s optional for them to gargle?
      just asking b/c i don’t wanna suck anything like titties that have not been washed!

      1. There’s no way to know what each service provider does between clients but women in this line of work typically pay a good amount of attention to hygiene, especially in Korea. Then again, they are in this line of work. If cross contamination is a huge concern you may find that kiss bangs aren’t your thing. Cheers.

      1. It’s a shortened version of “건강 마사지” which means something like health massage or massage therapy. I think it’s just a more legit-sounding term for massage parlors. Cheers.

    103. just letting y’all know (and to confirm another poster) that pkartist has obviously shut down. don’t waste your time and energy going there.

    104. staying near myeongdong. would want to know any recommended kiss bang and what time to go.

      i might head to hongdae to try s kiss or kiss+

      will post report later

    105. Anyone knows of any foreigner friendly offictel or hyogetel in Seoul.? I tried site and there are many in Hongdae and gangnam area but there is no direction given. You need to call and my Korean is almost zero specially on phone. I need directions and how to get in. much appreciated n thanks.

    106. Yes, both are full service but officetels are comparetively at high end so little expensive check the site

    107. Does anyone know the exact location of any kiss bangs in sinchon or gangnam (particularly one called churros)? I can’t register for the abam website for some reason. Thanks in advance!

    108. Went to the lip café in 우성아파트 in Gangnam this past Sunday, and it was closed. Tried around 6pm, went back 10 minutes later, and then again a half hour after that. Maybe it isn’t open on Sunday?

      Anyways, I’ve gone once before and had a good experience. 39,000 for 15 mins with a hottie. Very sweet and sexy, and it’s hard to beat a BBBJTCIM for that price.

    109. Went to Kissing Time in Sadang and had an uneventful time with a really cute petite girl Saegyoung who said she was studying to be a flight attendant. She smoked twice (wasting my time) and wasn’t really into the kissing. She let me feel her nice tits, but she wouldn’t let me kiss them. I put her hand on my johnson, and she said that they didn’t do that there. Was extremely disappointed. I know YMMV but I wouldn’t ever spend another $40 gambling.

      Not wanting to risk wasting another $40, I went to a Lip Cafe called Shinsaegae in Yeoksam (the other two were not answering the phone). This was an amazing, well-spent $40. I got this petite hottie named Eun-bi (Silver Rain?). Wow, she was awesome. Good mix of hand and mouth.

      BTW, I am a Korean-American with conversational level Korean-speaking capability. On the phone, they asked me if i was a foreigner and which type. Seems they may not have been open to non-Korean foreigners.

    110. I tried Kiss Time in Sadang at 1400 today, but the door was locked. I could See a light on between the crack in the door and try knocking but no reply. Maybe I was too early? Or all the girls where busy so that shut up shop? Anyway thougt I’d let you guys know.

    111. Hi guys, I was in sincheon today, near jamsil in the South east of Seoul and spotted a kiss bang. Unfortunetly I couldn’t investigate, but daum Maps shows me it’s probably less than a year old. It took up the whole 4th floor and had big red lips and kiss written on the blacked out windows. Here are my instructions to get there. Head to sincheon on line 2 (near jamsil not sinchon) and take exit 4 out of the station, walk straight until the first side street on your left with a Mac Donald’s, turn in here. Then walk a small distance to the second crossing and turn right, there should be a coffine gurunaru on the right. Walk straight for a while in this street with bars, noraebangs etc. After a while you should spot a gong cha milk tea place on your right, the kiss bang is on the 4th floor of this building, look up and you should see the signs. I think the entrance is in the street to the right in front of the gong cha. If this place is any good, it could be great for people in the east and save a lot of time heading all the way to hongdae. Like I said I couldn’t investigate but might be able to soon. If anyone else could that would be great, if you have trouble finding it or want more directions let me know, I could mark it on a map.

      1. Nice directions, was pretty easy to find with your instructions. Unfortunately they don’t start till 7pm so I wasn’t able to try out the service. I looked in one room and it had a massage table so it seems like this place might be more than just a kiss bang.

    112. Went to secret kiss tonight and it was fantastic. Followed the directions in the comments (thanks). Walked in and was greeted by the man at the desk. He spoke fairly good English and asked me what I wanted. I paid him the standard 40 for 30 minutes. I brushed my teeth and he led me to a nice room with a big couch. After about five minutes a pretty girl (face 7 body 8) came in and we chatted through google translate for a couple minutes. Afterwards we got started and she was a pretty good kisser. She pretty much tongue assaulted me for 15 minutes which wasnt too bad but it couldve been better. I groped her the whole time but she wasnt taking any clothes off. She told me to lie down and we started kissing some more lying down on the couch. She then told me to take off my clothes and gave me a great handjob while giving me a cat bath. She cleaned me up and we made out some more which I guess was okay but I was ready to go. I left and the guy at the desk asked if I liked it and told him very much. I saw some of the other girls working there as I left and the other 2 were very pretty as well.

      I’ve been to Kiss+ a number of times and its been pretty good but no girl has been as pretty as this girl was. Plus of the 4 times Ive been there 3 of the girls asked for a tip upfront for extras. So in comparison Secret Kiss has been the best for decor, foreign friendly service, hotness of the women, and service in the room.

      Good luck

    113. Is it safe to use our mobile number to signup on kiss bang or officetel website? I mean all such sites need adult certification and its either done through social security number or phone number, I wonder if I register such site / shop and later that shop gets busted by police would I be in trouble if police gets all record? Though I think It should be safe but I just want to confirm if anyone signed up this way?

    114. Since I moved away from the area I guess I can spill info on a gem Ive been keeping to myself for over a year. In Suwon Ingyedong there is a kiss bang called Osaka (google search it). I had CRAZY wild experiences there.

      First time I went in I met with a 19 year old girl named Hyuna. 9 face 9.5 body. Ridiculous. We chatted, kissed deeply I licked her boobs and I got a nice handjob. Each time I went it progressed more and more until I was getting FS every time I went at no extra charge. They have beds in each room instead of a couch so that should tell you how liberal the place is. I was going there 4-5 times a week. I would book Hyuna in advance, she would come in, laugh, take her top and panties off immediately (always wearing a tight skirt) and get into doggy position. I would start by kissing her then feeding her my cawk. Then id go in behind and lick her pussy for a minute or two then slide my cock in and pound her silly. My last 15 or 20 times there i just blew my load inside her. I would even spend time ‘edging’ before my appointment so i could shoot monster loads inside her. Great times. Not sure if she works there anymore but goddamn she was a go’er.

      One time i could not book Hyuna so got some random. The girl was super cutesy — 18 years old — very very different from Hyuna (very sexy, girls generation style). She was all nervous with me. We chatted a bit and kissed gently with light tounge. She stopped me and made that “X” sign over her pussy indicating nothing below the belt. I nodded and kept kissing her. Top came off to reveal some serious jugs — huge for such a small frame. I pulled my cawk out and had her touch it which she did reluctantly. I licked her cans gently and slowly started to rub her clit over her panties. This lasted a good 5 minutes. Suddenly she stopped me — i thought i’d get the ol’ X roadblock again — but instead she looked over at the door, looked at me and whispered “secret, ok?” Confused as all hell i just responded with “um ya, ok, secret.” Suddenly she pulled down her panties, but scooted up to me, grabbed my dick and eased it into her. Would love to say i fucked her brains out but i don’t think i lasted a minute. Seeing those tities bouncing on that innocent 18 year old frame was too much for me to take and i pulled out and popped in her mouth. She reacted like she was drowning and coughed/spit up my jizz all over the bed lol. Anyways managed to see her again before she quit (big turnover). Fucked her from behind — a sweet tight but plump little ass — splooged all over her asshole and fur burger.

      Anyways enjoy this gift boys. One thing to note, i was the only foreigner that frequented that place. Every time i had a new girl they’d tell me. My korean is ok for basic conversation and i am tall, damn handsome and white…so your miles my vary.

      1. Out of curiosity, did you ask her where she wanted it before you gave it to her? Whenever I’ve been in that situation, they always say outside.

      2. Ya 90% of the time they are pretty clear where they want it. With her she didnt say anything so i just went with it. After cumming inside she just laughed about it so i did it every time.

      1. humm… don’t remember the name but I will never forget how tight her pussy felt. I might start going there again because my relationship with a girl I met at Belle has ended. I started fucking her at Belle and started seeing her on the outside and while it lasted, it was a fun few months.

    115. @ beefstew
      hi could please tell me the direction? is it near 2001 outlet? the whole evening i was keep searching but couldnt find.
      i hope you can help me or hlpe us to find the plece.
      so could you please write the direction to reach OSAKA kissbang.

    116. Their website is
      Easy sign up (use google translate) and you can see directions, line-up, pics, etc.

      I have had experiences with many of them so just ask and ill do my best to wrack my brain to remember.

      If you are into huge boobs i’d recommend Un-Kyo (shown on the site). Big naturals on a smaller frame. At the very least she will let you titty fuck her and blow on her cans.

    117. And btw, after reading some of the reports on here I gotta say, all this “I let the girl lead but she was shy so i only got to kiss her” stuff is really sad. These girls are dealing with Korean men all day every day. Think about that. Dudes who have been going to room salons, Office Tels, Anmas, massage parlors etc etc etc since they were 20. You think these guys are content with just a few kisses??

      Im not saying force the issue but I have NEVER left a kiss bang and not cum. It’s expected in fact.
      Ive had the shyest girls imaginable — first day, never even talked to a foreigner before — and I just pull my cock out while we are kissing and slowly move her hand to it. They initially pulled away but calmly and with a smile i let the girl know its ok and i can “teach them.” Each and every time…and I mean every time…the girl becomes fixated on my dick and will jerk it like its a new toy. Often ive transitioned from this stage to “kiss him now!” — meaning my dick — and then had said innocent, frightened girl sucking it down, licking my balls, hell even rimming me right there in that little room. lol.

      These girls know what they are doing. As long as you are decent looking, well dressed and hygienic, there’s no reason you cannot have similar experiences. Most are fascinated if not relieved to not have to deal with some middle aged soju smelling adjossi.

