Review: Kasalong — Bangkok, Thailand

Kasalong BJ bar in Bangkok

Behold the newest BJ bar in Bangkok.

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about blowjob bars on this website from its earliest days. While I’ve covered suck shops in Japan and Vietnam, the main focus has been Thailand. The reason for that is that the blowjob shops there not only accept foreign customers, they are completely aimed at them. That’s not the case in Japan, where a number of pinsaros refuse service to non-Japanese guests, or Vietnam where blowjob barbershops will usually accept all comers but can be difficult to find or navigate for people who don’t speak the language.

With two dozen reviews and reports on blowjob bars already written here at Rockit Reports, readers may wonder what else there is to say. I believe there is a lot to say, and today that encompasses a review of a brand spanking new blowjob bar that recently popped up in the Sukhumvit section of Bangkok.

Kasalong is the new player in town, opening just over a month ago with a big party to set things off. Incredibly easy to find just down Sukhumvit Soi 6 and to the left, Kasalong is staffed by some former members of the team over at Bangkok Lolita’s blowjob bar which is only meters away on Soi 8.

I don’t know if there is any bad blood between the management at Lolita’s and those who went off in a new direction, but if there is it isn’t being made public. On my two visits to the new place no one on hand had anything bad to say about the old place at all, including a few veterans who probably have a decade or more of professional pipe polishing under their belts. That was true even when they realized they recognized me from earlier visits to Lolita’s.

While there are a few of these old timers on the staff at Kasalong they quite honestly aren’t bad to look at by any means. One old hand looks quite nice with her hair done up and fashion glasses on. Some might even call her “cute,” despite her being over forty years of age. I shouldn’t have to comment on the kind of service women who have been in the game that long can provide. Suffice it to say that most any man with a heart beat would leave satisfied.

What about the rest of the staff? There seem to be quite a few women working at Kasalong, though they come and go throughout the day and night. The first time I arrived there were only three women out front and an additional gal inside. After I sat down and had a drink though I saw three very pretty women come downstairs after finishing sessions and another tall, light skinned beauty with long jet black hair also wondered in through the front door.

Kasalong is a new shop and it shows. The place is pretty much spotless. This isn’t something that can be said for most BJ bars around the world, with the possible exception of the lobby at nearby DR BJ’s.

The downstairs bar area is nice and neat, large, and well appointed. There are new cushioned booths (though unfortunately you cannot get oral service in them), a lighted bar with comfortable stools and a brand new pool table. While I usually wonder aloud on this site why anyone would want to hang around in a blowjob bar, the atmosphere at Kasalong helps me understand the appeal.

Like Lolita’s, the real action takes place upstairs. A session requires no more than walking in and asking a woman or two of your choice to head up there. The rooms where the service is provided are just as nice as the general bar area and the staff seems to be uniformly skilled (not to mention uniformly uniformed in sharp blue and white school costumes).

The price for the service is 700 Baht ($22.50 USD) paid after the deed is done, and nothing more needs to be given. That’s on the lower end of the standard price range and a hundred Baht cheaper than Lolita’s since they changed their rates a while back, which means it represents a real deal. Drinks of course cost extra if one chooses to indulge and tipping is always well received though not required or expected in the least bit.

As a brand new blowjob bar with an experienced management, top notch facilities, and a full staff of very nice, very skilled, service-oriented women who wear sexy little uniforms and do their best to make sure the customer leaves happy, I give Kasalong an honest four and a half stars. Just over a month old, it’s already one of the best hands free bars in the country.

Kasalong. Sukhumvit Soi 6, Bangkok, Thailand. Open seven days a week from 10 am to 1 am. Click here for a map.

Review of Kasalong blow job bar in Bangkok Thailand


  1. ed says:

    I really liked Kasalong. I will have to stop dithering and relocate to Bangkok on day soon. Thanks for the report.

    • rockit says:

      I have considered it for a future move but the events of recent years, now recurring again, are keeping me away. That and the many restrictions involving visas. How would you rate Kasalong in the overall scene? Better than Lolitas? Better than everything in Pattaya? Cheers.

    • lingbong says:

      i as there early FEB 2015. Was my last night in BKK after a trip to Phillipines. I went about 6:00 pm. A 24 year old Issan cutie named “suay” jumped off the chair outfront and walked me inside. DRink for us both. Then upstairs. GREAT NO RUSHED BJ!
      I tipped 200 BHT. Bought another drink for us both. And statred to play some pool. It was a slow night…so I rang the bell and bought all a drink. The girls were trying to get me to get 2 girls to go upsatiars. After a lot of pool and more beer. I took “suay” upstairs for another suck…she stripped naked this time…. letting me finger her pussy and rub anything i wanted =) Another 200 bht tip…and one more beer. WILL be back again. Som’s heaven and this place are the best in BKK

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers!

  2. ed says:

    Visas are a pain in the ass that’s for sure. I would still say that the layout upstairs is better at Lolitas, but Kasalong was kind of cool with it’s blue spotlights. I like the location, with it being tucked away from all the hustle and bustle. Unfortunately, nobody knows what the future holds for Bangkok.

    • rockit says:

      Have you been to Som’s lately? The staff looks to have increased ten fold. I think there were more than a dozen gals working the last time I visited.

  3. Mike says:

    Was there last week afternoon. Two young girls outside, two older inside. Very clean, but room upstairs could have a warmer or comfortable ambience. Girl did a good job, skilled and cute, could even joke with her. Told them I know it from your website.

  4. ed says:

    Kasalong had beautiful new blue and orange signs outside when I visited last night. The owner showed me pictures of the refurbishment work done inside the building and she has obviously spent a lot of money getting everything right. The girls looked good in their sailor outfits and were friendly. The BJ’s were super. This shop deserves to succeed.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report Ed. Is the quiet old lady behind the counter the owner? I got the impression she was just a mama or manager.

  5. ed says:

    The owner is a lady called Ois, she is mid 30”s and not the lady you mentioned behind the counter.She has a good style, as the girls all seem to like her, plus she sometimes has a chat with the customers to see if everything is OK. Kasalong is great, but let’s not forget to give Lolitas a mention. They had a nice looking team waiting outside as I went by. Ten years ago Nana had just one bj bar only. Now look at it, there are five!. Cheers.

    • rockit says:

      Absolutely. At the same time the dedicated blowjob bars are getting harder to find in Pattaya. At least it seems that way. I don’t know Ois. I’ll have to look for her. Last visit there wasn’t anyone there who wasn’t working accept the old gal mentioned. Lolita’s continues to have a great looking staff for the field but I am really impressed with the large number of women now working at Som’s! Cheers.

  6. ed says:

    I haven’t been to Som’s Haven for a while, have to check it out soon.

  7. James Hunt says:

    Oil is the owner, ex-lolita girl, just like 85% of the staff which is not a bad thing as they can suck the chrome of a fender. Som’s place has seriously went down hill. Kasalong is the daddy now.

    Some great girls are, Bim, Suay and Jin, yes the famous Jin. Man she will suck you that good your eyeballs are guaranteed to pop out .

    10/10 for this place and Oil is doing a fine job!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Kasalong is definitely good. I have to disagree about Som’s though. On a recent visit I was impressed by the size and the quality of the staff. Cheers.

  8. ed says:

    You say that no tip is required [every report]. The thinking behind this, is presumably, that it spoils the girls, and that they just love doing the job so much anyway. On the other hand, if there is very little money in it for them, maybe these bars will cease to exist. Maybe if you can’t afford a decent tip you should have worked a little harder.

    • rockit says:

      Hi Ed. I don’t think that most women who work in the sex industry love or even like their work. But I don’t think most people in general love or like their work either. Tipping is a Western concept that isn’t used in most of Asia, no matter the industry. Western visitors can and do tip in many cases, but it’s not expected or required. That’s different from say a diner in New York where a tip is very much expected. In some places like Korea and Japan, tipping is simply not done and a well meaning Westerner who insists on tipping will find that it’s not usually welcomed and can even be considered to be an insult. There are exceptions, and if you read through the site in it’s entirety you’ll find that I don’t say that tipping is not required in every report. I’ve mentioned places in Vietnam and Macau were tipping is okay or even required. Cheers.

