Foreigner friendly soaplands in Tokyo


As I’ve written here many times before, Japan is home to one of the largest pay for play sex scenes to be found anywhere in the world. As I’ve also written, much of it is off limits to foreign visitors, either because they are prohibited from entry or because they can’t navigate the system.

At the top of the commercial sex spectrum in Japan is the soapland. It’s technically illegal to charge money for vaginal sex in Japan (one reason why blowjob shops are so prevalent) but soaploands get around that one way or another. Beyond the full service though (and to be clear customers are definitely not guaranteed to get that full service at all shops), what stands out most is the level of service. At soaplands where mat play is practiced, punters enjoy the feeling of a Japanese service provider sliding her nude body up and down against them in a kind of sexual slip and slide that places like Honey Massage in Pattaya only wish they could offer.

Whole Japanese porn videos have been dedicated to the soapland scene. And that is only fitting since some of the top soaplands regularly have Japanese AV stars on staff. Even some lower end soaplands have lesser known porn stars working at times.

movie inside of japanese soapland

Several months ago I made a post on foreigner friendly Anmas in South Korea. Now I’m going to make one on foreigner friendly soaploands in Tokyo. Hopefully this will be the first of many.

With the aid of Ryuji, expert webmaster of the now-defunct Fuzokupedia website, I have been made aware of the following two shops.

The first is Don Juan. Foreigners are accepted as per the management, but unfortunately there is no one at the front desk who can speak English well. Non-Japanese patrons who wish to try this shop will either have to know some basic Japanese or get a Japanese friend to bring them.

The minimum amount of time a foreigner can book is 120 minutes, and there is a premium charge for non-Japanese guys. The lowest price a foreign customer could book a session for would thus be 85000 Yen, which comes out to about 823 US dollars.

The profiles listed on the Don Juan website show the staff. Customers have to decide whether or not they think sessions with these women are worth the relatively high rates charged. Quite a few men seem to think so.

The second soaploand in our short list is Balubola. Foreigners are accepted here as well, as we’re told by the management, but again there are no English speakers at the front desk.

At Balubola the minimum session a foreigner can book will run 100000 Yen, which amounts to almost 1000 US dollars.

You can see the Balubola website, but note that it shows no schedule or staff pictures. Fuzokupedia explains why here.

Note too that not all women at either shop will accept foreigners, so on top of the extra charge (or “gaijin tax”) foreigners are also more limited in their choices than local customers.

Soaplands in general are expensive places, but those with money to spare seem to enjoy them. They offer a very high level of service and the premium places usually have incredibly attractive women on staff. They are also some of the only places in Japan that reliably offer full service.

Men who don’t want to shell out for premium soaplands but still want sexual release usually go to low end soaplands or visit cheaper places that offer lower levels of service like New Hot Point and the numerous blowjob bars around the country.

Note: This post was published in early 2014. In mid-2017 a place called Paradise opened in Kawasaki. It is the first soapland in Japan that is fully oriented towards foreigners.

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