    118. Oh and one last piece of advice.

      If you do get FS with a girl and the experience was fun and exciting, don’t be afraid to mention her name to other girls that work there. These girls talk – many of them even live together as roommates.
      Sounds counter intuitive but trust me. Ive had girls who walked in colder than a sea lions scrotum. i said I was friends with “X” and met her many times. Then when i told her my name her eyes lit up. “Ahhhh hh.” Next thing i knew she was asking to see my dick and soon thereafter i was either getting blown or deep dicking her. Even met with two after working hours for a 3some.

      1. Hey beefstew,
        I messaged Osaka, if foreigners are allowed and they replied ” no sorry”.
        So is it ok just to show up there?

    119. Alright guys… here is my full report of the Kiss Bang.

      Within 6 hours, I went to 3 different KB in Seoul and I am going to share with you everything you need to know..

      First, I want to thank the previous posters and comments for giving the logistics to even make this happen for me.

      (All locations I won’t repeat, just read the previous comments to find out where these are located)

      I am a Gyopo here and it is true that YMMV since even I had different experiences with every single girl here mentioned.

      1. Secret K

      a) Girl 1 (10pm) – Obnoxious signs make sure you wont miss it. Just walk up the stairs to third floor and you’ll be greeted by the owner or employee, both male and both nice. Be straight up and tell them it’s your first time and they’ll help you. Prices are $40 for 30 minute and $70 for an hour. I suggest doing $40 first and there is a reason for that which I found out throughout the night. I will explain later.

      First thing first, they’ll show you pictures of the girls available following your description of who you want. Earlier in the night. this makes sense. Later in the night like 2-3am, they’ll only have 1 or 2 girls so you wont really have a huge choice selection.

      Then they ask you to brush your teeth for obvious reasons. After, they lead you to a kiss room. It is snug, private, and quiet with dim lights.

      The girl was slim with nice perky tits. Not huge, 32B I assume. We fondled and kissed and she grinded me a bit and that was all. BIG mistake. I had no idea what was acceptable and what was not. If you assume that you can’t get anything from them, they’ll follow that lead and just not go with more fun. I wanted to do 30 more minutes with her but she was booked right after. We had good chemistry and I really am planning to see her again.

      So I asked her to bring another girl…

      b) Girl 2 – This girl was not my type and too plain on the face. She and I just talked a lot like we were friends. Pretty gay with a bit of kissing. Not that attracted and spent 30 minutes with her.

      I left the place feeling a little demoralized…. was this all that KB’s had to offer? WEAK!!!

      The night was young so I headed over to…..

      KISS Plus

      The inside and location is more dingy and cheaplike…

      c) Girl 3 – super ugly girl. plain piggy face and rotund. I was disappointed to the max so I decided to just not give a fuck anymore. I kissed her and since I had to get off I just reached her hand and led to my cock out side my pants. Surprisingly, she fondled it.

      NOW, this is the big move you guys all should do:

      “When you have kissed her for a while, continue kissing her and bring her hand to your cock and make sure she fondles it. If she stops, lead her to do it again. And as she is doing that, continue kissing her and unbuckle your pants as if its totally normal. Keep kissing her and continue to take your cock out and make her jack you off.”

      This is really important because once your dick is out and she’s jacking it is when you can determine where her limits are. If you keep kissing her and touching her breast and ass and pussy or whatever, you will not be able to get your dick wet since she most likely WONT grab your dick.

      She was super ugly so I stopped midway and just talked with her. Again, with the damn talks. Somehow, she just said “If you want to get really hot girls, go to MIL KIS. 1 station over from Hongdae.

      So I left with her advice and took a cab to a place called MIL KIS. It is located in Sincheon station. It is behind Hyundai Deparment mall (North of mall) and in the vicinity of a Mcdonald and 2 GS25. I looked around that area for a good 15-20 minutes before I found it. Just follow the noise and signs and its around there. I can not find the exact location but at least its another KB location.


      d) Girl 4 – she was below average but way better than previous girl. By now, I know what the fuck I’m doing. I minimalized the talk and got right to it. Kiss, grab and to cock, kiss, open cock and make her jack it. As long as you follow that routine, she’ll either be game or not. But make sure you know that this is the normal procedure. She expects this, as I realized later in the night.

      She continues to jack and makes me cum. Great. Awesome. 30 minute.

      Being the crazy I am, I decided to make one more final run.

      I take a $3 cab back to Secret Kiss.

      And this is where the fun began.

      I come back in and the manager is happy to see me. It’s 3am. I ask her cute girl. They say they have.

      e) Girl 5 – She has nice body and cute face. Very positive and up. I do the same routine and after 10 minute, I ask her for an hour. she takes the extra $30 to manager and comes back. She seems to be happy. So I keep pushing since we have 50 minute. First jack off, then take off her top. Then jack off. Then I dry hump her on couch keep kissing. Then I tell her to take off panties which took some convincing and she does. I try to lick the bitch but she wont let me. I get a couple of licks but she doesn’t want. So I keep kissing her. I turn over and ask her to suck it. and SHE DOES. she sucks my dick without condom. She’s good. she do that for a good 10 minute and I make her suck my nipples as I jack myself off. feels good. Then I ask her to lick my balls and shit. She does. We just fuck around like that. I try to do 69 but she doesn’t want. So eventually I keep her sucking my dick and eventually come in her mouth.

      We have 15 minute left and we chat about food and exercise. Very fun with her.

      I realize that its best to ask for an hour after she gets some jack off out of the way so she knows that you actually like her. She’ll understand that you expect more.

      As I’m leaving, the owner gives me a card with his number and tells me that I can arrange an appt. with her and girl 1 anytime since he knows I am a happy customer with the last girl. I def will make time to see both those girls since they are familiar with me now. It’s definitely a repeat game. The girls you have chemistry with will definitely be game if you had good exp. in the first encounter.

      all in all, these girls are random picks and you never know.

      That night, I spent about $240. 4 girls half hour. 1 girl full hour. All kisses. 3 jack offs. 1 blowjob.
      I know that it’s rather better to get an actual escort for that money and pump her with FS but I just wanted to experience the whole KB deal. It was fun and I will probably only see those 2 girls again before trying to see another new girl.

      I hope this helps and I am going to try that whole other stuff you guys put up on a later date. This was a 10pm-4am journey for me and I am exhausted as fuck.

      1. hi,

        looked all over the place for the MIL KIS. Saw 3 GS 25s and ate at the McDonalds, but couldn’t find it. I feel like I walked through every alley 3 times. If you go back or someone else can find it, let us know where it is. Thanks

      2. hi “korea seoul”
        do you remeber names of girls you enjoyed at S.kiss?
        particularly whats the girl name whom you met at 3AM (on your 2nd trip to s kiss)

    120. Hi
      i have read all above comments before i decided to try S kiss.
      today i visited S kiss,(route is same: Hongik university station, exit 9 , go straight till papajohns , its in 3rd floor)
      actually i went yestarday(9:30PM) for first time, there are 2 men at help desk, both are friendly, one speak very good english.he told me clearly that we can only kiss girls, girl touch max upto dick upon underwear. i told ok. they shown me path to brush . after that they took me to a room. spacious enough for 2 people, dim light.

      in 2 min , a girl came to room, face 6/10, structure 6/10, we spoke for hardly 2 mins, i am about to start,because i dont want to waste much time but she said she want to take a break, i said ok, after 5min manager came and said she can not come, he will send another girl but i have to wait 2 hrs.because they have only 3 girls and all are busy(he has shown me some sheet), then i said its not possible & asked can i come tomorrow, he said ok and gave me visiting card and phone number.

      Next day(i mean today) i called him, he arranged appointment at 6:30PM . when i went s kiss, manager is different person. he asked me, you have appointment, i said yes. then he asked to brush, and took me to a room. this room is more spacious than yesterday room. i saw some paper cups and tissue chair, one small table, one telephone. i guess this is premium room if we book for one hour they offer this room and we can even jack off in this room i guess(since i saw tissue, paper cups etc). he asked me 70000KRW, i told i want only half an hr. he said havent you booked for 1 hr. i said no. then he said if half an hour means you have to wait another half an hr. i said OK and waited from 6:30 to 7:00PM.

      at 7:03 girl(jaany) came in, face 6/10, body 8/10, (32 i guess) she speaks good english. her age 24. good height, petite. due to yestarday experinence i thought i should talk for much time and then start. so i spent about 10mins in talking, then i break the ice. she is very co-operative. slowly we move step by step, first kissed 3~4 times by taking break each time, then i put hands on her breast, its firm, tight, good shape. i could not hold her fully, so i told her i am not comfortable, then she said we laydown, then position is perfect, i slowly put my hands into bra, then she told me to wait, she got up and took off her top. again started kissing, she is palying with tough, i think she is expert in kissing but she is more interested to get sucked rather than sucking my tough. by this time i understood, i can spend another half an hour with her.(i want to apply same logic what Mr.Korea seoul” has tought us in above comment) i asked her is she free or not, she said she dont know, then i asked her to call manager and tell that i want to spend one hr with her, when she called, manager told she is already booked. then she told me i am in very much demand ha ha ha, again we started kissing this time i took off my jeans. i guided her hand to my dick, she is just rubbing on my dick (upon underwear). i guided my hands to her legs, back and pressed hard, she never mind, then i rub slowly on her pussy(upon panty). she is asking me repetedly to suck her nipples more and more. but i want to suck her lips, i might have kissed 5 mins in entire half an hour. but sucked boobs more than 5 mins. this time when she asked to suck her nipples i asked her to sit on my dick like cow girl. she came upon , my dick rubbing over her pussy on panty. she is moving fornt and back to get pressurize, then i aksed her, can we meet outside, she said i am expensive ($300) , i said ok. she given me her number & asked me not to call, just messeage. i said OK. till our time is over she is on my top and i am at bottom.
      when time is over, she given me wet tissue cloth, i dont understand why she has given me( i guess she tought i might have cum in my underwear, to clean that she has given me tissue) but i dint. she used many tissues to clean belly, boobs, legs (where ever i kissed her). finally its a good experince. i enjoyed more than expectation.
      but still my dick is hard enough, i have not jerked off. still i am not satisfied. so i decided to call another girl.

