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Review: Doki Doki Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Doki Doki Massage is one of the best erotic massage parlors in Bangkok. It joins a crowded field but still manages to set itself apart from the rest of the pack. When I first reviewed the place in 2018 I said it would most likely become quite popular due to its high level of service. As it turns out I was correct. In 2022, Doki Doki is one of the most popular massage parlors in Bangkok.

Doki Doki was launched by an experienced masseuse knowledgeable about the industry. She seems to have taken what she has learned and applied it well to create the new shop. Some of the women staff is also quite experienced in erotic massage even though they appear to be in their early twenties.

Anyone familiar with the previously reviewed Mitu massage or Japanese sopalands will have a good idea of the services offered at Doki Doki. The place could be described as an oily massage parlor but it is a lot closer to the Japanese soapland model. That means that the level of service offered is very high.

Location and setting

Doki Doki Massage is located on Sukhumvit Soi 31 directly across from the Paradiso 31 Hotel. The bright red building is very easy to find even though the signage is a bit discreet. Customers enter through a set of glass doors then head to the counter.

It seems that the building was renovated for the arrival of Doki Doki Massage. Everything is very new and clean. The walls seem to have been freshly painted from top to bottom and the tile floor sparkles. The place is spotless.

Doki Doki massage

At the front desk there is a tablet device with the menu options and prices. Illustrated descriptions of the services available also appear there. Everything is pretty self-explanatory but the notes and images might help the uninitiated.

The counter is staffed by a friendly young Thai lady with a decent grasp of English. There is a good chance she can also communicate at least somewhat in other languages. In any event much in the way of communication isn’t really required for customers to book a session.

The rooms are located up one short flight of stairs. The space is open and airy. Customers don’t have to duck under low ceilings or climb over anything to get to the quarters. The rooms themselves are very large. They contain big high quality beds with clean linens and huge tiled shower areas.

Nuru nuru massage

The main service at Doki Doki Massage is genuine nuru nuru massage. This isn’t the sort of middling massage offered by some other shops. At Doki Doki the women are actually very well trained and versed in the art of slippery body to body massage. They even use the same nuru gel and large inflatable mats utilized in genuine Japanese soaplands.

Bangkok nuru massage

“Nuru nuru” is a Japanese gitaigo that signifies a slippery feeling. Nuru nuru massage is thus a slippery body to body massage. Legend has it that the slimy seaweed massage was first developed in Kawasaki. Today it is practiced at soaplands and similar venues all over Japan.

Many soaplands in Japan do not accept foreign customers. That means most men who are not Japanese are unable to access a real nuru nuru massage. Some shops and services now offer nuru massage in various other countries. Honestly though very few of them are anything like the original service from Japan.

Service providers

There are several women working at Doki Doki Massage. They all appear to be in their twenties. The Doki Doki website says as much too. All of the ladies are attractive with nice bodies and good attitudes. None are overweight or out of shape.

Doki Doki massage staff

A lot of people complain about photo editing on Bangkok massage parlor websites. Looks are often changed quite a bit. In many cases skin color is significantly lightened. This is very common even when owners of said shops don’t want it. It appears to be an ingrained practice in the local industry.

The photographs shown on the Doki Doki site are somewhat discreet for reasons that should be obvious. They aren’t otherwise heavily modified. The women working at Doki Doki are definitely the ladies pictured on the Doki Doki website. In some cases the ladies even look better in person than they do in their photographs. Otherwise the pictures are totally accurate.

Services and prices

A sixty minute nuru nuru course at Doki Doki costs 3000 Baht ($90 USD). A ninety minute session is only slightly more at 3500 Baht ($106 USD). These sessions include mutual showering, a very thorough nuru nuru massage on a mat, uncovered oral and full service. Time left on the clock can be applied to extended services or something like a full body massage that is surprisingly good.

At any place with multiple providers on staff there will be variation in service. At Doki Doki the person in charge is an experienced masseuse. This seems to be ingrained into the women on staff who are all quite skilled. Some offer a level of service that may even surpass what is experienced at a standard Japanese soapland today.

Some people do a bit of rubbing with gel and call it a nuru nuru massage. The body to body slide at Doki Doki is something else entirely. It is a very thorough and erotic experience. The service providers at Doki Doki can take things to an almost acrobatic level. Staff members like Alice show an incredible level of skill and dedication to their work with extended rimming appearing as a regular part of the repertoire.

Doki Doki does offer a less expensive course too. The 2500 Baht ($75 USD) fifty minute option forgoes the mat play. It includes just a bit of stand up nuru massage in a shower. That is followed by full service in a smaller room. This cheaper and shorter option will most likely appeal to the budget minded as well as those on a tight schedule. It’s easy to imagine someone sneaking away from a shopping girlfriend at the nearby Terminal 21 mall for a short bit of fun.

Doki Doki Bangkok review

In a previous review I stated that Mitu Massage is the closest thing to a Japanese soapland outside of Japan. That was before Doki Doki Massage came along. Doki Doki is very much like a Japanese soapland yet it is much less expensive. Surprisingly Doki Doki even charges less than the aforementioned Mitu.

Doki Doki has a very convenient and accessible location and a skilled and attractive staff under the tutelage of a consummate pro. The women who work the shop offer a very high level of service.

On top of that the shop charges less than the closest competition in both the literal and figurative senses. Doki Doki seems primed to become a very popular place.

Bangkok is filled with erotic massage parlors and similar venues. Many of them come and go because they do not set themselves apart in any real way. Doki Doki Massage is different. It offers a level and sort of service that is very difficult to find in Thailand or anywhere else in the world. I give it a solid five stars.

