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Review: New Hot Point in Tokyo, Japan (CLOSED)

New Hot Point is a great peep show with extras in the Shinjuku section of Tokyo, Japan. Easy to find on a main walkway in the infamous neighborhood of Kabukicho, New Hot Point offers some of the sexiest girls and best service available to foreigners anywhere in Japan.

The place is easy to find. When you get to the walkway you’ll see a large yellow marquee-like sign on the building. You can’t miss it, since it looks like someone nailed a few hundred lemons to the wall. Under this sign there is an elevator and a few doors. Enter the elevator and take it up to the ninth floor. Don’t worry about discretion. Japanese people mind their business, and anyway, this elevator also leads to some dating places, beauty salons and restaurants, so no one knows for sure where you are going.

Inside New Hot Point

When you exit you’ll be inside New Hot Point. Go down the little hallway through the only door. Turn right in that little lobby and you’ll be at the front desk. Place 2000 yen on the money plate for your entrance fee. He will then to point to two screens with pictures of the women who are working at that time (a schedule is available on the website if you want to check it in advance).

You’ll get a door hanger with a number on it. This is the order the customers go to the booths. So, if you have 3, you will be third. He will ask you to hand over your cellphone and any bags you may have. These will be checked and you’ll get a ticket to reclaim them later. No worries about theft here, this is Japan.

lady from New Hot Point in Japan

Then you play the waiting game. Take a seat on any of the available chairs. It’s a big cramped in here, but it’s not too bad. There are a few TVs, some playing porno and one usually playing the news. There are also a number of bookshelves filled with porno magazines and erotic comics and a vending machine with drinks. You cannot bring your drink inside, but they will hold it for you if you don’t finish in time.

When it’s time for the next show, the clerk will let you know. You’ll be lead down a small corridor to a small both. Sit down here and wait.

Ordering extras

One of the girls will then come around to each booth and knock on the door. You’ll hear her coming. When she knocks, open the door. Unlike regular Japanese strip clubs, sexual services are available here. She’ll ask you in Japanese which service you’d like. There’s an illustrated sign on the wall showing both a blowjob and a hand job. You can just point to the one you want, or better still, just hand over the correct amount of money.

If you’d like a hand job after the show, give her 2000 yen. If you’d like a condom-covered blowjob, give her 4000. And if you want to fondle the girl’s tits, add 1000. There are other services, like the ability to take home the girl’s panties or use a flashlight to examine her snatch, but I wouldn’t go for those unless you are a regular or can speak enough Japanese to ask for it directly.

If you’re a cheapskate or low on dough, you can refuse all extra services and just wank yourself off during the show. This is not necessarily recommended. Then again neither is anything else I talk about.

You don’t really need to speak any Japanese at all here. Pointing and nodding will get you through. Any Japanese you are able to speak is sure to help you out though, especially when interacting with your girl of choice.

Strip show and staff

After this the show will start. Your booth will be appointed with a one-way mirror, a box of tissues, and a garbage can. You can guess what they’re for. Through the mirror you’ll see the small “stage” and a television at the far end playing Japanese porn.

New Hot Point Tokyo point card
A point card with discount from New Hot Point.

The staff here is really great looking. There are around a dozen different girls at any given time, though only two per shift, with two shifts per day. They are most very light skinned, thin, but often just curvy enough, in their low to mid 20’s. Note that you cannot change your girl after choosing in the beginning.

When the show starts you’ll know it. A quirky announcement in a mixture of English and Japanese will set the mood. This is followed by some typical club music and then the entrance of the first girl. She’ll do a little dance, strip, then bring her ass and pussy up close to each booth so you can all get a good look. After she finishes there will be a very short break and then the second girl will do the same thing. After this, the girls will come around to the booth’s that picked them and give the services paid for.

Extra services

Although it might seem illogical, the handjob is the superior service at New Hot Point. Your girl will come around with a bottle of high quality Japanese gel lubricant and work you expertly until you squirt your load all over her waiting hands. They are so sexy and erotic and so good with their hands that even the most jaded guy can fire off a batch here without a problem. If you take the blowjob and can’t shoot your wad in a few minutes, you’ll most likely be finished off with a handy anyway. I do think it’s worth it to pay the extra for tit play, as these girls almost all have fantastic racks and seem very responsive, but it’s up to you. If you don’t opt in for the jugs, you will have to keep your hands at your side at all times. In no case can you touch the girl below her waist, no matter what you paid.

The booths are really small, but not so much that they’re uncomfortable. The walls are thin and you can hear a bit of what goes on in the other booths. When your girl comes around, stand up. If you’re like me, you already have your pants around your ankles and your rod in your hand. She will take your chair and put it out in the hall to make room. She’ll start with some small talk then get to work. Some girls here speak a little English, but most don’t. Don’t worry, it’s not awkward. They are great at what they do. And although this is not a place where you get a ton of time, it never feels rushed or pressured.


After you unload, your girl will clean you up and help you buckle up your pants. She’ll then give you a 500 yen discount card with her name on it (good only if you see that specific girl again) and bid you a warm farewell. At this point, you leave your booth and head back down the corridor. Claim your stuff from the counter clerk and head down the elevator.

With a steady supply of red hot Japanese women that look like they came out of an AV movie ready to get you off whenever you’re ready, New Hot Point is one of my favorite pay for play locations anywhere in the world. Because of that, I give it a full 4.5 stars.

Be forewarned that the place has it’s high and low points. If you come at an off time, you may have to wait a while before there are enough customers to start the next show. If you come on a busy evening after work, you may have to wait in line! Lucky for me, I seem to always have hit it at a good time.

New Hot Point. 1 Chome-17 Kabukicho, Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +81 03-3207-1718. Website:

Note: New Hot Point has closed.

264 thoughts on “Review: New Hot Point in Tokyo, Japan (CLOSED)”

  1. Its a matter of personal judgment, but 6000 yens for a CBJ, even provided by young attractive girls that you can hardly touch is expensive. Compare with 3000 at janJan where you get BBBj with CIM and all you can touch and finger.. My own opinion.

    1. Yes, it’s a bit high when compared with a low end place like Jan Jan, but for me it’s worth it. The place is just better and the women are all sexy and gorgeous, where Jan Jan’s women range from terrible to a little above average. It’s not bad when compared to a nearby blowjob place like Hinamaru which is pretty expensive for women that look and perform no better than the Jan Jan ladies. Anyway I usually go for the no touch HJ, which only comes out to 4000 yen. About the same or even less than I pay for a hand job from an old Chinese lady at a massage parlor back in the States. And WAY cheaper than the place I reviewed in Fukuoka.

      Thanks for commenting. If you know of any other cool places in Japan, would be happy to hear about them!

      1. Raku is a Korean place where you can get 1 hour decent massage, Bj, FS, all covered for 12000 Yen. Not bad in Tokyo, provided by friendly Korean girls.I think it is very similar service to what you get in the Korean MP in the US.
        Raku is in Gotanda.

        1. Thanks for the report. I have heard of the place but haven’t had a chance to check it out. How is the performance? At $130 that’s not bad at all. If the yen keeps dropping, would be even better. Do they have a website?

    2. I’m sorry to have to leave a bad review. I went to New Hot Point toinight and chose Milky. I paid for the handjob and feeling the breasts. 20 bucks to get in and 30 for the service. Everything went well until she came in. I have to admit she is very good looking. As soon as she came in she said “I only have 4 minutes”. She started the hand job and I felt her tits. About 2 minutes later I was close to coming, and she stopped and said, “I have to go”. I couldn’t believe it was over. I just sttod there in shock and heard her go to the next booth where she started having a long conversation in Japanese with another customer. I can only guess it was a regular. So for 50 bucks I got a 5-10 minute strip show and a (admiittedly great) two minute hand job with no finish.
      TLDR it was a rip off. By the way I did everything the way I was supposed to.
      Do not recommend.

      1. Thanks for the report. I don’t know what happened as I wasn’t there, but as they say your mileage may vary. Even the best can have off days. In all of my visits, including with Milk, I’ve left fully satisfied. Cheers.

    3. I went to new hot point yesterday after checking out the reviews on this site. The girl was beautiful but if found the service to be quite bad I went around 10pm. I got a 2-3min CBJ and a 2min HJ and then she said time up!! for 6000 the only good thing is she was super fine.

  2. Visited today based on your advice. The two girls working were phenomenally hot. Cigarette smell was kind of gross. But overall an awesome time. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Great! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Any updates or reports would be very much appreciated. The smoke smell is a big bother, but an unfortunate part of life in most of Japan. China is even worse still. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Hey, thanks for this great blog!

    I’m a 23 yrs old and I speak Japanese. I’d like to try this kind of places in Tokyo, but never been to one. Judging from your reviews New Hot Point and Fukuoka massages seems to be the best choices.. which one do you suggest? I’ve also heard of Chris USA being gaijin friendly.

    And are they legal & safe?

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad you like the site. Both places offer excellent service and have been around for a while. Like most others, Japanese law can be bent to fit the will of those enforcing it. That said, prostitution is an accepted part of Japanese society. It’s practiced openly and the chances of you having any problems in that area are about as high as the likelihood of being robbed in Japan, that is to say there is basically no chance.

      I don’t know anything about Chris USA.

      To be honest, if you speak Japanese fluently, there are probably much better options available for you. I’d suggest reading some of the Japanese language blogs and forums. There are tons of them. Fuzoku (Japanese term for the pay-for-sex industry) is huge, and there are plenty of websites, discussion boards, magazines, newspapers and other media dedicated to it. Fukuoka Massage especially is geared toward non-Japanese speakers, hence the higher price.

      As with anything, your mileage may vary. I don’t advise anyone to do anything. This site is here for entertainment purposes.

  4. Hi, just wondering, if I choose to get a HJ +tit play, is there a time limit to how long I play with her tits? Also, can I suck on them? Thanks!

    1. As far I know there is no official time limit at New Hot Point. I never felt rushed in the least bit, and always got off quite well, but you can’t hang around all day. With the tit play set she’ll let you fondle her jugs a bit before she starts beating you off, then you can keep doing it as she whacks away. In the end you have little say in it, as the service provider sets the pace. Just go with the flow and you’ll have a good time.

          1. Hi rock. After reading you report I was all stoked to try this place. When I finally got inside and paid my 2000 yen , the tout asked to checked in my wallet. I know this is Japan and all but my wallet had over $500 In it. Needlless to say the the guy was not happy about it and refunded my 2000 yen and told me Japanese only. It’s funny there was a guy on the street that told me the same thing. So I’m not sure if their policy had changed since you reviewed it. I was disappointed.

            1. Sorry to say it dude but it sounds like you blew it. You’ve got to go with the flow, especially in Japan. You can’t bring in stacks of cash, be iffy about checking your bag/phone, or otherwise cause any kind of flub or mix up. That goes double for foreigners. Things like this can actually get all foreigners shut out of a place, as is apparently the case in one of the pink salons I reviewed here now. It may not seem fair or agreeable but that’s the way it is in Japan. If you don’t like it there are plenty of other places to pursue the hobby with a lot more ease, many reviewed here. I am sorry that you had a bad experience. New Hot Point has really hot girls that would have serviced you well. It’s a shame to miss out. Thanks for reading and sharing your story.

      1. Hi rock. Will make this short and sweet. everything you said was right. Had a blast there, came away more than satisfied. And yes those girls are hot. I think your mileage will depend on the girl. I tried to pay extra for the tits. She wouldnt take it. But I was still able to grope them as much as I want. She even let me suck them. That was hot. Service with a big smile is what i like the most.

        1. Hey Mike. Thanks for coming back to comment and report. I’m glad you had such a great time. The tit sucking is especially great. That’s a bonus that’s not usually on the menu. Any chance of getting the woman’s name? Always good to know who goes the extra mile. Cheers.

      2. I was told that foreigners are being turned away if they can’t speak Japanese, is this correct? This is the one place I wanted to check out.

        1. Who told you that? It was never my experience, and plenty of others have also been there. Just show up and follow the protocol and I don’t think you’ll have any problem.

            1. Sounds like he went in fumbling around instead of acting like he knew what he was doing. Read my post on the place, then read it again. Walk in confidently, place your 2000 Yen on the money plate on the front desk, check your bag/cell phone/etc and get a number, then sit down and wait to be called. When called, go to the booth you’re shown, wait for the knock at the door, then give 5000 if you want a CBJ and tit play. You can point at the illustration on the wall to show what you want if need be. Shouldn’t be any problem. Never was one for me or hundreds of others. Cheers.

        1. I don’t think it’s something that would get you turned away from a place like New Hot Point, but it certainly won’t help you gain admission anywhere in Japan. This is a country that views tattoos, especially sleeves, as an indication of criminal or other undesirable activity. You probably shouldn’t be showing your upper arms if you plan to patronize adult shops in Japan anyway. Dress like you’re going on a date. Wear decent clothes with long sleeves for best service.

      3. So looking at google maps it is the building on the corner that looks like a bunch of gold rocks on the side (front face). And one sign says the Pick Peck. Then just go to the 9th floor? I sent them mail from facebook in Japanese asking if its a problem that I dont speak, waiting for a response.
        If not I guess I need to go to Hinomaru.


        1. Yes, that’s the building (the one with the yellow pattern on the wall). There is a recessed entrance there and the elevator is inside of that and to the right. You can’t miss it. Just get in and press the button for the 9th floor. I probably wouldn’t have sent the message. Better to just show up and go through the process like hundreds of others have done before. Less likely to get rejected that way. Plus there are dozens of other options in the immediate area if on some odd chance you did get rejected. Let us know how it goes. Cheers.

          1. I will be there in a few days. I chose this place because the girls are hot and have nice bodies. I see a few other options but I don’t want to commute or pay too much. So really my only option seemed to be Hinomaru which seems to be hit or miss on getting a hot chick. Also I don’t want bbbj. I was told I would have to bring my on condom and they may act weird thinking I am looking for FS if I do. What other options would I have?

            1. There are plenty of other options within walking distance, like Asian Relax and Asian Feeling There are also pink salon / blowjob bars, oppai pubs, strip shows and more. To be honest though, I don’t know if you’ll be able to relax enough to enjoy any of the myriad services the area has to offer. You seem very tense, worried and to be over thinking everything. These places are designed to remove stress, not create it. Try to remember that and just go with the flow. Cheers.

      4. Hey – tried the place today. the place was packed. Walked in, put 2,000 on the counter, the guy took it and then asked me a question in Japanese. I unfortunately don’t speak the language and tried bluffing it by pointing to a picture of one of the girls on the screens on the counter (there were two pictures), he asked me – “do you speak Japanese?”, I couldn’t bluff it and shook my head. He promptly returned 2,000 and said “Japanese only”. I guess I was unlucky. Will try again another day and hope the guy doesn’t remember me. What do you guys think I’ve done wrong? I went to Asia Relax instead, where I’ve been before a few times – so not a totally wasted evening!

        1. Wow, what a sad development. Someone probably fucked up and they are now holding it against everyone else. I would guess he asked if you speak Japanese, in Japanese.

        2. yeah, i guess tough luck. This sounded quite fun. I am going to Kyoto for 2 days. do you know if there are similar places there? I’ve been googling like mad, but can’t seem to find anything fun. I guess I’ll be spending a lot of time at the temples – which should also be fun, that’s the main reason to visit Kyoto.


          1. It may have had something to do with the crowd at the time. I really don’t know what’s going on. Sorry, I don’t have any knowledge of fuzoku in Kyoto. I know there’s quite a bit of it, but everything I’ve seen and heard leads me to believe it’s off limits to foreigners. It might be worth trying still. Recent reports out of the formerly Japanese-only sex shops of Fukuoka say many are admitting foreigners to make up for the loss of money in the recession. Some Japanese skills go a long way, but may not be necessary in some places.

      5. I hope it’s mostly an age thing. Some young turk is probably not welcome. I haven’t been yet (surprising since I’ve lived here 5+ years), but reading your review makes me want to try. My Japanese is not bad, and at 45 years old in a suit hopefully I wouldn’t get any grief. Now if I can just carve out some time away from the wife to give it a shot. ^_^ Post an update if you find they’re still accepting gaijin.

        1. I don’t think you’ll have any problems whatsoever. The questions I was ever asked were can you speak Japanese (which a quick “Hai, wakurimas” will take care of) and which lady from the screen I’d prefer. Let us know how you do if you decide to visit.

      6. Is kissing allowed during the HJ or any other time? Kissing is definitely close to the top of my list, so I’m trying to find the best place that’s relatively cheap that lets me go nuts on the tongue-on-tongue. Any place you suggest specifically?


        1. No kissing at New Hot Point. At the VERY most you might get a quick tap, but that’s only if she wants to give it to you. It’s not something you can request. If you want to kiss you should go to a pink salon (blowjob bar) like Jan Jan, which is reviewed on this site. You could also go to Body Walker Princess Shinjuku, which is very near to New Hot Point. It’s at 1-2-7 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan, on the 10th floor. Here’s a map: It’s 3000 yen for one hour. You will get to make out with a rotation of 3 women. You can also touch their breasts. Nothing else is available. For a man who lives kissing so much, a quick flight over to Korea to check out some kiss bangs would probably be in order.