      i went to desk and spoke to manager for another girl. he told me to wait till half an hour.there is a girl named jiya. i said ok & aksed can you show me picture(i asked beacuse i read in above comments that S kiss shows pics of girls to choose) he has shown me jiya pic but only body picture, not face. i felt its an average petitie body. i went back into same room and waited for another girl. at 7:50PM another girl(jiya) came in, face 3/10, body by looks 6/10 but when i open bra, its padded, saggy tits , bad (typical korean food)smell from her mouth, so i give only 3/10. we talk for 5 mins, we started kissing, now i know i can do anything, so i started to feel her body, after first kiss i touched her boobs, i felt very hard like pad, then i understood, i put hand inside bra, her boobs are very saggy. she opened her bra, then we laydown, i guided her had on my dick. i kissed her again and agian ignoring bad smell but she is neight giving tough not taking. i dont wanna suck her nipples, i dint like at all, her face is also not attractive. i felt i have wasted $40. i asked to wait and removed my jeans. she has given some exclametary expression, and said ok, then i again put her hand on my dick, she is rubbing on my underwear, but my position is pathetic, idont know what to do, i dont like to kiss, dont lik to suck, i already touched her back, there no flesh only bones, so nothing is interesting, then i decided i will get jerk off from her, i just removed my underwear too, she again given same kind of expression and said ok, again i guided her hand to my dick, he rubbed for 10mins and seems she is tired, so i asked her to come up on my top(sam elike cow girl) but this girl dont know english, so she dint understand. i aksed her to continue same job(rubbing my dick) she told, i think i am very soft can you do my yourself?, i told no, you do, this time she got 5 tissues and put near my dick and did somewhat hard. i cum after 10mins. she cleaned my cum and dick, still we have 10mins time. we talked and finally said good bye.

      my doubt: above comments said, there are very pretty girls, university girls, but i dint get such girl. due to summer vacation in korea, all gilrs took holiday?? so S kiss arranged some call girls for time being?
      i have checked for 7 kiss, but i dint find there, is it shut down ? anybody visited recently?
      requesting everbody to share girls name, so that others can try same girl and not to waste much money.

    121. No clue about Solbi. If memory serves Sooin was a bit of a prude. Tit licking and HJ only. Jiyul is a go’er. I banged her a few times there.

    122. At Secret K, I’m wondering if I am unlucky or if it is standard: all 3 girls I have met there have had pads under their panties. Today, it was getting really hot with the girl and she asked, “Sex?” I said yes and she frowned and said “red.” lol. I’m like really?? and she showed me her pad which had a little red spot. haha

      I don’t know if she was messing with me or if she really wanted to have sex. It seemed like she was up for it, but she wouldn’t give a BJ so I’m not sure. If I don’t go back to see her I might give her name for those who want to try.

    123. Standard pricing 40k for 1/2hr 80k 1hr
      Ive NEVER paid for an hour. If you can’t get ‘er done in 30min you are doing something wrong.

    124. @beefstew or anyone else

      Do you mind adding directions to Osaka? I keep having issues with their site and even with a login, it only gives me access to their schedule.

    125. I went to the Kiss bang at Sandang station. Some guy on the 4th floor gave me the impression it was closed. Anyone have any updates on this ? I arrived there at 7pm in the evening.

    126. So yesterday I took the time to go out and visit a few kissbangs, first I went to Secret Kiss and I did half and hour there and I had a young girl that she told me she was 20. Looks I would give a 7 and she was about 5’4″ and pretty thin. I would say about 120 lbs but just nice overall. Kissing skills were good but I am glad I just did half an hour. She had some sexy panties on under her dress and I undid her bra and I would say she was about a 32 B cup. I could touch over panties but if I stuck my fingers in her panties she would grab my hand and pull it out. After my time was up I went to Kiss Plus for the last time. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY THERE. The girl there was just waste of time and would not kiss or anything. That will be the last time I waste money there. Afterwards I was disappointed and I was limited to about another 2 hours before I needed to leave the area. I decided to check on KOREASOUL’s mention of Mil Kiss. I had to do some searching for it but here are some directions to it. Come out of exit #3 at the Sinchon Station and walk strait. You will pass by McDonald’s right there at the station. Keep walking about a quarter of a mile and you will see a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, the next street turn right and walk just a little bit and you will see the sign. It’s above a GS25 store on the right and you can’t miss it. I went in there and decided to go for an hour. The guy did not speak english very well but that was ok. I brushed my teeth like all the other ones and he directed me to a room kind of like Secret Kiss. I waited about three minutes and in walks a beautiful Korean lady. Of course she had heels on but she was about 5’6″ without them. She spoke a little english and I got close to her and we just started kissing and she took off her jacket and lowered her dress down so I could feel her. I stripped down to underwear and she was one hell of a kisser. She would grab my body and pull it close and just rub her hands all over me. I played with her outside of her panties but every time I would try and put my hand inside them she would stop me. I could rub my dick around her panties and dry hump her but that was it. She was hesitant to touch my dick but finally she did and gave me a hand job. I would say this was the best I have experienced and I would return there again if I have the chance. Overall this lady could be a model, she said she was 24 and I would say 32 A on boobs and about 115 lbs. I would say this that I don’t think hardly any korean women shave down there because so far none of seven I have had at any kissbang do.

    127. As I live near Suwon, I jumped on Beefeaters suggestion and checked out Osaka. First, theanagen here is pretty awesome. Another note, handjobs are standard here. So onto the report – first girl I had was super hot, but she was a bit of a prude. I couldn’t get my fingers into her panties and she wouldn’t let me dry hump her without my boxers on. All in all she wasn’t into it, and wasn’t into faking interest. Next girl, face not as hot but huge (DD) natural breasts. She was much more playful and gave a pro hand job. Wasn’t able to get my fingers under her panties, but she did promise FS on my 3rd visit seeing her. Final girl, a bit thicker then the other two, but I could put my fingers anywhere and she got really wet. Cute face too. I’ve been to the Sadang kissban (no hj, no pussyfingering) and secret kiss (both but with a beat looking girl). And Osaka has been the best. I’ve seen some of the other girls in passing The management has been really accommodating as well…even askede what I thought of each girl, paying close attention to my critiques through google translate. The location is really hidden and secure, I have no anxiety about a surprise police raid. They are also looking for more foreing customers, I was told to “bring foreign friends”. Visit and send the number a text, it’s pretty worth it.

    128. @Bangarang. I second everything you said. Miss DD is Eun Gyo. Who was the girl you fingered. Girl I saw I fingered and at the end she said she has a Canadian bf which added to the enjoyment haha. Very secluded and secure as well so thumbs up to them.

    129. I have a stupid question but maybe somebody actually tried,
      What happen if you propose to the girl extra money?
      Like during the session you pop out 50 000 won and ask her extra service will she accept?

    130. @beefeater that’s good to know..I didnt think she was yanking my chain, but you can never be certain haha
      @Sam I think it’s based on the service providers preference. I personally wouldn’t because I don’t really want to offend or wear out my welcome…but to each his own I guess

    131. Nvm I fingered a girl named “eun gyo” but she didn’t have the double Ds. That was miss 예진. Haha and sorry i meant to type beefstew. Do either of you suggest a girl for FS? I had a prude named Hara, but the other two were good.

    132. It’s not so much the girl as it is familiarity/repetition and your method of making her feel comfortable. I always go in with a very easy going, happy attitude and treat the session like its a normal girl im trying to seduce. Lightly kissing the neck, upper chest, thighs, etc works wondering. Jamming your tongue down her throat whhile twisting and tweaking her nips isnt gonna get you far.

      Also using your dick to rub the clit (may take a few repeat visits) will warm her up to the idea of FS. Again though YMMV. A lot of success factors beyond this paint by numbers approach, amigos.

    133. @beefstew. Cool I’ll just stay the course. I assumed it would be seduction at a point in time, I was just unsure if it was a numbers game or based on provider (I understand it’s a combination of both, but I didn’t want to keep going to one girl for just handjobs. It’s helpful to know you can get past their ‘professionalism’ with some sweet touches).

      A side note to the rest. There is a redlight district nestled away in the back streets of Suwon (the suwon station stop). My Korean friends took me there drunkenly and asked the girls if they would fuck a foreigner. A few okay looking ones said yes (face:6.5, body:7). The going rate was 70,000₩ for FS. That being said, I didn’t indulge because it looked really sketchy and the women were particularly beat. But for those looking to get the ol’ pole wet by anymeans it could be a good option.

    134. I will say this: with DD Eun Gyo I remember getting her top off and while kissing her lying her on the bed. I then scooted up and began titty fucking her. This was the first time meeting her. 2nd time i was fingering and licking her pussy and 3rd time BB FS. Stay the course indeed.

    135. Hi All,

      I could not find Osaka. All navigation software directed me to a big building for officetel, which requires key cards to enter. Could someone please let me know the direction from Suwon City Hall station to Osaka? Many thanks.

      1. you are at right building, when you are at the lobby, just call them and they will give you the code for the key card or wait for somebody and walk in after them. Osaka is in room 602

    136. Back in August 1st, I decided to go to a Kiss Bang for the first time. I have had sex with prostitutes a couple of times (most of them being good experiences, only 2 being bad), so I decided to try something new. I am half-Korean by the way and I can speak fluent Korean, so I probably have some advantage there ;)

      First time I went to a Kiss bang next to Kiss +, I believe it was called Kiss Studio or something. I paid for one hour and the guy in the counter (quite young, probably early 20s) told me he could offer me a girl at 4 am (I arrived around 3 am), so I decided to pay and wait. Since it was the first time, I was quite nervous because unlike having sex with a prostitute, I had no idea what the girl I was going to kiss and potentially have sex with would look like, so after about 20 minutes, I exited the room and asked the man in the counter if the girl he promised really is hot and stuff so I could calm down a little. He told me he could give me another girl straight away, since I was nervous and if I didnt like her, I could have the other one available 4 am, which I agreed to. Went back to my room and the girl came in around 10 minutes later at around 3:40 am.