Reviews of Doki Doki Massage providers

Doki Doki has now been open for several years. The shop has only grown in popularity during the time that it has been open. The women working at the shop are one of the main reasons for that.

It is always difficult to do an overview of a shop with multiple people on staff. Different people have their own looks, attitudes, and ways of doing things. But Doki Doki runs a tight ship. And all the ladies who work there are as skilled as they are attractive.

Below I review the services of individual service providers at Doki Doki. As you will see, they are all top performers.

Review of Pam (5/5)

Pam is one of the most popular women on staff at Doki Doki massage in Bangkok. She is also one of the best nuru massage practitioners in Bangkok. As there are many people doing similar work that means she really stands out of the crowd.

Pam at Doki Doki Bangkok

Nuru nuru is a common Japanese onomatopoeia. This gitaigo describes a slippery feeling. In its most basic form then, a nuru massage is a massage using slippery nuru gel. This specially designed Japanese gel is made from seaweed. And there is really nothing like it.

In fact, the practice of nuru massage is now recognized and sought after all over the world. Those who really know how to do nuru nuru massages can aptly slide all over a customers body with the aid of the aforementioned gel. It doesn’t necessarily have to be erotic, but in most cases it is. And when Pam does a nuru nuru massage, it is truly top notch.

All about Pam

Pam is a Thai gal in her twenties. She has a slim body yet at the same time is curvy. That is in part thanks to some very prominent man-made enhancements. But it is easy to see that her underlying frame is also feminine and alluring.

Pam Bangkok nuru massage

Most guys are naturally attracted to good looking women. Of course guys have differences in opinion about the looks of ladies. But there are some general standards that most guys abide by. Pam is the kind of gal who can turn a lot of heads when she walks by. In the buff she could most likely stop even the infamous traffic of Sukhumvit Road.

Pam’s nuru massage

While there has long been a nurture and nature debate, I doubt anyone believe that people are naturally born with nuru massage skills. Like other things, doing a nuru nuru massage well requires a combination of motivation, training, experience, and intuition.

I am not positive about Pam’s trajectory through the world of the Bangkok massage parlors. But it is very clear to me that she was trained by someone with real expertise along the way. I am going to guess that it is was in a Japanese shop. The truly Japanese-style nuru shops in Bangkok have been providing the best in erotic massage around for years.

Whatever her history, Pam can today glide around a male body with ease and aplomb. She is truly an expert at the craft. I would say that she makes it seem like an art form. But the truth is that it’s hard to analyze that or anything else when sharing an wet mat with her.

Pam does a great job at mixing eroticism into the act of nuru itself. But she doesn’t go overboard. The same comes with activities beyond the mat. She is quite skilled at those too. Though keeping with the general Japanese service theme, she seems to be totally focused on the customer.


Miss Pam must be quite sought after. There are countless ladies working the massage circuit in Bangkok. Yet only a few really standout. Especially to old hands like me who have “been around” enough times to beat a well-worn path into the ground.

At some of the more modern shops like Doki Doki, customers can actually book session in advance. Of course walk-ins are also welcome. But there is always a chance that a guy will walk in with high hopes only to find a popular lady booked. It seems like Pam stays quite busy, and it is easy for me to see why.

There are many service providers in the world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And different people like different things. But when it comes to adult services there are standards. Services sold as such are perhaps easier to quantify. And when it comes to delivering a nuru nuru massage services, there are few whoa re as talented as their jobs as Pam.

Over the last seven years I have reported on hundreds of venues and service providers all over the world. During that time, I have only given out a dozen or so five star reviews. Based on my varied experience I believe Pam is as good as anyone when it comes to providing erotic massage services. Five stars.

Review of Alice (4.5/5)

As far as I can tell Alice has been working at Doki Doki from the start. It is not her first rodeo either. She used to work at another place reviewed on this site. Though it might take a very astute eye or great memory to determine which one.

beautiful Thai masseuse Alice

Alice is a Thai woman in her twenties. She has a pretty face set off by a big smile. She isn’t anorexic or sporting a gym toned body. But she is definitely not fat either. I would say she has a nice soft feminine body that looks quite good.

A master at the craft

Although Alice has been in the game for a few years she still maintains a rather youthful look. That matches with her outward exuberance. She is about as welcoming and warm as it comes. That is not always something seen in the land of smiles these days. Especially when it comes to the adult entertainment industry.

From the outset of her appointments Alice is friendly and forthcoming. She is the type of provider to grab a client by the hand and guide him up the stairs with a look in her eye like she wants what is coming. In the room she knows how to organize and get things done without ever seeming overly professional or mechanical.

Alice at Doki Doki Bangkok

Alice starts by assisting with undressing. From there things go over to the large wet area where the Japanese silver air mat and nuru nuru gel are prepared. It is here where Alice truly excels. Many places and people now claim to do a nuru nuru or body to body massage. Alice shows exactly how it should be done. She is as thorough as she is adventurous when it comes to mat play.

Alice is very thorough working the body from top to bottom on both sides. It is almost as if she trained at one of the high end soaplands in Japan. She is that good when it comes to the body slide. To top things off, everything from her touch to her all over oral with rimming and multiple position full service are above average. She is very good at what she does.

Alice’s sensual services

The adult industry worldwide is notorious for its liberal use of Photoshop. That is starting to change a bit as the number of camera phones and independents continues to grow. Still many or even most pictures continue to be heavily edited especially in Bangkok. From what I hear photographers do things like skin lightening and more even when their customers request otherwise. It is just ingrained.

I don’t think the three pictures of Alice on the Doki Doki website are edited though I can’t be totally sure. What I can say is that Alice is a rare example of a woman who looks better in person than she does in her pictures. I am sure she is picked out of many lineups in the Doki Doki lobby.

