Paradise is a foreigner friendly soapland in Japan


Paradise is a new soapland in the Tokyo area that was essentially set up to serve foreign customers. It has two locations. One shop is in Kawasaki just outside of Tokyo. The other Paradise shop is in the middle of Yoshiwara, which has been home to prostitution shops going back centuries.

The commercial sex scene in Japan is legendary. With everything from sex toy towers to erotic lactation services, the land of the rising sun has made quite a splash globally as word of fuzoku has spread like wildfire. The internet and Japanese porn that often depicts the world of pay for play have surely played a role in the growth of international interest in the industry too.

Soaplands in Japan

The pinnacle of prostitution in Japan has always been the soapland. The soapland style of service is one of the originals and for many it remains the best type of sex shop in Japan. As accurately portrayed in “Soap Service High Class Bathhouse“, a standard session at a soapland almost always includes a thorough washing followed by a soapy body-to-body slide, uncovered oral sex, and full service. Many women who work in soaplands are even known to regularly offer bareback vaginal sex with internal finish to their regular customers.

Ally from Paradise

Several years ago this site published a report on foreigner friendly soaplands that was written with the help of a guy named Ryuji. He was the one man force behind the now-shuttered Fuzokupedia website. The fact that such assistance was needed pointed to the paucity of soaplands that were open to foreigners back in 2014. Places like Darling Harbour usually had one or two women on staff who would work with foreigners but there were still reports of people being turned away seemingly at random.

A lot of things have changed since the first report on soaplands appeared on this site. Many more foreigner friendly sex shops have opened up. A few more soaplands have started welcoming foreigners too, even though at least one was raided in a somewhat shocking development.

Paradise Soapland in Kawasaki

Still there were never any soaplands that were explicitly open and welcoming to foreigner in the way outfits like Tokyo Hentai Club. At least until last month. That’s when news broke of a new foreigner friendly soapland called Paradise opening in Kawasaki.

Kawasaki is obviously not Tokyo but it is close enough for the new venue to be advertised as a Tokyo soapland. I think that’s fair since it’s just outside of the city limits. Tokyo has an odd shape anyway which means that some places that are officially parts of Tokyo are quite far from the center of the city while other closer places are technically cities of their own.

In any event Paradise Kawasaki is housed in a renovated building a short distance from Kawasaki Station. There is some neon signage out front that looks like something from the movie Scarface or at least the period and place in which most of that movie was set.

Inside there are places to greet customers and another for them to sit down while lineups are presented. I am not an absolute expert on the subject of soaplands in Japan but I do not know of any other place that offers lineups of the available staff to customers. That is something common at Bangkok oily massage parlors but as far as I know places in Japan usually require customers to select from heavily edited photographs or in at least one case some names carved in Kanji into wood blocks.

There are several women working at Paradise Kawasaki at the moment. The Paradise Kawasaki website contains multiple pictures of each woman along with a schedule showing who is working on that particular day. From a cursory glance the women all seem to be attractive and well shaped. Their ages range from the early twenties to the early thirties. Customers are able to make reservations in advance through the website or smartphone apps like Whatsapp and Line.

Paradise Soapland in Yoshiwara

The slightly newer Paradise Soapland in Yoshiwara is set up in the same way as the Kawasaki outlet. The only difference is that the building is a little smaller. That means the rooms are slightly smaller too Still there is plenty of room to move around.

There is a lobby and a secluded waiting room at the Yoshiwara Paradise. Upstairs there are several rooms fitted out as you would expect. Different women work at Yoshiwara. So there is variety between the two places, even though they are otherwise essentially the same.

Prices at Paradise soapland

Many adult entertainment venue in Japan have complicated pricing structures with all sorts of options and premiums. Most of the newer places aiming at foreigners forsake this in favor of simplified pricing. Paradise follows in their footsteps with three basic options.

Customers are able to select a short thirty minute session for 20,000 Yen ($180 USD), an hour-long session for 30,000 Yen ($270 USD) or a ninety minute session for 40,000 Yen ($350 USD). Customers are also able to extend sessions by fifteen minute for 15,000 Yen ($140 USD) though I would imagine this is limited in cases when a service provider has already been booked for a certain time slot.

Actual services are rendered in purpose fitted rooms which contain bathing areas and high quality inflatable mats. The mats are where the nuru nuru body to body slides that seem to be so popular around the world take place.

The Paradise websites are in English and it contains maps and videos showing customers how to access the shops. This must be a big help to people unable to read the Japanese language. It is clear the people behind Paradise really thought out their plans before launching their new endeavor.

Note: Paradise has closed.

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