      7. Hi, I have been a fan of your reports – and have successfully used them in many places, including Seoul (Belle). Typically in Japan I go for a escort massage which is extremely good with hot girls, but costs me around 25000 Yen for a 1.5 hours. Very much interested in both New Hot Point and Body Walker Princess.

        Can you guide me a bit more on how to reach there (don’t speak or read Japanese, so the Google maps are of little use). For example, any direction from a nearby MRT exit; or any landmark I can tell a cab which would take me in that area? Or maybe a McD or a Starbucks nearby which could aid as a landmark…

        Appreciate your help… JC

        1. Hello JC. Thanks for the comment. I don’t read Japanese either. I found the place just as I suggest readers do, with maps. Google maps has a useful feature called street view that lets you zoom in and see what things really look like on the street. In congested and confusing Tokyo, that’s about the best option there is. Just find the exit number and map your way to the location. I can’t help with taxis. They are so outrageously overpriced in Japan that nothing short of being on fire would prompt me to ever enter one again. It’s really not that tough to find New Hot Point, and Hinomaru and Body Walker Princess are within a short walk. If you can get yourself to Kabukicho on the train you should be able to find it. If all else fails stop in one of the many adult information booths nearby. Here’s a map with English street and station names that may be helpful: Cheers!

        2. Thanks a lot… Will check back and let you know…. One last question, is there any English signboard for New Hot Point when I reach the place and floor or that’s in Japanese as well?

          1. I don’t think there’s any sign outside, but I like I said you can’t miss the giant yellow wall that looks like it’s covered in lemons. Use Google street view to see what the building looks like. Once in the elevator the sign, like the name of the place, is in English. It’s the only shop on that floor anyway, so it’s impossible to miss it. Cheers.

        1. Hello. That’s not really my area of expertise though I can offer some advice. The only thing that exists are far as pay for play for women that I know of are the “host clubs.” If you walk around Kabukijo and see those guys with big hair and makeup standing outside, they are trying to find customers. These are usually frequented by hostesses in their off time believe it or not, and they are quite expensive. As a woman you have lots of free options. It should be easy enough to hook up, but if you don’t want to deal with all that involves you might want to check out one of the “happening clubs.” These are basically swingers clubs. As a single Western women it would be quite easy to get in. I hope this helps somewhat. Cheers!

      8. Some good info on this site. I was interested in the New Hot Point Review in particular. I have been to most the places mentioned in the Japan section. I went to New Hot Point more than 5 years but haven’t been back. In those days they used to have discount coupons on the walls in the elevator – they might still do.

        The reason I haven’t been back was the poor service. The girl in the strip show looked totally bored. And when it came to the HJ, the girl was rushing me after 2 minutes. In Janjan I have only had poor service in 1 in 20 times.

        Usually I don’t go back to a place if I get poor service but I might try it again after reading the reviews on here. I might have just been unlucky I guess. What is the maximum length of a hj?

        1. Hi thanks for the comment. I agree with you on service though it depends on the price level and all of that. I’ve had some mediocre experiences especially in some of the low cost pinsaros, but how bad is a “bad experience” really when it involves getting your sword swallowed? It was certainly never worse than what the guys picking up drug addicts for $20 blowjobs in their cars in the States are getting. I don’t know what the time limit is but I never felt rushed. I’m sure I’ve been in the booth at least 10 minutes before. I know I’ve waited that long for others to finish when I was last in line too. Cheers!

      9. What other options are gaijin friendly that I could just go and play with some tits and maybe get a handjob? Last time I was there I stayed in the Korean district and noticed a lot of prostitutes walking the streets not of which would talk to me the only girl that talked me was a black girl that I assume was Nigerian just thought it was weird.

        1. Hi Chuck. I don’t know anything at all about streetwalkers in Japan, but plenty of other gaijin friendly options are mentioned on this site. Check the “Sex in Tokyo” like on the sidebar. You may also be interested in “Body Walker Princess” in Shinjuku. Cheers!

        1. They will certainly touch you. Whether or not you can touch them would depend on the session. I haven’t heard any complaints from people who have been to these places. Keep in mind that the staff is Asian, but not Japanese. Cheers.

      10. Just came back from the place. It was hard to find, I didn’t see any yellow thing and didn’t bring my map. However, people will be pleased to learn that there is a small rectangle shape sign saying the name of the place in Japanese. One of the two girls was great, called Milk ans work on weekends. The other one was quite chubby and not up to the standards described in the review. It was the last show of the day and the place was full. I think almost everyone went for milk. (Some joke about milk run…)

        I was overy pleased by my experience. However, the signs with which you are suppose to select are written in katakana so you might have some problems if you decided to fake being able to speak japanese. It is indeed now a prerequisite. And also, I had a body check From the manager, which none of the japanese were required to do.

        Even if my review seem less enthusiastic than the original one, I had a great time with Milk and would recommend the place. Also, based on the sign now in the cabin, the BJ includes touching. So maybe that changed? So you would get CBJ and touching for 4000¥+2000¥ entrance fee. A good deal in my opinion for the quality you get. Didn’t feel rushed at all. The girl continued her bj even after I came.Talked with me for a while. Probably because it was the last shift so nobody was waiting for the next show?

        1. Hi. Thanks for the report. The entire wall in front of the building is yellow. Glad you found the place anyway. I was only patted down when I told them I didn’t have a phone to check in. The clerk had a look of disbelief on his face and lightly checked my pockets. Additionally, the signs were always in Japanese when I visited. Milk has been there for at least two years. She always seems to be very friendly and willing to chat a bit. I don’t know about the other girl. In dozens of visits I’ve never seen any chubby gals, but things can always change. Cheers!

      11. I need to get out to Asia… US is boring … Sex is just fekking no variations, also Asians at Asia r more nicer/ willing to please I believe. I’ll save up 5k

      12. Can you pls confirm if gaijin are still welcomed at the NHP? I was planing to check it tomorrow night but if it pointless to go there (and being turned down) I would rather not try since I have to trick my missus that I need to go somewhere on my own :)
        So, do I start maiking some good story or just drop it?

        1. Seems it’s okay if you can speak enough Japanese (or fake it) or if you have been there before. I haven’t visited in a few months so I can only go on the same reports you are reading here. I think it’s worth a try. Lots of other action within walking distance. Cheers!

        2. Thx for the quick reply! Could you advise what to say to the recepcionist? Is one phrase enough to pass or will they ask questions? Sorry for being pain in thw ass but only Japanese words I currently understand are Hai and Konichiwa…

          1. You shouldn’t need much more than that. They ask you if you understand the system, ask you to pick an option from the (limited menu), and then ask you to chose a girl from the two digital picture frames on the desk. When they ask for your phone you could get into trouble if you don’t have one. When I went without phone I had to explain to the guy why I wasn’t carrying one. He couldn’t believe that someone wouldn’t in this day and age. Cheers.

      13. Leaving what I hope will be the first of my feedbacks on this fantastic website. I was lucky enough to test many of the suggested places, or/and I am going to, and may even be able to suggest a place or two. But to start today, my biggest thanks to rockit (for sharing it with passion) and to the managers of the New Hot Point. Frankly, I have seen my share of places in Asia and Europe and what they offer is just top. Sure, if I was Japanese I could probably find ways to pay more and get more from girls as beautiful as the ones in New Hot Point, but I find the concept and realisation just perfect in its field: the four girls I have seen all deserve top ratings for looks, and the two I was served by were just exceptionally able with their hands (I agree the covered BJ is not particularly worth if not for the psychological impact of having filled the mouth of a 19 years old Japanese with perfect skin, tits and face).
        The system is still working as described – which incidentally is pure genius also in terms of income for the place… – though on my second time the manager of the place took the payment for the service directly before the show (on the first time the girl knocked on the door of the boot to ask and collect as mentioned). Also, on the second time I was asked to leave the phone in the bag and got a number for the bag only – just mentioning because I think coming in with the money and mobile phone ready is a big part of getting easily in or not, like you actually know what is happening there. Only strange thing on last time was the strong light right over my boot, which made it almost difficult to watch the show (I was seeing myself in the glass…); on the other side, that meant having the girl literally under a spotlight during the service in the boot, so no complain.
        Small remark for having made the mistake myself: the elevator going to New Hot Point is actually in the building right next the ‘lemon’ one, while the one in the lemon building goes to some kind of office where it will be way more difficult to get a HJ. But New Hot Point is advertised outside and a bit of motivation should get anyone there!
        Once again thanks for this precious information, I invite everyone going there to cherish the place or leave it to those who appreciate its value!

        1. Thanks for the detailed comment Louis. The bit about “some kind of office where it will be way more difficult to get a HJ” is classic. Cheers!

      14. Great review, this helped a lot!
        I went today and had a great time.

        I speak a little bit Japanese but still had trouble understanding everything the guy at the front desk said.
        I thought he wanted me to pick a service option but he was asking which girl I wanted to choose to get the service options from. Then he said, “please choose girl” in english. I was surprised he did not kick me out.
        So not sure if they changed their policy or that I got lucky. I did go quite early but there were already lots of people there.

        Couple of things I want to add:

        There’s a light switch in the booth that you need to turn on if you would like to choose a service option. Otherwise the girl won’t knock on your door.

        Inside the booth where you watch the show, there is a small bag where you can put 2000 yen in and if you toss it over your window into the room where the girl is performing you will get her panty that she is wearing.

        For people having problems finding the place, it is right next to the lemon building. Near the lift there will be a sign of the place, so you’ll know you got the right elevator.

        Thanks and please keep up with these reviews, they are great!

        1. Hi David. Thanks for the comment and the great report. It sounds as if things are as I expected. If you approach it the right way you should most likely gain entrance without a problem. Cheers!

      15. Hey rockit! I love the site and it’s very informative. I’ve been in Japan as a student for 2 months now so I don’t know that much Japanese at all yet but I can get by in very basic conversations. I am planning on going to New Hot Point very soon since it seems amazing.

        I had a few questions though:

        Are the blowjobs always condom covered and if not do you need to bring your own condom or if you ask for a condom covered blowjob will they provide it? Titplay sounds nice but I love to fondle a girls ass too. Is that not on the menu whatsoever?

        I haven’t shaved down there since I came to Tokyo so I have quite a jungle going. How are they on that? Should I shave/trim it down before going or do they think it’s weird when a guy shaves in this country?

        When they knock and enter your room should you have your pants unzipped already and just waiting with a hard dick for them or is it more respectful to zip up after the show and wait for them to enter and let them take off your pants?

        Thanks for a great site!

        1. Hi Chris. Thanks for the comment. Read through the comments on this post and the rest of the site to get the most rounded picture. Trimmed and especially shaved pubes are out of the norm in Japan and may be taken as odd by those not used to foreigners, though there does seem to be a growing acceptance. In any case, NHP is a pay for play place with a lot of customer rotation, so I’m sure they’ve seen it all. The oral action is always covered at NHP and they provide the materials. Tit play is the only groping on the menu. You can hang out with your wang out or be all done up, it matters little. If you do happen to have your meat out and hard, it simply makes things that much easier and the ladies working at NHP won’t even bat an eye. Cheers.

      16. I was here on monday morning, I thought, hey, why not get the first show of the day. IT…. WAS…. AWWWWESOME.

        The first thing the guy did was say something to me in Japanese. I obvioulsy had no idea what he said, So I just pulled out 2000 yen and started to hand it to him.

        He didn’t take it, look at me and said in english, “Do You Speak Japanese” and I said “no.”

        At first I thought he was going to kick me out, but after some slight hesitation, he just continued and grabbed an english language card that showed the available services, and asked “Do you know how the system works” and (thanks to this site) I said, “yes.”

        So he motioned for me to chose what I wanted. I went for the handjob with boob touching and this is the different part than what has been reported before, he made me pay for it right then up-front. He asked for 2000, then 3000 for the HJ+boob action.

        So after about a 15 minute wait, they let us in, everybody kept to their own business, no eye contact. All 5 of the other guys were Japanese. Now, it was a little awkward when the girl came to my door like you have all described, and asked for money, I was able to say that I already paid the guy upfront, and she seemed to understand me, so that was good. But I wasn’t sure, I thought that maybe she thought I was refusing service, so there was some uncertainty if she was going to return or not.

        So shortly after that, the show began, and dudes… the girls are beautiful! Unreal, should be movie stars beautiful. I chose Sayaka because her picture looked better than the other girl, but either one would have been great. Sayaka is more photogenic, but in person, they were about even. Both legitimate head turning 10’s. The dances were good engough to get me half way up, and when the dances were over, they began the rounds, I believe i was Sayakas 2nd cuz it took about 5 or six minutes for her to get to my booth, which yes, is SUPER tiny. I’m 6 foot 7, so when I was sitting in there, my knees spaned the entire width of the booth.

        Anyway, she comes in, looks up at me, giggles and says “So tall!” Then she looks down and unbuttons my pants. Then begins to organize her stuff on the little ledge. While she’s doing that, I drop trow, she is very sweet and places me up against the wall, lots of smiling and seemingly very enthusiastic to see what I’ve got going on down there. She sanitizes my hands and dick, which was enough to get me fully ready to go, and gets to work. Lots of eye contact and looking down at my dick. Whispering things in japanese that I had no idea what they meant but they sounded awesome. I lasted about 6 minutes, which is a real testiment to her skill because when my *ahem* wife gives me a hand job it takes me NO SHORTER than 20 minutes to cum, possibly takes so long because I’m supressing my pent up rage due to the fact that she is a terrible, soul-crushing person who’s driven me to want handjobs from strangers so that I can feel alive again… wait… off subject.

        Anyway, I bust and she makes some SUPER sexy moaning sounds during the process, then cleans me up, smiles and says in english, “come back and see me right away.”

        It was a great experience. If I ever get back to Japan, new hot point will be stop #1, and I will opt to go for the BJ, even though it’s a covered one, I would kill to see my cock inside her beautfiul face.

        Sorry this was so long. It was just a really really awesome time.

        1. Hi Jimmy. Thanks for the great report (though sorry about your wife). Finally something positive, and an experience that almost exactly mirrors my many at New Hot Point. Cheers!

      17. Bad news: today New Hot Point refused me entry, saying it was for Japanese only. I think I followed the instructions, I offered the 2,000 Yen cash etc., but unfortunately wasn’t let in. Maybe red hair is too scary for them?

        No such problem at Asian Feeling around the corner.

      18. Swung by 2 nights ago. All went very smoothly as per initial report:
        – Pay 2000JPY to cahsier fellow; receive number
        – Select girl from screens near cashier
        – Handover bag and phone to serious but non-heavy bouncer type fellow; collect number tag
        – Take a seat with co-mongers; enjoy the charged atmosphere: sexual anticipation mixed with mild embarrassment
        – All troop into both area when called
        – NB. Wait to be shown your booth by young Miss; your number does not necessarily correspond to number on booth door
        – Enter booth; press switch which says you are interested in extra services (I forgot but helpful young lady came and knocked anyway and asked what I required)
        – Selected Finger service from helpful visual aid on wall at bargain price of 2000JPY; pay the lady
        – Watch first show; self-fiddlage optional
        – Watch second show (I have a feeling that each lady knows who has selected whom because I got much more window attention from my selectee than the other lady)
        – Shows finish; wait for that knock at your door
        – Blow your nut into the expert tissued palm of your lady of choice

        I would like to reiterate Rockit’s advice – and I can’t emphasize this enough – :
        relax and go with the flow; these guys can sense if you’re hyped up and super nervous and this will trigger check questions in Japanese and perhaps refusal if you act – in their eyes – weird.

        I can understand and speak Japanese reasonably well but I had no call to use my language skills. I just acted like I knew the drill and all was fine.

        Oh, and the quality of the ladies was superb. Young, attractive and not jaded in the least. At 4,000 you absolutely cannot go wrong. Next time I will choose the 3000 option (HJ plus titty touching). Yowzah.

      19. I went to New Hot Point this evening and it was great. No problem at all getting in and the staff was pleasant. I have enough Japanese skill to get by, but don’t think it would have been an issue as they have signs posted up in English. The girls working there were both hot and friendly. I went for the BJ option, which has titty touching as a part of the package. The BJ I got was great and the girl was quite skillful. I will definitely be heading back again in the near future. There is quite a large “cast” at New Hot Point and I intend to afford several more an audition.

        I can’t understand why more places are not gaijin friendly. The amount of Japanese needed to get by in these places is extremely limited.

        1. Thanks for the report. I guess it depends on your approach. I just got an email from some guys who were turned away. Cheers.