That is if she is not booked throughout the day in advance. I am sure that she would stay very busy if punters knew about the high level of service she provides. Perhaps most importantly she genuinely seems to enjoy her work.

I find Alice to be quite attractive and even more charming. That of course is a matter of opinion. But in terms of skill and service alone she is one of the best performers of any service provider in Bangkok. Since the city is filled with so many women doing similar work that is really saying something. Four-and-a-half stars.

Review of Mali (4/5)

Mali is a tanned all natural Thai gal working at Doki Doki massage in Bangkok. She is a lovely young woman in her early twenties. Her youthful exuberance is enchanting.

Mali nuru masseuse in Bangkok

Miss Mali is from Buriram and her smooth brown skin reflects that. Perhaps her round bottom also does to some extent, since its not uncommon in her part of Isaan.

With jet black hair and a cute face, I think that Mali is quite attractive. Most notable may be that she is au naturel with no signs of cosmetic surgery, piercings or ink embedded into her epidermis.

Seeing all of Mali

Not so long ago, most of the ladies dancing in the Bangkok go go bars shared similar organic characteristics. These days it is pretty rare to find a woman on a stage in Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy who isn’t tattooed or sporting some combination of artificial body parts and artificial skin lightening. Meeting Mali was thus quite refreshing for me.

Doki doki is a Japanese onomatopoeia meant to describe a hard beating heart. I think my own ticker may have missed a scheduled pump or two when I first saw Mali walking up the stairs in a short dress. She only looked better in a state of lesser dress. So the name of the shop is at least somewhat appropriate in this case.

Mali’s sensual services

Mali is relatively new to erotic massage. Doki doki is the first parlor she has worked. While she certainly knows what to do from beginning to end, Mali is definitely not an expert at sensual services. She is quite competent at everything from bathing to nuru massage. But there is a certain shyness and uncertainty about her. She relaxes a lot more when simply interacting on a personal basis rather than providing a set sort of service.

The phrase “girlfriend experience” is thrown around quite a bit these days. It’s meaning seems to have shifted over the years. Now people mainly use it to describe a paid session with a service provider that feels more like spending time with an actual girlfriend. I hesitate to throw the GFE label around myself, especially when it comes to massage parlors. Because how many guys actually have girlfriends who will cover themselves with nuru lotion and slide around on their body for an hour whenever they want?

That said, Mali acts more like the kind of gal who you would meet somewhere in civilian life than a hardened service provider in Thai massage shop. She seems most comfortable when just relaxing and acting informally. She isn’t reticent to get hands on in any event. And she definitely knows how to do work with her hands, mouth and body. Mali is certainly no stranger to going all the way.

Solely in terms of service, Mali could certainly develop her skills. And from what I hear she is actually trying to study and practice to that effect. Supposing she does become more of a nuru massage master, I can only wonder if that will her seem less like the girl next door. I personally hope she won’t become hardened. I like her just the way she is. Four stars.

Review of Nadia (4.5/5)

Nadia is one of the most popular and skilled ladies at Doki Doki massage in Bangkok. As stated in my earlier review of the shop, Doki Doki is one of the top massage parlors in the city. In fact, it’s one of the better shops in all of the country. That is in large part due to the expertise of the providers who work there. Nadia illustrates that perfectly.

Not long ago I wrote about Pam at the same shop. If she is the most in demand provider at the shop than Nadia is probably second. Her looks certainly have a lot to do with her getting picked out of the lineup with regularity. But her superior skills also make her desirable among many customers.

Nadia at Doki Doki Massage

Nadia is a twenty-something year old masseuse with a very fit body and tight backside. Apparently she has a child but it would be very difficult to tell. Despite my vast experience with women I was only made aware of this when I came out and asked her. Nadia also told me that she works out daily. This I knew without asking, as she is quite firm.

Nadia nuru nuru massage Bangkok

Her big bolt-on balloons are even firmer than the rest of her. But they look pretty good on her small frame. Guys have different opinions about fake tits. But there can be no question that can come in handy when used by a skilled provider.

The above mentioned Pam also has synthetic sweater puppies but she puts them to good use when doing a body to body massage complete with tit wanking.

Nadia is nice

Nadia speaks English quite well. She certainly has a better grasp of the language than most women in her line of work. She hails from the southern part of the country rather than the northeastern Isaan region where most Bangkok masseuses originate. Though I don’t know how much that has to do with her language skills.

I don’t know Nadia’s complete adult work history either. But somewhere along the line she has picked up some real abilities. Nadia is a definite expert both on and off the inflatable mat. She takes control of sessions from the very beginning, yet is able to react to the needs of her customers. She is totally service oriented, which is frankly not always easy to find in Thailand. I guess she has the same kind of dedication to working out, which is how she is able to do it daily and end up with such obvious results.

Nadia is very good at the nuru body to body slide. She knows her way around the infamous mat as well as a man’s body. She leaves no stone unturned when she is sliding around either. Nadia is the kind of gal who does an all over cat bath. And I do mean all over. She doesn’t shy away from any part of the body. She spends a lot of time rimming and she does it very well.

On the flip she is a real rider. The same goes off the mat and over in the dry part of the room. More notable than that however are her oral skills. These too are very developed. In fact she’s probably one of the better blowers to be found in any shop the kind. Nadia can actually go deep too. That is something only rarely seen in the higher end massage parlors.

As all of the above should show, Nadia is one of the best service providers I have seen in a Bangkok massage shop. I wouldn’t say she is perfect. Who among us is? I am certainly not anywhere near perfection myself. But I have a basis of experience and can speak with some knowledge on the subject of erotic massage. My informed opinion is that Nadia is very good at her job. Her popularity at Doki Doki seems to confirm that. Four-and-a-half stars.