    • mont says:

      i always leave a tip. for bj bars, it’s usually bht150-200. not that i’m loaded, but i feel that the money goes further for the girls than it’s for me.

    • rockit says:

      Sounds reasonable. Thanks for weighing in. Cheers.

  9. Brian says:

    Tried to find this place but failed miserably…however I think I was literally so close I should have fallen through the door!

    Took BTS to Nana, couldn’t get my bearings as to which way I was headed so I gave up after walking around a bit. Took BTS to Asoke walked a bit and finally found Lolitas. Ended up going to Lolitas…which is where this gets stupid.

    Is this place literally next door? As if im looking at the entrance to lolitas it’s the very next door on the right?
    There were 7-8 girls outside Lolitas and none outside Kasalong (if that’s it) so that’s probably why I missed it.

    So for my next attempt in two days did I have the location right? Literally right next door to Lolitas? Also, what exit should I take out of Nana to head the right way?


    • rockit says:

      The sois are numbered so things aren’t too difficult. The even numbered sois are on the south side of Sukhumvit. Going down Soi 8 and making the second right (the first is a dead end where Bamboo massage is located) one quickly sees Lolita’s on the left hand side with women in pink plaid skirts waiting outside and a big sign. Walking past Lolita’s on the only footpath Kasalong will soon appear on the left. It’s a bigger standalone building with an orange sign and the women wear blue plaid skirts and white shirts. Cheers.

  10. James Hunt says:

    Or get off BTS and exit the same as you would to go to Nana Plaza. When you exit the stairs at BTS, turn left and walk down Soi 6, end of the road turn left walk straight ahead, then you will see Kasalong. This way you don’t have to walk past the Lolitas (ahemm) girls…….

  11. smoothie says:

    I very much agree with most of what has been said here about Kasalong, Lolita’s and Som’s Haven. I have been particularly impressed with the quality of lookers on the day shifts at Kasalong and Lolita’s these days. Of course, as usual, “your mileage may vary” and it is entirely possible that someone walking past both of these bars during the day tomorrow will see no stand outs at all. Which might just mean the real lookers are inside and upstairs taking care of business.

    It’s great. Two new and highly rewarding Bangkok bj bars opening up in the past couple of years, Som’s Haven and Kasalong Bar. Meanwhile, several go-go bars in the same neighborhood have either shuttered entirely or can’t seem to keep a sign with a steady name on it lit for more than a few months.

    I chuckle when I read (on some sites vaguely similar to this much better one. hehe) and hear that we shouldn’t complain so much about the Coyote Dancer Bait-and-Switch Scam, the sticker shock barfine rates in some bars in the range of 3000b or so, the laughable asking prices from many bargirls of another 3000b for short-time or 5000b for long-time! After all, the deeply flawed reasoning goes, look at how much cheaper it is than what we’d pay in the West, in cities like Chicago, New York or Las Vegas. But that totally misses the point. Those Coyotes and other bargirls are not competing against girls in Chicago, New York or Las Vegas. They are competing against girls just a 15 minute walk away in venues like Som’s Haven, Lolita’s, Kasalong, who provide quality service for a fraction of the cost of just the barfine in many Soi Cowboy bars.

    It’s like saying, “Hey, you’re from the USA. You can easily spend $50 for a steak dinner in the USA. What’s wrong with spending $25 for a steak dinner in Bangkok, you Cheap Charlie?!”

    Well, it isn’t that there is something wrong with spending $25 for a steak dinner in Bangkok…unless it turns out there is another steak house a few doors down routinely serving as good if not better steak dinners for only $8. lol.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. You definitely seem to have your pulse on the situation. Short time travelers often seem to have a problem stepping out of their hometown perspective. So that taxi ride that was double the normal price is okay since it was still cheaper than a similar taxi ride back home. For those who spend more time in places like Bangkok the reality is more obvious. Some of the BJ bars have gals that rival many go go dancers in looks and surpass many in service and skills. Cheers.

  12. smoothie says:

    Yes, it seems the “No problem, it is still cheaper than in New York City” guys who defend and ask us to appreciate the Coyote Dancer Bait-and-Switch Scam and, shockingly, even encourage bargirls to demand those ridiculously high 3000b Short-Time/5000b Long-Time rates (without so much as a word of advice to those same high ask/demand girls to at least expect to UP their standard of service to something utterly hassle-free and truly porn star memorable compared to what a customer might expect from girls still asking and expecting a small fraction of those rates) won’t be satisfied until the norm in Thailand/Bangkok is a USA-style stripper bar scene where you ought to be grateful to pay the equivalent of $20 for nothing more than a two-song lapdance and resign yourself to the idea that, should you ever be lucky enough to convince one of those Beyonce’ wannabe princesses to spend an hour alone with you, a month’s USA pay shouldn’t be out of the question in exchange for it.

    These days, when I walk into a go-go bar, especially those on Soi Cowboy, even a bar I’ve been in many times before, The first thing I do before I so much as sit down to buy myself a drink is flag over a mamason and ask her how much is the barfine…how much to pay the bar to take out a girl. If she gives some strange, complex response OTHER than something as easy to grasp as, say, “700b to take out the girl, you pay her extra for her time”, or if she says something like, “For the girls with the white shorts it’s 700b but for the girls with the blue shorts it’s 1500b-3000b” (meaning this bar is into the Coyote Dancer Bait-and-Switch Scam. Btw, some of those bars now put number badges on their Coyote Dancers, too, so we can no longer rely on the Coyote Dancer identifier to be that she is not wearing a number badge!), then I outright tell her I understand then that your bar hires Coyote Dancers, right? uh-huh. With that, I thank her for her time in telling me about it and walk straight out of the bar without buying anything. Maybe a quick wink and a smile to the customer-free Coyotes on my way out.

    And when I do sit with a bargirl, buy her a drink and then find out she expects to be paid 3000b for Short-Time or 5000b for Long-Time, I thank her for her time and pick up the check to move on asap. When she then asks me “Where you go?”, which they often do when they see the fish unhook itself and begin to swim away, I smile sweetly at her, shrug my shoulders and say, “I”m going to a bar down the street where many adorable 20 year old girls are eager to do this or that for me for only 700b or 1,700b total, no barfine, no Lady Drinks, no tip expected.” Which, more often than not these days, is the absolute truth. It generally comes as a shock to these bargirls to find out what their real competition is up to out there. In fact, many refuse to believe it (or pretend to. hehe). Oh well. ;)

    • rockit says:

      I’m always surprised that so many women in the scene don’t even know what else exists in Thailand. They usually get recruited to a typical sector of the industry and never leave it. I don’t know that voting with your Baht has much impact though. It seems there are always plenty of guys around willing to spend the increased asking prices and more. Cheers.

  13. smoothie says:

    You’re so right about the girls in one venue or segment of the business in Thailand not really knowing what is going on in the other segments. I took a girl from Nana’s Rainbow Bar who stayed Long-Time, an option i left up to her if she wanted. She was not one of the hottest girls in the club, but I thought she was kind of cute. A bit chubby, but in a cute way. Her performance was ok, not particularly memorable. I’d been in that particular bar several times and she always made a big play for my attentions but I’d never taken her before. Moreover, I’d never seen anyone else take her out of that bar either. The next morning I gave her 3500b, 1500b more than I’d planned to give her for Short-Time. She pouted and said she routinely gets 5,000b-7,000b for Short-Time and 10,000b for Long-Time. LOL! I laughed and told her that was the funniest thing I’d heard a Thai girl say in a quite a while. She was deadly serious (they’re such great actress, aren’t they ?lol).