      20. visited NHP just a few days ago during my trip to Tokyo, only Rion and Haruka was there so i picked Haruka since she looked better in the pictures. I think being able to speak conversational japanese really helps because not only it makes all the admin matters at the counter easier, it helps conversation with the girl of your choice too! Just a heads up, they have a student entry price at 1500 yen so if you can tell them you’re a student, you get 500 off, also they incorporate the tits touching to the original price of the HJ and BJ so you no longer have to pay that 1000 more! As an Asian, I can tell you that alot of places are non gaijin friendly not only because you’re white(cant help you with that) but also they dont want miscomm where you dont understand the rules and vice versa, pick up some Japanese and alot more places will be opened to you. Im non Japanese but because I can speak Japanese, alot of other establishments welcomed me.

      21. Just got back from New Hot Point. Another excellent night with no issues. I had Haruka tonight. The girl is so hot she could make Jesus weep. Questionable BJ skills, but excellent service and extremely hot body. There was also a new girl there tonight named Hibiki. Not as hot as some of the other girls, but she was pretty dirty. She was the first girl I saw that got stark naked during the strip show and started fingering herself.

        Also, to anyone looking to go to New Hot Point, it is Gaijin friendly, but you do need to be able to understand and speak some basic Japanese. They even have on their website now that they will deny anyone who cannot communicate in Japanese because they don’t want to provide poor service. Read the blog, understand the system, and be armed with some basic Japanese and you will be totally fine. Just don’t go dressed like a piece of trash. I’ve seen many shady looking Japanese guys that have tried to go there that have gotten a lot of trouble from the staff.

      22. I spent two weeks in Japan, and in that time I popped by NHP three times. Like many others, no issues at all being gaijin, although I do understand and speak a little Japanese, which certainly helps. The first thing that surprised me, though was that it didn’t cost 2000円. It’s actually 1700円, until a certain point in the day where it goes up to 2200円.

        The first time I was there, I saw Yui. Really cute girl. I went with the BJ option since it was only 4000円. After the two dances, she was by my booth pretty quickly. Poor BJ skills, but when she switched to HJ, her technique was much akin to porn star Jenna Haze’s double handed twisting action. She kept looking down the entire time, though. She wouldn’t look at me. I guess she wasn’t feeling it. After I popped, she quickly wiped me, handed me a towelette and left. Kinda cold. Oh well.

        Second time there a couple nights later, I saw Haruka. It’s no hyperbole to say that she is incredibly hot. Good lord. One of the new girls was there also that night, Hibiki. I was probably there on the same day as Cap above me. Hibiki was pretty cute, too, but Haruka is smoking. She puts on a nice show to get the engines warmed up. After the shows, I waited for Haruka to come by my booth. I think I was second in line. Again, I opted for BJ.

        Haruka took great care of me. Even her wiping me down was enough to get me going, it was that sensual. She kept talking to me in Japanese, only some of which I could understand. Great BJ, but didn’t go on long enough for me to pop, so she switched to the HJ. She went at it for a while, but I wasn’t going, and then she started apologizing because she had to move on. I told her I just need two more minutes, she said ok and worked it. I came everywhere, and she told me it was the biggest load she’s seen in a while. She helped me clean up, I helped her clean up some of my load that hit her in the arm, gave me her card with her thanks, and left.

        I checked the schedule online to see when I’d be able to see her again, and the next time she would be in was a week later, morning shift, the day I leave Japan. So before I took the train to Narita, I made one last train ride to Shinjuku / Kabukicho. Made it in for opening, second in line. Had a slight “issue” with the man behind the desk which was more of a non-issue. Greeted him in Japanese, he told me 1700円, and I told him “Haruka no caado o arimasu,” handed over the card, and got a discount. Then, he asked me in Japanese if I understand Japanese. I told him I do. Kinda weird. Then he went into their usual “no keitai denwa, no camera, etc,” handed me a numbered clip to attach to the backpack I had with me and a matching lanyard.

        After about an hour of waiting, they were finally ready to start the first show of the day. I was second in line and by the time the show started, the waiting room was full. Another new girl was working that day, Homura. Pretty ok in the looks department, not a whole lot going on in the rack department. Her dance was pretty lackluster and consisted of her kinda just laying down on the carpet and undulating slightly.

        After the dances, again my girl was pretty quick to come to my booth. Haruka immediately recognized me and thanked me for seeing her again. I told her in my weak Japanese that “I go back to America today,” and that, “I wanted to see her one more time.” She kept giggling and hugging me. Even better BJ than last time. Super, super sensual about everything. She really took care of me. Allowed my hands to roam everywhere. Just really had an incredible time with her. After I popped, she cleaned me up (and some of my wad that hit the wall) and just stayed in there for a moment, hugging me.

        I already want to go back.

        1. Thanks a lot for the detailed report. I can definitely understand your sentiments. Japan can be great, especially parts of it like NHP. Cheers!

      23. Went to NHP yesterday after an absolutely depressing shit time at Hinomaru. DON’T waste your time and money.
        NHP. I saw Usagi dance a few days earlier and even though I hadn’t chosen her for the extras I had to go back and see her dance. Her moves are so sensual it had me nearly popping even before she came to the booth. I paid for the BJ and she was so attentive, switched on, super hot body. I asked where I could touch and she said everywhere and even took my hand and put it on her pussy. I wasn’t sure if she meant only on the outside of the panties so I explored inside anyway, and she started to moan and grind my hand as I fingered her. very hot. She kept looking at me too, which was hot. After a few minuted on the BJ she switched to hand and her technique was expert. I came fast a blew big and she giggled and was grinding her pussy against my thigh. After the clean up she said sorry she had to go and actually gave me a kiss and a hug for a lingering moment. Very hot.

      24. Hi folks,

        Thanks for all the great info shared here.
        NHP is my Togo for my upcoming Tokyo trip.

        I’ll like to know if anyone could share a little on how the girls clean up their hands after their prior clients blew their load?

        Being an OCD, I’m kind of concerned if the prior guy’s juice is being worked into my brother down there…

        Hope no one finds this offensive.


        1. Hi. Thanks for the comment. While I can understand your concern, I would say that if you are really mysophobic, this may not be the place or even general activity for you. When it comes right down to it, these women are professional penis pumpers and polishers, and each goes through dozens each day. I’m quite sure they clean up in between customers, and I’ve seen them wipe up and squirt on some antibacterial gel after the deed, but to be honest there isn’t a lot of time for them to do a whole lot. There are certainly no guarantees. The booths certainly wouldn’t be welcoming to guys who are overly concerned about sanitation either. I’m willing to bet there are more germs on the seats and bars of the Tokyo trains than there are in any New Hot Point beauty’s palms, but I’m no health expert and these things don’t really concern me so this might not carry much weight for you. Cheers.

      25. it was hard to enter at first because we didn’t know japanese so we had to convince them that we wouldn’t do anything stupid in particular. After around 5 minutes of convincing, we got the ok. Waited around 10 minutes before being led into a tiny booth with a tiny window to watch a very gorgeous and young japanese girl put on a show. After about another 10 minutes, the girl goes around and you pick what you what. It costs 20 USD (2000 JPY) for a HJ, 30 for a BJ and 40 for BJ with touch. The girl that I got was very very hot and spoke no english. Was one of the better experiences I had in tokyo.

      26. Rockit just another short report more than anything to thank you once again for putting a spotlight on this fantastic place. I am lucky enough to be in Tokyo every two or three weeks and a stop to check out the girls rotation is guaranteed. Last night got tempted to stay for a second round, as both (Sayaka and new Homura) got the looks and the naughtiness. And for those like me who have high esteem for girls who successfully jerk off dozens of men every day, hearing the sound of the lotion hand job in the boot next to yours guarantees additional pleasure with anticipating your own ‘coming soon’. The only way I can see it getting better – except for providing services they legally can’t, or bbbj – would be if one girls went for the service tous WHILE the other is performing on stage. I am sure it could even help speeding up the process and increasing financial and jizzing efficiency, while still improving quality – almost a Ford-chain of beauty!

      27. I’m heading back to tokyo next week and was curious what method of covering they do for blowjobs. Is it a sheet of thin plastic, or an actual condom? I have gotten a blowjob with the thin sheet in the past and I have to say it felt way bettter than expected. Pretty much felt like nothign was there at all. Condoms on the other hand, I absolutely hate. The process of puting them on, (usually way too tight, not trying to brag about anything, it’s just a fact.) It kills my mood. But I’ve never actually had a blowjob with a condom on, only bare or with the thin plastic.

        Also, I will be in Seoul Korea the next week, is there any similar place to this there? Seems like most of the places are massage parlors where we have to get totally nude. I just want a place I can pull my dick out and get it sucked. haha.

        1. There are no blowjob bars in Korea but there are “lip cafes”. At New Hot Point they use a condom for suck jobs. Most pink salons (blowjob bars) in Japan don’t use a condom unless the customer specifically requests it. The only places I’ve seen plastic sheet used were a few Chinese massage places in the US. Cheers.

        2. Lip Cafe eh? Been furiously googling to try and figure out what that is. Also searched your site. Doesn’t seem to be any info on them. Care to elaborate or direct me where to find more info? Thanks so much!

      28. I’m a little confused about the actual location. Is it the building with the yellow marquee which says “The Pick Peck” and then the entrance right under those words? Or is it the building directly to the right of it? Is there also a sign on the outside which will tell me which one to go too? Leaving in a month and would love to go.

        1. If you are looking at that yellow wall, there will be an opening immediately to the right. On the right side of that opening is an elevator. Inside the elevator, New Hot Point is listed. Cheers.

      29. Hi there, great reviews on here thanks. I will be checking these out. I want to ask you for any ideas on a strip club / show that I can take some friends to for a birthday outing. I’ve heard of a place in akasaka that you can take drinks into but it seems like the girls might not get too freaky there. Is there somewhere that caters for small groups that maybe has some kind of penetration show etc?


        1. Thanks for the comment. I’ve reviewed one Japanese strip club (Super Strip Theater) here already and two more reviews are on the way. That said they are tame compared to days old. There’s nothing like you’d see in a Patpong sex show to be sure. Even if there was it would require extensive Japanese knowledge and skill to gain entrance. Cheers.

      30. Went to NHP this weekend and picked out the new girl Hibiki and she is amazing.
        Also on their website they mention you need to be able to speak Japanese to gain entrance but I’ve seen them talk in english with non-japanese people and they get inside just fine.
        Another thing I have noticed, maybe it was just this weekend, is that there are now 2 guys explaining the rules and taking your money instead of the just 1 usual guy.

      31. Went here yesterday. Easy peasy. Speaking Japanese does help though. I speak enough to get by, and was able to understand the dude at the desk. I went around 6pm, it cost 2200 yen. Gave the guy my cellphone, told him I had no cameras on me, and pointer at the girl I wanted. Sat down and waited for about 15 mins, I was 1 of 4 people waiting. They guy announced when it was time to go in. The girl showed you to your booth and took the number. A few mins later, she came by to ask which service I wanted. There are all kinds of signs in the booth, it really really helps to be able to read Japanese. If you can at least understand katakana, you can make out the main menu. There were 4 choices. HJ with no touch, HJ with touch, BJ with touch and one other one. There was some option for using a flashlight, don’t really think that’s necessary. I picked HJ with touch. The touching is totally worth it and will help you blast off. Girls were hot. Dance started, watched 2 girls dance one after the other. When show was over the one I chose came into the booth and got to business. Some small talk in Japanese and very bad English. She was a cutie, shot my jumbo load into her tiny hands. Worth the price. Thinking about already going back while I’m writing this. Thanks so much for this site, such an invaluable resource.

      32. First of all i must say that you rock rockit. A great site.

        This is my first time to Japan. I had a couple of questions, i hope you do not mind answering them.

        1.) From what i read NHP, Jan Jan and Hinomaru are the foreigner friendly blow job bars that are also inexpensive. Is there any other place, I am missing which may be better than Jan-Jan and Hinomaru and inexpensive at the same time.

        2.) Are there any such gaijin Blow Job bars etc in other major cities such as Osaka and Kyoto that you know of ?

        Cheers !!

        1. Thanks for your comments. I have reviewed two pinsaros that you didn’t mention on this site: Strawberry and Dio. Strawberry no longer accepts foreigners. Dio does but the rates are high and the place is generally poor. New Hot Point isn’t really a blowjob bar. It’s a peep show with extras. There are pinsaros all over the country but most of them will not accept foreigners. Cheers.

      33. Will be in Tokyo soon and after reading Rock it’s awesome site I can’t wait.

        1)What time does the cutoff for the 1700yen happen?

        2) Am I to understand that the booth gives total privacy to the guys inside so we can’t see each other nor can the girls see us during the show?

        3) Is it OK to press the heads of the girl giving the BJ, even a little?

        1. I’m not sure about the cut off or if any discount is still available. The booths do give privacy. Customers aren’t allowed to touch the service providers on the head. Unless arrangements are made to touch the breasts the customer will be instructed to keep their hands behind their backs.

      34. Just went today, thanks for the great recommendation, they’re as goodlooking as you said they were! Haruka was great, and she was really sweet. She allowed me to touch her ass as well. She even gave me a long hug before wishing me goodbye.

        Just for the record I’m asian, but I can’t really speak japanese. The staff specifically made sure I wasn’t carrying a camera, but that was it. I think it’s fair to say that the security measures are more for the sake of the girls than anything else.

        Wish I had time to go back to see her again…

        1. Thanks for the report. I agree that the rules are mostly in place to protect the performers. If those beauties don’t feel comfortable that they’ll be able to keep their work a secret I’m sure more than a few would quit. Cheers.

      35. Off topic as I’m not sure where to post.

        Are there gaijin friendly Image Clubs of a certain tracked transportation variety?

      36. Just had yet another great time at NHP. Had the choice between Haruka and Sayaka. Decided to go with the known quantity in Haruka and I am glad I did. Wasn’t feeling Sayaka at all. She came across as stuck up and disinterested. Haruka is great. Quality, attentive, and kind service. She has a humble, accommodating, and friendly air about her. Highly recomended.

        I am curious as to what girls other readers have had positive experiences with. For me thus far Haruka and Rika have provided the highest quality service. Hibiki also struck me as someone dedicated to the profession. Other readers have said positive things about usagi, who I am hoping to visit in the near future . Keep the updates flowing fellas

      37. I’d like to visit Body Walker Princess for the kissing option you mentioned in a previous comment. I’m assuming you’ve done it? What’s the procedure like for getting in, waiting, etc.? Any advice you could give an non-Japanese speaker would be greatly appreciated.

        1. I think it would be next to impossible to navigate without any Japanese skills. It would also be awkward in the small talk phase. Cheers.

      38. I went to the NHP last night.The waiter said I have to speak Japanese properly (I can’t speak in Japanese at all ) and sent me out from the shop.I want to go there and try again this evening btw the price is now 2200 yen and I don’t know how much are for the extras .Any suggestion I want to have an experience there.

        Note:I just check their site and it said that they won’t welcome any customer who can’t speak Japanese
        What should I do now hahahahahaha

        1. Hi. Most foreigners seem to manage with a few Japanese words and a lot of nodding since they already know how things work. A few haven’t been able to navigate the place. Once a person has been asked to leave I don’t think there’s much recourse outside of learning Japanese. Cheers.

      39. I went to NHP today around 3 pm. I got the address off of the website and punched it into my phone. It’s pretty easy, and there’s even a sign out front, for those of you who can read Katakana. Walked in, the guy behind the counter asked me if I can speak Japanese. I told him just a little, and he then asked me which optional service I wanted. I just told him the price of the service, because I didn’t know what to call it. I got the 3,000 yen one. He asked which girl I wanted, I picked Usagi because someone else here suggested it. Then he broke down the rules. I coughed up my cellphone when he asked, then he handed me my “line number”. There was only one other customer in the lobby, we both waited for about 15~20 min and were called back and seated. Someone will come to your door to confirm your optional service and then ask for the cash. Soon after, there’s an announcement followed by each of the two girls dancing a bit to a song. After the songs you chill out until it’s your turn. Usagi was really nice and smiled the whole time. She acted like she was into it, so that helped. And she wasn’t some 60 year old witch. We talked for about 30 seconds or so, which tested the limits of my Japanese. After it was all done, e she cleaned me up while chatting again and then bounced. You can take a sec to finish cleaning and gathering yourself before bailing. When I walked out, the doorman was already holding the curtain for me, so I don’t think you should linger once it’s all done. I got my phone and walked right out, no problem. This being my first time, I’m glad it went so smoothly. It was way easier than I thought, and I won’t be nervous at all next time I go. Like others said before, just relax and go with the flow. The more Japanese you know, the better in my opinion, but I made it pass the counter with just a lot of nodding and saying “I understand”, and being able to say which option you want to the doorman when asked (or the price of the option in my case). Since this was only experience with this kind of thing I don’t think my rating will mean much, but I’d say the whole event was a 4/5 at least. I got exactly what I paid for and enjoyed it. Thanks for all the help by the way.