Doki Doki Massage is located at 3/25 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. Click here for a map. Doki Doki is open every day from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM. Phone: is +66 098-569-8794. Website:

187 thoughts on “Review: Doki Doki Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

      1. Sashithaaran Govindasamy

        The shop is very much clean and neat. Nina is superb friendly. Not only Nina, but all the staff are super friendly. Pam was out of the world. Her attiude and service is awesome. Suzie also awesome. In total, a must visit shop at least once in your lifetime. Make sure you book Pam when visit.

  1. High praise from rockit so I’ll be sure to try it out soon. One question: in selecting a masseuse is it from a line up or from pictures in an ipad? Cheers.

  2. I went to Doki Doki on the first week it opened when the shop was not 100% done yet.
    very good top notch service and experience for a reasonable price… made me even wonder why I spent 4200-4800 baht in Mitu for what…
    It wouldn’t surprise me if all the other Mitu regulars start going there…like myself already !

      1. I forgot to mention that Alice was in fact the girl I tried when I went there during the first week.. very energetic and very hospitable towards customers. I’ll definitely see her again after trying a few others

  3. I’m a long time customer of Mitu and I checked out this place yesterday.
    Awesome in every way. As good as the very best of Mitu (which is the best paid sex experience in Bangkok for my money).
    3000b for an hour, the girl (forgot the name) insisted I stay an extra 30m past time to bang her one more time.

    Nasty, hot and intimate as well. I can’t recommend this place highly enough.

    Just go!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! With Rockit’s review and your endorsement, I’m making my plans.

      You aren’t by any chance JohnD from another board, are you? If so, your reports there were legendary.

  4. Had a great time with Pam. The best Nuru experience that I have had in Bangkok. She was very thorough and knew what she was doing – almost like those Nuru JAVs you see. Great gal and great service.

  5. Went today morning and met Kiss, what a wonderful service she gave, the 60mins went by super quick. Nice lady manager too. Super place, thanks for introducing this to us Rockit, you rock man.

  6. Once again I am following in your footsteps Rockit. A week of happiness in Bangkok! My life got a boost when I discovered the possibilities here. I went to Doki Doki yesterday, and they asked me where I learned about their establishment. I said Rockit Reports, and the three girls in the reception lit up in smiles. Obviously you are a star over there! I am glad I made the visit to gain experience, however I think the Nuru stuff is not my favourite, so today I visited Addict for an oil massage. The variety of offers in Bangkok is great. It is something for every taste.
    Thank you again.

  7. On my 3rd, and final trip to BKK of the year. Have to say this is The best shop in town, much better than Mitu. Took Kyoko for 90 minutes, best money every spend. She’s wild with purky boobs and great english.

    @Rockit, since I started coming here back in 2014 your site has been my go to place. Love your work. If we’re every here at the sametime I’d love to buy u a drink

  8. just visited there. i had an amazing experience.
    my first time using silver mattress. (it is specialise for nuru massage)
    it is extremely slippery on silver mat and we fall off together few times!!
    I highly recommend this place for everyone.
    they don’t hesitate to use large amount of gel for my session.

    this kind of massage you can never get at home with gf.

    i will definitely visit again for my next trip.

    girls level 7/10

    perfect job, great review

    thank you!

  9. Nina is training her girls well and this place is getting better and better. There are many new stars coming up like Alice, Olive, Pam and the service minded approach and good attitude of the owner makes the whole experience amazing ! Nina requested me to try some of her new girls and I did with some skepticism on my last visit. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. A must visit I must say !

  10. I went there 10 Jan at 5.30 PM. First I was there a day before but none was available so I booked my session with Annie for next day with 1000 Baht advance. All the girls had lots of booking, it looked like doctors serial. LoL! Anyway, even with appointment I had to wait for 15 min and then went up stair with Annie. She is better looking than her pics with an amazing body. Awesome service, no rush at all. She kissed like cat my whole body front and back and even long rimjob, BBBJ!! after whole routine of wash and nuru gel rubbing. It went on for more than 1 hr. Then, she mounted me reversed cowgirl and what a view of 26 yrs gorgeous body. Then we moved it to bed. Miss, did some serious pounding. Oh! awesome natural tits to pay with. Finally pop with 5mins to left, I got so exhausted by the hard work (!) that it become difficult to cum.
    Best service in Bangkok for sure…. anyone can visit it without hesitation. Only two issues, cost is 3500 for 1.5 hr and no mirror in the room which I think is must for nuru massage.
    Thanks rockit for finding this Gem for us.

  11. Since there is a lot of interest in this place, I thought I’d add some information. I’m a long – time visitor to Mitu and have been to Dokidoki half a dozen times now. As many punters already know, Dokidoki is operated by a previous star performer from Mitu, Nina. The services at both places are identical, but Doki is quite a bit cheaper.

    Nina has also managed to pull many star performers from the old place to work at her establishment, so i wanted to tell you the names of the girls at both locations, Mitu first and then their names at Doki.
    Emily is now Alice. Rui is now Pam. Waka is now Kyoko. Tao is now Naomi. These four girls were my top picks at Mitu so i thought I’d let others know.

  12. I saw Pam at this place and had a great time. I had previously seen her at Mitu, was pleased to know she was available at a lower price. 3500 for 90 mins.
    She offers a very enthusiastic and skilled service, with the 90mins being one of the highlights of my trip to bkk.
    Soi 31 seems to be fairly quiet street, with the shop easy to find, will try return on my next holiday.