    I will usually walk with my Long-Timers the next day up the soi to Sukhumvit, the nearest BTS station, the taxis, wherever they’re headed and as it happens I live is very near Lolita’s and Kasalong Bar. So I told her I wanted to take this minor side trip on the way to her destination that morning, BTS Nana. I walked her past Lolita’s and then Kasalong Bar, places she’d never heard of, had no idea even existed despite the fact that her bar is less then an 8 minute walk from them, whispering to her along the way to take as good a look as possible at the girls sitting around outside those clubs, almost every one of whom was younger and cuter than her (a point I did not assert, of course, but I have no doubt she noticed it immediately. they always do.). As we walked up Soi 6 toward BTS Nana, I turned to her and asked her if she knew those girls give great bjs for 700b-800b, Short-Times for 1,700b, no Lady Drinks or barfines required, tipping totally optional? The look on her face was priceless! Her jaw dropped and she really had nothing to say, appeared not to believe it, or rather did not want to believe it.

    Btw, I do not for one second believe she or any other girl in Rainbow Bar routinely gets 5,000b or more for Short-Time and 10,000b for Long-Time. In fact, I’ve since taken out what is perhaps their most beautiful go-go dancer and she volunteered before I took her out that she usually gets 2,500b for Short-Time, which is probably the higher end that any of the girls in that bar would expect to get paid for Short-Time except from the most gullible or drunkest “big spender”.

    However, I guess I’m just not seeing the, “plenty of guys around willing to spend the increased asking prices and more” part. Sure, there are certainly some guys who will. I’m sure even my girl that night has been handed 5,000b for Short-Time once or twice in her life (but not routinely and I’ll bet she could tell you the exact days and dates that happened). But I see many, many more Coyote Dancers and other bargirls going home alone at closing (so, no Long-Times there). And I can easily sit in any one of the more popular go-go bars in town for almost two primetime hours in the evening and not see but one or two girls taken out for Short-Time. And when they are taken out, there is often as much cheering and finger poking (the Thai bargirl’s version of high-fiving) on the way out the door as you’d expect if someone won the Big Prize in the Lottery.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. The thing is that a large number of women now seem to make more money in the bar than outside of it. With lady drinks, ping pong balls, tips and guys coming in and “making it rain.” I’m friendly with a number of go go girls that I have no financial relationship with. They have no real reason to lie to me. One makes the majority of her money catering to Japanese guys who like to sit in the bar and drink themselves silly with girls around them. They almost always go home early and alone. I’ve seen the same sort of thing for myself. The last time I was in Pattaya a group of American guys were throwing cash on to the stage and buying lady drinks left and right for no particular reason. The bar had the least attractive staff in the area to boot. Oh well, people are free to spend their money as they’d like. I’ve also seen women refuse to go out without a guarantee of 10,000 Baht. They had the mamas backing them. Surely that doesn’t bode well for a good session. A wise man would walk on then and there. I find that the go go gals usually only know about the go gos, the massage gals usually only know about the massage and the BJ bar gals only know about their own work places. A lot of beer bar gals are wise to everything as more than a few have moved on from one of the other sectors. Cheers!

    • dash says:

      Hey smoothie
      The coyote gogos are just awful. The fun evaporates for me when I drop 1000B in the checkbin after 10 minutes of hustle. Latest I heard is that Tilac has turned coyote now too. Any confirmation on that? I suspect the” Mad Iranian” who started this coyote crap is using the venues to launder money. When I’m asked for 3000B + for short time I pull the plug on my limited thai language skills asking “Tong hee mai mee?” Do you have a golden pussy? That usually takes them aback as they start thinking what they may have said in thai they assumed I could’nt understand. Usually nothing but they don’t know that.
      Language skills make it more fun to me and easier despite what old hands claim. One other thing I’ve figured out, act like a thai guy. Be a demanding passive/aggressive prick, insult them mildly then make a joke. Thai guys are treated like little princes by women and girls and they seem to respond favorably. It’s a streach for me as I’m a nice guy, but we all know what position nice guys finish in.
      Cheers, Dashi
      BTW the finger poking gesture is some kind of sympathetic magic, luck for the girls waiting for a customer, that and tapping the poles with the wooden phalus. Some places start the night by lining up the girls and passing the magic phalus through their legs. Thais are very superstitious, note the decked out spirit house in Nanaplaza, that’s serious stuff. I love it

  14. smoothie says:

    “Tong hee mai mee?” lol! Thanks for that, Dashi. I have a loose grip on just enough basic Thai/bar language skills to make the girls think I know a lot more of the language than I do, but I will definitely pull that one out when necessary!

    Unfortunately, yes, Tilac Bar on Soi Cowboy has definitely embraced the Coyote Bait-and-Switch Scam. It recently was one of those bars where I enforced my new, personal approach to deciding whether or not to sit and so much as buy a drink for myself, much less a Lady Drink for one of the girls. I used to go there quite a bit, knew a couple of girls I took out for Short-Time quite regularly. Those girls have now moved on to other bars. But about two weeks ago I walked into Tilac Bar and, rather than sit down immediately and dutifully order a drink as usual, I flagged over a mamasan and asked her what the barfine was to take out the girls now.

    She hesitated for a moment because she realized from my question thatI was on to the growing Coyote Scam, recognized me from many previous visits, smiled and gave me some convoluted answer about the girls wearing this kind of costume were xxxb and the girls wearing that kind of costume and not dancing on the stage were XXXXb, you give the girl extra.” I glanced around and could not help noticing the higher priced barfine girls were the only girls I might have bothered to buy a Lady Drink for and discuss Short-Time with in the first place, so I smiled, thanked her for the information, spun on my heels and walked out without buying anything, not even a drink for myself. I just cannot see the upside for ME to feed into the Coyote Bait-and-Switch Scam by doing exactly what they want the Coyote Scam suckers to do; come in, buy overpriced drinks for themselves, buy WAY overpriced Lady Drinks for girls whose primary job is NOT to convince you to take them out for Short-Time but rather to only make you THINK you might take them out for Short-Time (but who in fact have no intention of going Short-Time with you or will ask a month’s pay to go with you and provide a likely mediocre “hobbyist”-level of fun at best) and then for you to move on to the next Coyote Bait-and-Switch Scam bar down the Soi, repeat, rinse, repeat…

    I went to Baccara Bar last night to catch the Friday night “sexy show” and when I walked out and down Soi Cowboy I was confronted by and grabbed by the gauntlet of Coyote hustlers trying to pull you into the bar that hired their agency to place them there for the night. At least three different Coyote girls in front of three different bars clutched my arm and wouldn’t let go for several minutes, all the while assuring me I really, really, really needed to “come inside” the bar and buy a drink. I used that time to tell them I knew they were Coyotes, that I don’t like going into bars with Coyote girls because they only want me to buy them Lady Drinks and never go out for Short-Time. It really bugs them to be called out on that. Funny. When they go on and on and on that that isn’t true, they will go Short-Time with me, I ask them what the barfine is to take them out. Not one of the three girls who clutched at my arm and wouldn’t let go knew the answer to that simple question. They all had to look over to the mamasans, who were so free of anything to do on the INSIDE of their bars that they can sit outside of the bars with the Coyotes for hours at a time, and ask what the barfine was. I laughed and saved them the trouble, told them any girl who doesn’t even know what the barfine is in the the bar they supposedly work for must not ever, ever, ever actually go out with a customer who pays the barfine.

  15. dash says:

    Yeah vote with your feet! I have absolutely no proof, but the only thing that makes since is money laundering. I’ll bet two years from now all those joints will close or change hands. TIT.
    Another easy phrase when you get the dek serve “you want lady?” treatment: “phom doo” “I look” no need for polite words.
    Sanuk dee krap, dashi

  16. Roy says:


    is kasalong girl blowjob service better than dr bj? seem like it is cheaper than dr bj. are those girls more sexier than dr bj?