        1. Thanks for the review. Just a question: you said there were only two of you waiting… does this mean they put on a show for only two people in total? I’m just curious because I always heard that the show doesn’t start until all the booths were occupied.

      40. Hey rockit, glad I found your site. Not sure what I was looking for in the beginning but I ended up here.

        Haven’t delved much into the darker side of Tokyo but I have been planning to- just didn’t know where to start. I speak moderate to above average Japanese so I can say I’m a bit confident in the entry aspect and locating it. The question I do have is the general attire, or really do they emphasize on it. Salaryman style or casual? Or completely doesn’t matter as long as you don’t look like a giant slob?

        I am in Taiwan right now, but I will be in Tokyo pretty soon to stay with family so I want to break out of my goodie goodie shell soon. Cheers.

        1. As far as I know there is no dress code at New Hot Point though looking like “a giant slob” could quite possibly put the staff off. Most customers seem to wear business or casual attire. Cheers.

      41. Hey rockit, i’m going to japan soon with a couple of my friends. We will be there on July 28th. what most of us are worried about however (since this is mostly new to us) is how we are supposed to act when we are getting the services. I was also wondering what if we cum too soon? I’ve read about your time along with many reviews and most people say it took them more than 5 minutes plus, what if we cum sooner, say for example in 1 or 2 minutes?

        are there multiple booths or do each of my friends have to wait in the waiting room for their turn?
        Also since in your review you said that the language barrier was not an issue, technically, we don’t have to talk when getting our services right?

        Your post was extremely helpful by the way! Thank you for all your help!!

        1. A guy that finishes fast is probably blessing to a person who has to make guys finish all day. Would you rather work an hour for 25 dollars or ten minutes for 25 dollars? Would you be upset if your work finished faster than normal? As described in the report there are booths for several customers. When the booths fill up it’s time for a show, followed by service for each customer in each booth. There’s no special requirement to talk at any time either, though most human interactions require at least some kind of communication even if it’s only body language. Cheers.

      42. Hey Rockit, just want to start off by saying great review of NHP! It was really in depth and as I read the details you wrote along with everyone’s comments, I could picture the process of how this works! Ive never been there myself, but I do plan on going sometime in August with a few of my American friends….. I’m an American born Chinese, but my American friends are purely white Americans…. Having read everything on this fantastic review and everyone’s comments along with some other posts on google, its starting to seem like NHP is getting kind of tight on gaijin entry.

        Seems like “Japanese only” is starting to become the norm and I don’t blame NHP either. If there are a lot of people waiting on a particular day and someone who doesn’t speak Japanese shows up, who would want to deal with that and explain everything?

        However, there are people who somehow, without the ability to speak Japanese, manage to get by, and i’m thinking maybe it might have to do with how busy NHP is,
        if there is only 1 person waiting in the waiting room before a show starts…..and a gaijin shows up with money…well in this situation, I could understand why the entrance bouncer would just be like “screw it you’re in” to make some quick cash before the show starts anyway.

        This is all just my guess of course.

        I wanted to ask you if it is a good idea to bring myself (a Chinese) and two Americans to NHP, to see if they would allow us entry if we paid. ( we don’t want to look clueless or ruin any other foreigners chances of trying NHP, so we have read a lot of reviews already and we understand how this works)?

        Do you think that by bringing an Asian thats not Japanese and Americans would be too intimidating? None of us can understand or read Japanese but we are trying to learn as much as possible to speak everyday before the trip. Basic things everyone should know such as “hai! Wakarimasu.” (yes, I understand) incase they finish explaining how things work .

        1. I think the trend is heading in the other direction actually, with more non-Japanese speaking foreigners being accepted at sex shops around Japan than ever. Fuzokupedia is on the ground in Japan and seems to agree with that assessment. Many people have gone to New Hot Point who are not Japanese and cannot speak Japanese. They simply walked to the counter, paid, pointed at the services they wanted and nodded or said “Hai” when asked if they understood the rules. Pretty simple really. I’ve known foreigners to enter on busy and empty days. I don’t think it has anything to do with their admission policies. In the end the management just wants to avoid any hassles. People who show that they are relaxed and able to go with the flow will most likely always be welcomed. Cheers.

      43. Here comes my turn to leave a comment :)

        I have visited NHP a couple of days ago around 9 pm. While being unable to say more than a few words in Japanese, I decided not trying to fake it – use only my English and go with the flow. Although there were about 10 people waiting in the lobby (all asians), I wasn’t turned around after saying “Hello” and passing 2200 yen to the guy behind the counter. He asked me if it’s my first time, I said “Yes, but I know how it works here” (thanks, rockit!). He just nodded and asked me if I need “extra services”. Then I picked a girl (Asuka – I was unablle to identify the second girl, not even later), handed over a bag and a phone (as one package, I was allowed to keep my wallet), got the number 10 and found a place to wait.

        While I was browsing some japanese comic book from the shelf, the bouncer brought me the list of the “extra services” printed (or written) in English. I have looked through it briefly and selected a HJ – price was stated 3000 yen, while BJ was 4000. There was also a note – something like “tit play is no service”. I was wondering whether it means that I am unable to touch the girl, or I don’t need to pay for it (yes, English there was even worse than mine). Bouncer couldn’t speak English, so I decided just wait and see what happens.

        In a few minutes all (or all but a few) people were invited to the showroom. I have tried to occupy a cabin accoring to my number – there was someone sitting already – don’t do like that :) . So I just followed the other men in front of me, and when all of them were set, Asuka kindly showed me my room. Damn, she’s hot!

        A bit later Asuka has knocked the door and asked for the service payment. I tried to clarify if I can touch her, she giggled “Okay” and left. In the room there was an image of “services”, and HJ price was 2000 – strange, probably there’s a ‘gaijin tax’ now. A show was to commence shortly.

        The show itself was rather good. My opinion is that the girls look better that they dance – but still it’s worth attention. I got impatient, and I suppose I was one of the last in the queue (if not the last) as It took Asuka 20-25 minutes to come. When I got up, she told I’m “so high” (not really, but one could see some of my head above the door, that’s for sure, i’m 6′ 2″)

        About the HJ process itself: Asuka is really good at that. It was a real pleasure to play with her tits and ass (she put my hand there and didn’t mind). She was looking into my eyes and acted as if she really cares – I respect professional attitude. A few minutes were more than enough for me to come.

        There was only one real drawback: I didn’t get Asuka’s card in the end. When I came out to the lobby, the bouncer was sitting at the counter clerk’s place. I asked for a girl’s card from him, he barely understood. He just written a name on an empty card – that’s how I found it out later when accessed NHP site and translated it into English.

        I’m going to visit NHP a couple more times during my current trip to Japan. Some say it’s too expensive for a simple BJ/HJ, but in my country/city service of worse quality costs more, so I am satisfied.

        Some advice to those who didn’t visit the place yet:

        – As was stated already, be calm and confident; dress well (casual or business is ok). Japanese knowledge is not mandatory.
        – Once inside, it’s probably better to allow a girl to deal with your pants – she can do it in a very pleasant manner.

      44. Can you please provide more info? I went to the place today and I couldn’t find it. It was hard enough as it is, and those african bouncers kept coming to me trying to get me to join them. I noticed there was a mcdonalds close by. If you could give me a detailed address from that location (like let’s say. In a standing position where mcdonalds is right behind me, with my back fscing it)

        1. I don’t know what McDonald’s you’re talking about but there’s an address at the end of the post. If you click it you’ll see a Google map with the location indicated. Cheers.

        2. Believe me, I tried. I searched for over an hour using google maps. Then I gave up and decided to go there myself. Was there from 9pm till 10.45 trying to find the place, kept googling and trying to make sense out of it. If you could just use google view and take a screenshot and somehow tell me which it is, ill appreciate it. (I did and am using the link. But idk if it’s my phone/gps or idk. )

        3. These coordinates, 35°41’37.93″N,139°42’5.53″E , will put you right in front of the building in Google Maps. There is a sign for the place on the front of the building it’s in. Keep in mind it’s not in the building with the yellow signage but the one right next to it. Again, if you’re at those exact coordinates you’ll be right in front of it. I haven’t been here myself but I’m fairly sure this is accurate. You can even see the sign for the place in street view if you move to the right of the parked truck. :)

      45. Yeah!! Great man, I found it this time. Actually was in that area taking pictures with my Canon. And saw your post and decided to just go and see if I can find it. Surprisingly it was 1 min away from me (was just randomly walking taking pictures) and yup! I’ll go there soon (cuz I was holding so many stuff). But great! Thanks a lot! So it’s the building right next to it right? :D. I will go there in a few days (going to osaka tomorrow morning for 4 days. But ill be back in tokyo)

      46. I visited NHP for the second time this past Saturday (August 9th) since I had time to kill before I had to head to work. I was not disappointed since the girl I saw was Homura. I was not able to chose Asuka since she was pretty much booked, but Homura was a pleasure to be with. I was the last guy to enter and the last guy to be serviced but it was well worth it. Both girls gave an amazing performance in their dance routines and when it was time for the extra services I asked for the 3,00 0 yen HJ and tit play option as well as the 2,000 panties option. What can I say, Homura’s panties were worth taking home. We did about 3 minutes of small talk in Japanese before she slowly pulled my pants down and started to oil up and go to work on my cock. She has small tits but I didn’t care since they were too damn cute. I came hard after a few minutes because the girls here are pros so they need to make this customers unload so they can prep for the next show. The fee to enter was a bit high, 2, 250 yen, maybe because I was a foreigner. Still I would pay it again in order to see Homura again or Rika who was the first girl I was with during my first visit. Discovering NHP was great for this Texas boy staying in Japan long term.

      47. Hello (sorry for my bad English)

        I have 10-12.000 ¥
        So, I search a blowjob bar who the girls isn’t not ugly (logic? :p) I want two girl’s suck me with cum (no massage and no sex)
        But if it’s better just one. for a more good experience it’s okay :)
        My probleme? I’m not good and English and I don’t know speak Japanese. And I have 3 totoo…
        What do you recommend me… Please help me :(
        Thanks you

        1. Most of the girls working in foreigner friendly blowjob bars in Tokyo aren’t the best lookers. Tokyo Style isn’t a blowjob bar but they have some great looking ladies on staff and there’s no Japanese language requirement. New Hot Point has the best looking ladies but it’s not really a blowjob bar either and it’s not possible to get two women at once. Cheers.

      48. Okay, thank you for the advice ! So… what would be the best blowjob bar for me think you? I like very much your certain article my good makes smile haha :)

      49. Thanks for the report. From what I can tell by google translating the website, the 2,000 yen HJ option does not include touching the performer, while the 3,000 does.

        Anyone know what the 1,000 option is. The english translation is “Please light the dancer write just for you” lol.

        NHP’s website states:

        We do not accept the person who is not good at communication in Japanese language because we can not serve well.”

        Is this a new development, or has it always just been a loosely enforced policy?

      50. Looking at the schedule it looks like it hasn’t been updated since February. If I wanted a particular girl will I just have to chance going in and hope she’s there or can I use the hours posted on the schedule as to when the girl is actually there?

        1. Hey rockit, the schedule looks unupdated to this guy because he used the link in the post which has actually changed. The schedule URL is now with no .html at the end. Going in through the main site will work too.

          I went to New Hot Point once and will probably go another time or two, I’ll write a more detailed report once I’m back home. Japan is just too much fun to have any “free” time. But tl;dr COME TO NHP. Cheers.

      51. I was here a month back for the second time and I had a great time. I was wondering if anyone knows how to purchase the panties from the girl? Do you do so while she’s dancing? Is the idea to get her to strip them off? Then, how and when do you pay? I don’t want to make a fool of myself next time so any advice would be appreciated! Also, as a little review, the cover has been 2,200 for awhile now and you pay for all services at the desk. They seem to be even more welcoming to foreigners these days compared to the last time where I was refused for a brief moment. I’m indian, don’t speak any Japanese, and haven’t had any problems. Lastly, are there any particular girls that are real stand outs for any reason? I believe Haruka is my fav out of 4 girls I’ve been with.

        1. Used to be that you’d request the panties when the gal came around. I haven’t been there in a while and it seems things have changed so I don’t know now. Thanks for the comment. Cheers.

      52. Alright I’m writing this while I’m still wiping off some cum of my shoes so I can document this with the freshest experience.
        FYI I’m white and don’t speak Japanese.

        – Arrived at 9:40pm on a saturday and had no troubles finding the place, went up to 9th floor
        – place was empty besides the bouncer and the dude who took my money (2200¥) and my phone
        – bouncer asked me what extras I wanted, pointed at 3000 and he says “hand job and boobs?” with gestures lol and I say hai and the I selected milk
        – inside the booth, music was kesha… Fml.. And the occasional hiphop
        – milk started dancing and then some other girl, actually liked the other one more, way more petit lol
        – well milk comes in and says pants down and starts jerking my meat, she was good and her tits nice… But.. After like 2 minutes, not kidding, she was like only one more minute and I focused my shit but I couldn’t cum so fast, so I pushed her into giving me one more minute, managed to cum wow
        – she cleans me up a bit and then gets the fuck out, I clean myself up some more and get the fuck out too, place was packed note , feeling ok I’d say

        tl;dr I think it rly rly depends which girl you get and when you come, don’t rly care bout the money since it was an experience but I’d say it wasn’t rly worth it unless ur rly into it.

      53. Went back today, as well as last week. Both times I tried the CBJ. Had Asuka the first time, she’s hot, nice, and everything else, some small talk and what not. But she only gave me a BJ for about 3 minutes before switching to a HJ. Maybe she was busy, tired, or something else, idk. Still got what I came there for and left happy.
        Today I got Usagi again, and the BJ was way better. Still just as nice and beautiful as Asuka, but she kept going with the BJ longer. When I didn’t pop she asked me what I wanted to do, and I took it as a hint. I simply asked her to switch to a HJ to which she didn’t hesitate and I left happy again.
        Also, today some foreigner gave the bouncer a little trouble by only speaking English and then trying to change girls as well as his service after the show was over and the girls were making their rounds. The bouncer was upset enough to ask me to translate after all was said and done. If you’re just smooth about everything you should have no problem. That guy made it in with no Japanese what-so-ever.

        1. Thanks for the comment. It’s definitely a blow and go place and many of the women on staff will switch to the hand if the oral doesn’t finish the job in a few minutes. The foreigner you mention sounds like a total ass and the kind of guy that makes foreign friendly places put a “no gaijin” policy in place. Cheers.

      54. Just learned that I’m gonna be going back to Tokyo soon and thought I’d check back here to see the latest, and report on my 2nd experience there.

        This time went on a saturday night, I don’t remember the name of the girl I got but wasn’t nearly as good looking as Sayaka who i got an HJ from the first time there. This time I opted for the BJ to see how that would go.

        For whatever reason, this made me way more nervous than I was getting a HJ. Anyway, the girl wasn’t as hot but what she lacked in looks she made up for in enthusiasm. I got myself ready to go and it took her a while to get to me, i was probably 3rd or 4th on the list. so by the time she got to me I’d been prepping for a while so I’d wouldn’t take too long to bust. She was super sweet and when she came in I had my meat on display and she welcomed it with a big smile and grabbed it right away. She put a condom on and went to work. She bobbed that head like a champ and took my cock in WAY deeper than I expected. She held it deep and would shake her head around which felt awesome. Good presure and didn’t really notice the condom at all. I bust after about 3 minutes of this pro working her magic. NOw this was the fun and unexpected part…

        As I was cumming, she held my cock deep in her mouth and made sure she got it all out by holding the base of my cock and draining all the cum out by stoking my shaft while my cock was in her mouth… then she backs her head and has the tip of my cock resting on her tounge and the condom is FILLED with hot cum. She starts playing and sucking the tip of my cock and slapping it on her toungue, the cum bouncing all around her lips and toungue, the visual was amazing and pretty much made me want to walk out and walk right back in for round 2. haha.

        She was great.

        Also, I’ve notice that they haven’t been updating their schedule, which is a bummer as I’m going to be in japan again in 2 weeks and was hoping to pick a good day. oh well, can’t go wrong I suppose.

        1. Thanks for the knock on report. There have been some complaints about the website. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but it’s hard to go wrong at NHP. Cheers!

      55. I just came back from NHP, and, man, I had a great time. I walked by the place three times before finding it, and when I went up, the dude at the counter was all business, and only spoke Japanese to me. Luckily my basic Japanese skills kicked into high gear, and I was able to navigate the system. I paid the 2200 yen, took my number (#1!), and had a seat. Within 10 minutes, the place was packed, and a girl called my number and brought me into one of the little rooms.

        The first girl was cute, but had this bored look on her face while she danced and showed her goods. The second girl–my chosen one–was a fox, sexy as hell, and more than willing to spread her lips for each guy. I resisted jerking off because I wanted to save it for her. Soon after, she came a-knocking, and was so excited to see a foreigner! She complimented my Japanese, and then freaked out after looking at my cock. She actually screamed and kept saying it was so big and hard–I’m sure this was part of the act, but I appreciated the attention. (Compared to the tired, alcoholic salarymen who were in there, I don’t doubt I had the biggest, hardest schlong out of the lot, but under normal circumstances, I’m average at best.)