      She was pretty hot, but she had short hair which definitely is not my style, but I didnt want to be rude and change (being a well-mannered person), so I decided to try it out with her. She was kind of surprised when I started talking Korean, but since she was new to this business, it was also her first time with a foreigner. She was interesting and we talked for a while, but thats where I did a mistake. I think I was too shy and talkative, which ended up with less time kissing and almost no action. We kissed while sitting and I asked if we could lay down and kiss, which we did. She was a bit open to her personal life and also talked about having to go home alone and that she was hungry, which I took as a sign that she might want to meet me outside as well. Unfortunately, since I was travelling on the 3rd, I told her the next time I see her we could go out for dinner or something, which she agreed on but was kinda dissapointed.

      After 1 hour was up, I asked for another 30 minutes since it was actually quite fun talking to her and she was a decent kisser. She was unsure if another 30 minutes was unavailabe since they close at 5 am. Now this is when the action started. When she came back, she immediately took off her black dress and bra and sat next to me and asked me if I wanted to suck on her nipples, which I did. Not a lot of moaning or anything which was a bit of a turn-off. She didnt go close to my dick, but I did end up fingering her, so was a decent experience I guess. Man in the counter gave me a visit card which I could call if I ever wanted to come back and reserve a time with a girl.

      Next day, I decided to go to Secret Kiss or S Kiss. I had a hard time choosing whether to go to Secret Kiss or Kiss + and since it was around 8 pm, I could actually see the buildings and directions more clearly and I noticed that the Kiss bang I was in yesterday (Kiss Studio) was in the building next to Kiss +. After sitting in a Convenience store for about 30 minutes, I decided to go to Secret Kiss which I passed by earlier. Its located in a building right next to the main road and the first time, I just didnt have enough courage to enter the building, but the next time I thought to myself that these people probably dont even know there is a Kiss bang here, so I held my head up and went in.

      This time there was an older and fat man who was standing in the counter. First he thought I was a foreigner so he started talking English, but got surprised like almost every other Korean when I start talking Korean. I asked him to give me a tall and a girl with big breasts and paid him for 1 hour. Went inside the room (which imo is a lot bigger and better than Kiss Studio). Girl came in about 15 minutes later and dayum she is hot. She looks a bit like Suzy from Miss A, just with a little make-up. She was a charming and positive person and got really interested in me after I started talking Korean. She said people like me are rare, so I guess being a foreigner or 50% foreigner and speaking fluent to good Korean will help you folks into getting laid and become more charming ;)

      We started kissing and YES kissing is a bit more intense here and she is the best kisser I have kissed yet. She took off her bra and started teasing me “Why arent you taking off your pants?”, so I did while kissing her on the mouth, neck, shoulder and slowly down to her breasts and started sucking them. This girl moaned, which made the whole experience more fun and sexy. She grabbed my dick and started stroking it inside the panty and after some time she used her legs to take off my panties. She started touching my dick with her foot and tried stroking it without much luck, but by this time I guess she became really horny. She told me that it isnt really allowed to take off the clients nor her own panties, but she said she would make an exception (with no additional cost apparantly) and took off her own panties and went into 69 position and started sucking my dick. First time being in a 69 position, it was kind of awkward, but really fun as both were moaning. She suddenly stopped and laid down and told me to insert my dick in her pussy, in a really horny voice. Ended up in having sex and cumming inside of her, which she wasnt mad about.

      The alarm started ringing, but she actually turned it off immediately and kissed me for another 5 minutes before she told me she had to go. When we had our conversation previously, she told me she didnt have a BF and I told her I didnt have a GF and that I dont actually live in Korea. She had just started working here as well (2 days ago), so if I did live in Korea, I probably would have considered going out with this girl, but we did promise to meet each other as often as we can and told me her name and phone number, as she probably wont work here for that long. Would have stayed longer if I didnt have a flight to catch early tomorrow morning :3

      In my opinion. Secret Kiss was fun, but for the ultimate experience, I think having sex with a prostitute is much more fun and jumps straight into the action. There are some prostitutes I have ended up kissing as well, so basically the same deal, but you are guaranteed sex when paying a prostitute. I just found about Officetels or something along those lines? Probably going to try out more stuff and redoing some of the stuff I did this summer, when I travel back this winter. I really want to find a girl I can bring with me to a motel and have sex with her there.. We will see I guess ^^

      Hope my comment helps. If anyone wants to know one of my favorite prostitution place in Busan then let me know :) Btw, directions to these Kiss Bangs are listed above by other comments, so decided not to rewrite them. Thanks for all the help guys! Much appreciated.

    137. @wanderer just tell them your preference (skinny, big breasts) and try a girl. Everyone has different chemistry; hust because one of us got FS with one girl doesn’t guarantee another will….as rockit always says your miles may vary.

    138. @Wanderer

      I use the navigation and found this 101 offitel. Next to it is a cafe called Babeans. Am I at the right building? Just go to Room 602?

    139. Hey mate, just wondering, i am a korean british person, not american, but I am a dwarf, u know, what people call midgets, big head, small limbs, ugly as fuck. The thing is that i really wanna try some asian pussy, do u think they’ll accept me even as their customer?

    140. Hi guys, I went to the office tell 101, room 602. But it seems like a normal household….did I entere the wrong building? Also, I tried call Osaka@01027777738 but no one answered. What time they open? Is that becoz I used my roaming no so they won’t pick up? Appreciate helps here. Cheers!

      1. I asked to one place ans it seems taht it is more lile one girl take care of your dick and the other one take care of your a**hole..
        But maybe every place doesn’t follow this rule…
        I would like to try also but only if its 2 girls taking care of
        The D.

    141. LWRC, i asked for the 2girls and what the dude said is like one girl suck you and the other one lick your a**hole.
      But maybe not every place do the same… i wanted to try it to but i would like to have 2 girls taking care of my dick.

    142. Nvm, they’re just not opening the door for me. Went up again around 9pm and just as the elevator opened at the 6th floor, I saw the door close so someone just went in. Rang the bell a couple times, no answer. Their loss.

    143. Omg worst experience ever for my case.

      Out of curiosity mostly:

      It doesn’t have a tube station. Go to Kangnam station. Come out of exit 7. Walk straight. You will cross several roads. You will walk for about 15 minutes. Keep going until you get to the Mcdonalds. It is on your right. The jack shack is on the first basement floor of the same building.

      I can’t even begin to describe the location of the actual shop. It is entirely red and the windows have been blanked out. There’s something written on the outside like, “Sensual massage” or something.

      I found the mc donald building and the B1 had something looking like a lip cafe. I get in talk to the mama san 40 box seems a bit cheap buy hey why not.

      Now she comes in! She must be like I dont know 50! I ask for any younger girls, she says that there was not any.

      At this point I had two choicec, pack and leave or go for it. Being in the dark and having go through all the preparation I picked the later. She was not even good at it and I needed my best mental efforts to go through this ultimate experience.

      I may have picked the wrong shop.

    144. @baconbits, 2 girls option are basically at every lipscafe.
      I still didn’t try yet…. but wonder if someone already did? And what kind of service he got..

      1. I’ve never been to one, but from what I’ve read, Lip Cafe you pay 40k or 50k won and get BJ. There are Lip Cafes all over, but I don’t know how to go without speaking Korean. All the ones I know you have to call the phone number and get directions.

    145. @Tassadar, without speaking korean (or going with a korean) it will be hard, because those king of stuff are not easy to find (but you can find some website where they list it by zone). Usually you will not find a clear direction.. you will have to contact the dude to get the direction….

      @baconbits Lip cafe and kiss bang are not the same thing. lip cafe you pay like 40k~ for 15minutes and you will get a nice BJ, of course there is many options that you can add, like the girl is fully naked (+10k) etc etc.

      And kiss bang, you just get 30 minutes with the girl and you kiss her (or little more if you are lucky).

    146. I discovered this website months ago (thanks rockit) so i know when i head to Seoul i would go visit a kiss bang. So i decided to go seek out the hongik area since there are 2 easily accessible kiss bangs still in service from recent reports in; Kiss+ and Secret Kiss. Went to S Kiss first. I speak no korean, I’m Filo Australian, athletic built and a decent looking guy. Exchanged a little english with the front desk guy but mostly through google translate. Paid him only 40k at first and later see if paying extra is worth it (if the chick is hot).

      Actually got there at 9:30pm, and was asked to wait until 10pm but fuck i think i ended up waiting untill 10:20pm. The girl finally got in and man what a bloody disappointment it was. She was a bit obnoxious, chubby and ugly. I spun the convo around to tell her that i wanted somebody else that could speak a little better english but really i just wanted a hotter chick. She stormed off, a minute later manager walks in room and asks what’s wrong but i told him i didn’t like the girl and if i could get another and he said nobody else was available as they were all reserved. So meh i asked if i could get a refund and he agreed to give all my money back. They were very sorry, as was i but i still thanked them nonetheless.

      Walked over to Kiss+ and outside the entrance of the building there were about 8 old men which turned me off (i know i’m sorry i know i should probably be more open minded). I paced around for a bit, contemplating but ultimately decided i didn’t wanna risk it.

      On the way back to the hotel I became more determined to have my pee pee touched. So Belle ended up as my final destination. Got a decent looking chick, kinda milfy, good massage, quick BBBJ and awesome HJ.

      Anyway I still want to visit more kiss bangs. Would appreciate some recommendations. Cheers

    147. Decided to check out Osaka last night. it was a fun experience. someone was leaving as I got to the building so i got in pretty easily. I ended up with Eun Gyo. She was pretty nice and ok english (she tried her best) but she isn’t my type. I didn’t complain since I didn’t bother making a reservation. They obviously have no problems with foreigners using the service. He did ask that you make a reservation via Kakao Talk and made sure to tell me that many times before I left.

    148. Rockit, FYI: Korean government has blocked your website. I was going to tell everyone last sunday about my experience with the police raid at Osaka, but I visited and noticed that your site was officially blocked. Of course I’m using an IP making agent to comment now…but I thought I’d let you know what’s up.