    • rockit says:

      Those questions are impossible to answer. Different guys have different of ideas of beauty and levels of service. Besides a particular woman may give a great performance to one guy on a certain day only to give substandard service to a different guy on another day. Dr BJ’s is certainly more well known and it has a larger staff. Kasalong has nicer rooms and is a more relaxing place. Cheers.

  17. James Hunt says:

    Agree with the above the comment. It also depends if the chemistry is right between you and the gal and if it is, well that’s a huge plus.

    It would be good to see a list of the ladies names and their ratings at Kasalong. An idea maybe? Ok I will start it off, Tik cute young early 20’s Esan nice rack and overall 8/10.

  18. Skins says:

    Kasalong is my favorite BJ bar in that neighborhood. Cute staff both day and night. Always great service. Took two girls on my last visit.

    There was a new young girl who caught my eye. Took her and an old pro so they could take turns. 2,000 well spent!

    • Goodguy says:

      I am into the old pros as had a few crackers at Soi 7 Beer Bar. Who should I try in Kasalong that fits my criteria? I tried Rin before when she worked in Lolitas, any more?

    • rockit says:

      There are at least two women there who are around forty though I can’t remember their names.

  19. Oldgit says:

    Just came back from Kasalong, lunchtime and had a lady called Min. Young girl but very eager to please. No rush service which was good, a bit of fingering by me and a lot of DT by her. Most enjoyable 700B I’ve spent so far on my vacation.

    Happy Holidays to one and all.

  20. smoothie says:

    Btw, yes, Oldgit, it is hard to imagine a more impressive deal in all of Bangkok than the 700b you spend to be serviced by Minh at Kasalong Bar, assuming we’re thinking of the same girl and not another “Min” as you and as I’ve seen others spell it. She might not be into it as “emotionally” as others, but she gets the job done and is a real looker.

  21. Oldgit says:

    I did ask her name and I am sure she said Min, could be Minh. Young 21 year old and yes as you said, a real looker indeed. The day crew are all pretty impressive. I like this place a lot.

  22. Shelley says:

    Rockit thanks for your report. Awesome as always. Can I kindly request that private exchanges between readers of this site not be posted? Thanks.

  23. SimonSays says:

    I am still a virgin when it comes to bj bars like Kasalong. True story I never ventured inside one only walked by and seen the girls sitting outside. But I do a lot of gogo bars. One thing I hate about gogo bars are the coyotes. Waste of time and money. And the thing I hate the most about coyotes is when a really hot one catches your eye outside a Soi Cowboy bar, you go inside with her and the minute she gets her drink she hands you off to some lesser girl you’d never take but out of desperation. lol. I hear theres a new freelance bar that has coyotes sitting in it pulling the same scam. This coyote SHYITE has got to stop!

    Is there a scam like that going in the bj bars? Any chance I’ll see a hot girl sitting outside Kasalong, go inside with her and then she hands me off to some drawbridge troll to do the deed? ugh.

    • rockit says:

      I’ve never heard of a coyote in a BJ bar. Occasionally there will be a cashier or boss who doesn’t provide service, but everyone else generally does. Guys who are timid may get the next gal in line or a woman who isn’t popular. Guys who can speak up can simply request the woman they want. Cheers.

    • smoothie says:

      Hi, SimonSays. Like rockit said, I have also never heard of a BJ bar employing Coyotes who might hand you off to another girl to “do the deed” after you’ve made your selection outside. I’d say that is because a BJ bar’s business model is not dependent as much on the sale of customer drinks and Lady Drinks.

      As far as Kasalong Bar goes, it is one of at least three BJ bars in Bangkok where the girls who are available for BJ service (and likely Full Service as well if you pay extra for it) are easily identifiable because they wear the bar’s signature costume and sit outside in that costume flagging down customers for their service. Kasalong Bar, Lolita’s, and Dr, BJ’s Salon are the three bars that I know of that employ the use of identifiable costumes to make sure there is no confusion on the issue by any potential customer no matter how drunk or visually impaired he might be. lol. At each of those three bars, if the girl is wearing the bar’s signature costume and sitting outside to attract customers, she is available for BJ/Full Service and is not working in any other capacity in that bar. That’s why they give them those special costumes.

      Even a self-described “virgin” to the Bangkok BJ bar scene such as you will instantly realize this on your very first visit as you venture inside the bar.

      As a matter of fact, due to its particular location, the subject of this thread, Kasalong Bar, has always been the easiest bar in Bangkok if not all of Thailand for anyone and everyone the least bit interested in the matter to know which girls are available for BJ/Full Service on a given day, shift or hour. That is because, in addition to the identifying costume the service provider girls wear, the area where the girls sit outside in costume and flag down customers is fully visible from the Nana BTS Skytrain station’s elevated platform. Consequently, anyone entering or exiting the BTS Skytrain station in that location who has a moderate personal familiarity with the Kasalong Bar staff can see which girls are working during that shift, which ones are sitting outside waiting for a customer, which ones are not sitting outside and likely inside with a customer and which ones are entering or exiting with their customer, all without even having to pass by the place on foot at ground level. ;)

    • SimonSays says:

      Rockit and Smoothie, thank you for the replies and reassurance. Be checking it out up close and personal soon.

      And Smoothie your spot on about seeing the girls sitting in front of Kasalong from the bts station. My buddy and I noticed it straight away the first night we took the nana exit on the bts. Can’t miss it really. Believe it or not, it was seeing all those girls in their blue outfits from the bts station that peaked our curiosity to walk down soi 8 to get a closer look. That is when we first walked by Lolitas and Kasalong. Otherwise we might have never known there were bars like that nearby! hahaha

  24. ehs says:

    Stopped in today and sampled the talents of Min(e). (She actually spelled her name for be because she didn’t like the way I was pronouncing it) She was very attentive and was as others have said, a real head turner. She saw me walking down Soi 6 and locked in with a great smile, that’s all it took. She must be very popular, when I picked her one of the other girls kind pouted and said in a quiet whiny voice “again?”.

  25. Raoul says:

    Howdy rockit, great site you have here, read everything from Vietnam to Phuket so lots of good things.

    Anyhow, walking towards Soi 8 last night going back to my diggs, I saw the lovely jubbly ladies of Kasalong sitting outside. But one lady I saw took my eye, my japs eye that is lol!! Not in uniform, like the others, so the geezer above maybe want to go to ye olde specsavers as they seem to have bitches in civvies.

    This chick was in normal civvies, so I went up asked if she was up for it and off we went. Place was dead and I was the only sex tourist there, so I had this chick all to myself, game on. What a BJ, but a bit too business like as no touching her nice tits or fanny. I though that was a dead cert in these whore houses, but never mind as she was nice looking and great sucking action. I will call her Hoover lol! But her name was Gay.

    Going back tonight for a taste of her fanny as it I am sure it is sweet as a nut. Wish they had bars like this is Sunny Madchester. Peace out rockit.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. They do have at least two women who will go upstairs that do not have uniforms. Maybe a shortage on sky blue sailors skirts?

    • smoothie says:

      I don’t believe anyone in this thread said ONLY the girls in uniform and sitting outside are available for BJ/Full Service. Just that ALL of the girls in uniform and sitting outside are available for BJ/Full Service. Big difference.

      There is no reason to believe that every woman within shouting distance of the front door of a BJ bar isn’t available for BJ/Full Service, uniform or not. That has always included cashiers, visiting friends of the owner or staff, housemaids, etc.

      Maybe you got the housemaid last night, Raoul. No problem with that as long as you had a good time with her and she made some money in the deal.

  26. Raoul says:

    Word up rockit, thanks for the coment. Went back last night as mentioned to get got some of Gay’s sweet fanny. She fucks good just like a proper little hoe. And yes it’s sweet and tight.

    She is still in civvies. After the sesh I got some intel she worked here before, so the specssavers raj might wana ask.

    Peace out rockit.