  13. 11 out of 10 Stars for this place. Service quality is out of space and NOT only the first time. I am not used to such a professionality in Bangkok. Big thanks. 很好的地方。我很高兴。真的真的很不错 谢谢

  14. This is an honest review here.
    I have been to Mitu three times totally and I was excited to try Doki Doki afer reading many good reviews here. I did not book for a specific lady and went there straigh to pick the girl, Wawa, at the counter around 7PM. Lookwise , Wawa is pretty and her body is on a slimmer side. She was friendly and spoke basic English well. Comparing to Mitu, there was a lack of certain services such as rimjob , CIM , rubbing with the vulva etc. She did rub with her boobs but only to my abdomen and the back area. After nuru massage with some bbbj and hj to pop the first shot, she gave me a lousy massage for about 15 mins. We moved on to the intercourse which is okay level sex but ,at this point, I was already disappointed and having a hard time to come for a second time. I asked her for a handjob to get it done fast.

    If Doki Doki girls’s service level are like that, I think I would rather pay higher price at Mitu to get a full service.

  15. Booked Naomi last saturday and had an unbelievable experience that I must repeat… hard worker and very service oriented and always asked about my preferences and made me shoot 3 times..
    I have been going to Doki Doki for some time now and my 2 favorites are Pam and Naomi both hard workers…..would definitely make a rotation between the 2

  16. Visited on 16 March.I’m a bit of a veteran of Bangkok but hadn’t experienced nuru massage there so thought I’d give it a try.Doki is certainly a bit smarter than many similar places and the receptionist was very helpful.But overall I was disappointed.The lady I chose was nice enough but I felt just functional rather than eager to please.The massage element was good but the additional services were poor by what I’m used to in Bangkok.
    So given the price, 3500 baht for 1.5 hours, not great value.For the that amount you could have a much better sexual experience in Tulip (2100 baht) and a good blow job in Kasalong (800 baht) if you have the stamina!

    1. Thanks for the detailed report. It seems that the Asian oriented places are more about service while the more foreign oriented places like Tulip are more often focused on skill and performance. Cheers.

  17. I tried a couple of the newer ones. They were nice and friendly, but there’s a definite skill gap between the newer staff and the more experienced ladies that used to work at Mitu.

    Can someone recommend a masseuse they’ve had a good time with?


  18. PAM very pretty and looked just like her photos Engaging personality. Very professional and make effort to be attentive to get date .

  19.   I have a great time with Pam .Her photos are genuine on the site. I have a lot of friends from many other shops in my country, but dokki is honest & genuine. I will certainly return to this agency. Thank you.

  20. This place is worth every penny. Had 90 minutes session with Pam and it was very good. She knows her stuff very well. She wanted me to go for second shot in 90 minutes but it was already 5 days in Thailand with continous fucking and Johny wasn’t up for it. Asked her to give me a good BJ and HJ so that i can cum second time and she did the same. Loved the Nuru massage part. Very exotic. Paid 3.5k baht and 300 thb tip for the lady. Dont miss this place and if in doubt on which girl to choose, just go ahead with Pam.

  21. Went Doki Doki a few times, picked up Pam every time. She is really a gem. Excellent service, very attentive. She is a pretty girl, moreover she is very generous and kind, she even brought me some Japanese food when I told her about how I like them. It was a really wonderful experience altogether with Pam. Not even a slightest disappointment. She would be the one I am gonna see again when I am back in Bangkok.

  22. Visited Doki Doki twice in June. Based on the reviews here, chose Pam. It was a great choice. She used to work in Mitu before, so gave an excellent Nuru massage. I loved it when she paid attention to my entire body (from earlobes to toes). Very Service oriented – rimming, bbbj included. 2 shots in 90 mins for 3.5k. Gave her 300 as tips.
    Wanted to visit her again, but due to miscommunication, she was not available when I arrived. Chose Alice instead, another ex-Mitu girl. Service was great, spent more time on the Nuru massage and was a great tease. Started sex and I really liked her body gyrating in CG position, moved to missionary and then finished in CIM. Was really tired after it and she offered to massage me for the next 10 mins.
    For anyone wanting to try Nuru, I would recommend this place. The owner was quite friendly and would suggest recommendations based on your tastes. Would definitely visit the next time I come to Bangkok.

  23. Thanks for your article! I’m not new to Bangkok or the Escorts but it was my first time trying the nuru massage and this article, plus the comments, have been really useful! Naturally I went for Pam, 90 minutes, and I can’t say anything negative about her. She is pretty in both face and body, energetic (like really, we even switched with FS soon after starting the nuru massage and then continued the massage afterwards with more FS later on, and then more on the bed, really a gem!), and she certainly knows what she is doing in both the massage and all else. After that experience I was very curious about the 2-girls option which was also offered when I chatted with doki-doki (5500/6500 thb for 60/90 minutes and I asked her for some recommendations to join us next time. I went for Pam + Mar (90 mins a few days later) and I have to say there is a skill gap and you can tell Mar is not as experienced, but it was cool having Pam around in command mode guiding Mar, plus FS with 2 girls is always nice ;) (do note that there is no lesbian interaction but I knew this in advance). Overall both times were very good and Pam is someone that I will definitely repeat next time I’m around.

    Thanks again for your site!

      1. I can confirm to Rays report that there are skill gaps between the girls. Had 90 minutes with Pam and Diamon in June were Pam did 90% of the work and Diamon was very passive. Pam did it excellent, but for this a 90 minutes single session with Pam would ne cheaper.
        Btw are there massage parlors where the 2 girls also interact?

        1. Thanks for the report. There are places where the women are purported to be bisexual and more or less guaranteed to work together like Eden. There are probably also women who will interact even at places like this. Cheers.

    1. I don’t make recommendations as this website is for entertainment only. That said Eden is the only place I know in Bangkok that claims to employ genuinely bisexual women. Of course there are actually many bisexual service providers in Bangkok. But they aren’t organized into a single shop anywhere that I know of. Cheers.