      1. Thanks for the comment. I found out about this the day it happened and many people have mentioned it in comments of various posts. I would love to hear about your experience with a raid. Cheers.

      2. Is it closed down? I was talking with them on Kakao on Tuesday and they asked me when I was coming in (didn’t have time). Did notice that their profile pic is blank now.

      3. Rockit, I think the reason why they blocked your site is because you have that AV on your post of what it’s like to be in a pinsaro. It was blocked from watching on your site and then your whole site wasn’t available.

        1. That’s possible but I don’t think it’s the case. Automatic adult content filters probably would have discovered that content some time ago. Other adult oriented sites without adult pictures or videos have also been banned. Thanks for the comment. Cheers.

    149. Yeah this site is censored in Korea, used VPN to access site again. Damn about Osaka being raided.. I wanted to try them out too but wow that must’ve been a scary experience for you. I imagine their shut down now?

    150. I moved to Hongdae just a couple days and I live really close to a Kiss Room.
      -Exit Hongik Univ. station from exit 9 and go straight. After crossing the street, on the left, before Papa John’s Pizza, there is a little door going upstairs. Downstairs is “JJ Room” which I’m not sure what that is, then first floor is a Thai Massage, then the Kiss Room is a floor up from that

      I’m originally from NY so I had no idea what Kiss Rooms were.

      The guy at the counter spoke a bit of english and explained to me what it was but I didn’t completely understand.
      He said that they provide girls and for either 30 mins, or for an hour, you can talk, kiss, and touch them.
      40 for half, 70 for hour, which im assuming is standard rate among many kiss rooms.

      I came across this site before trying it out for the first time tonight and read that some places, they offer HJ and BJs and whatnot

      My experience was sub-par to what I read on here. (2 half hour sessions)

      First girl knew some english but the making out was alright. Bit of touching over the clothing but that was basically it. Didn’t let me go any further than that.

      Second girl knew even less english and she was partially sick so unfortunately, we spent the whole time just talking in korean. She was prettier and skinner but basically nothing happened.

      I had a feeling I was gunna leave blue-balled and that’s exactly what happened.

    151. Ok. So Osaka is still in business, the raid just cost me about 40,000won. I went back a week later and talked to one of the girls (I fucked her last time I was there, my first score) and she said the cops just told her not to touch the penis but breasts/making out is okay.

      My raid experience: Paid 40k won and the experience was typical – the dude bowed and said please wait a moment. I waited ~10min and started hearing yelling outside my door. Suddenly my room door was flung open by an older Korean guy I had never seen before and he just looked at me and then slammed the door. This happened a few more times and one of the guys started speaking Korean to me (I said “I don’t understand/Mula”). I finally opened my door to see what was going and saw dudes looking through cupboards yelling at the owners. I had a few more guys visit asking “Military” to which I replied no tourist (I came with no identification and only 40k won, I figured I couldn’t get in trouble with my employer if they didn’t know how I was). Saw one dude with handcuffs, was scared shitless for about 30min then was told to leave by one of the officers. I’ve been back 2 times since this occured and nothing like that happened again.
      Honestly, unless they catch me in the act of doing something illegal (like being balls deep in a chick a month ago) I feel their presence will only signify a waste of money.

      On a lighter note, the new Osaka (or whatever they are called now…same owners and a turnover of girls) is offering a 2 girl option for 70k per 30min. I couldn’t get a clear answer out of the owner as to what this meant (he just said “special experience” – but they also call overweight girls “glamorous” so it seems like good salesmanship), but I will be trying it anyways tonight and will update the gang on what happened.

      So all in all – it seems that osaka just changed their phone number and their kakaoid (which is feelcafe79) – they keep bugging me to have more foreigners come so just tell them “skat” referred you (lmao, gotta love the language barrier)

      Final final note: Osaka is the definition of YMMV. I’ve fucked a girl, fingered two, had some girls tell me no fingers, encountered more girls on periods than I would like (bad luck or lie?), and always gotten a handjob/makeout/titplay.

    152. Hey guys,,I visited osaka last night for sessions of half n hour each. First girl I met was too skiny, I would say an overall 6/10 and so for the second girl I asked for a bit more glamour, as they say here in korea. So what I got was a real fat girl. I have had 3 visits so far and I would say its not worth. The girls here are too few and moreover the quality is not the same as you would get in Seoul. I have really got bored of these kiss rooms now. Better to pay some extra bucks and visit anma for the ultimate experience.

    153. Thanks for the posts, great page.

      Anyone know of any kiss bangs or lip cafes near Suyu station, Line 4?

      Also is the red lip cafe in gangnam still open?


    154. Hi guys,
      this is probably the best site I have come across in recent years. Rockit and Biscuits, take a bow! I have been hooked onto this forum for the last 2 days.
      I am a guy from Singapore, but of Indian origin and it is well known that in Asia, Indians don’t get the most admirable response from women. I don’t have much complains as I have been fairly lucky in most countries across the world and in Asia. I am traveling to Seoul for a week in November and this will be my 52nd country. Incidentally, I love Asian women, from China to Thailand and apart from Korea and Japan, I have pretty much been everywhere. But Korea has been on my list for long and I find Korean women the most beautiful.
      I have a weird feeling that this trip won’t be as great as many of you have said here, but I am sure I won’t come back empty handed, or with my sacks full either. Wish me some luck fellas and I promise, if it goes moderately well, I will write my reports once I am back.

      I am booked myself in the Novotel Ambassador Gangnam hotel and I have to figure out which of your top recommendations are nearest from there. But I am surely gonna try some kiss bangs. I already signed up on kakao talk and connected with a few ‘independent escorts’ … so let’s see how it all goes.

      If any of you come to Singapore, do let me know and I promise to give you some incredibly good suggestions.

      Till then brothers…Happy Halloween!

    155. I would like to share my second report for all fellow bros here, and in hopes it may serve to be helpful for those who know little Korean and love getting some BBBJ CIM action yeeeeaah ;).

      So, I scored and discovered an awesome lip cafe located in Seocho Gangnam through It required persistence, common sense (the google translation to english is terrible grammar) and a lot of manual translating because images don’t get translated. Since i don’t speak or know Korean i only texted some lip cafes in my nearby area which I translated into hangul mentioning:
      1.) Do you accept foreigners?
      2.) I am from Australia who is Korean. I’m actually filipino lol but in my head I’m certain it helped pretending to be Korean.
      3.) When I finally got a reply. I was asked what time because you have to reserve, there’s no walk-ins either, and also if i wanted a specific girl. The lineup (girls) is advertised on their page on abam.

      Tip: When I used google translate on my phone, I made sure to keep english sentences to Korean simple as simple as possible. I messed around a lot with different words because some translated words becomes all weird and shit. Also, it helped to translate it backwards from hangul to english, just so you know what the heck you just translated or if it even makes sense.

      Experience: Oh my god, just heavenly. Feels so goood man. The girls are pretty hot, I tried a few. I booked for one girl 3 times because she loved me, she was sooo good with her tongue and looked like Jamie Chung i shit you not ;). They spoke close to no english but they always knew how to say “you handsome” to me haha. I even got a long well with the pimp, we had lots of lol moments. When I didn’t go for one week, even he started to miss me rofl, texting offering me new girls and asking what happened to me. They always spoke Korean to me but I just nod and then pretend like I knew what’s going on lmao.

      Lastly, I’m sorry but I feel like I need to be discreet about this place, and I will but I’m sure you could still find it.

      Anyway good luck brahs! Happy cumming :)

    156. Hi Reija

      ll be coming from Australia soon too. Thanks for the advice!

      Do all the places need pre-booking? What happens when you just rock up?

      Also searching the sites like abam and , some girl’s name have NF next to it, does anyone know what that stands for?


    157. Hi…i have been reading you all since last year .i have had my fun moments back in Jan to may..i am surprised to see after all this info here some of the individuals aren’t making use of it..please read all the comments they are just takes simple steps to find out new links and new places..i have figured out almost 30-40 places for my next trip..pinned in map..use all the tech you get on smartphones these days..translation apps , image text recognition ..street view .what not..I thought I should share all that info.but restrained ..this thread isn’t moving forward these I ll share it anyway..there are many sites out there.but I suspect they may get blocked if we keep sharing here ..dont can search for key words like 키스방 and others in google and will naot give you good will prasent many news in the other hand didn’t filter will be surprised to see the results…next step is to get login id and password.use translators to fill the forms it hardly takes 2 min.i know its lot of hard work for some but its start with sharing i will share this awesome site called it has every business listed and have multiple mirror sites so don’t worry.this is just one link I fear it will divert many from coming here and sharing things…btw NF is new face. As in newbie..I will share other info if you find this post worth.

    158. Went to Kiss Time in Sadang. The door was unlocked, but all of the lights were off. It appeared that they did not lock the door tonight. No one answered when we yelled into the creepy dark hallway.

      Went to Sinchon and could not find Ktime.

      I have one more chance to find a kiss bang on monday. The article says that they open at noon but many posts here say that they open in the evening. Are there any kiss bangs that are open earlier?

