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Can a cock sucker save the world?

Some Japanese women work in offices by day then turn to sex work in the evenings to boost their incomes. Pink salon blowjob bars are particularly popular for part-time sex work. But what about a woman who goes from the office to the pink salon and then metes out justice? That woman would be the Pinsaro Sniper.

Early on I published an English translation of an interview with a pink salon worker that went viral. It quickly became one of the most read posts on this website. And it stayed that way for several years.

manga about pink salon

These days people are more likely to stumble upon my full report on blowjob bars around the world. But the subject is quite similar. The basic economics of it lies in the exchange of currency for fellatio.

Obviously there is a real interest in women who perform oral sex for a living. The venues themselves must also be quite intriguing to those who do not live in a country like Japan where guys can walk in off the street and pay cash for oral sex. I’ve always figured it would be that way. This is why I have covered BJ bars so extensively over the last 12 years.

A truly killer blow job

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a pinsaro themed manga! Pink salons are actually a fairly common trope in Japan. They’re mentioned in mass media and form the punch lines for comedians. You would expect to see pinsaros pop up in manga and anime. They are two of the most popular forms of media in the land of the rising sun. But a professional penis suckers who assassinates bad guys on the side?

Pinsaro Sniper is a full 3-volume manga series created by Tabe Koji. It was originally published in Japanese before being republished in a French translation which strangely has an hybrid Japanese and English title.

pinsaro sniper japanese and french
The French and Japanese editions of Pinsaro Sniper Volume 1

No official English translation of Pinsaro Sniper is commercially available. But amateur translators have rewritten the words out in English and posted the results online free of charge. I wouldn’t suggest anyone pirate copyrighted material. Yet you wonder what an author or publisher would expect people who don’t speak Japanese or French to do.

Perhaps the Pinsaro Sniper is simply not popular enough to merit a commercial translation. I’ve actually seen this title be described as an “unloved manga”. There’s something sad about that. For better or worse this has to be one of the most interesting topics and plot lines to be found anywhere in the world. Who needs the Terminator when you have a cock sucking assassin?

Review of Pinsaro Sniper

Pinsaro Sniper tells the story of Yuki, a spectacularly beautiful and well built office worker by day and pro schlong sucker by night. She sucks off countless regular customers as a part of her work. But her shop’s male manager is a secret connection for those seeking the services of a sniper. When prospective clients show up they are directed to a private booth with Yuki. She blows them as they explain why they need her services.

While Yuki is certainly a sniper for hire she is not just a soldier of fortune. Instead she pursues causes of justice to make things right in the world. In one example she dispatches a two-faced loan shark who exploits local small business owners. Yuki proclaims her mission: “to end the suffering of the weak”.

Pink Salon sniper

Super heroes often aim to correct some perceived problem or social ill. It is usually crime. But more modern comic tales feature around hyper violent vigilantes and activists with larger goals in mind So Yuki isn’t particularly unique in that regard.

Indeed the best thing about the manga may be the detail of the pinsaro based scenes. The manager calls out numbers of ladies who are coming and going. Yuki herself goes through introducing herself, cleaning customer units with a wet rag, and giving great blowjobs to completion. You really get a sense of what it is like to pay for a BJ in a Tokyo pink salon.

You could read Pinsaro Sniper for the overall story, the incredibly well done sex scenes, or as another hero’s tale. No matter the reason I suggest that you do read Pinsaro Sniper if you have even a passing interest in the on-demand oral sex industry in Japan. It’s rare to see the pinsaro culture documented so well. I give it four-and-a-half stars.

4 thoughts on “Can a cock sucker save the world?”

  1. Most definitely yes
    I think more prostitution will lead to less drugs, less crime and generally speaking a more harmonious society
    Japan is on something here. LOL

    1. The oldest profession might also be the most resilient profession, when AI and robotics upend everything. Yes, this site has wtitten about sexdolls and such. But there is an argument that human interaction is hard to replace. Cheers.

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