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Review: Akane Soi 33 in Bangkok, Thailand

Akane is a well known massage parlor located on the east side of Sukhumvit Soi 33 in Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve been meaning to review the place for some time but for a number of reasons I am only getting around to it now.

A little over a year ago I posted a review of Akane’s Chitlom location which offers intensive body scrubs, prostate massage and happy endings as a matter of course. The Soi 33 location has the same owner and overall look but the place is a bit different for a few reasons.

I don’t have any way to compare the sizes of both shops but it seems that the Soi 33 location is a lot larger. At the very least the lobby is bigger and more accommodating. Many of the women on staff can usually be found there too which is unlike the Chitlom location where the women hang out somewhere in the back until a customer arrives.

Inside Akane massage

Customers are greeted by an older female manager upon entry, given a drink and shown to a couch. Once seated they are shown a list of the various services available at the shop. Once they’ve chosen a service the manager will ask the available women to line up and the customer will chose one or more as the case may be.

Akane Massage Soi 33

The range of services at Akane Soi 33 comes with a range of prices. The most inexpensive service is the one hour lotion massage ending with a wiener massage which goes for a mere 770 Baht ($24 US). While all of the women on staff will perform this services it’s clear that many prefer other options. Undoubtedly this is due to the low price of which they must only get a fraction. When a customer chooses this option the line up of available women on staff will have a lot less smiles than a line up that comes after a customer chooses a more expensive service like the fashion massage.

Fashion massage in Bangkok

The term “fashion massage” is an Akane euphemism for a massage ending with oral action that is performed by a service provider freed from the constraints of her uniform. A 50 minute session is the cheapest version and it goes for 1100 Baht ($35 US). A “3P” version involving two service providers is available for 1680 Baht ($53 US).

Full sex is not sold at any Akane location in Bangkok. In a city where so much is available this actually makes the place stand out and puts in firmly in a particular niche. Judging by the flow of customers in and out of the shop, it is a popular one.

Massages are performed in rooms that clean but small (with the exception of the VIP Room which comes at a premium). They are better than the rooms at the Chitlom location since they each contain a private shower. There is no large shower room available at the Soi 33 location so body scrubs are not available. Those who enjoy having their skin rubbed with sandpaper while laying near other guys will see this as a negative aspect of the Soi 33 location. Others, like me, will not.

Sensual service

The massages performed at Akane are generally pretty good considering what kind of place it is. The concluding services are also professional done but are usually not out of this word. Basically the women who work at Akane know how to do their jobs but they probably won’t change any lives in the process. The trademark prostate massage of the Chitlom location may be available in specific cases but as far as I know it’s not standard.

While service at Akane doesn’t feel rushed the clock is watched and sessions end as scheduled. For those who finish early this could be viewed as a plus. Payment at Akane is rendered after the massage at the front desk downstairs.

As a Japanese oriented establishment tips are neither required nor expected at Akane. While they are surely welcomed the women almost don’t give a chance for them to be given since everything is done so smoothly. Surely the committed punter could still part with his money though.

Staff and summary

The same women work at both Akane locations. The Akane website which seems to have been updated recently contains a schedule that shows each woman on staff and lists the days, times and locations they’ll be working. There’s also a form for booking sessions to make sure a favorite service provider is available. The website says these reservations should be made at least one day in advance. I’ve been told that women can travel from one location to another if a customer specifically requests them.

It’s hard to describe a large group of women and even harder to judge individual looks. I hate to talk poorly about anyone and in the end looks are subjective. One guy’s princess is another guy’s pooch. In general I would say that the women who work at Akane are average in looks. There are a few exceptions. At least one woman who works at Akane is genuinely stunning and a few aren’t attractive at all. Surely the latter still get customers. Some guys may have a different view and some guys could care less about looks in a place like Akane.

I mentioned earlier than Akane is Japanese oriented. This is obvious to any observer. The location under review here is located on a street sometime’s called “Soi Japan” because it is home to so many Japanese and Japanese-oriented businesses. The name “Akane” is even Japanese.

Those who are familiar with the widespread policy of refusing non-Japanese people in the Japanese commercial sex scene will find that things are not the same at Akane. What “Japanese oriented” means in practice is that the shop is Japanese in style and has some women on staff who can speak basic Japanese. As far as I know customers of all national origins are welcome.

As a well run happy ending massage parlor that is clean and straightforward Akane does a good job. I think it’s fair to give the place a solid three-and-a-half stars. The only real negative in my mind is that the women are clearly dejected when a customer goes for the basic massage. I can’t blame them but it takes away from the experience. Maybe the shop needs to raise prices for the benefit of everyone involved. That’s not usually something I say but clearly there is room for improvement in this area. On the other hand, the relatively low prices are one of the most attractive aspects of the place, so who knows? I would also prefer if they staffed nothing but stunners but that may be asking too much. Especially at 770 Baht a go.

Akane Soi 33. Sukhumvit Soi 33, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +66 026-620-366. Website:

33 thoughts on “Review: Akane Soi 33 in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Akane is so Japanese-oriented that all the girls have Jaoanese monikers. I have tried using my nihingo wih some of them, but English remains the language denominator.

