Review: Rui at Paradise soapland in Tokyo, Japan


Rui is a pretty lady working at Paradise soapland in Tokyo. Following on the success of the Paradise soapland in Kawasaki, a new branch of the foreigner friendly soapland opened in Yoshiwara. Both shops operate in the same way, but they of course have different ladies on staff.

I am not sure, but I think Erika may be the most popular service provider at Paradise Yoshiwara. Rui looks a lot like Erika. So she must be popular too. At the very least, Rui is one of the more skilled providers at Paradise with a history in the business.

Rui at Paradise Yoshiwara

Rui has a very beautiful face. She is quite tall for a Japanese woman. And in some ways she is perhaps slightly larger frame than the average Japanese gal too. That is not to say that Rui is fat. Because she certainly isn’t at all. But she is not petite either.

Paradise describes Rui as “busty”, but her breasts are average for a woman of her size. Even in Japan. She definitely has hooters, but they’re not huge by any means. Rui’s skin is light and she has silky hair that falls to about her shoulder. Her smile is very nice and she is pleasant to be around.

Rui Tokyo soapland prostitute

Rui doesn’t speak much English. But she is trying to learn the language. And in any event she prefers working with foreigners. Her lack of English skills isn’t much of an issue. She knows how to keep things moving from one step to the next. Rui is a full service soapland gal who does everything from undressing customers to thoroughly washing their most intimate of areas.

Rui shines when it comes to mat play and her willingness to go the extra mile in terms of service. First of all, her nuru nuru soapy slide skills are pretty good. She leaves little to be desired in that department. And she leaves no part of the body uncovered.

Rui’s soapland service

Some soapland providers are known for doing very extensive cat baths. Years ago it was almost a standard. But these days it seems like less ladies are willing to lick customers from top to toe.

Rui told me that she used to work at another soapland, and her experience shows. Rui does it all, including licking feet and sucking toes. She also actively sticks her tongue where the sun doesn’t shine. Rui does pretty extensive rimming, and she is skilled at doing it sensuously.

Her sucking skills aren’t bad either, and she doesn’t shy away from a bareback blowjob. She really excels at licking and puts a quite a bit of effort into her lingam lapping. She can go for quite a while too. Though due to her style I doubt many guys finish in her mouth.

Her full service is a little more enthusiastic than her head. By that I mean she goes more full throttle when she is on the stick. Rui does more of a bouncing in and out motion when she is on top than the typical back and forth. And in other positions she is quite able to take as well as she gives.

Rui is not necessarily mechanical. But she is clearly all business. In some ways that can be good. She knows her job and how to do it. On the other hand there is no illusion of mutual attraction or anything like that. Rui is very clearly performing a service for pay. Three-and-a-half stars.

Note: Paradise has closed.

Address:Tokyo Prefecture, Taito Ward, Senzoku, 4-21-1 (Map)
Phone:+81 036-240-6736
Hours:9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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