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Review: Madonna in Tokyo, Japan

Madonna is a peep show and more. Located inside the infamous Kabukicho section of Tokyo, Madonna staffs women who do nude dances then offer handjobs and blowjobs to the customers who watch. This kind of nozokibeya is not necessarily common in Japan, but it certainly exists. Madonna is one of the best examples of this sort of hybrid strip and suck showcase.

Years ago I wrote a review of New Hot Point in the same area. Madonna has a similar business model. But in many ways it is a totally different place. At the very least it has its own characteristics and peculiarities. Madonna is the more obvious of the two Kabukicho shops. It located on street level, and it advertises in multiple languages.

Madonna peep show in Kabukicho

The Madonna peep show is quite easy to find. It stands out even in the cluster of flashing neon lights that is Kabukicho. There is a large yellow sign above the door featuring a picture of a nude woman wrapped in caution tape. Although some online have reported that the place isn’t foreigner friendly, the sign hanging over the door reading “peep show” in English, Chinese, Korean and Thai would suggest otherwise. I have been in the shop a few times over the years without issue.

Madonna peep show kabukicho

Through the door and down there is a small reception area. Pictures and autographs of famous women who have danced at the club are fixed to the wall. A man on the other side of the window takes the entrance fee of 2100 Yen ($20 USD). Customers are shown a rule sheet that they must agree to. Among other things, it prohibits any photography in the booths. There’s even a picture of a guy who tried to sneak in a hidden camera on the wall.

Hitting the booths

After paying the entrance fee, customers hand over their phones and receive a chit to claim them on the way back out. In between shows, customers sit in a small waiting room to the right. Shows are twenty minutes long, and they start regularly.

stripper at Madonna Tokyo

Just before the show starts, customers file into the private booths in the back. Each has a thick curtain to block it from the hallway. On the other side of the wall there is a one way window that looks in to a dance floor. The dancers come around before they start asking each customer if they’d like extra service. A handjob is 2000 Yen ($19 USD). A blowjob with condom is 3500 ($33 USD). The fee is paid then and there for those who want service. Those who just want to watch simply say “no thank you”, or more commonly daijoubu desu.

Shows and extras

Once the women collect their service fees, the show begins. There is some sort of announcement followed by the usual flashing lights and music. A dancer emerges from the back and starts out with her routine. There is usually more air humping and sensuous leg spreading than rug cutting or twerking. I actually prefer it that way, and I am sure I am not alone.

There are some attractive ladies at Madonna, as well as some who are perhaps more average. But any of the gals who dance at Madonna would probably be tops at a regular strip club in Middle America or even Austria. As a general rule, the women who dance at New Hot Point seem to be a little more attractive than the gals at Madonna. But that is not always true. I’ve seen a stunner doing splits at Madonna, and I’ve also seen an older gal gyrating at New Hot Point.

The ladies are quite alluring as they show off for the guys in the booths. They really make it work in the small space allotted. The place isn’t as seedy as the old peeping booths in Times Square. Yet there is still plenty to see. The dancers usually spread their pussies a couple of times during each show. They bend over doggy style to show it all too. This must have been even more special to local guys used to censored Japanese porn years ago. Now they have access to the same plethora of porn as the rest of us, thanks to the internet.

After the dancing concludes, the service provider comes around to each booth to render extras. The handjobs are fast and furious, yet somehow they are done fairly well. The Japanese lube surely helps. Blowjobs are done with a rubber and only last a few minutes. Yet the women do put in real effort. For under forty US dollars, a strip show and happy ending is quite cheap. Especially considering that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities on earth.

Madonna is a pretty unique place. These sorts of shops aren’t as easy to find as you might imagine. I am still waiting to find a place where a blowjob artist comes around and sucks customers while they watch go go dancers get busy on stage. Until then, I am always intrigued when I come across other sex shops that are out of the norm. Three-and-a-half stars.

Madonna. 1-chome-18-7 Kabukicho, Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 11:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +81 03-3200-1767. Website:

6 thoughts on “Review: Madonna in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. Have visited a few times after New Hot Point closed, and even met some former NHP dancers. The place is even more uncomfortable for tall people as NHP was, but have been positively surprised with some of the staff and the general flexibility with touching – including some openness from girls that wouldn’t allow much when they were at NHP. Another advantage of the place is that you often get to be serviced while the second girl is still dancing, and the fact that they all go fully nude and playful. Probably the cheapest option around, and surprisingly cute girls on good days.

    1. Thanks for the report. There are different stories about what goes on inside. It seems things are opening up more for foreigners. Cheers.

  2. Interesting. May be you say they are foreigners friendly because you speak Japanese. What if a foreigner can’t speak Japanese? Would they allow him to enter?

    1. Foreigner friendly means they accept non-Japanese customers. I would guess that most foreigners who visit do not speak Japanese well if they speak it at all. As mentioned above Madonna has signs in four languages which would indicate they are very welcoming of foreigners. Cheers.

  3. After reading about the place on your page and seeing the obvious signs right next to the cinema in Kabukicho I got really interested. There are also some pictures in some books about Shinjuku and Kabukicho so the shop seems pretty popular.
    It took some courage to enter as the entry is pretty obviously positioned on the main street which is extremely busy during the evening.

    Staff is friendly and almost no talking is needed if you know the procedure. I got seated in one of the tiny waiting rooms. At first I was alone but later others joined but no one seemed surprised or uncomfortable with a foreigner next to them. The waiting time was immense, maybe the show just started when I entered and the guys took some time to finish. After about 40 minutes three spots got available and I could enter.

    The booth is tiny! Theres a small seat and the window. Just enough space for a tissue box and a small bag to place on the ground. But if you opt for service that is actually a good thing as it ensures the girl and you getting very close. That night Sayuri and Ame were on duty. I don’t know who was who as I was too nervous too ask for there names during service but both were cute. One looked younger though and was very friendly. I chose her for service as she was making rounds first.
    The dance is long and the handjob I opted for was good but sadly very short. But the girl was super touchy and seemed eager to get close and being touched everywhere. She also engaged in kissing with me through my mask. I don’t know if she would have done it without but it enhanced the feeling for me and it felt like prolonging the high moment just before a real kiss. After some time she whispered in my ear service time was over. She cleaned me up and then went on to service the guy in the booth next to me. Her sweet moans could still be heard and that helped finishing as well.

    I finished at the end of the first dance and as I was not sure after the long wait between the dances if it’s ok to stay I left the moment the second girl wanted to ask for service. Very regrettable but maybe next time.

    All in all a nice place to take a rest. Service is short but friendly and intimate as the booth are tiny. The girls even have a card with them stating the prices. As she saw I’m not Japanese she turned it around to an english menu. The one that serviced me also spoke English pretty well. Enough for small talk and getting the action rolling at least.

    Cheers, and thanks for your blog Rockit.

    1. Thanks for the detailed report! Things are definitely rushed but otherwise Madonna is a fun and exciting piece of Tokyo. Cheers!

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