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Review: 3 Angels Bar in Pattaya, Thailand

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I’ve been covering the bars of Soi 6 for many years. The street has long been known as a sort of hot spot for adult entertainment. Traditionally it was lined with a mix of short time bars and blowjob bars. For a long while there was even a fairly set market rate. Full service went for 700 Baht up and down the street. This continued on for some time.

Then things started to change. Party bars started popping up. These places look a lot like the typical old bars. Except that they were more likely to be open to the street.

3 angels soi 6

No closed front meant no naughty business in the bars. Ladies would still go upstairs with customers for money. But the main draw was drinking in the bar and buying lots of lady drinks. Guys were paying more for company and atmosphere than sex.

Some of the old school bars noticed this and tore the front walls off of their venues too. Think of it as keeping up with the Joneses. This didn’t necessarily gain them any new customers. But it did alter the look and feel of Soi 6.

Changes on Soi 6

Different types of bars started opening too. There were always some restaurants, foot massage shops and even mini marts on Soi 6. But the bars were the bars. Then came go go bars, darts bars, gentlemen’s clubs, coffee shops, weed dispensaries and more. Some of the old standbys have stayed around but even they are obviously influenced by the changes.

Prices rose. Women started asking for various prices depending on any variety of conditions. Ladies in some bars were charging 1300 Baht for full service while their counterparts in other bars were still giving head on bar stools for 500 Baht.

3 angels pattaya staff

On the plus side certain bars started hiring larger staffs. A mix of attractive and average women in hot pants and bikini tops would overflow into the streets. Internet marketing caught on with certain managers posting regular pictures of ladies who worked in the bars. Or at least were supposed to. Of course some were nothing more than eye candy.

One particularly popular hot number is even known to be married to a farang in town. That doesn’t stop her from bring boys into the bar. If they are looking for nothing more than drinks anyway perhaps this isn’t such a big deal.

3 Angels on Soi 6

3 Angels bar has become one of the better known establishments on Soi 6. 3 Angeles is located near the corner of Soi 6 and Second Road. It is the third bar on the right when traveling from Second Road toward the beach. You can’t really miss the place. Especially when it is firing on all cylinders.

Close to twenty gals can be found inside the bar on any given night. Their pictures can be found all over the internet too. The management here has done a good job of branding and promoting over the world wide web. I can’t be sure how much real world impact that has. Do guys really go to this bar because they’ve seen pictures online? Perhaps. But it can be tough to get anywhere in Pattaya without being distracted by all that you pass on the way!

I would guess that the ladies themselves draw in more customers than anything else. How many men can pass almost two dozen scantly clad women calling out? Especially if they have never been confronted with such a situation before.

Overall 3 Angels is a fairly average place. There are some lookers on staff. But there are also some more plain looking ladies. Of course even an average lady can be something to see when she’s wearing what amounts to little more than a bikini.

Is this a party bar? Or is it closer to the original short time model? The women here seem more keen to drink than do anything else. They like to push for premium *lady drinks like tequila shots too. Sure some will go upstairs with guys. But more spend their time in the bar.

On its own 3 Angels is a lot like the kind of beer bar you find all over Pattaya. Except that it has more ladies than the run of the mill drinker. The ladies are arguably better looking and in sexier dress than what you would see in the beer bar centers too. Still this place is located on Soi 6. I can’t help but remember what this street used to be. It’s not all so different now. But it is different. Two-and-a-half stars.

3 Angels Bar. 159 Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 1:00 PM until 1:00 AM.

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