        I paid the 3000 yen, and was so glad I did. She had soft skin and a fabulous rack, and allowed me to grope her tits, ass, and pussy (over her panties). I don’t think this was allowed, but I went for it, and she just looked at me and smiled. Lots of dirty talk and moaning in my ear, and in about 2-3 minutes I busted my nut in her tissue-filled hands. She cleaned me up, gave me her card (schedule, no coupon), and bid me farewell. I will be returning there again.

        By the way, I noticed a small clear pencilcase-type bag hanging above the window in my booth by a red string, but had no idea what it was for. As the first girl danced, I saw someone throw the bag over their booth wall. After the dance, the girl took the money out of the bag, took off her panties, and threw them back over the wall. I guess that’s how you pay for the panty service now. :)

      56. I made it to NHP twice in my two-week stay in Japan in early-to-mid October. It was pretty fun. My first experience inside was problem-free. The staff guy spoke only in Japanese to me but I understood enough of what he was saying. Even if one doesn’t, it’s super easy to just follow the motions as others have described. The wait in the lobby was interesting. There were several people and mostly everyone minded their own business. Typical Japan, very awesome. There was another gaijin in there as well. He started speaking to me, kinda loudly. I engaged in some conversation with him but tried to lead him towards lowering his voice and eventually just kinda let the chat die out. I wasn’t gonna risk getting kicked out or messing up the gaijin ‘rep’. This isn’t the place to be yammering in a foreign language! We’re barely invited into these things, follow the native’s lead!!

        My first visit, I chose Rika. The photos on the web site are very much like JAV covers versus the actual video. There is a disconnect, but all the girls I saw were still quite hot. On that night it was Rika and Saori performing. Saori is SMOKING. I wanted to get her at a later date but never saw her on the schedule again on the dates I could go. Anyway, Rika comes to the door. She is damn hot. In the heat of the moment I chose to get the full package, lip service + bust touch. She brought me some change and the show starts. The dance show is… alright. It’s enough to get your attention, if you catch my drift. I had a good laugh at the bizarre mix of American 80’s music and eventually Rika came to my booth. She removed the stool and had me stand up. The booths are insanely small, and don’t go up very far. I’m six feet/185cm tall and could almost see over the walls of mine. lol. She engaged me in some light conversation. She knew absolutely zero English, but we still managed to make some small talk. As this is going on she starts playing with the tool and I start playing with the tits. Her technique was pretty top notch, it didn’t take long to reach full attention. It didn’t hurt that she was pretty responsive to my touching, either. I didn’t try touching elsewhere, mostly because there was no way I could reach most of her. lol. Eventually she puts on a fairly tight condom on me and starts doing her thing. Nothing but love for Rika! It was the total JAV star experience. Slurping, eye contact, moaning… she was amazing! The covered BJ itself was alright. Better than I expected but still not mindblowing, but the visuals and audio from this girl were awesome! I came within seconds of popping, but she stopped. I was too dazed to tell her I just needed a little more, so she switched to hand+lotion. Her hand techniques were incredible, too. And she continued to look at me and moan and make naughty faces. Eventually I pop, quite spectacularly, she cleans me up and bids me farewell. Leaving is pretty unceremonious. You clean up any remnants with a napkin the girl gives you, walk back to the curtain, grab your things and get out. The encounter itself is a bit on the fast side, but also very efficient. Personally, I left happy as could be. I had no regrets about the money spent.

        Later in my trip I went for one more round. This time I got a girl named Aoi. I opted for Finger + Bust on this one to save a little cash. She was very attractive. Small tits, really pretty face, good body all in all. She was a bit less interactive than Rika, but she still got the job done quite well. She spoke a tiny bit more English then Rika but not much at all. Her hand technique was good, but not as good as Rika. I had fun with her, but Rika was the other girl on shift and I wish I had gotten her, in all honesty.

        Sadly, that was all I got to experience for NHP while in Japan. This and Asian Relax were my first dive into p4p fun and I gotta say, Japan was one hell of an experience in this realm! What attracted me most was the legality. I don’t like to break the law so to experience this with relative safety was great. Whenever I’m lucky enough to return to Japan, these places are definitely on the list of steps to retread. Thanks rockit and other posters for all the info!

      57. Almost 2 years since Rockit’s original post, another report from my visit today! tl;dr: fun and simple diversion, but it’s not for me.

        I’ve partaken in this hobby for many years in North America, as well as being an erotic/fetish photographer, and I’m just not wired to be satisfied by either a peep show or a grope & tug in a bathroom stall. Make no mistake that’s exactly what NHP offers. I enjoyed the experience and value for money overall, but of the three red light joints i hit today, NHP was the least interesting despite the most lotion.

        Some highlights of note:
        -the website is fine, but old links still work and have outdated info. go to the home page.

        -on the street in this district, you will be approached by staff from other joints who know that gaijin go to NHP, they will try to convince you that foreigners use a different entrance. 1 or 2 guys will work together and show you messages on their phones but they’re bullshitting you; although it’s entirely possible they work for a good club that just wants more business. Just politely decline unless you’re feeling adventurous, I wouldn’t mind so much if they were honest that their club is better, but they actually claim to be NHP and wasted my time. Since there is a restaurant in the same elevator you can just claim to go there if you need an excuse to chill out.

        -definitely keep things simple. Be prepared to offer your wallet and phone. Keep your cash and whatever else you’re nervous about in your pockets. The clerk just asked me to stuff things in the sling bag I had, and I left that on the shelf with my jacket. You get a “claim tag” but it’s all self serve anyway. No problems. Broken english/japanese was fine from him and me. The place is pretty busy so just be cool and grab a book while you wait.

        -I asked for the 3000 yen service after paying the cover. Usagi was not taking requests (either for that service or from gaijin), and there was a sign over her picture, so I had to take Aoi. Skycrawler is right that Aoi is not high energy, but as a protip don’t go to the last show of the shift like a dork, wait for the fresh staff. ;) The peep show was just that, not really as exciting as the video on the TV. Amusingly they turned the lights out on Usagi in mid pose to tell her it was time to wrap up. Their panties didn’t appeal to me but I had cash and coin ready. If you can read katakana you can figure out what everything in the booth is. Protip #2: don’t go to Japan without knowing katakana. C’mon.

        -as other reports say, turn the light switch on, and wait to stand up when the door opens. you’re not sitting down anymore. Everything from here on is Japanese efficiency. Touch yourself if you like but the girls don’t like getting cold lotion on their bodies too. Coincidentally my time was up the moment my fingers brushed over her hips. Since this is a YMMV thing be sure the girl really really likes you before you stray from the menu, even if you can ask if things are ok before/while you do them.

        -on my way out the night clerk had also changed along with the performers, and I don’t think he was ethnically Japanese. Another guest decided to let me take the elevator by myself, possibly a decorum thing. :)

      58. Visited NHP yesterday based on your review. While not the first time i’ve paid for sexual services, I’m still fairly new to the scene. I found the place easy enough but went to the wrong elevator. I took the entrance that was under the yellow “lemon” wall with the sign that says The Pick Peck. Its several steps straight back to the elevator. Thats not the right one, but apparently I’m not the only one to ever make that mistake. Someone taped a print out to the wall below the elevator button that says “A [ HOT POINT ] is in next building” or something like that. Sure enough the next building over has an elevator right at the entrance to the building. You can tell you’re at the right elevator because of all the posters all around the elevator door of hot girls in bikinis or bra&panties. Plus there is a J1 above the elevator door. I noticed it because their website says their address is 1-17-13 J1 9F.

        Upon entering, I was greeted by a rather stern looking japanese fellow behind the window/counter. He said something in japanese and I responded by putting 2200 yen on the plate. He took the money then said something else in japanese, and I followed that by putting 2000 more yen on the plate. He took that money and said yet a third thing in japanese, thats when i pointed to the image of the girl on the left. According to the schedule, i believe i chose Yuria, but its kinda hard to tell without seeing their faces and I can’t read any japanese. He looks at me again and says, “Gaijin desu ka?” and i knew i was busted. My japanese is terrible and I wasnt going to attempt to fake it, so I said “hai.” Then he says in english “you know system?” and I said “hai.” He says in english “two thousand handjob no touch” and i said “hai.” Then he says “Put phone and camera here. Here is number. you have seat.” So i put my cellphone in the tray he pointed to and took the little bell with the number of the tray my phone went into, took the numbered door hanger from the guy, and had a seat on the black bench along the wall and waited.

        I must have waited 10 minutes. There were three other guys sitting and waiting. All japanese and they seem to know each other. The porn on the various TVs looped a few times. No customers ever came out. I figured I must have come at the shift change. Eventually a girl came out and greeted us and waved us to follow. The other fellows stood up and i let them go first since i wasnt exactly sure how to proceed. We followed the girl through the door way and one by one she opened the door to a booth and let a guy in, closing the door and hanging the numbered door hanger on it. I sat on my booth and waited. It sounded like several more guys showed up right as they were leading us to our booth because i could hear the girl leading more guys into the next booths.

        After yet a few more minutes, the light comes on in the mirrored dance booth and each of the two girls takes her turn dancing and gyrating and rubbing her pussy. Both girls are hot as fuck. If I ran into either girl on the streets and they asked me to drop my pants, i’d do it right there. Yuria came right up to my window, put one leg up on the wall, and pulled her panties to the side giving me up close look at her hairy snatch. It was beautiful. my only complaint is it seemed a little distant. I wished they would smile a little during the dance.

        After the dancing, you can hear each girl go from booth to booth providing the extra service each customer paid for. I dont know if a bunch of guys chose yuria or if she was coming to me last, but i sat for quite some time. When she finally came to my booth, I instantly became hard as a rock at the sight of her petite body and the smell of her perfume. I’ll spare the details, but let me say that Yuria has a master technique. She popped me, got me cleaned up, got me dressed, and then i let myself out after she left the booth.

        All in all, though it took a little while, it was a great experience, but YMMV. They were all polite to me even though i spoke very little Japanese. I don’t know if that because i’m Asian or if it was because i knew the system. It seems, though, that if you follow the instructions, don’t fuck around, be quick and decisive about your options, and keep to yourself, you’ll be let in with no problems.

      59. Visited NHP today around 1ish

        Nationally: American
        Ethnicity: Asian (Filipino to be exact)
        Age: 22
        Sexual experience: none previously, no sexual solicitation either
        Japanese language experience: 3+ years of studying, probably JLPT level 4 skill level. Japanese is my minor.

        So I got lost coming out of Shinjuku station and I walked around for about 30 minutes since I don’t have pocket wifi and my phone isn’t unlocked. (actually getting out of Shinjuku station was quite a puzzle in and of itself) My gps still worked and I walked around long enough to realize that I had been in the area on a previous night out with friends. Basically look for the directions to the DON QUIJOTE in Shinjuku. NHP is near there, adjacent to the Pick-Peck building. It’s on the 9th floor of the J1N building (J-1 something, I forgot exactly). Anyways, I get up there and some guys are already sitting down and a stern looking Japanese guy wearing a face mask greets me. I put 3k yen down, since I saw the 2,200 initial fee. He says some shit and asks if I have 200 yen so he doesn’t have to get change. Up to this point he believes that I’m Japanese since I’m asian, fairly light skinned and that my Japanese hasn’t yet carried an accent. As far as looks, you’d have to really examine me closely to realize that I’m not Japanese but as soon as more than five words are said in a sentence, I just sit there like a dumbass unable to understand or reply quickly. Continuing on, I pay ¥2200 and he says a few sentences in Japanese which I can’t comprehend- at which point he realizes that I’m not Japanese and proceeds to ask me “Nihonjin jyanai?” I.e. You’re not Japanese? As soon as he asked that the only thing in my mind was “fuck fucking fuck shit fuck fucking fuck” so I tell him I’m not Japanese. He asks if I know the language, I say yes. He says shit load of stuff in Japanese and I just look at him blankly nodding and occasionally saying “hai.” He looks at me realizing I didn’t understand any of that and gives me a number and tells me to put my phone on the desk/tray thing. Also as soon as I said I wasn’t Japanese a bunch of the customers who are Japanese gave me a weird look. After that I sat down awkwardly with my heart beating rapidly out of nervousness/fear because I hadn’t yet chosen the girl or service(s) I wanted. After about 30 minutes he begins to call the numbers sequentially at which point I talk to the man to choose the girl and ask about the services. He says “kimemashita ka?” (Have you decided?), I say Haruka. He then leads me to Haruka and tells her that I am a foreigner. I follow Haruka and she opens a door to a small room about 5ft wide. I get in and start reading all of the signs in Japanese. I see a light switch with the katakana for service, so I turn that on. Haruka, after about 3min, knocks on my door and asks me about the services and I point to the CBJ. Haruka dances first- I wish she had shown her pussy for longer. The second girl, I think was Yui, she was 7/10 I guess- she had tattoos that weren’t on here profile pics (one on the arm and ankle). Yui’s dance wasn’t great and she didn’t even show her pussy. Then the lights dim and I wait for about 20 minutes till she gets to me. During those 20 minutes pulled my pants down and try to keep my dick hard by jerking it while watching Maki Hojo getting double teamed on the TV inside the peep area. She knocks on my door and she’s quite nice, very friendly, with a smile and asks me to pull my pants down. She then wipes my dick with a baby wipe and moves the stool so she has space to get on her knees to suck me off. I’m standing and she puts a condom around my cock and starts to tug and blow me. I worry that I won’t bust while she’s blowing me, since I didn’t want to be finished with a handy. I ask if it’s okay to touch her and she says its okay. So I start touching her breasts, which felt great. All the while, her left hand is stroking my dick and she’s sucking on it and her right hand wanders occasionally grabbing my hip, touching my thigh or touching below my balls. Then she starts to go deeper and soon enough I blow my load. She wipes my dick with a baby wipe again and starts chit-chat. We talk-ish and she hugs me, gives me her card and then leaves. I get out pick my shit up and then leave.

        Haruka was great, she was an 8/10 imo, I’ll likely come back. I spent ¥6200, which right now, is about $52. My experience would’ve been great had it not been for the fucking guy at the front desk and having Japanese guys judge me for not being Japanese. They should replace the guy with a Mama-san or put him behind a wall with a slot so I don’t have to see him. It just personally turns me off, especially when he looks like and is an asshole.

        Tldr; fuck the guy at the front and the bitches are hot- worth.

        P.S. Sorry this is so long, I wrote a fucking book for this post. Also, there’s probably grammatical mistakes since I am writing from my iPad mini and it is fucking terrible. Shoutouts to Rockit for this site and this review of NHP, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gone.

      60. Just wanted to add my two cents and (coincidentally) follow up on the review above. I also went on 12/30 and actually left there around 1pm, so “Diver” may have seen me leaving if he wasn’t blankly staring straight ahead like a good waiting room guy.

        In any case, my experience was great. I’m a late 20s white dude with zero Japanese, and I had no issues. As mentioned in numerous comments here, confidence and knowing what you’re doing (or appearing like you know what you’re doing) go a long way. I just walked in, put two 1000 yen bills and 2 100 yen coins in the tray and waited for the guy to say something in Japanese. I stared blankly. He said “oh no, I no speak English,” and I just replied “okay” and motioned towards the money in the tray again. He pointed at the pics of the girls, I picked Haruka (only knowing it was Haruka for sure by quickly checking her displayed Japanese name against the Google-translated names displayed on the website on my phone). He pointed at the cell phone tray, I stuck my cell phone there. Then I sat down and waited with the other perverts. Easy peezy. If others in there made weird looks at me, I didn’t notice because, screw it, everyone is there to come. Who cares.

        I had position/booth #10, so I was the last one to get into the rooms once they started letting people in, which that made it easy for me to just follow the crowd’s lead when we were sequentially summoned in there. The rest went as promised. I went with the touchy handy from Haruka, but in retrospect I wish I gave her the extra 1000 yen for the BJ because, jesus christ, she is cute hot. Like a j-pop/JAV combo. Frankly, I probably finished faster than I have since I was 14, and I didn’t even care. She got me going that fast. Probably helped that I was last in the booth line, which had me prepping myself for a goddamn long time before she got to me. I only regret that I didn’t go earlier in my trip since I had to leave town and couldn’t go back again. I also think I got one of those “non-optimal” times to arrive since the whole process of me arriving to me leaving took me something like 1:45 hours, but that’s what I get for going near lunchtime on a slow work day. The room was full+ when I arrived, and I think I had to wait for a full round of guys in there before we were let in – and then I had that last booth, to boot.

        But, anyway, that’s it. Long story short, you absolutely do not need Japanese in any way, and I highly recommend it. Especially Haruka. Such a cutie. Thanks for the tips here. No chance I would have known about it, found it, or knew what to do otherwise.