    159. I promised to write about my experience in Seoul and I will fulfill my promise, since this forum has been very helpful to me. I stayed in Seoul for 8 days and this is what I have experienced:

      Day 2: Belle jack shack:

      The directions were good and I went with my Spanish friend looking for Belle, a walk of about 20-25 mins from our hotel in Gangnam. Apart from the weather which was very chilly, the place was easy to find. We were ushered in, paid 90,000 KRW and were led to two rooms. The room was pretty shabby I must admit. I was then asked to wear a robe without a strap and slippers and I went to the shower area and had a nice warm shower which felt great after the freezing cold outside.
      Came back to the room and was told that I need to wait 20 mins and I did so. About 15 mins later a girl knocked and she was pretty and young(she said 24). I would rate her 8/10. She spoke pretty good English and proceeded to give me a massage which was not mention worthy. We chatted about Korean cinema (which I am very knowledgeable about) and she started playing with my ass and my balls and an occasional fondling of my dick. Then she turned me around and slowly started to jerk me off. I was allowed to touch her tits, later put a hand through her bra and played with her nipples but she didn’t let me take her bra off. She sat on me with her ass near my face and allowed me to touch her pussy and even let me touch it under her panties, but she did not take off her panties or bra. We also had some kisses, mostly light but before I came we had a few passionate tongue kisses too. Overall, it was a decent experience, the girl was beautiful but I have to admit, $90 for a hand job is kinda steep for me at this phase of my mongering career. Experience rating 7/10

      Day 5: Escort:
      I found from a classified site which made me start a kakao talk account and I added a girl claiming to be an independent escort. She sent me photos and she looked stunning and she asked for USD200 for one hr. I confirmed her and she came almost 2 hrs late, which pissed me off completely. I booked for 10 pm and she came only at midnight and in between through kakao talk, I had enough reasons to believe that she is not an independent escort. In fact, the one who was chatting was just the pimp. That kinda made me less horny. Anyway, she came and while she was not really ugly, she was not my type. She was somewhat plump and I am not into too much flesh. Having waited for 2 hrs I just wanted it to be over. So it was kinda routine. We showered, we fucked and I came in her mouth. Her performance and attitude was not bad to be honest and it was not such a bad fuck, but I didn’t like her from an attraction point of view, if you know what I mean. Experience rating 5/10

      Day 6: Escort:

      Decided to try the Chic Escorts and this time the girl was bang on time. Unfortunately, this one was not even pretty and I did something I generally don’t do very often. I told her to call her agent and the guy called me on my hotel number and argued with me saying ‘I don’t want any drama, she is not ugly’. I simply refused to do her and sent her back, but I made sure that I was not rude to the girl and apologized many times. Neither of these two escorts spoke one word of English and it was very frustrating. So Day 6 was finally eventless for me.

      Day 7: Kiss Bang Osaka (Feel Café):

      I wanted to try a Kiss bang at any cost and I had actually checked out Sadang the previous evening and found it closed/dark inside. So this time I decided to go to Osaka, now called ‘Feel Café’. And this is over an hour’s train ride from my Sheraton hotel in Sindorim. But I managed to reach the place and even find the Officetel 102. The directions are correct, but when u turn left before that park, keep your eye on every building or u might miss it. It comes just before a paid parking to your left.
      Once inside (6th floor) a guy who spoke little English took me to a room and I told him I wanted 2 sessions of half hour each.
      I paid 80,000 KRW and he showed me the toilet where I brushed my teeth and came back into the room. Then this girl came, decent looking even if not as great as the girl from Belle. 7/10 on looks but she was a little chubby in my eyes, but her tits were nice. She said she was 25 and she should be around that. Her English was just about ok and she was very friendly to me. We started kissing after 3 minutes and I touched her boobs by 5th minute and felt her hand on my crotch around the 6th min. Very soon she lay me down on my back and unbuckled my pants, took off her top and pulled my shirt and started kissing my nipples, all the while jerking my dick. We kissed a lot and she applied some gel to massage my dick. I asked her to give me a blowjob but she smiled and just kissed the head but kept on with her hand job. So I came in about 20th min and she cleaned me up with some wet tissues. She brought some green tea and we drank it while chatting a bit and when 30 mins was over she kissed me and said goodbye. Experience rating: 7/10

      That made me face the dilemma, what am I going to do for the second session? As I was wondering, the guy walks in and tells me with broken English that I need to wait for 30 mins as the other girl was busy. He apologized politely and I asked him if I can leave. He said ‘okay’ and brought me back my 40k won. I thanked him and left. It was all done in 35 mins and the damage was only 40k won.

      Day 7: Ace Anma:

      Having completed this all by 4 pm and since this was my last night in Seoul, I decided to head to Ace Anma. Its less than 2 mins from the Gangnam Gu office station and I went in and paid 230k as asked. They took me to a waiting room and told if it was ok for me to wait 1 hr. It was 6 pm and I told them I’ll come back after a walk, but didn’t ask for the money back. They were fine with it and I went out and had a coffee and came back in 40 mins or so. Waited some more after I came back and then was taken to a room where a lady greeted me. This lady would be in her late 20s, maybe even early 30s but she was a real hot one. I would have preferred a younger one, but she was really good looking and I decided to continue. She undressed me and took me to a shower area, cleaned my while body meticulously and then laid me on an air mattress and gave me that nuru gel massage with her naked body. It was as good as the Thai soapy massages I had and she also gave me a very good bbbj on that mattress.
      Then she dried me off, dried herself and took me to the bed in the room. A catbath followed by some more BBBJ before she put on a condom over my johnny and started to ride me. We changed positions to missionary and then doggy style. I played with and kissed her well shaped boobs and we French kissed a lot. I wanted a CIM but I enjoyed the doggy style so much that I decided to let myself cum in this position. It was a fantastic session and she was very friendly and I can really have no complaints. Once done, she showered me again and we kissed goodbye and I left. Experience rating: 8/10

      So overall, the escort idea was a bad one, but most of the others were decent to very good experiences. Now I know where to go during my next trip to Seoul. Thanks again to Biscuits and Rockit for this fantastic site and all its information.

      1. Secret K lists 11 AM as opening time. If going that early I would probably message them ahead to book to make sure somebody is there.

      1. I don’t know of any kiss bangs outside of Korea. There are some kiss bangs in Korea called “lip cafes” where blowjobs are pretty standard practice though it doesn’t happen out in the open and it’s not as straight forward as it would be in a Japanese pinsaro. There is some mention of lip cafes in the comments on this post. Cheers.

    160. Help me out here guys!

      I speak zero Korean.
      Went to secret kiss last night and met a girl that is a 9.5 for me in looks / personality(I have strange tastes she’s not objectivliy 9.5) .
      I only caught her age (21) and secondary job ( graphic designer / web).

      I leave Korea today….
      Willing to change my business trip schedules to meet her again next month, would be willing to pay a much higher price if need be… any suggestions on how I can go about doing this? I don’t even have a number.

      Also met three girls for 30 mintues that night and the guy told me I couldn’t extend any of them. Offered to come back in a few hours for the 9.5 girl and was told that I done for the night as they had no other girls (although I confirmed I was allowed to come back another night). The 2nd girl had to be reminded that time was up so I know it isn’t that the girls hated me…. odd

      1. Did the girl also work part-time as a barista (in addition to graphic designer)? If so, you’re right, she is extremely pretty and cute.

        Their number is 010-3653-8249.

      2. Yes! That’s her! did you meet her recently? the turn-over their seems really high so wondering if she could be out of their quickly or is a long timer.

      3. No, she had a great great personality, But when I tried to move her hand it was like a brick and I took the message. Didn’t even get her top off…

        She also got incredibly disgusted and surprised when I french kissed her.
        Did you try anything with her?

        Recommend her highly if you want a chat, but not for anything sexual in nature.

      4. Only kissing, I was being too nice and didn’t want to push things. Probably could have gotten something more if you visit her again. Too bad it was my last night in Korea so I didn’t get another chance.

    161. Just a follow up to this post: if there is no other ideas, is does anyone know if secret kiss has a website or phone number so I can call and make arrangements before hand

    162. Dear All,

      Looking for a good Kissroom in Gangnam or Jamisil/Sincheon area? If anyone knows any good recommendations, would be greatly appreciated with directions.

    163. I’m going to be on break starting next week, and I want to try out Osaka (or whatever it’s called now). I’ve been to Secret K many times with mostly good results, but I don’t know anyone who’s ever gotten FS there (on premises, at least). Are there any recommendations for Osaka? Is assume Eun Gyo is probably gone by now. I particularly like petite girls. Also, the website linked to on this page for Osaka seems to require you to register with your real name and phone number. Is that legit and have others used it?

      1. You can talk with Osaka through Kakao (their ID is “feelcafe79”). I went their twice while I was visiting Korea. I never got FS, but it may certainly be possible seeing how the room they put you is a bedroom and the bathroom has a shower. I think it’s doubtful you get it the very first time you see a girl, but rather once she gets more comfortable with you on repeat visits. I think the good thing with Osaka is at the very least you’ll always get an enthusiastic hand job with the girl’s top coming off as standard service, whereas at Secret K sometimes the girl will want a tip or doesn’t want to do anything.

        The negative I experienced is each of the 2 girls I saw at Osaka were 6’s and kind of on the larger side. At Secret K the girls were 6.5-9, and likely 8-9 if you actually request for a pretty girl. Of course it may have just been who I happened to see and they may have better talent on the roster.

    164. Hi,
      First of all i would like to say a big thanks to the forum that led me to a smooth action at secret K yesterday. Wow i was limeknowing everthing in there even if it was my first time in Any of those in Korea. So here is my experiance.
      Secrete K location u will not miss 3rd floor above Papa Johns 200m straight walk from exit 9 Hongik University. The addition thing i did was had a look at the naver street view, so i knew exactly where it is.
      I reached there aound 7pm the guy on the counter greeted me with hello. He asked me 1 hour or 1/2 , iwent with 1/2 hour coz i dont know what all happen in there. I paid 40000 and asked is there any waiting, he said no. I also asked how is the girl, he told her name and slim and pretty. He asked me to brush my teeth and then led me to a room.
      Within 2 min i hear a girl walking outside who knocked my door and came in with abig smile and small cloths. Face 7 body 6 Slim with nice small tits. I like big boobs though. She came in and greeted me in korean so did i which made her surprised coz i know basic korean. I welcomed her with ahug, which was a bit uncomfortable as she was holding a cup of tea and i guess a timer in her hand.
      Then we settled down chatted for couple of minutes and then i pulled her close and starged kissing slowly. Soon i was loosen up her shirt which she does not mind only she didnt take it off completely. So my hand were playing with be4 boobs in 5min. She asked not to pinch nipples hard. Ilicked her nipples when i pulled her onmy lap. Damn i was sweating cozi was wearing too many cloths. Suddenly she jumled off and laid on the couch sayingits too hot. I take this chance and removed my all cloths and i was in my Superman knickers in a flash. Which she liked a lot. I asked ber to stand and we started kissing and my stud touching her thighs. I lifted us by the ass as she was short for me being 179cm. We continue for a min then we again settled down on couch. She now can see my hood poping out which started rubbing. Withount sasting time i pulled my pants down she didnt mind. She asked i want to jerm it off. I said yes also i want her to suck it which she refused by saying ‘Danger’. So then anything she didnt wanted she replied by danger. So we continued kissing along with she slowly jerking me for sometime. Then she asked me do i want lotion i said yes but there was no lotion she quickly ran to next room and brought one with wasting anh time. Then i had nice handjob till i emptied my balls. Then she cleaned me very well then i pulled my pants up. Then i pulled her on my lap which she didnt mind as there was no danger now. We finished kissing for some more time and chat all the way till the alarm. She didnt allowed me to touch below. But enough for the first day. A happy day for me. Then she helped me wearing cloths. Theen we shared the cup of green tea and then came out of room togeather.
      Lets see where i go today. Will report here too.

