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Review: Ooedo in Tokyo, Japan

Ooedo is an oppai pub in the Ueno section of Tokyo. Oppai pubs are exactly what they sound like. Oppai is the Japanese word for breasts and pub is obviously an English word that has been carried over into the Japanese language. At oppai pubs customers can fondle and suckle the breasts of the women on staff. Ooedo is no different.

Of course most of the many adult entertainment venues in Japan refuse entry to foreigners. That is not necessarily the case at Ooedo. There may or may not be an official policy but in practice they seem to admit anyone who can speak at least enough of the Japanese language to understand the rules. Some foreigners who don’t speak any Japanese even say they were admitted after showing up with male Japanese friends.

Ooedo oppai pub

The rules at Ooedo are pretty simple. Customers are allowed to touch and kiss the breasts of the attendants who sit with them. Kissing is usually also permitted though that’s at the discretion of the providers. Touching of any kind below the belly button is absolutely forbidden. Similarly customers are not allowed to leave any marks on their attendants including so-called sucker bites or “hickies”.

Ooedo oppai pub Japan

Ooedo is located in a section of Ueno filled with adult entertainment venues. Ooedo is on the second floor of a building that houses many other businesses. The entrance is up a flight of metal steps but the place is clearly marked with signs.

Price and procedure

When customers enter Ooedo they meet with a man in a suit who goes over the rules. If they agree they then move over the the front desk and pay their fee. There are various sets but most generally customers pay 5000 Yen ($48 USD) for a 40 minute session that includes time with two different women. Rates can vary according to hour with an early bird system taking effect until 5:00 pm.

After customers pay they take off their shoes and store them in a small provided bag. Then they are led to a small bathroom where they are expected to brush their teeth and wash their mouths out with antiseptic.

Once they are prepared customers are led to one of the many private booths around the venue. These booths are basically small cubicles at ground level with only flimsy materials separating one from the other. They contain little more than some pillows meant to make the hard floor a more comfortable place to sit.

After customers get situated in their booths they are joined by one of the women on staff. The women wear tight pants and loose silk kimono style robes. The robes are easily removed to reveal nude breasts.

Women and services

There are many women working at Ooedo at any given time. They vary in age and looks. The majority are probably in their twenties or thirties. Some are on the large side. Many would probably be described as average looking at best by most guys. Most would not turn heads on the streets. Some of the women on staff are quite beautiful however.

There is no set procedure to sessions. Some customers might just lay down next to a gal and talk for a while. Others like to get right down to business and spend their time playing with tits. Although customers cannot touch the women below the belt ladies at Ooedo do sometimes touch the crotches of customers over their clothes. Things do not go any further however.

After customers spend time with the first provider a switch is made and a second lady shows up to take her place. Things then repeat until the time is up. When the time limit is approaching the customers are usually asked if they want to extend their time for more money.

After sessions end customers head back to the front. Their they retrieve their shoes and prepare to head out of the door. Two stars.

Ooedo. Floor 2, Ueno 2-12-11, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Open every day from 9:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +81 033-834-0855.

4 thoughts on “Review: Ooedo in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. I consider myself a breast man. Love them, all sizes and shapes, and nuzzling on a nipple is one of my favorite things. Twiddling a tit between my lips is a delight, cupping a B cup in he hand while i milk on the other mammary is my oral high.

    I’m just not sure I wouldn’t be left with a case of blue balls after a session with access only to two sets of naturals and no release. The gauntlet has been thrown down!

    Thanks as always Rockit.

    1. You’re definitely not alone. Other people have voiced the same concerns as you. I guess the said could be said of American strip clubs even though customers there usually can’t touch the dancers at all. I doubt anyone runs into much of a problem in any event since Japan is filled with sex shops including the famous blow job bars. Cheers.

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