    • smoothie says:

      Raoul, I didn’t mean to imply there is anything to be ashamed of in choosing one of the ladies wearing street clothes in the uniform BJ bars rather than one of the regular girls hired to provide the service. Far from it. I have had cashiers in Soi Cowboy go-go bars, bartenders in Nana Plaza beer bars and the like.

      I met one of the housemaids at Kasalong, don’t remember her name, but she seemed like a very nice, sweet lady. So even if it turns you had chosen her instead of a returning or visiting old-timer, I would be delighted that she had the opportunity to set down her mop and bucket for a few minutes and make as much money with you or any other customer as she makes working an entire shift cleaning up after the rest of us. It’s all good!

  27. Raoul says:

    Ha Haaaa funny man. I just see her next time with a pair of marigolds on and a loo brush to shoved up my ass. Would that be classed as extra lol!! A bit kinky and a bit naughty but worth a shot.

    But the floors are spotless so she does do a good job. When I’m back over I’ll ask her if she is housemaid or just a skanky bitch who sucks knobs.

    All good ma man, peace out.

  28. Marcus says:

    In my comments about my experience at Dream Heaven Massage on Soi 33, I also mentioned some minor disappointment in my first session at Kasalon. The girl was very pretty, and hooked me with an absolutely radiant smile and cheerfulness. She had good technique to boot, but she aborted the BJ right in the last seconds, which was a bit of a let down. I didn’t make her work very hard, in that I went ahead and let go after about 5 minutes.

    I went back today, determined to find a woman who would finish me off with more vigor. In that quest, I surely succeeded. Starting with a request for the “Best Girl”, I insisted on explaining my dissatisfaction on my previous visit, along with my preferences. I was handed off to a friendly woman of about 40, and when I repeated my concerns and desires, she said. “Oh, you want bad girl!” She also asked if I liked DT. What could I say to that? Not nearly as pretty, her skills also weren’t the best either, as she was a just a little bit rough. But she more than made up for it with a determined effort. In fact, she didn’t stop until well after I had climaxed, and near as I could tell, she swallowed without a hint of resistance. Can’t complain about that. “You like naughty girl?” she asked.

    All in all, the best of both worlds would be ideal, but finding a happy medium would also be preferable. I had never heard of the BJ bar business model until this week, and it’s a wonderful thing. If I had the money, I’d try to find a way to be a regular customer. As it stands, I’ll more likely spend my money on short-time and long-time sessions with full service girls.

  29. Marcus says:

    QUESTION: Does anyone know how it works when buying two BJ bar girls together? It seems to me that if they both work on me simultaneously, PSE style, that I’d go back a few more times. Trading off would also be great, especially if one could take over the very second the other was finishing me off. Is this what they have in mind when offering two girls? If so, a third visit is a strong possibility.

    • rockit says:

      It’s usually no problem getting two women. In many places going with more women than that requires upgrading to a full room for comfort. The typical procedure is that one woman will perform while the other plays with the customers nipples, rubs his legs or plays with his undercarriage. Then they trade off with lots of wiping off in between. It’s not common to get them both to perform at the same time without any mention of it as they’ll typically fall into the old rhythm. There’s also the issue that some may not know each other well, that some may not like each other and that some may have a bad reputation or even bad breath (I’ve actually heard this from some women who told me in private why they didn’t want to work with a particular lady — they didn’t want to follow them only to smell the remnants of their halitosis). Customers who are able to politely ask around for what they want before choosing ladies or who have advance recommendations and names of women who perform particularly well can usually find what they’re looking for though which can include true PSE performances from multiple women. Cheers.

  30. Raoul says:

    Your resident kasalong expert smoothie will be along shortly to comment and advise soon lol!! Just hope it wasn’t the housemaid you got, as her marigolds are mines lol!!

    • Marcus says:

      Lol, you can have the marigolds, I prefer a girl to work without any rubber and was searching for a hoover not a scrubber. But, to each his own.

  31. Mr Mojorisin says:

    Visited Kasalong Friday night for the first time and it went from bad to worse. I have read so many good reviews on this BJ bar in Soi 6 but this review will not be good.

    It started off with the girls showing attitude to me and my buddies for no reason. We walked in regardless and ordered some beers, asked for some change to play some pool. Then a lady started to hassle us about taking some girls. I don’t know if she was a mama or manager or whatever. She looked rough regardless.

    I try to explain will shoot some pool first then pick some ladies but no, she said pick now. Fucking rude bitch is all I say.

    Why have a pool table??? Attitude of these girls was not good from the start and now this loud mouth!!

    We decided to ignore her cackle and tried to enjoy. We even bought some lady drinks for the 3 girls who followed us in. But they were could not be bothered either. Scam city!! We just paid and went. Lucky Lolitas is round the corner and they did a fine job.

    Mama or Manager attitude problem!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I also wonder why some BJ bars have pool tables. Lollipop is another though it’s much more common to see people playing there than at Kasalong. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone playing at Kasalong and it’s not common to see guys sitting around having a drink either. I think management puts these kinds of things in to attract customers but since the women providing the services don’t make any money from guys playing pool they don’t have much motivation to encourage a round of billiards. To make a living they have to get guys to go upstairs. This can appear to be a negative if you’re looking for a place to hang out but it can also be a positive for most customers who just want to “blow and go” since it means they won’t run into any clingy or jealous women who call them butterflies or beg for lady drinks. I think most customers fit this mold and would chose some other place to hang out or throw back a few drinks. For what it’s worth the women at Som’s seem to be much more sociable and amenable to guys hanging around for whatever reason and Dr BJ’s goes the furthest in the other direction since there it seems like they don’t want the customers to spend a second more than they have to on the ground floor, maybe because they want to make room for the next guy to select a lady from the lineup in privacy. Different strokes for different folks for sure and another demonstration of the old adage “your mileage may vary.” Cheers!

  32. smoothie says:

    Could it be that the regular working girls there have been put in a bad mood by so many customers asking to be with the housemaid or some other plain clothes, non-uniformed woman who happens to be hanging around nearby…?

  33. Raoul says:

    Hey Guys, just a quick update on the housemaid. Her name is Noi and not Gay(e) the lady I have taken twice. So a bit disappointed she ain’t gona use the latex on me lol!!

    I visited a third time and took another plain clothes hoe named Om, 40 something and well up for it!!

    Peace out shaggers!!

  34. Marquis De Sade says:

    Hey Rockit,

    Did not even get in the door. Was told “NO Indians”

    I have reviewed other places on your site Rockit, but Kasalong Bar is Racist! I am British Indian and speak with a clear English accent but they were having none of it. I dress very well to, but it seems Kasalong management are living in the dark ages.

    So a huge thumbs done for Kasalong!

    • rockit says:

      Many places in Bangkok seem to follow a similar entry policy as reported and discussed here before. Thanks for the report. Cheers.

    • shibli says:

      i am southeast asian (look like indians) but they treated me well, had a great blowjob.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I have seen plenty of Southeast Asians visiting this and other similar places. Cheers.

  35. Brian says:

    Finally made it to Kasalong and I was not disappointed. A good selection of women outside for 4 something in the afternoon on a Monday. Picked a slender cutie (looked very early 20’s) who knew her way around the ol’ pole. I usually take/last around 15 minutes and she kept up pace the whole time.

    Looks: 8
    Service: 9

    I will note that the women outside really followed the bell curve. A few lookers, a good selection decent women, and a few I wouldn’t touch with a 10ft pole. I consider that pretty normal though. None of them were pushy at all. When I walked up the girl I chose had a big smile and looked enthusiastic. I was not disappointed. No idea on name, her English was pretty bad. Thats ok though. :-)

    I may repeat but im only here for the week. So much to do and so little time!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Perhaps unsurprisingly some of the most unattractive women at these kinds of bars perform the best services. They’re not there for their looks. Cheers.