  24. Can anyone confirm if Pam is still with DokiDoki?

    Her pic isn’t present on their website anymore.

    I asked DokiDoki, waiting for a response.

    I’d like to visit her after reading all these reviews about her.

    1. I’ve heard that “she have holiday long time”. Was also wondering why her pictures isn’t anymore on the homepage. She so not mentioned on the daily updated schedule.
      But there are now uo to 20 girls working. So you will find one.

      1. That kind of language is often used when people leave a place of this sort. But from what I hear she actually is on holiday and plans to return. Cheers.

  25. I went to Doki Doki Massage today and choose Alice. I opted for the 90 minutes nuru massage.
    First we showered together and she washed me from top to bottom. While showering she slide up and down on my body with her body, which was a nice turn on, loved it.
    Then prepared the mat and onto the nuru massage. There was a lot of focus on the anus, rimming and almost full finger insertion. We 69 on the mat and I came in her mouth, she sucked out every last drop.
    I had nuru massage before in Tokyo at some high end shops and this was as good as those.
    After this she washed me again and onto the bed where she gave me a pretty good Thai Massage. After this I was thinking about do we even have time left for anything because the nuru massage felt like a long time and also the Thai Massage felt like probably 20 minutes at least. So after finishing the massage she got some lube and massage lotion and started massaging my dick and my shaft and again played with my anus. She blow me as well but she was jerking me so fast and hard it was actually a little painful even though there’s was lots of lube and lotion used. I couldn’t come this time. For me this part was too mechanical. And the whole time I was wondering how come we didn’t have sex, or why she didn’t even offer or suggested it??? I thought this place is probably just BJ and HJ as a happy ending. I came to read the reviews here and see pretty much everybody had sex. I wonder what I did wrong. Maybe I will go back and get another session but opt for no nuru and see what happens.
    I liked Alice and would have loved to have sex with her.

    1. Thanks for the detailed report John. In my experience the providers do their best to please. That means they would have to follow their instincts unless told otherwise. I agree with your assessment that ladies like Alice are as skilled as Japanese providers in terms of nuru massage Cheers.

  26. Visited Doki Doki yesterday, had a wonderful time with Alice. She was really friendly and attentive to all your needs. I give it 5 stars and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

    1. I have tried her, she has a chubby face. Overall I felt her service and attitude were a bit too technical in my personal opinion, not as skilled as Pam, Kyoko, Naomi, Alice (Ive tried the 4) … She will give a bareback blowjob but she will not take the CIM.

      1. That’s lame! Pam, Alice and Naomi all sucked my sugar water out right into their mouths and kept going. No quit no spit no shit! On top of that they all lick the brown star too. Fun times in filthy Bangkok. Alice was best for me because she’s all natural. Pam and Naomi had too much plastic surgery. Did you try Diamond or Mali?? Like their looks but wanna make sure they eat the cream filling!

        1. Big facts ! I agree there. To be frank I met Pam before she got the implants. I kinda preferred it that way before she went and got em….but yeah I’m telling you, alice Pam and Naomi focus on making everything more erotic and sexual…Naomi and Pam’s rimming and bbbj are out of the world…
          yuri was just more into giving a massage…. I’m regards to diamond I’ve tried her. She communicates and acts like a robot to be frank and is always checking things here and there while I lie down . She also has plastic surgery implants too… Mali havent tried her yet

          1. Thanks for the comment. How big were Pam’s breasts before the boob job? She doesn’t have a child, so I wonder if they were perky. Mali certainly is. Cheers.

      1. I didn’t necessarily think the hair would be a deal breaker, but I do wonder if it influences people either way. In any case she is indeed a great gal and a skilled provider. Cheers.

          1. That sounds about right to me. Guys who prefer tattoos must be in heaven when they go into Thai gogo bars these days. Cheers.

    2. A couple of months ago I went there in the evening and it was so crowded and had to wait for an hour or more. I decided not to experience it this time. This place is getting popular due to Rockit and other shops may soon catch up with Doki standards sooner or later to survive or compete. The rates seemed high but still much cheaper than the counterparts in S.Korea or Japan. I met a real satisfied customer from the states and he said he flew to bkk mainly for this place. Cheers!

    3. Chose Aunaun today, excellent service, almost comparative to Pam’s, nice assets, natural I guess, however she did all she could to make me happy. Will she her again for sure..

        1. I have no idea weather she is new or not, but see her in their daily schedule posts in Line app. Anyways she’s great, you can check her out too, mark my words…

    4. I went to Doki Doki Massage on Friday and choose Pam.
      I take the the 90 minutes nuru massage.
      Pam looks awesome and gives me an unforgetable nuru experience.

      First she washed every inch of my body, then she prepared the mat and and the nuru massage starts.
      Pam slide up and down on me with her nice and firm body, which was very nice and turned me on.
      Then she did a very great blowjob and after in 69 position, she fucked me for at least 15 min.
      But after an hard week I can’t cum again, Pam did the best to make me happy.

      Pam did an excellent service and was very attentive.
      Best nuru massage I had so far in my life.

    5. I asked them how many shots was included in a 90 minute session and they said 2.

      Why would a place like this not allow unlimited, I don’t understand.

      1. Many places like this in Bangkok only allow one shot. I guess they think that’s the service the payment rendered is worth. Cheers.