    165. Ok i am back. This time went to lip cafe introduced by Biscuit.
      Follow the instructions and u there. Gangnam exit 7 walk straight. Macdonald building name “REXION”. go down with stairs. If you enter from the door with Big barber pole the turn left and the right at the end. Second shop with all red covered and some skin text on it. Knock the door as couldnt found doorbell. I knew its not closed as i can hear music from inside. Guy opened a door went in directly toward room. Guy asked for money 50K and time i don’t remember how much he said as he told me in korean. Immediately a beautiful girl came (my type no skinny) face 8, body 8, age 21, student. first she was shocked to see a foreigner and her english wasn’t good. she asked me to remove pants and lie down. Rest same as Biscuits 1st visit. I hardly last for 10 min. I asked her can i kiss she refused. But i really wanted to kiss, so i sat and went directly, she couldn’t deny. We kissed for few seconds. But not worth the money i paid anyways thats my bad. May go back to catch her again.
      Thank guys for making my weekend an unforgettable. Hmm what a start to 2015.
      I am not thinking of FS as i couldn’t find an easy way yet. will be waiting for it and let me know if there is an post already.

      1. Do you mean Pick Up Artist? Seems their website is down. There are many posts about full service options in South Korea on this website, including anmas, escorts and Hooker Hill. Cheers.

    166. Yeah i am thinking of Anma. Just one question any anma will be same? I saw one Anma signboard near sohyeon station.
      if they are giving same service may be i can stop by.

      1. No, they’re not all the same. Just like restaurants or anything else. Plus some won’t accept people who aren’t Korean. I’ve written most of what I know about them in the posts on the topic here on the site. Cheers.

      1. Believe it or not, millions of people have unprotected sex every day. That’s where all the babies you see come from. Most of them don’t get HIV but some do. Quite a few get STDs of another type. Those are the risks of unprotected sex. Sex with a condom is safer but no guarantee. The only way to totally avoid STDs with a one-hundred percent success rate would be to abstain from sex. Most people aren’t willing to do that. I’ve already posted about the risks of unprotected sex. I don’t have much more to say on the subject. Cheers.

    167. There used to be an Android app for Kissbangs. What happend to it?
      It still downloadable…but you can’t get pass the welcome page.

      Anyone know if there’s any alternative apps?

    168. I visited a k bang in hongdae. It’s above papa johns. It was a little akward as i didn’t know how to behave. I mostly talked to the cute 25 year old. Anyway i got a website salt i don’t know how to access the site because it wants me to log in or something.

    169. just hit up a place at seoul national uni stop close to exit 1 and 2. has a big sign with ‘Kiss.’ cute but chubby girl was sweet. she had long black hair. just lovely. smelled a little alcohol on her breath, so i was surprised. anyhow, i used all the tips from you guys. i said it was hot and took my shirt/shorts off. she had a tight dress and i initiated pulling the top down. we did DFK for a while then i asked her to kiss my nipples. then she starts playing with JR. i ask her to kiss JR, and she says ok but none of the other girls do it. outstanding and gentle BJ. i said i was gonna cum so she kisses me while doing an HJ. never mentioned a tip. this was my first KB and i felt prepared because of you guys. cant wait to go back!

    170. Hi rocket, I was wondering, what is the rate of success getting the phone number of the girl working in Kiss bang? Planning to ask them out and visit the nearest motel.

      1. I have absolutely no way to answer your question as it would depend on any number of factors including the guy, the girl, communication, etc.

    171. I guess Sadang one is closed. There is some Barbeque place on 3rd floor of Dunkin donuts building.

      Decided to try Belle, easy to find, clean and discrete. Overall experience 7/10.

      I was wondering which Kiss Bang has most records of FS. I know there are many factors involved, but sill any random analysis?
      Of what I can get after reading comments is Secret Kiss and Osaka.

      Do you have any idea if Secret Kiss is still open? Is there any change in location?
      I check abam27, they have something called Secret Kiss Season2 :) Like Honey Massage Season 2 in Pattaya :D
      And thanks for this amazing post!!!

    172. I wanted to check this out during my very short trip to Korea, I have no ability no speak, or read Korean, I probably should have at least checked how this is spelled before going there, because I’ve had huge troubles finding them, finally I wasn’t given a chance to try it, but here’s what I got about the three places mentioned in the review:

      7 Kiss Bang – Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find it, maybe it’s not there anymore, maybe it’s just me. But I walked with GPS and instructions in hand and didn’t see it. However, again – I don’t speak/read Korean, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to look for.

      Kiss Time (Hongdae) – after failing with finding 7 Kiss Bang I went there instead. It was Sunday afternoon, so probably the worst time ever in such a busy place as Hongdae. I found this one, got inside, I told them I don’t speak any Korean, the lady in front spoke little English and didn’t seem to have an issue with that, but she told me the wait is 2h – I didn’t have time for that so I decided to try my chances in Sadang.

      Kiss Time (Sadang) – I found Dunkin Donut as mentioned above, but damn in any way I couldn’t find any stairs that could take you to the third floor. I walked back and forth and around and couldn’t find it. I’ve seen some spot with two barber poles (which usually means it’s a fun place) on one of the side streets, but I didn’t go in.

      Afterall a bit of searching I gave up and went to Belle for happy massage instead. I’ll prepare better next time. Cheers!

      1. A “documented case?” I don’t think there are many documented cases of the spread of herpes in general. I don’t know of anyone that goes around trying to find out exactly when each of the hundreds of millions of herpes transmissions took place or if that is even possible. Most people who have herpes don’t show symptoms or even know they are infected. When outbreaks do occur they can come years after initial transmission. According to this 80 percent of people have Herpes 1 which is the form most often spread by kissing. According to the CDC in the US “The only way to avoid STDs is to not have vaginal, anal, or oral sex.” Cheers.

    173. Brilliant thread. I’m heading to Seoul and Jeju this month, and would be great if you could advise me on the following please:

      1) is there a Osaka Kiss Bang / Feel Cafe around the Seoul city area, or is the Suwon joint the only one around?

      2) are there any Kiss Bangs in Jeju please?

      1. I don’t give advice. This website is for entertainment only. Besides I haven’t visited a kiss room or kept up on the scene in some time so I don’t have any current information. Kiss rooms are usually advertised online or through street level means and only in Korean. They are rarely in the open and those who want to find them typically have to put in some work. Foreigners have a tougher time than locals and can be refused entry to some placces. Cheers.

    174. I will be traveling for business in March and have a long layover (18 hrs) at Incheon International. Would love to find some Kiss Bang shops near the area. Can anyone give me some recommendations if any.

      Thank you

      1. Thanks for telling us. It is rare but it happens. I need to be careful as I go to Lipcafe in Gangnam area often. There are at least 10. Some you can have FS for extra 40K. Please tell us which Lipcafe or which manager. cheers!!

    175. Any idea if osaka kiss bang still around? I hope to see more report about this. I have been to Cheonho and Cheongnyangni and had great fun there with much success to bbfs from them. Even with the backpage one (via agency) i managed to get bbfs from the provider. Overall great fun in seoul and i hope to come again and tryout kissbang,and officetel

    176. Can somebody who has real experience explain more about ‘Dabangs’? I heard they can deliver coffee and a hooker to your place but what about the ones you see on the street? How do you know if they are legit or offer more?

    177. I tried a KB a couple of months ago – cant actually remember its name though or where (it was my first time in Seoul).

      I read alot about KBs on various websites – all giving more or less the same reviews.

      My experince 80k for an hour, girl was OK (changed the first one – not my type).

      I wasnt sure what to expect and actually felt a little creepy (i am a decent looking white 44 professional) but felt weird. Might have been the chemistry was off, who knows.

      Kissed, cuddled and jacked her off to orgasm but i got nothing in return. She actually offered FS for 200k earlier on in the session, which is backpage hotel escort territory – I said no thanks.

      I kinda get the concept and i like the idea. I will probably try again when I spend a few nights in Seoul again. Much cheaper than the escort scene (220k for an hour just seems wrong for a city tagged the sex capital of asia).

      Any guidance on finding cost effective escorts (other than backpage) would be appreciated.

      Btw: great site!

    178. Went to my first Kissbang experience. Instructions here weren’t that clear imho. I don’t know the actual name of this place but it will be easy to find with these instructions. The station you get off is Hongik Univ and you go out through exit 1. Take the escalators to the exit and turn right. You then take the first street on your right and immediately ahead you will see the building with the K signage at the top. There is a restaurant/bar on the ground floor. Go up the stairs and go right past another restaurant and past the spa to reach the Kissbang on the top floor. I didn’t make na appointment and the guys there seemed slightly irritated. They told me to come back in about an hour so I paid a deposit and that is what I did. After brushing my teeth, I was led to a tiny room with a crappy sofa and waited about 5 minutes. Then there was a knock and this drop dead gorgeous 20year old walks in. She speaks almost perfect English which indicates a talent for languages since she grew up in Seoul. Her name was something like Yoo-Jin or similar – very slim, about 5’7″ with shoes and B cups supported by a padded bra. She has only been working for about a month and said that if anybody ever recognised her there, she would just die. Other than glorious kissing, most things were off limits. You can touch her breasts but no sucking and definitely no wandering hands below. I was fine with that and just wanted the experience of going to a KB for what the basic experience is, which of course is kissing a hot student. For me, it was a great time and the time went so quickly. I asked her if there were any othe Kissbamgs currently operating in the Hongdae area and she said this is the only one she is aware of- she said that she is aware of one in Sinchon, the next station on line 2. Their website (on the card they gave me) is
      Hope this is helpful.