    I’m a huge fan of Akane, but didn’t know the girls could move between locations. You are correct, they’re rarely there for their looks. But I had a 4 hand special at Chitlom recently that included a new girl who was delightful in every way: firm but bountiful natural body, unblemished face, attractive, and very very enthusiastic to learn the tricks. While they both took turns with the cat bath/prostate massage and other services, the new girl practiced every position on me short of actual penetration, including that reverse cowgirl thing with me between her legs but not inside. Her handle was Sake, and was correspondingly intoxicating!

  2. Agreed. But I think Akane girls work well in tandem. It helps to have at least one who is a hell cat; Jyuri for example at Chitlom is a fave, and she’s crazy good. I paired her with a skilled but more even keeled Reiko once for an outstanding 90 mins with two pops and lots of fun.

  3. @Smoothie: Akane’s brand of service isn’t for everyone. No FS for example, and for some that’s an immediate no-go.

    I’m all about enjoying the diversity of pleasure )and sometimes perversion) that BKK offers, and believe one should try a little bit of everything.

    Depends of course on whether you have the luxury of sampling at the buffet table, as it were. I firmly endorse the 3.5 stars.

  4. Another informative review. I happen to like a good prostate massage, so I think I’ll give Akane a try. Looking at their menu, I see a “lotion mat massage.” Do you happen to know what that consists of?

    1. I believe the customer lays on a mat and the service provider covers herself with lotion and does a body to body slide. Cheers.

  5. Crazycloud, the prostate action at akane isn’t really much of a massage. It’s a gentle probe, plenty nice, but for the real thing I go to Analisa massage. Soi 22 I believe.

  6. Tried out this branch today and what a pleasant experience. Inspite of being a sunday, i was the only customer there. Was greeted with a lot of smiles. No hurries, was shown the menu and i picked up Shizuka – she wasnt smiling and felt a bit out of place but yet picked her up. Was happy I did after 50 mins.
    Opted for beer and proceeded to the first floor. Was given a nice bath (the backside too) and i finally broke the ice with her. She then started opening up. Lovely lovely BJ with a lot of attention to the wrong hole n both the balls. We spoke a lot, shared jokes n soon i was ready for the 2nd one. A wonderul HJ.
    An eye opener was the face that u can cum as many times as u want. She was completely naked n allowed me to touch her. Was more than happy when she came in 69. Thin body but soft n fair. Loved every bit of it.
    Gave 1100 for this “fashion massage” . Tipped her 100 too.
    Overall a very very positive experince.

    1. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I would like to try that. When I visited there were a lot of
      girls and some were pretty but none of them came near me and only the below average girls only 5 of them lined up but they all sat and stared at me. I wish I chose one of them but I freaked out somehow. They all spoke English but I didn’t see anyone smiling. I can’t do with a girl who doesn’t smile.

  7. I went there a week after the bomb in the nearby Erewan Shrine.All a bit subdued and quiet. Chose the 90 minute fashion massage. Cant remember girls name. It was OK but she went out for a shower twice.BJ with condom was OK and I was allowed to hold her tits as she was naked.Spoke in English and Japanese but not much response. I noticed downstairs that they had all been on a skiing trip to Japan. No doubt paid for by a happy customer? I had a much better time at Soi 33 branch. If you want a better prostate massgae with toys then try Analisas.

  8. Went here today, was serviced by Jun.

    Learned that they will be closed Jan 10 while everybody goes to Japan for holiday,training,and work.
    It is the same trip that the went on earlier this year — apparently this is a yearly event now.
    So anyone who was planning on going around then, please be advised.

  9. Just checking things out for my layover in BKK tomorrow the 10th. Sad to see Akane is going to be closed. I love how they provide two pops and also the lovely treatment in the shower for under 1000! I’m not really into FS, any other places provide two pops and the no hassle no “give tip” service of Akane?

    1. I don’t know any places with the exact same style of service. Some places like Analisa which has been reviewed here offer various services including hand finish but they have varying pricing schemes. Cheers.

