Prostitution Pattaya, Thailand: An updated overview


Prostitution in Pattaya has received a lot of coverage on this website and for good reason. Not only is the city by the bay home to more adult entertainment venues than most others around the world is also one of the most known and visited destinations by English speaking people from other countries like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore. Since the content on this website is written in English I imagine many people from those countries will find what they see here entertaining.

Rockit Reports is international in scope. While I will keep expanding the coverage on this website to every corner of the world as time goes on I will also continue to write about places like Pattaya that have already reported on in some detail.

lucky love soi 6 pattaya

I first published a summary of the sex shops in Pattaya way back in 2012. That was followed by a report on inexpensive sex services in Pattaya in 2013 and an overview of the go go bars in Pattaya in 2014. Today I present the following news and information report which should serve to entertain and also show just how much some things can stay the same while others go through all sorts of transformations.

LK Metro

Area 51 is a big new go go bar that opened on Pattaya Sai Song Soi 13 across from LK Metro sometime last year. It is a big spacious bar with plenty of seating but it doesn’t seem to get very busy even with waitresses and dancers standing outside all night trying to convince guys to enter. There are some attractive dancers on staff. The short shorts and belly shirts they wear reveal that many are also single mothers. The place bills itself as a “lounge” but as far as I can tell this simply means they have a large seating area that opens early in the day before the dancers get on stage.

Zero is another new go go bar that recently opened on Soi Bukhao just around the corner from the agogo laden LK Metro. The place has a good location but since it is outside of the big L where most go go bars are located it seems to get a little less traffic than one might expect. There are around two to three dozen women on staff with most being average in looks but there are some nineteen and twenty year old women working there with the kind of great bodies that used to be common in Thai dancing bars. The design of the bar is probably its best feature with two sets of seats directly to the sides of the stage given customers a great view no matter where they sit. Bar fines cost 800 Baht and drink prices are normal for the area.

Soi 7

Silver Star 1 and Silver Star 2 continue to operate as they always have with topless dancers entertaining a never ending stream of punters. This old Pattaya style continues to live on in some parts of the city despite or perhaps because of things like the male attendant giving shoulder rubs in the bathroom at Silver Star 2 and the wafting sewage smell at Silver Star 1.

Shooters on the east end of Soi 7 is nice bar that always seems to be busy. While one reason for that is probably the advertising campaigns they run in the city having a team of the most attractive coyote dancers outside of Walking Street can’t hurt. Even still I imagine that a lot of weathered old hands walk right past the place and down the open air beer bars where they can be sure
they will score and shell out a lot less money in the process.

Soi 6

The infamous Soi 6 continues to operate as it has for years with scantily clad women (and some ladyboys) standing in front of dozens of bars trying to pull guys inside. I have reported on many Soi 6 bars but there are dozens that haven’t even been mentioned on this site yet.

The gals at Lisa Bar might not be the most attractive but their outfits are among the most revealing. The regular uniform consist of a fishnet “dress” draped over a bra and thong panties which doesn’t prevent the women who work the bar from running into the middle of the street to grab some food or a potential client.

The uniforms at Lucky Love Bar down the street are more subdued but still quite sexy. The colorful outfits change from one day to the next but never cease to look good on the attractive group of gals that work the place.

Pook Bar remains a popular ladyboy bar and its obvious why. Even though I have never entered the place it is easy enough to see from a passing glance that the place has some of the most ladylike ladyboys in town on staff.

Lately Soi 6 does seem a little more quiet than it has been in the past but since tourism numbers are apparently down across the board in Thailand that isn’t too much of a surprise. Although prices went up a few years back they have stayed steady since. Today drinks go for the same rates they did in 2014 and a short private period in the rooms above almost every bar continue to go for 1300 Baht ($37 USD) all in with some veterans still able to swing it for less in places.

Walking Street

Walking Street is the center of attraction for most visitors even though a lot of locals and regulars now avoid the place in favor of some of the greener pastures mentioned above. Agogos seem to get a later start now than they did in years past with most still setting up as late as eight o’clock at night.

Bar fines rise like the cost of living with increases coming quicker than I can track. More than a few go go bars on Walking Street now want between 1,000 and 2,000 Baht for the privilege of leaving with a lady on staff. A new category of “models” has appeared at some go gos too. The price to leave a bar with a “model” is higher than the barfine for a regular woman on staff though I’m not sure why. As far as I can tell the model designation indicates nothing more than a taller than average gal or a dancer with fake tits.

For their parts the women working Walking Street go go bars generally still ask for the same kind of compensation they did a few years ago though some of the newer more popular gals in their early twenties may ask for as much as 6,000 Baht for a short time session.

Go go bars on the side alleys leading off of Walking Street have the best prices and most active and adventurous women on staff but things have been toned down over the years. Misty’s has dozens of good looking ladies dancing on its many stages throughout the night but adult activity in the bar itself has been cut down to the point of nonexistence. The same goes for the nearby Superbaby agogo where things used to get pretty wild at times.

New Pattaya BJ bars

A sort of blow row has arisen on Soi Full Love Inn with Club 4, 007 and the soon to be reviewed Pirate Club now operating side by side on an otherwise nondescript road.

Another set of bars doubling as suck shops have cropped up on and around Soi Lengkee. A second Telephone Bar joins Lolita’s Pattaya, Le Private and Club Excite to help make another part of town a little more interesting. All of these places will be reviewed on this website in the near future.

Last but not least

Last but not least I’ll mention the historic Pump Station which probably should have a plaque out front honoring its long storied existence. The place looked to be on its last leg when I published a piece on it in 2013 that looked more like an obituary than a review. More recently it was totally redone and now seems to have quite a bit of life.

A larger staff probably has more to do with the rediscovered popularity the place seems to be enjoying than a fresh coat of paint but I have no way to know for sure. While there are something like ten women working the night shift now there aren’t any real stunners. I guess that doesn’t matter so much though at a place like the Pump Station. The days of the renown cut outs and curtains under the bar will probably never return but it is something to see the place back on its feet and hoping most nights of the week.

Obviously this doesn’t cover all prostitution in Pattaya. I haven’t even mentioned the oily massage parlors like Dream Teen. The entirety of this website still hasn’t come close to achieving that even though I have been writing about Pattaya here for years. This is just a brief update. More will come in the future. Stay tuned.

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