    6. I read your review and decided to try doki doki.chose Olive for 60 mins.amazing experience.didnt expected massage so good.10/10 for service.i have only one question though as you are regular safe are girls do they have regular health check up.the reason I am asking you is that today I took BBJ something which I stopped doing from last 2 years since I got married.did u face any issue with health.although I must say the place is very clean and so does olive.usually Japanese places are.other than this no issues

      1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t think any Japanese people are involved with the shop. But it definitely does have a Japanese service style in the room. There’s an obvious influence which makes sense considering. I have no idea about the health of all the ladies working at the shop. A lot of people go there. I haven’t heard or read any complaints of that nature. Cheers.

    7. Went last month. Chose Pam. She is very beautiful and gave great massage. Came back multiple times! Would definitely recommend Pam.

    8. I’ve visited this place a few times and always had fantastic service , on my last trip I saw Pam who was an amazing girl who gave fantastic service , 5 star service all the way , Nina you have a fantastic shop and Rockit what a great website, picked up many tips over the years , Cheers

    9. I saw Helen couple days. She kept coughing the whole time and her service was terrible. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to continue with a cough. She said I am ok. I brought my own condoms from Canada and in the middle of having sex she started to say she was hurting. I just stopped and left. She is chubby as well. Worst experience ever.

      1. I’ve tried her … Ray certainly had the looks, but based on my experience, she’s more business minded, not service minded. Lack of GFE, and more on the technical side of things making sure everything is organized rather than focus on the client..She smirked at me and told me that if I can’t make a 2nd shot I’d have to do it myself And of course she was more worried about the time as well and in a rush of things… wouldn’t recommend if your looking for GFE… better meet the service minded ones like Pam.

    10. Jams
       Today I try to visit Nuru shop In Bangkok for the first time, I tried the first woman named Nadia. I followed the reviews, I was impressed. Can be the first time Nadia is a shapely woman with small breasts, tan skin, good service, but I want to try whether other people are doing well. The other day I came up. According to another reviewer, Pam, for this one, outside, she looks sexy, but her massage is better. Looks more than Nadia I really like Pam’s Nuru face, so I will come back to book her again for Pam if coming to

    11. I like this place. It may seem a little more expensive compared to other local providers but the rooms are clean and spacious. The response time to query is good, the reception staff helpful and the service levels are high. I have in the past enjoyed sessions with Nana, Kiss, Ai and the legendary Pam. No complaints with any of them although the the first two may no longer work there.
      This time I enjoyed Miku. A slender young lady from Phuket and it was just as good.
      Thank you Rockit.

    12. Never had a Nuru before. They actually clean the mats between customers (besides quick spray)? So during busy hours, am I laying on cum form 5 previous dudes? I’m just used to MP changing the towel on the bed between customers

      1. Masseuses usually clean off mats towards the ends of sessions at most nuru places. That said there are many non-nuru places in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world that don’t change sheets for days or even weeks. Cheers.

    13. I visited Doki Doki during my vacation in Thailand. I had the luck to select Pam because the dude booked her hadn’t shown up LOL. The recommendations above are very serious. I had an unforgettable experience with her. Frankly speaking, I never had this level of experience before. It was far beyond description. Things I did with her or she did to me had broadened my horizon.
      I got so excited and my little brother expanded to a size I never thought I could. However, miraculously, I lasted for quite a long time. After switching many positions, I so hard, filling the forepart of the condom. Even the therapist made a ‘WOW’. She tried to offer me a second shot by BJ or HJ even it was reaching 90min, but I had to turn her down because I was exhausted and satisfied. She lay down next to me and we had a little chat instead. Before my leaving, she wished me happy Chinese Lunar New Year, how sweet!
      The therapist offers good treatment for sex deprivation I suppose. Since I returned to China, the reminiscence has been driving me mad. I wish I could revisit in the near future to continue the course of treatment HAHA. Maybe I’ll book S31 Hotel next time so it could be convenient for me to visit here.

    14. I saw Pam at this place and had a great time. I had previously seen her at Mitu, was pleased to know she was available at a lower price. 3500 for 90 mins.
      She offers a very enthusiastic and skilled service, with the 90mins being one of the highlights of my trip to bkk.

    15. Had a great time with Pam. The best Nuru experience that I have had in Bangkok. She was very thorough and knew what she was doing – almost like those Nuru JAVs you see. Great gal and great service.

    16. Pam, she is a cute, small, honey-colored woman which I like very much. Plus, she has a very pleasant massage. If I come again next time, I will choose her.

    17. At first I was afraid of Corona. Just when I met Pam, I forgot. The service is superb, like in AV. Plus, she is pretty, charming, sexy, fresh face. She is even more beautiful, very young.

    18. I will be in April in BKK and of course I want to visit DOKI DOKI too. I’m not sure yet shell I go with Nadia or Pam. But after all this reports, I guess I have to choose Pam. I wonder the whole time, to the girls have a big bush or are the shaven?
      I also wonder, if it’s *better* for men also to be shaven or not for Nuru?
      Sorry sound a little bit strange but I like to have to full experience :-)

      1. Nuru massage originates in Japan. As you may know, very few people shave their pubic hair in that country. When I met Pam I believe she was shaven. Others may or may not be. I actually published a piece called “should you shave your pubic hair” years ago. In any event this website is only meant for entertainment. I don’t make recommendations. Cheers.

    19. Read good reports about Doki, having spent many years in the Land of Smiles, and had hundreds of soapies, bjs etc. thought I had better try out the Nuru. Made a few inquiries by email and by phone, got good and quick response, decided to go early an hour after opening. The line up was only three girls, but that was good because had a really hard time deciding, all 3 were super cute, late 20’s. with nice bods. I chose Olive, we hit it off right away, she was super attentive and gave me a great time with full satisfaction. She asked if I would write a review and mention her name, saying she sometimes takes Friday off. I will give the details a miss, but suffice to say, 5 STAR!!! Thanks Olive, you were great.

