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Review: Tuan Tam — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


I have written quite a bit about the adult entertainment scene in Vietnam. It has all centered on Ho Chi Minh City. That’s partly because so much of the industry is centered there. A lot of other cities including the capital of Hanoi are either [...]


Review: Thien Phu — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam **CLOSED**


Note: Thien Phu has closed. I have no further information on the place or anywhere who worked there. Thien Phu is a barber shop set up offering special massages in the capital city of Vietnam. Thien Phu is located on Nguyen Phi Khanh street in [...]


Review: Ben Ny’s — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Benny’s is a hair salon (hot toc) offering inexpensive blowjobs from hot young women in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As I explained in my earlier entry on blowjob bars around the world, the set up for cock suck shops in Vietnam is a bit [...]