  36. Zoidberg says:

    BJ bar newbie here, went to Kasalong a few days ago. Afternoon shift had some great lookers, all in their early 20s, all cute, warm and relaxed. Not pushy at all. Talked for a short while, went up with the one who had greeted me first, so didn’t really choose (would probably have chosen her anyway, such a cute smile) ;-) Her name was something like “Moi”, fair english, relaxed conversation. Service itself was OK, but to be honest nothing special. Will definitely be going back though, since everyone was so… casual and upbeat :-)

  37. 747fan says:

    Thank you for your report, or I won’t really enjoy those girls last two days… same lady, but she look like 7 or 8 in my book. First time, it was little awkward because it’s my first trip to BJ bar but 2nd trip, we went down to business quickly and let me touch her, etc. Will try Lotita’s soon, since I need experiences to make comparison! Good thing I don’t live in BKK or I’ll be in deep shit :D

  38. Tony says:

    Hi Rockit, thanks for reopening this thread. I recently returned back to Thailand for a couple of weeks R&R and visited the Kasalong bj bar after reading all the favourable comments here. All the girls were seated outside and trying to usher me in, I must say also that they all looked rather appealing and attractive to my hungry eyes. I chose a girl of about 30 years old ( normally I would go tandem but decided to go single excursion this time ) and upstairs we went. She washed me off at the wash basin and willingly took off her clothes inside the small clean room – a great figure too I might add. The bj was superb and I can still recall now her warm velvet mouth slurping around my little soldier. It took about 15 minutes to unload down her throat and I am happy to mention that she kept the slow sucking action going even after I had unloaded to fully complete the action – no stopping short. A real lovely, friendly girl too I might add. If I recall correctly the price is now 800 baht as I paid the bill when we came back downstairs afterwards with a 1000 baht bill and gave the lady the 200 baht change as a tip. One more thing Rockit before I sign off is that after reading more or less everything on this website, which I thoroughly enjoy, and noticing that the odd punter has a negative experience one way or another – whether it be from the service provider or the establishment’s management – I can honestly say that since my first travels to Thailand in the mid ’80’s I have always had a good positive experience, never been scammed or ripped off in the transaction and generally a great horny time with the girls I have always been with. I put most of this down to firstly a friendly attitude and a smile to the girls and trying to have them on my level, ie. – let’s have some good fun together. As I am able to fly into Thailand and more or less drop English and speak social Thai wherever I go I have definitely found this to be a great advantage especially when explaining to my service provider(s) what I like and would like them to do for me. This is relayed to them with some humour, a good smile and most importantly a respectful tone of voice. Thus – I have a wonderful memory of great horny experiences. Cheers Rockit keep up the good work.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for another great report. I agree with what you say. I have almost always had great experiences in Thailand. The price at Kasalong has indeed gone up by 100 Baht. I have a write up on this and other developments in the blowjob bar scene in the works. Since you have visited so many suck shops I think it would be interesting to know which is your favorite and why. Cheers!

  39. Tony says:

    Hi Rockit, even though I haven’t frequented them all – I still haven’t been to Lollipop 1 in Sukhumvit Soi 10, Dr. BJ’s and Magic Table in Soi 7 or the new Bit Style. I have always relished the personal thrill of entering a bj bar to have a cold beer and have some sexy girl(s) suck and swallow my little soldier preferably at the bar to compare the thousands of times I have entered a bar back in my home town or city over all the past decades just to have a drink. Many a time I have sat at a bj bar in Thailand while getting sucked and thought – ‘ I wonder what the guys are doing now back at the local – having a beer and a packet of potato crisps’ – ha! That’s about the choice they get, if you see my reasoning. And then home to some nagging wife who gave you some head the last time on your honeymoon night! My old time favourite would probably have to be the Kangaroo Club in Patpong 1. As I have previously mentioned in a post the raunchy times I use to have in days gone by were definitely something else. I can recall with great fondness on one occasion I went there with a travel buddy one evening, upstairs we went and figured out later that there was 16 girls in the bar. How did we decipher this? Back then the deal was to pay a 500 baht package ( back then the cost of a case of beer ) then take a seat along the full wall length sofa or bench, drop your pants and let the fun begin. My buddy and I would be sitting about 2 metres apart – I had the company of 7 girls and he had 8, the remaining girl was the cashier who carried the money in a plastic shopping bag. This is how we calculated that there were 16 girls in the bar! The action involved one girl sucking on one ball in her mouth and humming ( you gotta be careful here otherwise you’ll pop real quick – ha! ) another girl or two playing the flute in tandem ( ya heard me mention that before?), one girl or two putting two or four titties in my mouth and on each side I’d have a girl squirming on my wet fingers exploring their pussies. After the titties left my mouth I’d get some pleasure pit shoved into my face and mouth to munch on. The whole scene was both very pleasurable and unbelievable. Some farang couple came upstairs to supposedly have a quiet drink in a bar – when I saw them both focus and observe what was going on the woman’s jaw dropped and they did an about turn and left back downstairs. This whole scenario with the group of girls would go around in sequence for the best part of half an hour until it was time for the money shot when I would stand up with my little soldier in hand and spray 3 or 4 girls willing and waiting faces. Ahh – those were the days Rockit. I had several times like this in the Kangaroo Club so I guess I can say that is my favourite one because of the very raunchy open bar fun I had. BUT!! That is back in those good ole days. I have since found a very good new favourite discovered on my most recent trip, it’s down in Pattaya, it’s only been mentioned once very briefly on this site and as far as I am aware you have not yet frequented the place Rockit to offer any report. Since this great site is for entertainment I’ll relay my recent experiences there. I taxied down to Pattaya one afternoon from Bangkok and thought I’d stay somewhere different for a change ( I usually stay on the beachfront ). I had plans in the back of my mind to go to Club 4, Club 007 next door, Telephone bar, Bliss Lounge and King Kong and My Friend You in Soi 6. I checked into a place near Third Road and after getting cleaned up thought it was time for a drink. I walked outside to find it was raining quite heavily so went along about 3 doors and went in to take shelter. I realised that I was standing outside a bar with a closed door and a buzzer fixed to the wall beside the door. I rang the buzzer and waited for it to be opened for me. I went on in and made my way to the bar which I could see was nicely renovated with a club like ambience and about 8-10 girls inside. After getting my first drink and perching on a bar stool my hungry eyes couldn’t help but notice that all the girls were not wearing any panties, only a mini dress that is easily pulled down or up around their waist. I found this to be instantly appealing and was soon joined by a couple of girls at the bar where I bought them each a drink. They both pulled down their dresses and up around their waists exposing their titties. Straight away they were both rubbing me up and asked if I’d like to get sucked. They pointed to a choice of two side rooms to go into but speaking some Thai and requesting the action to take place right here at the bar they both readily agreed and got down to action. Once again the little soldier got sucked off with some tandem play and I unloaded down one girl’s throat while having my hands on their hairy havens – ha! While we were recovering from the session having a drink together I noticed a real looker walking by naked but for high heels. The two girls noticed my keen eye and waved her over to join us. I bought this third lovely a drink and after a couple of hours of being groped by the three of them ( so long as the drinks are flowing which I didn’t mind at 110 baht each )I went upstairs with my new tasty companion to a very good short time room and we screwed each others brains out every which way. I was really taken by this lovely piece so I barfined her and took her back to my room where we had a repeat performance. This went on for the next three days and nights with this gorgeous girl. She seemed to be as horny as me at anytime which I didn’t need to encourage. Each afternoon I would return to the bar at about 2.30 where she would automatically join me and get all dressed up in lingerie and stockings and sexy high heels and exclusively entertain me either at the bar or upstairs. I would then barfine her at 7pm and we would go the short distance to my room and continue on. We went out for dinner those three nights and onto Walking Street gogo bars afterwards and to LK Metro the other two nights where on one night she wore a very short sexy mini dress with no panties flashing me several times when sitting together in the gogo bars. This was right up my alley. What a really great girl she was – out for some fun and to give me a fantastic time as well. I have drawn this out somewhat Rockit but I can honestly say that I have found my ‘needle in the haystack’, my Shangri-La, my little golden nugget of places to go and have the time of my life ( stumbling across the place because I was sheltering from the rain ). Yes, I am happy to say this place is by far my new favourite – WOW!! Cheers.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Kangaroo still allows for some open action as does Star of Light nearby. These may be the last two where this sort of thing is standard in Bangkok. Rarely does it get as wild as it used to even in these strong holds. The place you found some reminiscent of Excite Club which will be reviewed here soon. Cheers!