        1. Thanks for the report. Sounds like you had no problem even without Japanese language skills because you went with the flow which is what I’ve always thought possible. Cheers!

      61. I attended New Hot Point on December 30th as well but I was there in the evening for the evening shift to meet with Homura. It was my fourth time enjoying my time with her and I think each time is a lot more enjoyable than the last. We tend to have some nice conversations before and after each session plus Homura really helps me relax after a long day of the same shit at work.
        I have never had any trouble with the Japanese staff even though my Japanese is not the best in the world. Plus being a dark skinned Latino I stand out like a sore thumb. For the price I pay New Hot Point is good way to enjoy some erotic fun with a beautiful girl.
        Does anyone know about the new service that New Hot Point is offering? I saw something on their website about being serviced by two girls but I have not seen it on the list of services provided posted in the waiting room or in the booths.

      62. I just want to give everyone a heads up. There is a new “notice” on the NHP website:

        We do not accept the person who is not good at communication in Japanese language because we can not serve well.”

        I guess they’re having problems with gaijin who don’t speak any Japanese. One of the recent reviewers talked about a guy who was speaking loudly in the waiting area. Guys like this are probably going to ruin it for the rest of us.

        1. Thanks for the comment. Someone reported a message like that over a year ago. There have also been reports of foreigners being denied service. At the same time there are plenty of reports from foreigners who are accepted. I think it depends on how customers present themselves. Cheers.

        2. Yeah it’s been on there a while. Just show up, have your 2200 yen handy, read through the motions to go through in these comments and you’ll be fine.

      63. New Hot Point is fantastic! When I was in Tokyo I went there on multiple occasions because the girls were not only incredibly attractive (skin, face and tits) but they were also very skilled with their mouth and hands. It can be a little uncomfortable hearing the moans and slurps of the girls servicing men in the other booths but it can also be quite erotic (which it was for me).

        Usagi is the best girl that serviced me – she has beautiful tits and a gorgeous face. I highly recommend her!

        Thank you very much for your research Rockit – you are a champion of men!

      64. The girls at NHP are soooo damn cute I went twice today. Chose Homura on both occasions. The first one was with the CBJ and the second was a HJ. I was very gentle and she let me roam everywhere, including over her panties. Could feel her wetness which was what made me blow.

        Walked out with an ear to ear grin on both occasions.

        Rockit… bloody champ mate for posting this place up.

      65. is it rule changed? I found there is notice on NHP website that “We do not accept the person who is not good at communication in Japanese language because we can not serve well.”

        1. If you take the time to read through the comments here you’ll see that the quote you post was mentioned as far back as September 4, 2014. And it was on their website even earlier. Plenty of non-Japanese people have visited in the time since. Cheers.

      66. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Usagi twice, about a week apart.

        She is super cute and enthusiastic. I would say almost as hot as Haruka, whom I have also had in the past. Usagi’s BJ skulls, however, far surpasses Haruka’s.

        My first visit with Usagi, she chatted me up a bit. Slowly wiped me down before putting on the condom and going to work. The pressure, the slurps and the eye contact were almost enough to get me to bust, but in my life I have yet to bust from a BJ alone. After about 6 minutes, she asked me if it was OK to switch to hand job and I told her it was fine. Really nice technique. While jerking me, she sort of propped herself up against the shelf while maintaining eye contact and letting me grope her chest, almost presenting her crotch to me. I asked her if I could touch her down there and she had no objections. I stayed over the panties because it wasnt clear if I could go further.

        After I came, she told me I came a lot. She cleaned me up while chatting a little more, then hugged me with a kiss on the cheek before leaving the stall.

        A week later, I visited her again. To my surprise, she recognized me when we were being led to our booths and thanked me for seeing her again. On this night, I guess she was getting a lot of requests because after I had selected her, the tenchou put up a sign in front of her portrait saying that the wait for her could be as long as 75 minutes.

        It took about 25 minutes after the peep show for Usagi to come to my booth. She thanked me for waiting and for seeing her again. I don’t know if it was because I was spending time with her again or if she was just really turned on or if she just liked how kind I was with her last time, but she was even better the second time around.

        After more small talk, letting her know that I was soon to be flying back to the States, she got the party started. She started off with a slow hand job while rubbing her body against mine and grinding her crotch on my leg. Then, after putting on the condom, she positioned herself and allowed me the honor of paizuri for a little bit before getting to the bj.

        The bj was incredible. She did her best to constantly deep throat my piece while moaning and slurping. She also did a rolling action with her tongue and massaged the kintama which felt great. When I didn’t bust, she removed the condom, applied some lube and went to work. This time she held me close. I asked her again if I could touch her down there and she said OK, then I asked her if I could go inside and she just moaned, so I slipped my hand up and into her panties and went to work. I could definitely feel how wet she was. She kept moaning and kissing me. It was all too hot and I didn’t last long.

        After I popped, she said, “WAO!” and again commented on how much I came. She cleaned me up with some more small talk. Asked me what time I fly out and then said in English, “Be careful!” Hugged me again with another kiss and left the booth.

        After I took a minute to compose myself and wipe my hands, I left the booth area, but not before seeing Usagi standing behind the curtain with her bra back on. She smiled at me and gave me one last hug and kiss before I grabbed my stuff and left.

        Guys, please take care of Usagi. She is a national treasure.

      67. Time for another report. This time it will be much shorter.

        I had some open time so I decided to stop by NHP to give Asuka a go. It didn’t seem to be terribly busy at the time, which will be key to this report.

        As per usual, I opted for the 4千円 service.

        Asuka is very pretty and has a great body. However, her services were terrible. The “blowjob” consisted of her lightly giving me a hand job and just barely kissing the head with her lips. After maybe 90 seconds at most, she “switched” to a hand job and also no longer allowed me to touch her. Yeah, I got off, but it wasn’t satisfying.

        Would not repeat.

      68. I went to NHP last month and met Ryo. Spectacularly beautiful! Opted for cbj and tit-fondling. Short time, but high quality.
        No problems with acsess (except for some sort of construction obscuring the elevator entrance). I speak passable Japanese.

      69. Hey im here to report my experience with NHP.

        I went to NHP two days ago because ive seen other forums saying that the girls here are hot, like AV actress hot. I will say that they were all telling the truth.

        I went there around 9pm and it was quite easy to find. When I entered the place, the guy at the counter spoke in japanese. I said “Sorry, no japanese”. He then made a face, sighed and asked me in english “Do you know our system?”. All I said was “2000 yen for show and 4000 yen for service”. He asked me for my phone and asked me to sit down in the waiting area.

        I waited for 10mins and I was brought in to this cubicle which was the size of a phone booth. Im asian so the space was pretty bearable. Inside were signs in japanese with some pictures to indicate what they mean. Theres a button inside however that I have no idea what it does (If someone could tell me, that would be helpful). The show started and the girl was fucking hot. Too bad though that she only stripped down till here panties.

        After the show, I waited 5mins and the dancer came into my cubicle and started the service. It was a CBJ plus tits fondling. To be honest, the whole service was bad for me. She sucked me for only 2 mins and she took off the condom and started giving a handjob that was rushed. It was so rough it felt like she was making mochi out of my tool -_-. She easily got tired and gave me looks that was obviously telling me to hurry up and cum. In the end, I wasnt able to get off and she left apologizing to me.

        Judging from the other feedback, I think I was just unlucky that night. Hopefully this report will be helpful. The only reason I might come back here is because of the girls’ looks.

        1. It’s not one of regular services and customers wouldn’t normally get it. If a worker decided to do it on her own I’m sure no one would complain but even asking for something off the menu like that could possibly get a customer banned and maybe even get all foreigners banned as has happened in some other shops. Cheers.

      70. dear,
        Thanks a lot for your this site, i am staying in Tokyo and wish you help me to know : i like to have foot fetish fun by having a footjob, do you know if HNP offers a footjob in the services? you think i can ask the girl for it and the booth area is enough to have footjob?
        i would be very thankful if you know other places offering foot job in Tokyo

        1. I don’t think the women at NHP would give a foot job even if asked by a Japanese customer in perfect Japanese. One reason is that it’s not on the menu of services and Japanese shops are usually straight forward about what they do and what they don’t offer. Another reason is that the booths are barely large enough to stand up in so it would be practically impossible. If a foreign customer asked for such a service they would almost certainly be rejected and very possibly kicked out. They could also get other foreigners banned by guilt through (perceived) association. I don’t know of any foot job shops in Tokyo though I’m sure there are some around since there’s something for everyone in Japan. Cheers.

      71. Hi all,

        Just visited the place and wanted to share my experience and add some info.

        *Entrance for non-japanese speaking*
        I walked in, said hello, paid 2200 yen, the guy said something in Japanese, I replied nicely: “I speak English”. He said something like “Oh god… I can’t speak good English”, like he is not happy with that. I just said “it’s Ok, I know how it works, my friend was here, I saw the website, bla bla bla”, and he just told me to choose a girl and put the phone in the box. Just be polite, smile and you shouldn’t have a problem.

        And if you didn’t get in, no need to feel bad. It is not a huge miss. The 2 girls that were there looked less than the pictures (as common in this industry). I would rate them 7+, and I believe there are other options in the area, maybe even with better selection and conditions (not sure, didn’t check). The booth is smaller than an airplane bathroom. Not an ideal condition to interact with a girl as you can barely move. I would rather pay double and have a girl for one hour in a hotel room, with a bed, shower, massage, better interaction, etc. I found a few non-japanese friendly websites in Tokyo that offer many beautiful girls with erotic massage, blow job, 69, for around 12,000 yen / hour. Probably worth the price difference. I just didn’t have enough cash left and also my hotel was not suitable for these services.

        The positives:
        With that said, I still don’t regret going there and it was worth the 5000 yen, as it was an interesting one-time experience, and even though I expected a better looking girl based on the pictures and reviews, she was still sexy and I was pleased with her attitude and performance. It was the best hand job I ever had. She also didn’t mind me kissing a bit and touching everywhere. I didn’t need more than 5 minutes with the way she worked.


      72. Hi Rocki!

        Love the site – thanks for all you do to provide these detailed reviews and updates.

        One thing that’s not totally clear to me… after the strip show, do the girls put their clothes back on before making the rounds at the booths, or do they enter completely naked?



      73. Went to NHP two times in the last two days, great service as.always, but they stopped the returners discounts, instead, now there is a.student discount, meaning it’s 2200 general entry 1700 students.Also, I think friday nights are really busy. We had people waiting on stools in the entrance by the elevator. The cashier started turning people away when he estimated there would be a two hours wait. Now, more info about the girls,

        First night I had Aoi アオイ, probably one that attracts me the least of all the cast, don’t get me wrong, she’s an 8.5-9, but I’m just spoiled with the usual 10s working there. Perky tits, long legs, look a bit older than rest of cast, mid twenties I’d say. She was nice but seemed a.bit troubled by the fact that I was a.foreigner. Still it was a good experience.

        Now, on the second night, I had Homura ほむら. Wow, my definite favourite. If you are a petite lover like me, Homura is definetely the way to go. I can now say that the most stunning girl.I’ve ever seen blew me on first sight. She was joyful, talkative and really nice. Number one recommendation! Speak a little english, few words. Most of the conversation was in japanese. Had a small peck on the mouth too, I think it was intended for my cheek but she misaimed. Haha, now it’s have if I kissed 100000 dicks (covered at least!) but for Homura, that was worth it.

        NHP is a definite stop whenever I’m in Shinjuku.

      74. Hi, I haven’t been to NHP,but Going to give it a try soon… May i know that is there any time limit for any paid session? Lets say I paid for the 5000 yen session,after I blow my load,is it everything is over? OR if it has 30mins,i blow my load in 15mins,what about the remaining time?

        1. I don’t know if there’s an official time limit but the sessions in the booths usually last no more than a few minutes. The women have to service all the customers so that the next show can start. If a non-Japanese customer tries to get around the system or violate the rules there is a very real risk that all foreigners could be banned. It has happened many times before at shops in Tokyo. Cheers.

      75. Hey, just wondering if you need to show ID to confirm age? I’m 19 but I look around 15, and I usually only carry my phone and some cash with me because I tend to lose things often. Should I bring my ID, what was your experience regarding this matter?

        1. I’ve never been asked for ID anywhere in Japan then again I’m old enough that I’m never asked for ID anywhere. There are clear restrictions against underage people entering these kinds of places and I’d imagine the guys who work there play it by eye like any bouncer in a bar or nightclub would at least before the advent of the digital ID readers they have now. Cheers.

      76. Just been there last Friday , it just have very memorable good time there and even thought it overprice but worth to try.

      77. Hello guys, I was there yesterday. The elevator is not in the corner house with all that yellow stuff on the facade. Facing that house, it’s the narrow building next to it on the right. Step in, the elevator is on the right. Facing the elevator, you can see Hot Point’s advertisement indicating 9F = ninth floor. Coming out there, there is only one way to go.

        I came at a good time: 6 men were already there, waiting for the next show. I paid 2200 basic, then 2000 for HJ, and another 1000 because I wanted touch the boobs. I could select from 2 girls, I took the petite one, even though she was small on top. I left my bag at the counter after having taken the money with me. Indeed no problem here, all was in good order when I collected it afterwards.

        The show was as Rockit described. Each girl danced for the length of a song, 3-4 minutes. They did not shed the panties but apart from that you could see everything. I enjoyed it and really liked the girl I had selected.

        After the show the girls made their rounds. The stool had to be removed, the cabin is that small. We stood quite close while she was busy with the HJ. Somehow I found it funny that she was left handed, but don’t know if that is relevant. She removed the top herself and I had a nice feel of her boobies. I really liked here as petite girls are what I prefer. She did the HJ well enough, and in due time I finished. She cleaned me up and left.

        Would I go again? Yes. Total fee was 5200 Yen = 42 USD = 38 EUR as per today’s exchange rate.

      78. That was first stop on my trip – when I got there I was luckily the first person for the next show, but unlucky for me there was only one girl working at that time so there was no choice, but still the girl was young and pretty. Like gents before me mentioned after the show girl comes to your room and the stool needs to be removed. I went for HJ with touching so I paid 5200 upon coming there.

        The girl was pretty, but I found it a little bit awkward and mechanical and at the same time funny. She was looking at me and smiling while I was getting HJ and playing with her boobs, if you’re travelling I think there are better options unless you’re on some budget. Afterall I liked and probably would go there again. Cheers

      79. WOW! The girls at this place are amazing. Yes, the place is on the right side of that yellow funky decoration on the wall. Up the elevator, 9th floor and you’re there. Not too hard to find. I know next to no Japanese, but it wasn’t a problem. The gentlemen at the front actually seemed to have good English, to my surprise. I went for the CBJ. I don’t like covered, but those girls have really pretty faces.

        I got door hanger number one. Waited about 10 mins. They called my number, went into tiny room. I actually enjoyed the little dances they did. The bodies on these girls are spectacular. One had a rack that was unbelievable. The other one was extra slim, but still had nice curves.

        Girl knocks on the door, takes out stool, and gets to work. She was friendly, had a small conversation in English, wasn’t in a rush and really did a great job. Those girls didn’t look like they were half assing it, she cleaned me up before and after the deed, said thank you with a smile, and did the cute little bow as she exited. Great experience.

        Highly recommended.

      80. Hey Rockit. Great Site. I went earlier this week and had a great time with Yuria. I do know some Japanese, can read hira, kata, and some Kanji. It wasn’t super difficult and the guy up front didn’t seem too annoyed. Yuria was very kind and looked like she enjoyed herself.

        I’ll be honest, the smell was off putting. It smelled like an unclean bathroom.

        Question, is it possible to stay for another show after she’s jerked you off? Or do you need to pay another 2200 yen?

        And yeah, like with some people above, I wish it was longer than like 5 minutes. Maybe it pays to be 4th and not 1st like I was.


      81. So I was spending a week and a half in Tokyo with a buddy who was visiting. I live in Gunma, currently and in my town, while there is a crap load of places like this on one particular street, it’s hard to say any of them are gaijin friendly. Also it’s a little bit close to home for me. While in Tokyo, I decided to do some research and came across your review. After some deliberation, I chose to hit this place up before heading back out of the city.

        This was actually my first time in any kind of establishment like this one. I’ve always had an interest in the pros, but hadn’t actually bit the bullet. For some reason the fact that I’m a foreigner with only very basic Japanese skills made the experience a little easier to jump into than it would have been trying it out back in the old country.

        I found the place easy enough after spotting the Donki Hote on the corner across the street and the building with all the yellow on it. The sign is bright pink, says 9f and the NHP is in Katakana. After walking past it once to avoid heading to the elevator amidst a large crowd of people in Kabukicho in the middle of the afternoon, I turned into the alcove and hit the elevator button. Of course in all my effort to not have to deal with any pedestrians while I did this, I ended up being followed mere seconds later by an old Japanese man. Head down I followed him into the elevator and watched him hit the third floor button. His hand hesitated and went for the 9f button afterwards. I realized he knew exactly what I was there for and reached in front of him and hit it myself. He got off at some cafe called Momo, I think.

