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Review: Massage Vi Tiểu Bảo in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Massage Vi Tiểu Bảo is an erotic massage parlor in Ho Chi Minh City. There are now countless shops offering what might be called a spa like experience with happy ending in Saigon. This venue does the same. Though it stands out for its attractive staff and unique service offerings.

Some Westerners view Saigon as a sort of dead spot when it comes to adult entertainment in Southeast Asia. They don’t see flashing lights advertising nude women so they imagine there is nothing going on. In reality that couldn’t be further from the truth.

inside vi tieu bao massage

Ho Chi Minh City is in fact home to one of the more vibrant and varied industries in all of ASEAN. I think the confusion comes from the fact that the venues in Vietnam tend to be both discrete and aimed more at locals and other Asians. Out of sight out of mind.

Yet this is not another Japan where foreigners are banned from various venues. In all my years I have never seen a place in Vietnam refuse a customer based on their ethnicity or country of origin. In general Vietnamese people are pretty accepting of foreigners. That’s doubly true for Vietnamese business people.

Location, layout and ladies

Vi Tiểu Bảo is located on Street 79 in District 7 which is just a few blocks off of the Nguyen Thi Thap strip. As with most places in the city this shop is easy to find with the address in hand. Most confusion with navigation in Ho Chi Minh City stems from mistakes over the various districts. The same or similar addresses can exist in two different districts or “quans”.

hot vietnamese nuru massage

This parlor has a normal store front. The name is displayed on the sign above the door in large clear letters. At night they are lit up in red against a black backdrop which makes it all even easier to see. Yet the place isn’t really “in your face”. If it wasn’t for the word massage appearing on the sign this place would like any other mainstream business in town.

Inside there is a lobby with a receptionist. This is more for show than anything. Customers who enter are quickly led up a somewhat dilapidated stairway and into one of several massage rooms. Thankfully the rooms are a lot better quality than the stairs. They look like the typical Vietnamese VIP massage quarters and come complete with steam rooms, elevated massage tables the size of beds, and jetted tubs.

Service, price and summary

There are various massage packages available at Vi Tiểu Bảo. The cheapest is a 50 minute VIP session with a body massage, hand job and blow job that costs 300,000 VND ($12 USD). The 700,000 Dong ($29 USD) VIP Nuru 1 package includes all that plus a soapy body-to-body massage and 69 service. The 1,500,000 VND ($62 USD) King package adds hot water bathing and a second shot.

The Vietnamese women at Massage VTB tend to be quite good looking. The majority are in their early twenties with pretty faces and good bodies. They also tend to have good dispositions and well developed skills. These ladies are definitely committed to the work. One reason for that is undoubtedly because they work for tips.

The tipping system at Vi Tiểu Bảo is rather ingrained. The shop tells customers what the ladies expect right up front. As with most similar businesses the ladies expect tips equal to the ticket price. So they want a 300,000 Dong tip for a VIP session or a 700,00 Dong tip for a VIP Nuru 1 appointment. This is pretty standard across Vietnam though it is often left unspoken.

The service here is very good. The ladies give real massages. The body slides might not be up to real nuru massage standards but they are still done well. The gals have talented hands and the bare oral offered rivals the quality of the best hot toc provider.

Vi Tiểu Bảo is like Liberty 4 and some other parlors in that the doors on each room have glass windows. This is common at places that allow happy endings but not full service. Apparently the idea is to let the gals know they can’t get away with secretly offering full service for more money. Most customers don’t seem to have much of an issue with this. Probably because the windows don’t actually seem to be used much.

Overall Massage Vi Tiểu Bảo has a team of good looking ladies who offer reliable services in decent surroundings. The prices are fair and varied so that the economical customer and big spender can both find packages to fit their needs. I can’t find much fault with this place. Not that I would necessarily want to. Four stars.

Massage Vi Tiểu Bảo. 21 Đường số 79, Tân Quy, Quận 7, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam. Click here for a map. Open 24 hours.

4 thoughts on “Review: Massage Vi Tiểu Bảo in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam”

  1. Saigon as a dead spot.. As you state and your reporting conclude, of course not, I have written on this site about various experiences.

    Perhaps a way Saigion differ.. Many 2-3-4 star Hotels have a Spa in the building and pretty much all extras are usually on the menu.

    Its not like that in Thailand. And middle class hotels dont even tend to have an inhouse Massage.. Cheers.

    1. That’s true. There are also more “hot toc” blowjob shops in Vietnam than actual BJ bars in Thailand. Cheers.

  2. Hi Rockit, thanks for your report. I still haven’t figured out how to crack the nut of Vietnam, even after three weeks there. The mixing of legitimate and sex-oriented places keeps me from being too adventurous, not wanting to walk into a legit place as an old white guy and embarrass the staff and myself.
    I found a few massage spots that are obviously sex-oriented near Hanoi and paid the 300K VND for a massage. After a two minute massage and a bit of translated conversation, full service was agreed upon for another 500K. But, in both instances the women were the epitome of dead fish, literally spreading their legs and lying there. No kissing, no touching – just a fuck. One of them was so indifferent I couldn’t get hard and the other was a .5/10 experience.
    Your reporting gives me hope, though!

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