  40. shibli says:

    last august while in kasalong, took a girl named “naan”, barely speaks english (yes, no) she was cute but pressing me to finish when i was not cumming even after 25 minutes of her deep sucking with groaning, finally i made her sit down while fucked her mouth in standing position and blowed inside her mouth, great, she opened her bra and i played with her tits couple of minutes before starting the main job, anyway room is too dark and fitted with sink and small shower. not bad.

    • rockit says:

      There are no showers in the regular rooms. Perhaps you mean a sprayer? Or you could mean the big room upstairs. Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  41. James T Kirk says:

    Kasalong is CLOSED . Did not know BJ bars were illegal ha haaaaaaa

    Tea money was not enough this month, naughty naughty. Going over to see the Dr now.

    • rockit says:

      I recently published a post that covers recent Bangkok bj bar closings and limitations. Kasalong was opening on a limited basis within the last twenty four hours. If it is closed now that wouldn’t necessarily mean it is closed forever. The famous Rainbow 4 bar in Nana Plaza closed recently by police order only to reopen a few days ago with a new sign calling the place “R&B” though it is clearly the same business. Cheers.

  42. J-dog says:

    was there yesterday, its open. great BBBJ and CIM for 800 cant beat it. thanks for the tip

  43. chuck wow says:

    Any one know if a girl calle “Gae” still works at Lolitas? Tried her twice (like two years ago) – by far the two best bjs i had ever.

  44. ilovejapangirl says:

    I went to Kasalong tonight. Girl name is “golf (?)”, BJ skill is good.
    slow and heavy. Finally I have sex with her (+500) , nice experence.

  45. Tony says:

    Hi Rockit, I’ve just returned back home from another trip to my second home in Thailand. I thought I’d expand my portfolio of visits to the many ‘soldier slurping shops’ by trying out the Lollipop 1 shop in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 10. I went in there to find only 2 girls available ( for an afternoon session which I enjoy ) and I might add not really enticing either. So I ventured along to Kasalong via Soi 8. The next girl in the queue grabbed me before I could really get a decent look at the other girls but I was quite pleased with her sexy appearance so upstairs we went and into one of the private rooms. She instantly removed all her uniform and underwear to reveal a rather sexy figure for a girl in her thirties. She enjoyed my appreciative looks at her fine form and after running my hungry hands all over her and giving her pleasure pit a tongue lashing on the sofa to wake up my little soldier she got under way with a great blowjob. I might add that I asked her politely in Thai downstairs in the bar before going upstairs to the room if I could come on her face and she readily agreed. The oral sucking action was superb without too much hand interference and after about 20 minutes I stood up and directed a huge blast all over her face which she never baulked at! We cleaned up ( more so her – ha! ) & went downstairs where we had a drink together in the bar and I gladly gave her a 200 baht tip after paying the 800 baht fee. A great friendly girl she was and I left thoroughly satisfied from a great blowjob. I might add that this place has a good selection of attractive young girls working ( 19 – 24 ) so I’ll definitely be returning there to select a couple of them for a tandem performance. Quickly becoming my favourite slurp shop in Bangkok. Cheers.

  46. Blue Spunk says:

    Visited last night around 9:30pm, 2 old hags and a young looking pill head. Reminded me of the guilty pro’s back home (not!). Many people big this joint up, but in reality, its a run of mill sucking shop, no more an no less. Maybe it was a bad night but even still, better quality pro’s on offer outside Nana car park. They offer 1000B for all plus 1 hr.

    Kasalong no thanks!

    • rockit says:

      That sounds like a very bad night and totally out of the realm of my experience. I have never passed without at least six women sitting outside. Usually there are a dozen or more. That’s even true during the day. Cheers.

  47. Mamun says:

    Recently I have been there and dissatisfied by unprofessional girls they hired and also I had to pay 800 baht before starting the work, they have changed their policy and you should not go there now, AVOID THI|S PLACE. The girls demand tips forcibly otherwise they would not do what you want, also girls will try to use oil and hand instead of mouth, AVOID AVOID AVOID !!!!!!

    • rockit says:

      Since your report differs so much from the reports and experiences of others it seems that you have received different treatment than most other customers. That may be because of your ethnicity or appearance. Or it may be for some other reason. Cheers.

  48. Cheesy Cock says:

    ROCKIT!! Give the guy a break?? Where you pissed off with some tart when you wrote that reply?? The guy had a shit experience at Kasalong and chose to tell all. He has every right to do so. When were you last there?? We guys live here and the place is shit now I can tell you. Mama looks like the tea lady, girls demanding tips and cannot just shoot pool without getting harassed. So come on rockit, through the guy a bone here. Otherwise why have a blog about this place, it has went downhill, its that easy. And NO, I aint a Indian or Black dude.

  49. Joe Dirt says:

    Hi Rockit,

    This is a response to those who complain about the attitude of the girls:
    As you say, an occasional bad experience can be had anywhere. Sometimes places go downhill, sometimes you get a girl in a bad mood, and sometimes they don’t like your ethnicity.
    However, as a Westerner myself, I am often embarrassed at the slovenly appearance of some Western men I see in Bangkok. Many of these guys look (and sometimes smell) as if they haven’t bathed, shaved or washed their clothes in weeks. Some are of the backpacker variety, but others are expats or frequent visitors to Thailand who come for the ladies. Well, for everybody’s sake, please invest a few baht on soap, shampoo and a razor. If you don’t look like you slept in the gutter, you might get better service.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the poignant comment. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      I had one terrible service girl at Kasalon and this was unusual. Perhaps, she was tired of her job or didn’t like me watching porn at the same time although I asked her if it was OK first. Some girls seem to be afraid that they are secretly filmed with a hidden camera or a smart phone. So you must sometimes put away all the electronic into a bag or out of sit. Cheers!!

  50. guy says:

    most of the time the girls attitude is good, considering they sit around all day waiting to give bj’s i think its fair to give them a pass for being in a bad mood from time to time

    • rockit says:

      I think a lot of it depends on the atmosphere too. A lot of the women light up to the point of screaming and jumping around when a favorite customer or old coworker arrives. Cheers.

  51. Joe Dirt says:

    I know service can vary depending on the provider and day, but I dont understand where these negative comments on the girls’ attractiveness come from. I was just there and virtually ALL the girls there looked under 30, were slim and attractive, some beautiful. I dont think my idea of an attractive Thai lady differs much from the norm, so I wonder where the ‘old hags’ are?

    • rockit says:

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When I last went past the shop there was at least one lady in her late thirties outside. Cheers.

    • Joe Dirt says:

      I’m sure you’re not suggesting that a woman this age cannot be beautiful!

    • rockit says:

      In the comment you’re replying to I didn’t suggest anything. I just reported on what I saw. Cheers.

  52. guy says:

    soms heaven always seems to have the best staff when I am in town

    • rockit says:

      Things change all the time but Som’s has had a wide selection of ladies in recent months. Cheers.

  53. Joe Dirt says:

    Went a few times over the last couple of weeks for sessions with a pair of young cuties. Enjoyed them a lot but unfortunately had to stop because one of them gave me an NGU :( Had white discharge and clinic confirmed, so now on antibiotics.

  54. Just John says:

    Rude and a Complete Rip Off.
    Was there last night for a bit of chrome polishing. Picked the girl I wanted and off we went. Had a good view of her little brown ass walking up the stairs. Sadly it went downhill from there. All she done was complain from start to finish, when I asked her to take off her bra, she wanted a tip. I asked her to suck me slowly, she wanted a tip. When I tried to touch her ass, yes you guessed it, she wanted a tip.