        Got into the place went straight to the desk. One older dude was guarding the door to the show room and another dude sitting behind the desk. He said “Ni Sen Ni haku yen” and I jumped out 2200 and put it in the tray. The man at the door asked something about option. In my confusion I said “No” then realizing what he was asking, turned and said “Tsumimasen, Hai, Option” The dude at the desk pointed at the picture frames. The options were Asuka and Yui. i deliberated for a few moments and he said “Yui-chan.” Honestly, had read about her on this site, that she had a bit of extra fat on her and it wasn’t really what I was going for, but I wasn’t about to argue at that point. Confidently told him “Hai, Yui.” He asked me to put my bag on the rack and gave me a clip with a number on it. Then he asked me about keitai and motioned to my bag. I put my phone in my bag.

        Waited for quite a while with 2 Japanese dudes in front of me. A very old man and a sleepy middle aged dude. 2 more eventually came into the lineup, including a young Japanese dude who was so clumsy during the process, even so much as to leave after asking some questions only to return 2 minutes later and take a place in line.

        Finally after all the guys in the room had left, they stood us up and counted us in 1-2-3-4-5. I followed the old guy through the hallway and Yui was at my door, took my number and ushered me in. I waited just a couple moments, marveling at how authentically seedy the entire experience was up to this point. Yui knocked on my door and entered. She asked me something about service. I pointed at the picture of the CBJ and she asked for 4000. I clumsily, again pulled some cash out of my pocket, she made a funny sound about that, not because it looked like I was loaded, but more likely due to the fact I don’t care my money in a purse or anything, just loose. She left and the show started shortly after.

        Yui came out first. Her dancing was pretty unimpressive and she was certainly on the bigger side, though not in a really unattractive way. She’s cute and has really nice tits with great nipples. She snakes around the dance floor for a bit, showing things off to each window, I got myself started and then the second dancer came in. Asuka had without a doubt a WAY better body. She has great tits, as nice as Yui’s, but she’s lean and tall, her waist cuts in at the perfect angle and I couldn’t help thinking “Ahhhhh I made the wrong choice.”

        My disappointment was gone as soon as the dances ended and I had a knock on my door. No waiting! The guy at the desk was just trying to keep things going in an orderly manner and really did my a favour. Yui entered and was very cute about the fact I already had my dick out. She cleaned my dick with a cloth and then removed her top. I made sure it was cool that I could touch her, though I was pretty sure it was included at this point and she happily agreed after marveling at my obviously terrible nihongo. She dropped down, saying something about the condom and I said Hai. She put on the condom and quickly got to work. Nothing particularly special, but luckily I hadn’t cum in a couple days, she was hot and her tits felt great so it didn’t take me too much to work myself up. She was pretty shy the whole time, defintely not the most passionate blowjob I’ve ever had, but I was just happy as it was my first time getting a blowjob with a condom and it wasn’t as bad as people say it was. She slowed down after a quick start and stroked me with her hand, for osme reason that got me to a tipping point and I told her “Ikuso” She gave a sound of recognition and turned up her game for a couple seconds. Afterwards making some comment about how much cum was in the condom.

        Afterwards she was super gentle about taking my condom off. I dunno what it’s like with other people, but I find that process to be quite uncomfortable, she maybe made note of that or was just going off experience and after asking “Itai desuka?” To which I said “No” she was very careful with removing the rubber. After she tossed it out, she left a couple towelettes, unwrapped on the desk, said something about cleaning up, arigato, smiled and left.

        All in all not a bad experience for a first time. Got some of the jitters out of the way and left feeling quite relaxed and relieved. The old dude in front of me came a minute or so after I did to the elevator room. The elevator took a very long time to whisk me away and we rode it down together. The elevator stopped again at the 3rd floor and two young women entered from that Momo place. Not as discrete as I could have hoped, but at 4:30 pm, I don’t know what I was expecting, really. That being said, the fun part about being a gaijin in Tokyo is literally nobody gives af uck about what you are doing.

        I think I’ll go again before I leave the country this time around. Gonna plan it out for another afternoon trip with a different set of girls. Not really sure who I should hope for at this point, but hopefully I get somebody with a bit more enthusiasm during the extraction process. Not that I would complain a bit about Yui, she was a sweetheart and probably just what I needed for my first time.
        Anyway thanks for the reviews, man!

      82. In Tokyo right now, was going to head out to New Hot Point but notice there is now a banner on their site:

        We do not accept the person who IS not good at Communication in Japanese Language
        Because we CAN not serve well.

        I noticed that the last report from T-Biggity seems to indicate that he has some Japanese skills since he has verbatim Japanese quotes in his review. Any one out there have an update?

        1. If you read through the comments on this page you’ll notice that the notice you mention has been on the website for years. Well behaved foreigners have been able to visit without problem. Cheers.

        2. I’ve been here 4 times now, and on the last visit (which was about 10 month ago) I did get a little grief from the guy working. He was a young guy, really animated and loud.

          He asked me in japanese if I spoke japanese, i said no. Then he said ‘OoooooOOOoh, it’s no good” So i said in english of course, “I’ve been here 4 times, it’s Ok, i know the process.” Trying to calm him a bit. I had the exact change out and after he had his little fit, he finally asked me what I wanted BJ or HJ, haha. to which I replied BJ of course cuz they’re great here despite the cover.

          So, yeah, anyway, just stay calm and act like you know what you’re doing and you’ll get through. The other guys never gave me a 2nd look. Only this younger guy who honestly seemed like he was on something.

          P.S. I chicks here are crazy hot so definitely worth it.

      83. I think the same young loud guy who served Jimmy was there today. He spoke Japanese to me and I couldn’t understand a word but put my money down already anyway and when he realized, he boomed, “I SPEAK NO ENGLISH!”

        I remained calm and told him I understood the “system” and he asked me pay upfront for HJ or BJ. So I plonked down another 4000yen and he gestured for me to leave my phone at the front counter basket.

        Then he gave me my number tag and told me to wait. There’s a lot of waiting here and there but the girls are hot so I think it’s worth it.

        So like Jimmy said, act confident and you’ll be fine. Just ignore the drama if this chap gives it to you.

        1. Thanks for the report. If it is the same guy I’m thinking of he is there almost every day and has been for for a while. Cheers.

      84. Went for round 2 today and ran into two different guys at the counter. The first is an old-ish guy with a ponytail who switched to English when he realized I couldn’t do Japanese. No issue with this guy when I told him I understood the system.

        While waiting, a shift change took place and a younger and taller guy with dyed blonde hair took over. Another gaijin came in and this guy too tried his best to explain things in English.

        Looks like NHP is officially gaijin-friendly!

        But enough of guys. Let’s talk girls. I had Asuka yesterday morning. Rocking body and great tits BUT she only allowed me to play with her tits before I got hard. Once I was rock solid, she won’t let me access them anymore. And the BJ was very brief before she switched to a HJ instead. Felt great regardless and she’s hot as hell.

        Tonight I had Homura and she’s one skinny girl with virtually no tits. If you have a flat chest fetish, look no further, she’s the one you’ll want. Having said that, she was a lot sweeter and warmer than Asuka. I didn’t get the 4K yen BJ option and opted for the 3k HJ with touch instead. I took longer to come and she had to ask me thrice whether I was gonna pop. Nice girl but service at NHP always seems rushed so if can’t perform within the time limit – I’d say around 5 min max – then prepare up finish yourself off when she leaves.

        It’s still a great place if you want to be ‘serviced’ by a real Japanese girl and don’t want to pay too much. I’ll make this a regular place to visit whenever I’m in town.

        Digressing a little, I checked out Gontanda last night and followed a Chinese tout who offered full service for 10k yen. She brought me to an underground office and I had to choose from three photos and the girl I picked eventually looked about 10 years older in the flesh when she appeared before me in another apartment nearby. She’s not local but from China and so were the other girls working in the place. Service was ok – u get a bath, a bbbj and then sex. After that they kick you out cos it’s a busy place (and a Saturday night).

      85. Hey Rockit, great review.

        Just a couple questions: I have a discount card, when should I use it? At the counter where I pay the entrance fee, or when the girl comes round? Additionally, it doesn’t have the 500 yen discount chop on it, just the girl’s name with a little heart after, and a list of the days she works on the back. I suppose it’s the same thing, though.
        Once when I couldn’t come in time because it was rushed, the girl mentioned something about going one more time and a discount. Would you know something about it? Checked their website but no dice.

        1. I would imagine a discount for a second round would be achieved by using the provided card when signing up for the next show at the front desk. The same would apply if coming back at a later day. It wouldn’t make much sense to show a discount card after fees have been paid. Cheers.

      86. So I visited it a while ago and here are my thoughts:

        First off, it was hard to find the area from the train station, I actually had to go back to my hotel to get the info and find it on the map. It was on the Central Eastern Exit next to Don Quiote. However after I found the area the location was very easy to find if you had previously looked at google maps. When I went to the ninth floor I heard the bells and I figured I was at the right place. The attendant was really pushy and irritated that I couldn’t speak Japanese. However I just payed my money and said “Hai” when he said BJ. I went at the afternoon and noticed that it was pretty much empty, about two-three people bags were on the rack. I had to show my camera and phone (I said I didn’t have a phone) pull out my pockets and he pat me down for a security check. I choose the girl with the biggest rack I didn’t know her name because it was in Jappanese. However since there were so little people I was directed straight towards the small show room. It was in the middle of the first girl (the big jugs) act but I didn’t miss much. The second one had a slightly smaller rack but she seemed to show off her snatch more often while the first one barely touched her bottom. I’m guessing since a lot of guys pick the bigger jugs that the 2nd ones usually end up trying to show off a bit more. I waited for about 10-15 min while the girls went around the small rooms. My assumptions were right because with 2 girls and 4 dudes it should have taken longer than 5 min. I’m guessing that the bigger one had more business to deal with. When my girl finally came to me and gave me the BJ, I started to regret my choice. The girl was REALLY bad at giving BJ’s she seemed to move mechanically and squeezed my buddy way too hard. It seemed she use more teeth and was in a hurry to get it over with. I actually had to tell her to stop because it wasn’t working and she decided to give me a handjob. Now with here handjob it seemed to work because I was done in a couple of minutes. While giving me the blow job she guided my hands to her jugs and I grabbed them. It was kinda awkward to grab them while standing up in the small room. I didn’t have to pay 1,000 yen extra for the tits and the menu didn’t seem to show the price so I’m guessing its now free. After I was done she gave me a good thank you and goodbye. I’ll probably go back there soon and probably pick the second girl next time. I do recommend it, they don’t cut corners and give you some shitty ass girl replacement and even though they get irritated at gaijins or foreigners they still work with you as long as you follow the rules and know what your doing. I would avoid going there in the evenings or weekends since more people tend to go there after work or on their days off.

      87. Just visited NHP for the first time just now. Was initially skeptical as its a busy friday night but went for it anyway at around 11.15pm. I’m asian and can only speak very very basic japanese. Using waze navigation GPS, easily found the place (good app to use if you are unsure of the location). Proceeded to the 9th floor and was greeted with a ringing bell.

        I proceeded to put 2200 yen on the counter table when the 2 guys greeted me. The man guarding the door then muttered something and I just mentioned ‘Usagi-chan desu’ (as I checked the cast schedule before going) and put my handphone on the table. He reciprocated with a door tag with number 2 and a bell tag to reclaim phone later. I was 2nd one in the shop during that time.

        After about 15 mins of waiting and they were about 6 of us at this point, the man called us in 1 by 1 and the ladies escorted us to our booths. Like the reviews, it is small but not uncomfortable. Usagi then came to ask what services do I need and I just paid her 4000 yen and she reconfirms by pointing to the menu on the wall, and I just ‘hai’. After a moment, the dance begins with Yui which is bit on the plump side with lacklustre dance. When it was Usagi’s turn, the dance was on the opposite spectrum compared to Yui in terms of sensuality and technique, and boy, she is gorgeous!

        About 5 mins after the dance ends, Usagi came to my booth and she was super friendly. I told her my japanese is extremely limited and she giggles. We continued small talks in japanese (where I’m from, etc.) while she removed my jeans slowly. She started off with lightly caressing and rubbing her body against mine and her pussy against my thigh. She then proceeded to putting a condom on and begins the BJ. Her BJ technique was one of the best that I’ve ever experienced and all the while almost constantly maintaining eye contact and moaning sounds. After about 4 minutes, she asked if it was okay to switch to HJ and I said yes and also complimented on her skills and that it felt really good and she laughed? During the HJ, she leaned on me while mintaining eye contact and her smile and put my hand on her boobs and eventually she directed me to her pussy. She was wet and moaned louder and louder until I eventually popped. She smiled and asked if I was okay and again I complimented her ‘Subarashi desu’. She then cleaned me up and gave me a hug and bid me farewell.

        I assumed she was gonna be tired since it was the last session of her busy day and be less enthusiastic and I was wrong. The whole experience lasted about 10 mins and it was worth every yen! Can’t wait to see her again and Haruka is back on schedule next Monday! Usagi is highly recommended!

        1. Thanks for the report. The service level at New Hot Point has always been high and I believe Usagi has been working there for years even though she still looks good. Cheers!

      88. Welp, here’s my lil review of the place.

        I initially heard about this place from a friend who I was traveling with back in 2013 (I think?) and he mentioned that the girls lived up to his expectations in looks. If there’s one thing this man is, is that he is supremely cruel on his assessment on the female body, so I was actually taken aback on his remarks. Unfortunately I did not have any time during that trip to visit it.

        2 years later in January 2015, I was back in Japan, armed with knowledge from him and also from the very review here on rockit. (Thanks btw for your “infotainment”)

        Went up, placed 2k on the plate, and the guy asked which girl I liked, answered with Rika. He then asked if I was a gaijin. “OH NO!, I’M BUSTED!” is what I thought but he only said ok in English and asked for my bag and phone, which I complied with. He handed me a tag for the bag, and also a plate number. I was actually one of the last persons to arrive so Rika came out quite promptly and escorted me to my room and asked what services I wanted, paid her and used my poor Japanese skills to confirm.

        The rooms are indeed, tiny. I’m an average Asian male and I was snug in the room, I hate to imagine how a large Caucasian would feel…
        Anyway, show started, sexy dances were actually pretty nice. I found myself jerking off right then and there with the thought of sexy Rika blowing me @_@

        As the show ended, I only had to wait a little bit, perhaps only customer before me judging by the time before Rika showed up. I had no idea what I should have done beforehand, so I had my pants up and proper… to which she stripped off for me lol.

        We had little chitchat in broken English/Japanese. Mentioned I was on holiday, to which she said it’ll be a good holiday, yeeessss it will! :3

        On comes the rubber, and her BJ. I will say this now, I hate the rubber in general but her skills felt like I was entering the gates of heaven! I did not even think she put it on with that sort of tongue technique. A few minutes go by and she switches to HJ with lotion, which I’m all for. She came closer to me and we short of embraced-ish while she continued. It was an amazing finish, albeit a sort of rushed one, as time was of the essence.

        If there’s one thing that this place didn’t disappoint, is that the girls were exceptionally good looking. I felt like it was almost impossible to get such gorgeous girls without paying an arm and leg but here we are :P

        1. Thanks for the report. It is indeed a place that employs some very beautiful women and doesn’t charge much. I only wish I knew of other similar places. Cheers.

      89. Went here for the first time and had Asuka. Went for the handjob with touch. She was very good looking, and let me grab her boobs and ass, which was very nice. Seemed like she only went at it for 3 or 4 minutes though before she started saying “time-up.” Didn’t finish, and she had to leave. Mixed feelings about this place. I think i tend to take a lot longer than most guys. Might try this place again but not jerk off for like a week in advance, and/or get myself closer before my girl comes in. If you get off quick, I’d highly recommend this place. If not, then know what you’re getting into, and plan accordingly.

        1. Thanks for the report. Guys usually only get a few minutes in the booths. Because of that some guys start to get themselves off by hand during the strip show and have their units ready when the women come around. I have no way to know how common it is but at least some guys do it and the women seem to be fine with it. They probably even welcome it since it lightens their workloads. Cheers.

      90. I was just wondering, I’m in Tokyo for another two weeks and is New Hot Point still foreigner friendly? Apart from everywhere else I want to go I was thinking of visiting this place or Hinomaru. Which one do you recommend? I am a 6ft2 South American guy and I can speak some Japanese, probably around N3 level although I haven’t taken the test yet. Which one would be the best? I’m still leaning towards New Hot Point although I just want to check. Thanks

        1. I don’t make recommendations as this website is for entertainment only. The New Hot Point website says foreigners are not allowed but they have been going to the shop for years without problem. Hinomaru warmly welcomes foreigners. Cheers.

