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Lisa Bar is one of the many small bars on the infamous Soi 6 strip in Pattaya. While so many other bars have blended into each other a select few have made names for themselves either due to the kinds of special services they offer or some combination of staff and atmosphere.

So it is probably the staff at Lisa Bar that has given the place a bit of a positive reputation in recent years. Either that or the uniforms they wear that often consist of little more than skin tight hot pants and belly shirts. Other times they dress in slinky bikini style outfits with sexy laces wrapped around their legs. No matter what it always looks good even when they put on the traditional garb for holidays like lunar new year.

Lisa Bar on Soi 6

At the same time it is not uncommon for someone to make a remark saying the staff at Lisa Bar is on the larger side. Since I have never seen an overweight or out of proportion woman working at Lisa Bar in many passes I guess this must refer the heights or curves of the women who staff the bar. Of course it’s all relative. A gal called chubby buy a guy in Thailand might be considered petite in today’s USA or Britain.

Lisa Bar Soi 6

As far as I can see the staff of a eight or nine women that works Lisa Bar every night of the week look absolutely fine. Especially considering the kind of place it is and the outfits the gals put on to help bring in and entertain customers. That includes at least one firm and fit gal who was previously a professional Thai kickboxer and now appears to be a master of putting on makeup and luring in guys off the street.

Prices and services

Other than the staff and their clothing there’s not much that sets the bar apart from others on Soi 6. It’s not a specialty place like My Friend You or King Kong but it does have rooms upstairs that most women seem willing to go to with the vast majority of customers who make the request.

The rooms are clean and serve the purpose. Use of them for a short time session is 300 Baht ($9 USD). The women normally ask the usual short time rate for the Soi which for at least the last few years has been 1000 Baht ($32 USD). Longer sessions or those that take place outside of the Soi normally come with higher quotes.

Prices for drinks are the norm for Soi 6 too. The whole range of cocktails is available even though most guys stick to beer or whiskey. That’s also more or less the norm for Soi 6 and has been for as long as I can remember. Of course with the slow but steady changes in the city what the future will be like is anyone’s guess.

An artisan cafe could open on Soi 6 for all I know. It might offer organic coffees in a place where orgasmic pleasures were delivered in a previous time. For now Soi 6 continues to be Soi 6 however and it doesn’t look like that will change in the near future at least. Two-and-a-half stars.

Address:Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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