    At that point I said Fuck this and got dresses and went downstairs to ask if I could change the girl. Was told I had to pay DOUBLE. I thought maybe they misunderstood, I do not want 2 girls I just want 1, a new 1. Again I said change the girl and again they said double. So I said no thanks and tried to walk out, but then 2 or 3 of them tried to block the door. Screaming at me to pay pay pay. Ended up tossing 500B at them a walked off to only hear them still screaming “Farang Kee Nok (Westerner Bird Shit). So NO I will NOT be back to Kasalong Rip Off Bar anytime EVER..

    Just a friendly warning to future punters. Low Season it may be, but Fuck that shit!!

    • Joe Dirt says:

      I have never experienced any rude behavior at Kasalong, and the vast majority of Thai women in restaurants, coffee shops, traditional massage places etc. tend to be friendly or at least neutral. However, every now and again, you find someone (almost always female) with a real grumpy, contemptuous attitude for apparently no reason. This can happen in any country, but it is more noticeable in places like Thailand, where a publicly rude attitude is more rare than in the West.

    • rockit says:

      I agree with what you say. Cheers.

  55. Joe Dirt says:

    An interesting thing I have noticed is that when you take two girls, they are careful not to “cross contaminate”. If they switch positions, say from working your sack to your rod, they will carefully wipe the area where the other girl had her mouth. It’s ironic that these girls have no qualms about taking a strange guy’s load of spunk in the mouth, but don’t want to get any saliva from a girl they know in their mouths. I guess in a way, that is sexy as well!

    One young girl I have gone with several times always whimpers a little and acts surprised when I ask her to take off her panties and when I unload in her mouth, (but does so willingly). I don’t know why she does this, but for me, it makes it seem like she is new to the game rather than jaded and I find that a major turn on. Before I leave, she gives my works a little grab in the bar with a smile.

  56. SANDAM says:


  57. SJ says:

    Had a great experience here on Xmas eve in the afternoon. Usually I take two women at these places but having checked out the staff both here and at Lolita’s only one really caught my eye: early 20s, slim, dark, pretty, with full lips by the name of Gip at Kasalong. As I was standing there naked getting my cock and balls washed by her she gave me a nice friendly smile and I thought it was going to be fun. So it turned out – that rare combination in P4P of youth, beauty, technique and involvement.

    I sat on the two seater sofa they have in Kasalong’s private rooms. Gip put a cushion on the floor to kneel on but I asked to come up on the sofa beside me and lean over to blow me from there. That way I could give her more guidance on what I wanted and also see and touch her body from close up.

    She started on my chest and nipples for 5-10 mins, lightly stroking my cock while I squeezed her tits and ran my fingers down her lovely golden slender back. I then guided her down to my balls and the magic started: what I can only describe as her giving a deep, slow wet French kiss to my nuts and shaft for ten minutes or so. I reached round to squeeze her ass and play with her pussy through her panties. She was wet and swollen but when I tried to pull her panties aside to finger her she wriggled a little to say out of bounds, so I didn’t push it.

    Finally I lifted her up to give me head proper, and she sucked deep, slow and long, dribbling saliva and getting her bright pink lipstick all over me. I stood up for the last couple of mins while she knelt facing me on the couch. By spreading my legs a little I could reach down to squeeze her lovely firm brown B-cup titties until she finally made me cum in her mouth. She carried on for 10-20 seconds after I came and then discreetly spat into a green hand towel.

    Really a stellar experience. 800 for the service and 200 baht tip. I’ll carry the image of her slurping on my balls, eyes closed, ass in the air in lacy baby blue panties, for a long time. YMMV as always, but she is a gem – treat her nice!

  58. steve says:

    I can 2nd the review of gip. An absolute trooper. Great girl.

  59. Joe Dirt says:

    Yes, it was Gip (Kip?) that I was talking about in my review above!

  60. SJ says:

    Another very good experience at Kasalong early January. Took two girls to the upstairs bedroom for an hour, cost 3,400 baht. One was maybe early 30s the other mid 20s, the younger one was called Luk / Lut. Both pretty and looked kind of similar to each other. Hear-shaped faces, nice bobbed haircuts. Really nice, relaxed experience. Shower first then all naked on the large bed, about 15 mins of double-header BJ in various positions then started fucking with Luk. Got the older woman to suck Luk’s nipples, though she did say ‘OK but big tip for this!’. Chilled out for a while afterwards which was nice, they were fun and relaxed, giving me a light massage, chatting and giggling, and then in the last 15 mins or so the older girl gave me a BJ. i was standing on the bed against the wall and Luk was sucking my nipples; great technique from the older provider and i came again with about 5 mins of my hour left. Another shower then tipped them 500 baht each as it was such good fun and it was my last night in Bangkok.

    Have tried several times in the past to orchestrate 3-somes with go-go girls, and it’s invariably been a drawn out, expensive process and sexually disappointing. Really recommend the Kasalong full service option (or the cathouses on Soi 33 like Dream Heaven) for that kind of thing. The room at Kasalong is a little on the shabby side but once they put the mood lighting on and both get naked you kind of forget about the underwhelming paintwork.

    I was there about 10pm on a Sunday night, there were 6-8 women available and i was very happy with the two i took, but i think the day time crew at Kasalong on the whole is younger and prettier. The full service threesome option with the likes of the aforementioned Gip and other girls like Ice (young, curvy; beautiful tits) could be really something else, but i think mid-late afternoon would be a better time to find them at the shop. I suspect their cover story may be that they are at study or a day job, and that is why many of the girls in their early 20s knock off work around 6pm.

  61. dude22 says:

    GOT RIPPED OFF HERE. Asked for the service based on time, not first shot (only a modest 15 minutes) because I’m the guy who goes in 1-2 minutes, but the double blowie is perfect.

    They agreed. I made extra sure to repeat again before I went to the room with the girl. They agreed again shaking head as if to say yes yes don’t worry about it.

    Low and behold as soon as i’m done the deal is off. Of course, I’m asking what’s going on? I thought we had a deal?

    Suddenly a new lady comes into the room (very Thai stye to introduce someone new to the equation so they can say they have no idea what you are talking about).

    I go downstairs to see where the lady i initially made the agreement with is and GUESS WHAT!? She miraculously went home. In the span of 10 minutes, what a freaking coincidence. So now the whole shop is playing dumb…but as I’m walking out, I find out what may be the real reason they ripped me off..

    A random girl came up with me when I entered, i said I’d like to choose my provider and went back outside. Nothing special out of all the girls, but I found one who looked okay. just okay. Anyways so as I was walking out and they were all playing dumb, a couple of the girls on the bar stools shouted something to the effect of “Yeah! you think you can choose whatever girl you want!? Get out of here” I was a bit speechless, but just laughed it off.

    Needless to say, WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. Oh and not to mention they raised the price to 800 and you have to pay in advance. This place is unticking boxes left and right.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve never heard of any customer having a problem with selecting their own provider at this or any other Bangkok blowjob bar before. Payment is typically rendered after the service too at every bar of this type except Wood Bar though this is ultimately up to the discretion of the shop and can change in individual cases. Cheers.

  62. DirtDirt says:

    I wonder if anyone had sexually transmitted infections, after experiencing Kasalong?

    • rockit says:

      I am sure some people have considering the nature of the services offered there. Cheers.

    • Joe Dirt says:

      I got an NGU from visiting last year. I didn’t go anywhere else, nor did I do anything other than oral, so I know it was from here. No pain, but a thick white discharge that quickly cleared up with meds from the clinic on Soi 11. However, I used 2 girls several times the previous year and caught nothing.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I would note that the clinic on Soi 11 now seems to be closed so anyone seeking medical care would have to look elsewhere. Cheers.

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