      91. I just came back from New Hot Point and wanted to say thank you for the review, without it, I would never have known it existed. It was easy to find but I was a I worried because people had said they were refused entry before. My Japanese is good enough to get by and I had no problems at all.

        From the 2 girls who were there, I chose Usagi. The strip show was pretty weak, both girls looked disinterested. When she came into my booth, Usagi was really nice, plenty of small talk and compliments. I chose the HJ and touching service and it was well worth it. Didn’t feel rushed at all. The waiting time was a little long as I was number 5 (of 6). From when I enter to when I left it was about an hour.

        Will definitely be going back.

      92. Hey thank you Rockit ! I’ve been there tonight and it was really good. The payment seem to have changed tho, it’s 2200 for the evening i think, it’s what i paid anyway. I don’t speak much Japanese but could understand what they told me and it went very well. The lady then came to get me to the booth and took my payment for HJ only. I was the last because the show started 2 minutes after that. It was not that great because there was only one lady and it lasted like 5 minutes. Then i must have waited like 30 minutes before she came to me. She was really beautiful with normal breast but she gave me a very nice handjob and we had a strong eye contact that made me cum so much. She was actually laughing at that. After that she washed that, told me to come back and as she left, leaned toward me but i was surprised so did nothing.
        Next time i will be sure to add the “touch”. I will altern between JanJan and NHP.

        Btw i tried to go to Body Walker Princess just before but when they showed me 11 000¥ i just said it was too expensive and left.

        1. Thanks for the report. I haven’t been to Body Walker Princess in years. How was your experience other than walking in and then back out? Cheers.

        2. It was ok but they really can’t speak english. I came for 6pm on monday and there was nobody, only 3 male staff. It’s closed on sunday also.

          1. Most people in Japan are unable or unwilling to speak English which is one reason adult venues are likely to prohibit foreign customers. Foreign customers who know at least some Japanese or can go along with the flow of things are most likely to be accepted. Cheers.

      93. Extremely disappointing, borderline scamish experience at New Hot Point tonight 20 June 2016 around 10pm for both of us. Ugly & plump girls with zero skills or interest. Running the clock. I was personally told after a 90 sec BJ that it was time for HJ and 2mns after that time was up. Did not finish. Beware of this place guys on a Monday night at least. There were two girls to choose from for all of the booths. The same two who danced and frankly I would have paid extra to get the hell out quickly before my turn came up, had I known one of the dancers (the ugliest one) was going to service me after the other gents.

        1. Thanks for the report. I have to say that I’m a little puzzled about what you were looking for or expecting. What you describe is the typical level of service at New Hot Point as described in the review except for the unattractive woman. Cheers.

      94. Wanted to report a hopefully useful and very divergent experience from many of the other reviewers here. A disclaimer: any comments which seem self-aggrandizing are not for any other purpose than to provide context. Trust me, I can definitely do without patting myself on the back anonymously on a blog.

        Background: 30s, spent a bunch of time in Japan, but shamefully limited Nihongo.

        Staff: This will be the only positive of my review. I have found the staff to be much more accommodating than others have. They have spoken to me only in Japanese, but extremely slowly, to give me every chance to understand. When I once showed up a minute too late for the final session, the tencho apologized in a way that seemed sincere. On my third visit, he recognized me with a friendly nod. Now, I should add that I dress well, look clean, and understand Japanese manners. I behave with extreme deference as Japanese would expect of each other in a formal situation. Please don’t bound in like a sweaty token-gaijin mess on a bender and ruin it for everyone. Sure, Kabukicho is seedy as all hell, but if we want to improve our lot in this country, don’t treat it like a theme park. Be the one who classes up the joint rather than the other way around.

        Patrons: Not your who’s who of Japanese men, that’s for sure. I once arrived and exited the elevator to find a customer smoking in the hall in front of the entrance. He looked at me with the most disgusted expression and didn’t move an inch even when I said sumimasen. I had to shimmy past him against the wall. Wish we were in a different time and place so I could respond differently.

        Girls: I cannot possibly overstate how much I have found the girls to be less impressive than others have in both looks and technique. If you stand at the East exit of Shinjuku station for 2 minutes you’ll be passed by a hundred girls who are better looking. I know my Japanese friends would agree. I’ll describe a few examples below:

        Rika: I initially chose RIka following research because Japanese guys seemed to rate her service highly, and I trust their taste far more than that of my own kind. The moment I laid eyes on her, though, I was sorely disappointed. However, she was relatively kind, especially compared to Hibiki (more on this later). She tried to work in some English words and talked in that sort of bouncy maid way like you’d find in Akihabara, which is sadly not my taste. Because of this, and my general nerves the first time there, I couldn’t get going during the lip service. She quickly took off the hat and used her hands, but what followed felt more like an attempt to start a fire on my D than create pleasure. After a few minutes of constant reminders that time was almost up (which did not help), she aborted and apologized profusely. Nonetheless, I’d recommend her if this is your type of deal. She’s probably the best service you’ll get here.

        Hibiki: Though not a stunner, Hibiki has a sexy resting bitch face that seems suited for her line of work. If you read her blog (linked on the site), her pics and comments are kinky as hell, so I was hoping for quality service. Unfortunately that was not the case. She was far less friendly than Rika, with not a hint of a smile or attempt to chat. After the strip show, she just popped open the door, dropped to her knees, and went to work. I may have found this hot if I weren’t surprised and disappointed that I was never given the option to touch her, as that is included in the service fee. Her oral technique was decent but literally a single mechanical motion repeated for the entire duration with the same rapid speed. At the end of 2 minutes of oral (that’s right–2, not 3, not 5, not 7 as others have said), rather than go manual as every other review states the girls do, she abruptly tossed me a tissue and left. I was stunned and disappointed. She was not rushing to the next booth, either, as I was her last customer for the night. 6200 yen is cheap for adult services but I could’ve had more fun setting fire to it.

        Asuka: Finally a girl who was legitimately good-looking by Japanese standards. While I’d call Rika a 6 and Hibiki about a 7, Asuka, all things considered, rounds up to an 8. She also has the biggest cans of the cast (though the claim of G-cup is a bit of a stretch). Asuka is somewhat businesslike, but not as bad as Hibiki. If you want to see her, though, prepare to have a long post-strip wait, unless your timing is good and you are among the first in line. For me, personally, that long wait kills the experience, so I avoid her.

        Service comments: If you pay for the oral and breast touching service, you may be deceived. Rika allowed me about 8-10 seconds of touching, then when the oral was over, rather than stand facing me to give me another chance to touch further, she positioned herself facing away from me and against the booth wall in the ideal way to prevent my hands from reaching her chest or her butt. Hibiki did not offer even 1 second of touch. Perhaps depending on the queue or the girl’s mood, you may receive as little as 2 minutes of service. Other guys have mentioned girls maintaining eye contact for long stretches, moaning, smiling, verbally encouraging you to finish, allowing fingering, or other enticing behaviors. I received absolutely zero of these, and from the girls’ behavior cannot even imagine them. Instead it felt like they were serving some sort of suffering penance from which they may never escape. If I didn’t do very well with Japanese women in the wild, a few of whom are above the NHP cast, I’d wonder from their attitude whether I’m some sort of revolting ogre. So I can’t find the reasons to explain my experience. I’m good looking, stylish, ensured I was squeaky clean in the “service area” prior to my visits, and was very polite and kind to the girls and staff. Go figure.

        Final thoughts: NHP has a reputation for uber-hot girls, and I think this is only because gaijin either do not have a sense of or the access to truly hot girls. The service is extremely hit-or-miss, in that you may sometimes get less than 3 minutes to get off. I must be operating on a different biological clock from anyone who says the service “never feels rushed.” So in summary, I only recommend going to this place if you 1) do not suffer from any nerves in an awkward, uncomfortable environment with girls who may treat you like they’d rather contract ebola than be touched by you 2) can get off quickly regardless of the random amount of time you get on that day, which could be as short as 2 minutes, and 3) are easily impressed by girls closer to a 5 than a 10. Perhaps you’ll be more fortunate than me, but given the previous reviewer in June was also very negative, and an acquaintance of mine last month pledged not to return, I wonder if things at NHP have simply declined for all.

        I hope at least one other lad has found this helpful and chosen more wisely.


        1. You didn’t get Usagi. She is amazing and your mind will change about New Hot Point after you get her. OMG I will blow my entire paycheck just to play with her tits and let her wank me off!!!

      95. Went to New Hot Point today. It was my 3rd time there and my first in about a month. This time was a little different than the last two. I picked Usagi today and again was very pleased with her service. Although I was pleased, it was a bit rushed compared to other times. I think this had to do with the guy before me couldn’t pop and got the time up speech from her and me being the last customer she saw that day. By the time she got around to me it was 5:45 and she got off at 6 so I can understand that. Last time I went she gave me access to everything. Today just her boobies which are still extremely nice. I will see Usagi again as she is by far my favorite at New Hot Point. While I had a good time today I just felt a little rushed and haven’t felt that before. I can understand based on the situation and in the end I had an extremely hot girl yank me off till I popped!! I will be going back again and I will be seeing Usagi again. Thanks

        1. Thanks for the report. If it is the same Usagi who was there a few years ago then I understand why you would enjoy her tits so much. Cheers.

        1. Thanks for the report. They’ve had an official policy like that for at least four years but in most cases it doesn’t seem to be enforced. Cheers.

        2. Was your denial in the AM or PM session? The young guy (usually AM in my experience) is much less friendly and does his best to speak faster than a coked up auctioneer to test your Japanese. I got through it the first time by saying I always visit at night. The elder guy (usually PM) is usually very patient but there was a nice old Anglo gent who went in a couple weeks ago and didn’t know a lick of the system or word of Japanese. I was cringing as I listened, waiting for him to get the boot, but he made it to the show stage. I sure hope he didn’t step out of line with his girl and blow it for all of us. I’ll report after my next visit to see Usagi if there’s an issue, but they all recognize me already as a regular so perhaps I’d be allowed anyway.

        3. I actually went the 21st and got in without an issue. Third time (last time was a year ago) so I knew the drill, had no issues paying and getting the full treatment. It probably has something to do with your ehtnicity/age/dress. I’m a 25 year old white male dressed for business so that might let me in easier. I don’t speak any japanese beyond the very basics.

        4. Thanks for the update Chrisss, will be there next week and having read every comment on here, I just can’t pass up the opportunity. Cheers.

      96. I personally thought this was a pretty weak experience. I mean, I sort of get it. Japan is hard and you get desperate. But still, this was such a lacking, low-brow experience. Ended up waiting 1h30m to race a 5min HJ clock from a pretty bitchy, sort of hot/mostly not Jap chick. People raving about AV level girls must watch different movies. It was $2k at the door, $2k HJ + $1k to play with tits. A relatively inexpensive outing but just not very enjoyable. Would think using HTC or JK instead, paying 4x the cost and getting 4x(+) the experience is just a better use of time and money.

      97. After reading a lot of reviews here, i decided to go there today, friday around 5 pm. I was the second. After waiting 30 or 45 min and 5 more salary men, we went to the booths. It looks cheap. The boxes, the scene. The dances too. The bodies of girls are fine to be honest but not sure the first dancer was japanese by looking at her face. Again, a lot of make-up. I choosed Yuria. Ass, legs are fine. Tits not. Face hidden by 10 layers of make-up. I can tell she’s not 23y like it says on the site. She might even be 40 or 43. Im asian, im 40 but i look like 29-30 without make up.
        I selected the HJ service. 5 min. Not enough for me to get the thing done. Not excited enough. She let me touch her ass. Maybe with 10 min more i could do it cos she knows how to do it. She said sorry 5 min gone… i replied it’s fine to be polite. Didnt expect much anyway.
        This place is overated. I thought that could be great cos i only saw japanese salary men while waiting, and not the ugly ones, all tall, clean with nice suit and shoes. I think japanese men are really in lack of sex to go to such places and get done in 5 min BJ or HJ in such tiny booths after work, caucasian punters as well.

        Im asian, not ugly, with style. I had chinese, korean girlfriends, they were more than average, pretty with very nice body. So im picky. I go to such places cos i like new experiences and love sex with different partners, but im disappointed with the Tokyo places you reported here. You guys always overrate the asian girls. Average > Ugly and fat. Pretty and hot > Just fine. 20 or 30y > 40y or more.

      98. does anyone know what kind of lube they use? The handjob I got at this place was superb… thinking about buying the lube and giving it to ladies in Thailand to use on me… saves a lot of money. Thanks Rockit for the awesome tip.

      99. (I loved New Hot Point. I went there in March, a month before it closed its doors forever April 30.) It’s seedy, it’s handy, it’s kitschy, it’s dirty, it’s fun. The entry sleigh bells strung up by elevator. The orange color scheme. The perverse extra options. The music. The bad plumbing and ventilation odors. The funny canned announcements “please pleasure and pleasant feeling.”

        Although it was a Saturday night, none of the heavy hitters were on the bill. Instead there were two dancers I had yet to have had the pleasant pleasure of meeting. One was “Me” (still shinjin 10 months on) and the other was someone else I didn’t recognize but wasn’t favorably prejudiced towards by the photo on display at the front counter.

        The tencho was quite friendly, said “good evening” and broke my 10,000 bill with a smile, asked which dancer, tried to show me an English instruction card outlining the option services such as blowjob, handjob and the like (payment in advance at the desk) realized that I knew Japanese and withdrew the card, and then asked that the keitai should go in the number 1 ketai slot, and handed me a black plastic numbered card.

        So, I then bided my time in the lounge, purposely ignoring the JAV TV, thumbing through an ancient manga. Then our numbers were called, and I was lead to my room by the girl I thought was my choice – “Me” – after the door was shut, I switched on the optionsu sabisu no kyakusama switch and waited. No one came. And the the show began.

        So, I’m sitting there, 4 1000 yen bills in hand, watching the first girl – the one I thought was “Me” – and thinking, “ok, what’s been misunderstood here? should I get up and go say something to the Tencho?” But laziness got the better of me as I watched “Me” do her thing. I didn’t find her terribly attractive. Maybe today would be my first “options free” NHP experience, shou ga nai.

        The girl I thought was “Me” finished, and then the next girl was on. I instantly recognized her, she had been the accompanying girl for Haruka about 4 months earlier. And dancing wise, Haruka had put her to shame. I mean, although I love the standard NHP sexy dance, I had never considered it to be a thing of great skill and wonder, but that girl made me rethink my assumptions. She had zero sense of rhythm. She moved like an insect that had just been stepped on. It was so anti- sexy that it was hard to watch.

        But, lo! 4 months on, she had improved her moves. Somewhat. At least I didn’t have to avert my lecherous gaze in embarrassment. And compared to dancer 1, she definitely had the better body. Although I was not partial to her completely deforested pussy look.

        When the dances were done and it came time for opshan sabasu no kibou no kyakusama to wait their turn, I stayed put, still clutching my 4000 yen.

        19 minutes later, a knock at the door! And of course you’ve guessed right – I had mixed up which girl was who, and “Me” was actually the (now upgraded to “kinda”) unsexy dancer.

        I asked the new “Me” for the 3000 yen finger and bust touch service, along with the 1000 yen private light service. For some reason, I hadn’t already pulled my own pants down, so Me knelt down in front of me, undid my belt buckle, and proceeded to first pull down my jeans, and then my boxers, and then grabbed my throbbing member and held it next to her breasts, causing it to further engorge. She spent awhile down there stroking it and holding me close. Then it was flashlight time. As usual, somehow we rearranged our bodies to fit in the cramped booth. I was squatting below her with a now stiff-as-a-broomstick boner and she was straddling me, gently spreading the ever more glistening perfectly formed orangish pink vulva lips with one hand. I peered intently with the super dim LED light, said a few kireis and oushii sous. And then she had me stand up again. Here’s where things turned markedly different from my previously experienced NHP pleasant feeling presentations.

        Every other girl at NHP, when it comes to finger service, embraces me from the side but tends to aim my dick away from us as she’s stroking it. And then, when I’m on the verge of coming, voluminous sheets of Kleenex magically appear in her hands to sop it all up. It does the job (sometimes) but makes the supposed to be sexy experience into somewhat of a less-than-sexy rote process. I do realize that a dancer might do this to avoid getting her soft young body covered in warm, sticky, semen, which might then pick up pink carpet fuzz mid-dance as she rolls over to use two fingers to pull back her panties revealing flashes off brown and pink holes, and this is a turn-on, but I digress.

        Anyways, Me held me very closely, jacking my cock up against her while she aimed it upward at her cleavage. She skillfully manipulated the lower shaft, upper shaft, frenulum, balls, tip over and over again to the point of me, “iku” and her, “ippai dashite!”. She avoided getting herself covered in warm, sticky semen by skillfully catching my ejaculate in her hands. I was impressed. Never mind the weird dancing skill set. She definitely has the stuff to get better,and I have now confirmed that sexy dancing on its own doesn’t make the semen freely flow.

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