Review: Silver Star 2 in Pattaya, Thailand


Most tourist heavy areas of Thailand are home to numerous agogos. In some places there can be so many crammed so close together that one blends in with another. With most operating a very similar model and even staffing similar gals it just doesn’t make sense for me to try and review every go go bar in the Land of Smiles.

Over the last three years I’ve reviewed a few go go bars in Thailand. Some were just general reviews to comment on places I’ve visited. Others were meant to shed some light on more unique venues. Silver Star 2 (not to be confused with Silver Star 1 located one street over on Soi 8) in Pattaya deserves a mention for the quality of its nightly entertainment which is a fun and interactive echo of the rowdy days of go go old.

Silver Star 2 isn’t located on Pattaya’s famous Walking Street. That’s a good thing for serious punters. As I’ve written here before Walking Street is turning into something of an open circus where group tours from China and Korea mix with Eastern Europe families on vacation, walking up and down the over crowded stretch gawking at the bars and snapping pictures of unwilling models. Silver Star gets its share of customers but it never gets crowded or overrun with rubberneckers.

Silver Star 2 could probably be missed by someone who wasn’t looking for it. In the mix of neon lights and beer bar girls calling guys in from the street that emerges after dark on lower Soi 7 one could conceivably walk right under the giant silhouette of a woman straddling the street. Anyone would was actively looking for the Silver Star 2 or an agogo bar in general should have no problems though.

It’s not a large place but it certainly has enough room to fit the punters who find their way inside. Walls around the raised stage are lined with seats and there are more seats around the large bathtub toward the back.

That stage and bathtub are worth noting. The stage is always filled with at least a half dozen gals. Usually the number is double that. Unlike some of the more modest spots around town the majority of the girls dancing at Silver Star are either topless or fully nude. They aren’t the hottest girls in the world but most look good enough and a few could even be described as gems. The fun bags on display are almost universally good too. I’ve never seen any serious saggers or hangers here.

When a customer buys a lady drink for a gal dancing at the Silver Star they can expect that she will promptly join him. If she was dancing topless she’ll likely remain topless when she comes over. A little bit of fondling is even common. I haven’t seen anything too extreme on the floor between customers and staff members but some fun is certainly being had.

The mamasans at Silver Star 2 are attentive and easy going. When they notice a guy sitting alone or expressing interest in a girl they’re quick to show up to help move things along. They are also quick to back away when a customer indicates that he’s not interested in barfining a gal at the moment.

All of the women working at Silver Star 2 seem to be up for going out with customers. More than a few could even be described as eager. Quoted rates are pretty standard. I haven’t heard of any price gouging. They don’t pressure punters for drinks either.

Unlike the staff at some other go go bars in Thailand the staff members at Silver Star aren’t in a rush to put their clothes back on when they’re rotated off stage either. It’s not out of the norm to see a half dozen or more gals sitting or strutting around with their tits out at any given time. Considering how nice some of the knobs I’ve seen at Silver Star 2 are that’s a real treat.

The most entertaining aspect of the nightly goings on at Silver Star 2 is the bath tub show. These shows start early and seem to keep going well into the late hours. There’s not a lot of time spent with an empty tub. The bubble filled bath is usually occupied by two fully nude Thai ladies with good bodies. They get into all sorts of fun with each other before eventually turning their attention to any guys sitting around the tub.

I’ll leave it up to you to imagine what that fun entails but suffice it to say it involves a lot of hands on activities and plenty of ice cubes. Don’t come crying to me if one of those ice cubes emerges from a dark place and lands in your 130 Baht drink though.

I’m not big on tipping gals for dancing at Thai go go bars. They’re becoming enough like the sexless strip clubs of the United States as it is. At the Silver Star 2 I can see where it would be deserved for the women sliding around in the suds. Even I’ve shelled out a few Baht for these babes after a particularly rousing round of bath time bounce.

There are only a couple of downsides to Silver Star 2. The first is the bathroom attendant. I know that these are not uncommon in Thai go go bars but the fact is I’m never going to get used to a guy giving me a shoulder and back rub while I’m standing at the urinal relieving myself. There’s also an uncomfortable pressure to tip the guy. I don’t mind tipping when I feel its deserved but I don’t like being pushed to do it either. That’s especially true in Thailand where tipping isn’t standard practice.

The second downside is that the staff is not loaded with stunners. I guess that’s to be expected considering the location and type of entertaining that goes on here, but I can’t help but long for the super sexy hard body babes that pack in to some of the more well known a go gos.

I give Silver Star 2 a solid three-and-a-half stars. It’s hardly the best agogo in Pattaya but it does offer the kind of raunchy adult entertainment that used to be common. You know, back before the introduction of coyote dancers and girls who don’t do barfines. Either that or I’m looking on the past through golden goggles which is entirely possible.

Address:Beach Road Soi 7, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 3:00 AM
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