Review: Excite Club in Pattaya, Thailand


With my recent review of the infamous Rose’s Bar published a few weeks ago I can now finally and definitely say that I have reviewed all of the many blowjob bars in the city of Bangkok. A little further south in Pattaya however there are countless suck shops that have still not been covered here.

While I have reported on several of the knob polishing pubs in Pattaya over the years there remain many more scattered throughout town. While I scramble to get them all covered and still report on the rest of the world new places open left and right. I haven’t yet published a report on the Pirate Club that opened several months ago next to the 007 Club and a new shop has already opened next door!

I hope to remedy this lack of proper coverage in the next few months by publishing several reports on Pattaya. While some think Pattaya is old hat others continue to read and comment on the reports I publish on the city by the bay. My only real goal is to entertain but there is no way to make everyone happy. At best I can satisfy some of the people some of the time. As long as I’m satisfied with my work things will continue.

Excite Club

Excite Club is a small pub located on Soi Excite which is near Soi Bukhao in Pattaya. The place is very easy to find but just as easy to miss. With the opaque front doors closed I doubt many strangers would wander in off the street. In fact I doubt many strangers would even walk up the street. Most people new to Pattaya seem to stick to the same beaten path that leads down the beach and into Walking Street. At least if the crowds are anything to go by.

ladies at Excite Club in Pattaya

When I say the club is small I mean it. A single set of blacked out sliding glass doors makes up the entire front facade. Inside there is a small bar with a few stools to the left and another small row of stools to the right. In the back there is a small booth that can quickly be made private. This booth contains a bench and allow for private activities to go down.

While Excite Club offers the same sort of on premise activities that other bars in its category sell it also has a regular hang out sort of feeling commonly associated with beer bars and gentlemen’s clubs like Club M. What I mean is that it is not only a blow and go kind of place. While it certainly could be that for some visitors others probably come just to hang around with some women and kick back drinks.


Drinks at Excite go for the same prices they do at other small bars around town. Suction services go for a mere 500 Baht though an additional bar fee of 300 Baht is required. This brings the total price to 800 Baht ($23 USD) which is in line with most other shops around town like Bliss Lounge.

I first visited Excite after receiving a tip from some guys who frequent the up and coming blow row that houses places like the aforementioned 007, Pirate and the original Club 4. When I showed up I was shocked by the level of talent. Out of the seven women who were working five looked spectacular considering their line of work.

Women at Excite Club

As it turns out the women who work at Excite don’t only look good in their tight little uniforms. They are genuinely attractive. And they are also very skilled in their trade of choice. Or perhaps I should put the word “were” in front of these statements. The first time I visited Excite I was blown away. The second time I visited a few weeks later I was blown off.

It could be that some sort of private party or reunion was going on but during my second pass I watched as a set of older much less attractive women hovered between a few guys getting drunk at their bar and their phones. The atmosphere was completely cold and unwelcoming and a huge change from the original party atmosphere staffed by hot young women that I witnessed early on. Such a change in such a short period is amazing but hardly unheard of in Thailand.


Excite Club is one of many private clubs that have popped up in Pattaya in recent years. Despite it’s small size it appears to have the potential to be one of the more popular and lucrative though that would all depend on how the place is run.

If I only had my first try to go by I would most likely have given Excite four stars or more. The additional knowledge and experience I picked up leads me to give the place three-and-a-half stars though it’s tough to give a score to a place that can change so much from one day to the next. I gave Club 4 a near perfect four-and-a-half star review but later the place changed ownership and its mode of operation after it was hit in a raid that lead to no charges or arrests. That’s how things can go. Just yesterday I was informed that a star performer from 007 is now working at Excite. Perhaps things will change again.

Address:Soi Excite, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:2:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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