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Although I have reported on several bars along Pattaya’s infamous Soi 6 over the years I still have not come close to covering every venue on the street. Perhaps that is rightfully so. Some might say if you’ve seen one Soi 6 bar you’ve seen them all so it is better to dedicate time and energy to reporting on other types of places in other parts of the world. I beg to differ. Since I set the editorial line for this site I will now report on Lucky Love.

Lucky Love Soi 6

Lucky Love is one of the bigger bars on Soi 6 in Pattaya. Located closer to the beach than Second Road the bar is probably double the size of most bars on the street. Lucky Love stands out for a few reasons other than its size. One is that it staffs quite a few attractive women. Another is that the women on staff dress in sexy uniforms ranging from camouflage short shorts and matching tops to skin tight neon green uniforms.

With the exceptions of a few veterans who seem to have been haunting the strip since Bill Clinton was elected president of the United States the women who work the bars on Soi 6 seem to change from one day to the next. Because of that it is difficult to make an accurate report on the looks of the women on staff at any of the Soi 6 bars. It is possible however to make a general statement on a place like Lucky Love since they have a long history of hiring good looking ladies. I don’t recall ever seeing any large or old ladies at the bar with the possible exception of a manager or barback.

Unlike some other Soi 6 bars such as My Friend You which offer some degree of privacy to customers Lucky Love is open to the street. Since there is no front wall anyone walking down Soi 6 can see everything going on inside the bar. Not much besides some possible groping and a lot of drinking happens there though so for most this is probably no big deal.

Lucky Love Soi 6

For many visitors the point of going to the bars on Soi 6 is to spend time with some of the many ladies on the street in some of the many short time rooms that stand above it. Like most bars Lucky Love has a few rooms right above the bar that can be used by customers for 300 Baht ($9 USD).

The rooms above Lucky Love are accessed via some stairs at the back behind a small private room that is rarely if ever used. The rooms are large and clean with big beds and separate bathrooms that contain showers. They all have hot water too which somewhat amazingly is not always the case even today.

All of the women on staff at Lucky Love seem to be eager to spend private time with customers with most appearing to prefer the aforementioned rooms to anything off premises. Since the time this website went online a little over five years ago the going rate for a short time session on Soi 6 rose from 700 to 1000 Baht ($30 USD). That seems to be accepted by all of the ladies at Lucky Love too. Three stars.

Address:Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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