      1. Thanks for the report. The original post was made more than three years ago so exacts are likely to be out of date. The general facts still remain. Cheers.

    179. Back in July 2014, TallMan made the following post. With permission,I hope, I’ve cut and pasted as follows:

      “Hi guys, I was in sincheon today, near jamsil in the South east of Seoul and spotted a kiss bang. Unfortunetly I couldn’t investigate, but daum Maps shows me it’s probably less than a year old. It took up the whole 4th floor and had big red lips and kiss written on the blacked out windows. Here are my instructions to get there. Head to sincheon on line 2 (near jamsil not sinchon) and take exit 4 out of the station, walk straight until the first side street on your left with a Mac Donald’s, turn in here. Then walk a small distance to the second crossing and turn right, there should be a coffine gurunaru on the right. Walk straight for a while in this street with bars, noraebangs etc. After a while you should spot a gong cha milk tea place on your right, the kiss bang is on the 4th floor of this building, look up and you should see the signs. I think the entrance is in the street to the right in front of the gong cha. If this place is any good, it could be great for people in the east and save a lot of time heading all the way to hongdae. Like I said I couldn’t investigate but might be able to soon. If anyone else could that would be great, if you have trouble finding it or want more directions let me know, I could mark it on a map.”

      I wish to confirm that the details on getting there were meticulous. I found the place but it was closed – presumably wrong time of day as it was midday.

    180. Hey guys, really appreciate all of the great info on here! I had a great experience at the aforementioned lip cafe in Gangnam ( in the basement of the Rexicon bldg) during my visit last fall and will be visiting Seoul this November. I am planning on doing some more mongering and have a bit of an embarrassing question.. Does anyone know how to go about requesting rimming services?? My Korean is limited and any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    181. I cant find 7 kiss bang in hongdae..
      Its already turn to thai massage? Cant find blue half block i only can find blue in thai massage

    182. Hey Rockit, Are kiss bangs still very much operational in Korea? I think I’ve been obsessed with them for a while but never had an opportunity to go to Korea.

      Also why isn’t this concept in the west as well?

      I know of sooooo many guys that would kill for this concept. Practise foreplay and kissing at kiss bangs with young student types, then when you’re dating you’re already relaxed around the woman you like. It’s not full service so it will appeal to those that just want a little practise with Intimacy around a woman but don’t want to go the full escort route.

      Man I wish this stuff was in the UK.

      Anyone got updates of the best Kbang locations in Seoul?


      1. There are still quite a few kiss bangs and lip cafes in Seoul. The locations and names are changing all the time. Cheers.

      2. Hi Rockit,

        Any plans to give an update on this scene? It appears to be one of your more popular articles over the years, but quite dated. You’ve revamped a few previous articles recently on other areas, and I think an update on the kiss bangs would be welcome to many of your readers!

        1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t have any immediate plans to report further on Seoul’s kiss rooms but anything is possible. Cheers.

    183. Happy but poor client

      Went to Kiss Time (one near exit one) in Hongdae tonight, had a great time. Guy who worked front desk was super creepy but whatever. Prices have also gone up it was 80,000 for one hour. The girl I got was a little cold and by a little cold I mean I could hardly get more than one word answers out of her, and I even speak Korean albeit not perfectly. But she was good looking! We kissed a little. It was pretty good although she wouldn’t initiate it and I had to initiate everything. Then she told me she could give me an HJ for a tip, luckily I brought extra cash. Unfortunately I stupidly asked her how much the tip is and she said 50,000. I’m sure if I didn’t ask I could’ve offered 30,000 and she would’ve done it. It was a good HJ and she let me touch her tits though not kiss them. Then I came at 10 minutes left and she left early. Either 50 minutes went by reallyyyyy quickly or she lied and it was more than ten minutes remaining. Either way, it was awesome and if I had more cash would definitely go again. My friend last year went to the same one that I did but he didn’t have a good experience. Also, I’m pretty sure the one in Sadang isn’t there anymore, as I looked around for a long time and couldn’t find any Dunkin Donuts. The other one in Hongdae isn’t there anymore either, either that or it was virtually impossible to find. All in all, was hella expensive but felt damn good. My dick is still aching from the massive orgasm I had LOL. Cheers

    184. Hi I’m on Teheran-ro In Gangnam-gu. Looking for a kiss bang or basically anything similar to do. I’m an American and new. What would you suggest that is nearby?

      1. I don’t suggest anything as this website is for entertainment only. There may still be some kiss bangs in the area. But I honestly have no idea. A lot of places shut down. Others moved or went underground. Most of their booking business is now transacted online and in Korean. Cheers.

    185. Was wondering is anyone has ever tried or had luck with using something like for kiss bangs. They supposedly do the brokering for you and send you a list of locations for a fee. I don’t mind paying a bit more for that as long as it’s not a total scam.

    186. Are you planning on updating your report or adding some new locations? Many places seem to have moved or shutdown (like you stated as well) and it is super difficult to get some reliable info that is not korean or behind some weird firewall or requires authentication.

      I feel like there is a ton of potential here

    187. Repost from main page..

      I was last in Seoul in late 2019 and planned to go in 2020 but we all know how that panned out. Kiss time and the other one down the block in hongdae were still open at the time. I plan to go back at the end of the year and hope some of the kiss bangs are still open. Anyone have any luck recently? I will repose this under the kiss bang page also.

      At kiss time I went several times and had good experiences. The best was a skinny young girl named sodam who seemed fairly new but was super friendly. Hj only. They raised their prices to I believe itbwas 80 or 90k an hour. Other services range from 50 or more depending on what they offer. Saw another young girl skinny and tall with a. Very pretty face, albeit enhanced but in a good way. Flat chested but friendly and also hj only and asked 100k for that. It’s usually 5k from my experience. Third girl not as pretty offered bj for 100k. Wasn’t friendly and rushed it. I only went for 30 mins that day as I didn’t have a lot of time.

      Went to the one down the block on the second floor and got a nice friendly girl. A little older. Probably closer to 30 and was offered fs for 150k. She was a little thicker so not as much my type.

      Any updates on what is open and experiences would be nice. Thanks!

    188. So i went to the kisstime in hongdae exit 1 and it is still open and running business. It is located on the 1st floor and like somebody already said, the door opens and somebody says “kiss cafe”. I paid 90.000 won as a foreigner. Then onto the bathroom brushing teeth.

      After a couple of minutes in the room a nice looking slim korean girl came in. She could talk korean so we use a translator. As it turned out sie had an injection in her lip (botox) and said she could not kiss very long and offered hj/bj. I said no because i booked an hour and she understood that she cant jerk me off and then leave after some minutes. She said she will switch and i should wait. After 5 minutes another tall beautiful slim korean girl comes in. Small tits maybe b size but a nice ass and figure. We chat a little with translator and then lay down. She says she is also a shy Person. Kissing is fine (but she is a smoker) and touching also. Even under the clothes everywhere. After some time she offers hj/bj for 50.000 won. I agree and we get naked, try some positions for kissing and i can touch her everywhere i want. Also get to lick her pretty good and she likes it because she gets hotter and turns on the ac. We switch and she begins the hj/bj, which is good but nothing too special. To her suprise i come a lot and some goes in her face and on her body.

      Dont know if i will return. Maybe with a girl who is a little bit less shy.

    189. Outstanding report Johnny! My turn with a delivery health gal from THC in Tokyo was a turnoff bc of the smell of smoke on her schoolgirl uni. Good oral action and some entertaining pillow talk with the use of a translator app.

      A slim K girl sounds good…

    190. @Johnny9
      Thanks for posting, I thought they had all closed down due to the pandemic. I tried looking for kisstime in hongdae exit 1 but I can’t find it at all! I hate to ask for more specific directions, but I would love to see this one. Thanks.

      1. A lot of blowjob bars and kiss rooms based on full personal contact stayed open the entire time even as places like restaurants and stores shuttered. There is at least one BJ bar open in Bangkok now that offers their normal services but requires customers to wear a mask. Cheers.

    191. If you take exit 1 out of Hongdae at the green line, go towards the the first back street behind the main road. You should be on the opposite of the main Hongdae area. At the first intersection, on the left backhand corner above a convenient store, you will see a sign with a big K at the very top. I believe it is the third floor you there is one there. However, I think a better one is down the road. When you are at the first intersection facing away from the main road, make a left and go almost all the way down the street. On the right hand side towards the end, there is a red brick building after a “banana noraebang” and you’ll see a sign with a K on it and says kiss time if I remember correctly. Go up to the third floor and there is another one there that I’ve found to have hotter girls.

      Please report back if you go. I’d like to know how they are doing these days.

      1. Thank you for the direction. Its still there, but bad service doesnt even begin to describe it. Staffed with money hungry smoker girls who will try to upsell you for fs for 200k won. Better to get into jinju/belle

      2. I followed the directions of Klover11 above.

        The 1st place (closer to Exit 1) was literally in the process of shutting down. There was a guy there packing boxes who showed me “Business Termination” on his Google Translate.

        The 2nd place however, seemed alive and well. With that said, the experience was a bit mixed. I was met by an attractive girl at the front desk who spoke descent English. She charged me 90,000 KRW for the hour. I then went to the restroom to brush my teeth. The girl that came in the room was ok, and spoke no English so we used translator. With that said, she had very low enthusiasm. She let me hug/kiss her, but she herself did not do anything. The most I could get was a light hug. I guess that’s what you get with someone who is not a “pro”, but it would be nice get a bit more action from her. Still, it was nice enough that I will give it another go and see if I have better luck.

      1. Check out the one I posted about and you can give a report on how it is. There’s a second one around the corner that may still be open also.

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