  10. Yesterday I had a bad experience at the Akane Soi 33 branch I would like to share. I’m a permanent resident in Bangkok, and have usually had massages in Lower Sukhumvit where I live. However, I thought it was time to try the more upmarket middle Sukhumvit places. I first went to Akane Soi 33 two weeks ago. At that time, I ordered the fashion massage, as I had read that the girls appreciate the full price, and it seemed cheap enough anyhow (1,680 baht). About 8 girls were presented to me. Fairly average looks. One girl was an exception, she was pretty, but she just looked straight down at the floor, so I figured she only wanted to do Japanese clients, so with a heavy heart I took another girl. That girl, Misato, did a good job. She began by asking me to tell me what I wanted, and then she did all that. She tried as hard as she could at all times, and I felt well attended to. I was quite happy with the experience. However, Misato was a bit older than I prefer, so I resolved to give the place a second outing, hoping to find a cuter girl who would provide the same level of service. So, yesterday I went again. Much the same experience with the presentation…no cute girls, but took one, June, whose looks were passable. Began with a shower, and noticed that she didn’t do the things in there that Misato had done, but that’s no big deal. I was much more worried at this point by her demeanor. It was very “matter of fact”, businesslike, and not friendly. Actually, June did not smile once the whole time I was there! Anyway, we began the massage. As (unlike Misato) she hadn’t asked me how I like it, I was quick to state that I like to begin with a soft “touch” massage, without oil, and then switch to oil a bit later. She looked a bit puzzled (keep in mind that her English is fine, she understood me just fine on all occasions). To make things quite clear, I demonstrated by gently touching her in the way I had in mind for myself. She said “ok, you want massage”. That seemed a somewhat strange response, but I assumed I had gotten through. So the massage begins. She began with a ten minute “firm press” with my blanket on, which again surprised me given what I had just said about what I wanted, but I figured that was coming soon. There was some polite, but again rather “matter of fact” conversation at this point. Then the blanket came off…and she reached for the oil! I quickly stopped her, and explained once again that I wanted to begin with without oil, soft touch. Now, her reaction to that really put me off. It wasn’t “anger” but “consternation” would be the right word. Everything in her manner, body language and voice expressed frustration that I was asking for something outside of what she had planned to do! For about a minute I again tried to demonstrate what I wanted her to do. There was very little improvement in the manner she was receiving this information. At this point, in an atmosphere of some tension, I realized that we were never going to achieve a relationship necessary for me to enjoy myself, and I ended the session. I would have been there for 20, maybe 30 minutes. I went to the Mamasan to explain (June was there too, fair enough). The Mamasan was polite enough, she listened to me, but I never at any stage felt she was interested in gaining my feedback as to what had gone wrong. She never asked any questions in that regard, and we just focused on what amount I should pay. Given that I had been there such a short time, I felt prepared to pay something like half price, about 800 baht. But Mamasan insisted on 1,100 baht, that being the base price for when a lady takes her clothes off (as June had done for me). I felt this was rather rigid, given that I was clearly not happy with the service provided, but did not feel inclined to argue and paid and left. I then went to Amethyst (for the first time) which was considerably more expensive (being full service) but where the service provided was first class (I know where I’ll be headed from now on!) Well, my whole Akane experience was a shame, as I felt the place did have potential. The prices seem good value and the services provided suit my taste. I suppose I could give the Chidlom branch a try, but right now feel disinclined to reward the same business after the level of service I received at Soi 33. I would suggest to others that Akane 33 might be good for you if you are not looking for cute or beautiful girls. But steer clear of June. At the risk of sounding vindictive, my motivation in posting this was to ensure that she “doesn’t get away with it”.

  11. Went today. Prices up. The lotion massage is now 980 and the Fashion Massage is 1280. The place used to be a good deal, but at this price, its not really any cheaper than anywhere else. Only 4 girls on staff today, at least two from the old branch. Guess the strategy of “oh we aren’t making enough money so we need to raise prices” is in effect. Akane also gives stamps for a free massage after ten. I mentioned i was almost there finally after 6 years or something, and they said, Yes can use but pay the extra. That’s cheeky.

  12. In 2011, in my mid-20’s, I visited the Chitlom location. It was the first time doing anything like this. From what I recall, Akane was relaxing. Either I picked the girl or they gave me who was available. I went behind a curtain abd walked upstairs to receive the massage, first taking off my clothes and meeting the girl in the shower where I received the first rimming and handjob of my life. An uncovered bj might have happened but I can’t say for sure. The girl was short and average looking. She was dedicated to what she was doing. That’s probably why I finished so quickly. She told me it surprised her, and she kept going for the hour we had. It felt great. No finger was used, though I would have been okay if it had. There may have been a body massage, however, I don’t recall. After the pleasant and obviously memorable experience, I took a shower, got dressed and went downstairs. There were a few girls hanging out; one told me to sit down and, I believe, got me a drink. This girl was taller and likely older than girl I had just been with. She sat next to me as I relaxed. I got aroused, which she saw and confidently and playfully grabbed over my pants. We talked and she offered to have sex with me, but I declined as I was still a virgin at the time.

  13. Well finally got my tenth card at Akane and they gave me 1000 off my 1280B service.

    A few weeks before that I went right after I landed after my long haul flight which got me that magical 10th ticket.

    Say what you want about their ladies (the same ones are still there and not getting any younger!), or the prices (strangely about the only thing in Thailand that had a price hike in the past 4 years).

    but the place has the best shower service in town (that I’ve found anyway) and makes for a great pit-stop after a long flight to clean up. Up the stairs, shower, massage, release, shower, and out the door clean as a whistle feeling like a million bucks.

    Now that I got my punchcards all sorted, will be interesting to see if I feel the need to return. Took me about 7 years to get the ten punchcards so I guess I’m happy to visit there about once a year. Rockit might consider adjusting the score down a half a star as its the same talent but they’re all ten years older! :)

    1. Glad to hear they are still using and honoring the punch cards after all these years! On the other hand the are still staffing the same gals after all these years too. Cheers.

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