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Little Darling’s is one of the many strip clubs in Las Vegas, Nevada. America’s sin city is filled with adult entertainment of all sorts. And I am not talking about the casinos. The legal variety of adult entertainment in Las Vegas is based solely in the strip clubs although there is an argument to include the topless showgirls.

Nevada is home to the only legal prostitution in the United States. But that is restricted to areas with smaller populations. Las Vegas is a highly populated area that is growing all the time. So titty bars are the limit of legality.

In reality the laws in Las Vegas can be even more strict than other out of the way places. Little Darling’s is case in point. Although it has fully nude dancers the club does not sell alcohol. This is a “dry club” as they say in the states. Unlike many other American strip clubs that cannot sell alcohol this place doesn’t even allow customers to bring in their own beverages! Though I visit to see naked women so it’s not too much of a bother for me.

Inside Little Darling’s

Little Darling’s is located right next to the freeway in the middle of Las Vegas. In keeping with the gaudy Vegas aesthetic Little Darling’s is located inside a long building that is actually painted bright pink. If that wasn’t enough to catch your eye they have giant white letters along the side that read “TOTALLY NUDE”. This is no discreet shop in some small town. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. There may be a reason for that! Though it does fit in with the surroundings here.

stripper at little darling's in vegas

Little Darling’s charges a rather high cover fee of $38 USD. When they have a featured dancer it can cost as much as $50 USD just to get in the door! Some other things about this club also approach the annoying. One example is an $8 charge for a non-alcoholic soft drink. Another example is the male bathroom attendant. While I understand that people have to make a living I have never been a fan of having a man stand in the restroom. At least it is not as bad as some Thai go go bars where the attendants offer unsolicited shoulder massages to men while they urinate.

Otherwise the club is okay. It’s just as outrageous inside as it is from the exterior. Beyond the elevated stage the floor is filled with pleather covered chairs that are actually sparkling pink. Even the carpet has pink accents!

Strippers, services, rates and summary

There are a lot of ladies dancing at Little Darling’s on any given night. The total number probably approaches two dozen. They all appear to be in their twenties or perhaps early thirties. All sorts of gals can be found from Asians to black women, white women and Latinas. Some are on the thin and petite side while others have the sort of asses that threaten to shake the Richter scale when shaken. Being so close to the fault lines of the Western US I tended to stay away from the gigantic backsides though I am sure chubby chasers find themselves in hog heaven.

The women here are definitely outgoing if not necessarily friendly. That is not to say they are mean or cold. It just means that they introduce themselves by asking for a private dance. During the dances they are more apt to talk about the finer things in life. Though at that point who really cares? This is an adult entertainment venue not a psychologists office. No matter how much some troubled individuals might want it to be the latter.

The women do dance quite well on the stage but the lap dances are the main draw at Little Darling’s. From the word go the gals try to get customers in the back. Regular dances cost $20 but the ladies do look for tips to make things more interesting. Other options are also available such as 15 minutes in a “VIP” suite for about $10 a minute. While that is expensive it is not close to the highest fee to be found in Vegas.

The dance area almost reminds me of a pink salon in Japan. Except the dance area here is actually much more private than the more open rooms of a blowjob bar like Happy Hinomaru. A twisted set of halls separated by an opaque curtain leads to a bunch of booths with high backs and beds. Customers are told to lay down flat as the fully nude dancers climb aboard and go to work. This is definitely no happy ending massage joint. But the ladies do some of the best full contact dances to be found anywhere in the United States. I have to wonder if the inventor of the liquid lapdance was a regular visitor!

The lovely ladies at Little Darling’s allow for a lot of leeway while staying within the limits of the law. This is a strip club after all. Legal and black market full service options exist all around and even within Las Vegas. This place plays its part by filling a certain niche. For that is deserves some credit. Especially since its so well run as the type of venue it is meant to be. It’s not big and flashy like the nearby Hustler Club. But it is a fun place to spend some time. So I give it two-and-a-half stars. In my opinion it is better than Gallagher’s 2000 but not quite as good as Madonna in Tokyo.

Address:1514 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102 USA (Map)
Phone:+1 702-366-1141
Hours:6:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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