    20. Went here recently. Their lineup has improved SIGNIFICANTLY. In addition they have reduced the fees on their services.

      Although they seem to have lost some of their older girls by adding the new girls. Guess they didn’t get much work when the new blood came in.

      I went with a petite stunner going by the name Victoria. Tan skin, nice ass and a hell of a good nuru massage. Not as crazy as Pam in the bed, but well up to par for my needs.

      You should get back here and do another report, Rockit!

    21. Been visiting Doki in the past year, it’s a great place with great nuru message. Girls are always very nice, friendly and give excellent service. I stayed recently with Victoria, she’s awesome! Great body, great skills, lovely smile and awesome butt!
      Definitely recommend this place.

    22. Has this place been open during lockdowns? I read that ‘wet’ massage shops will remain closed in October.. not sure what this place classifies as.

      1. As per usual with Thailand there has been a lot of variation with things changing from one day to the next. Or one street to another. I know that Doki Doki has been open during the last year. Though they may have closed here and there for brief periods. Cheers.

    23. Also, any idea what happened to Kyoko or Naomi? They were part of the original lineup when it opened, but I see that they’re no longer listed on the website. Anyone know if they quit or moved on to another shop? They were a lot of fun and super friendly.

      1. Sorry but I don’t know anything about either of those ladies. There have been lots of changes in the last 2 years. And that applies across the board. One very well known massage provider now works at Starbucks! I look forward to meeting favorites and some new women too in the future. Cheers.

    24. Thanks for the quick reply! How would you compare Dokidoki to the other Nurus that have opened up – Kokoro and SNCTM? Do you have a preference? Back in 2019, Dokidoki was priced perfectly for the value you got back. Not sure how that stands up now compared to their rivals. Thanks in advance.

      1. Thanks for reading and commenting. My thoughts would be reflected in the ratings I gave each place. I haven’t seen any changes in the time since I wrote my reviews that would prompt any revisions. Nor am I in Bangkok at the moment to do any spot checks. I would guess most things are similar. But it is only a guess. Cheers.


      Finally got a chance to check this place out. Great place friendly staff. Definitely have to book in advance as the selection was extremely limited when I did walks in, booking was easier though, fast response and with pictures. With exception of the extremely local shops I visited hands down the best service and looks.

    26. I visited Doki Doki in September 2019, which was my last trip to Bangkok before Covid struck. I had been to Mitu several times over the years and was curious to see how they compared. The evening I visited, there were three women available and all were pushing 30. I selected the best looking one (can’t remember her name) and engaged in a series of Nuru-related activities. This lady was quite versatile and obviously wanted to do a good job. I was pleased with the experience. The activities at DD and Mitu are about the same. The gal at DD was, perhaps somewhat more enthusiastic than the typical girls at Mitu. DD is less expensive and Mitu is over-priced, but the Mitu girls are younger, have less mileage and are all quite petite. I’d have no hesitation visiting either establishment again, and hope to do so before the end of 2022.

        1. After a three year Covid-related absence, I am once again in Bangkok. The other day, I was wandering around the Sukhumvit 31-33 area and decided to investigate a Nuru massage. After I was unable to find either Mitu or Korkoro, I wound up at DD, hot and exhausted…with standards lowered. There’s a guy at the desk with a large iPad, allegedly depicting all of the DD girls. There must be at least a hundred. Out of this vast potential selection, only three were available, and all were substandard. He said “ all other girls were booked.” Uh huh. Nonetheless, the three were presented and I selected the best looking one, who was covered in tattoos…including a large one in the middle of her chest. So let me say this now, IMO, the girls at DD are the dregs of the industry. I have never once seen an attractive girl at DD. After I paid 3,000 TB and I got into the room and she undressed, that was the last place in the world where I wanted to be. The session was a complete disaster. I don’t blame the girl, because she was trying, but I just wasn’t interested in her physically. My mistake. If DD was the last brothel on the planet, I would not return.

          1. Thanks for the report. Beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder. But I have always found ladies like Alice and Nadia attractive. Cheers.

          2. Very surprised by Jim’s remark as on my many visits to this place, I have never seen a guy at the desk but always a lady … On the Ipad I have never seen hundreds of girls, may be 18 maximum. You can also ask for a line up.
            For me DD is one of the best address in Bkk, good vibes, very clean an well run shop.
            I have always left this place with a broad smile and my mind in the clouds …
            Many girls are attractive and are VERY skilled.
            I will definitely return.

            1. In Europe Papasans are not uncommen. In my favourite city -I will not mention the name – a good massage place had an older smiling man looking after the girls. Its been closed for a couple years but I remember sessions with Lao, Thai, Viet girls, often on a touristvisa from SEA. On one occation a window in the room facing the street was half open and people outside on the way home from work complained about the noice. Not all the girls were great though, the Viet ones were lackluster, just like in Saigon.

      1. Went to this fine establishment four times during the early month of August. I had Pui, Jam, Cat and Mini. It gets busy during certain days of the week and usually during early evening. I have to say Mini was my favorite. They all look great and eager to please. Price is still the same 1200 for 40 minutes plus extra

      2. I booked Victoria in advance, with all the good Google reviews for her, and wow she didn’t disappoint at all! She was very good at what she did, and was cutely playful too. Would come back again

      3. Have been Doki for many times and never disappointed until recent visit. Booked Mayu and her service is totally below standard. My first time in Doki without kissing, bbbj and rimming services. I will stop visit Doki to try new girls as their services are not guaranteed.

      4. I had a lovely session with Mimi. She was wonderful. Awsome soapy massage with good sensual feeling. Followed by nuru gel. She first massage me from back and full on kissing the body, rimming. turned over with lots of DFK and awsome fucking and BBBJ.

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