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The Hustler Club in Las Vegas is one of the most well known and popular strip clubs in the world. Part of that is simply down to the location. But the real reason is in the name. There are plenty of strip clubs in Sin City. But there is only one Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. Some call it the greatest strip club on earth. Having visited places like New Hot Point and Super Strip Theater in Tokyo I wouldn’t dare to go that far. But the Vegas Hustler Club is certainly one of the premier strip clubs in the United States.

The infamous Larry Flynt got his start in the bar industry. After taking over his mother’s bar and turning it into a success he used some of his profits to open another bar. That bar was called the Hustler Club. It served as the spring board to Mr. Flynt’s massive success as a publisher and businessman. Some may also say he was a major success in the political realm too. What matters in this review is that Flynt expanded his Hustler Club chain across the country with the Las Vegas location under review here being one of the most notable examples.

Inside the Vegas Hustler Club

From the outside the Hustler Club looks like a small castle or one of the big adult venues you might find in some parts of Asia. Of course this all fits in with Las Vegas. It also matches with the Hustler Club chain in general. They go big and bold and it shows. The entrance is illuminated and protected from the elements. With so many customers showing up in cabs, Uber cars and even limos, this is right on target.

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The cover charge at the Hustler Club varies. One quirk about Las Vegas is that most strip clubs admit people free if they show up in a cab. There is a sort of agreement in place that is not unlike the deal many soapy massage parlors in Thailand have with taxi drivers. It is a sort of win-win situation. Yet the Hustler Club does have a drink minimum even for people that show up in a taxi cab. So they still get stuck with a tab though at least they have some drinks to show for it. Those who bring themselves to the club may have to pay up to $60 USD to enter though even this usually includes something like one free lap dance. There are many deals to be found however. Earlier in the year the club offered free membership cards and drink bottles to adults who showed up to a pop-up vaccination clinic.

Hustler Clubs are normally spacious and well laid out. The Las Vegas Hustler Club is no exception. It is fairly roomy and looks more like a show bar than the kind of dingy strip club one might find in another part of the country. The place is also perfectly designed. The many poles can be seen from any part of the club including the bars on either side of the floor. There is also a wide variety of seating ranging from bar stools to more laid back options. There is also a good bit of close up seating around the two round stages. The seating along the wall almost reminds me of a Thai go go bar too. Though it is a lot more comfortable. If every strip club followed this model it would make for a big improvement. But not every strip club in the Hustler Club.

Staff, services and fees

There are many dozens of women working the Hustler Club on any given night. On a good night there may be more than a hundred ladies around. And that is not including the wait staff who are pretty and fun enough on their own. The dancers are somewhat diverse. Sure a lot of the ladies lean towards the blond bombshell variety. But who could complain about that? Especially when Asian, Black and Latino women are also around in fairly high numbers.

While the wait staff is attentive and entertaining the dancers don’t do as much actual dancing as one may expect from the name. Instead the ladies mostly focus on getting guys to do lap dances. It’s the same in a lot of clubs though at the Hustler Club in Vegas they really focus in on getting guys to do dances. At $60 USD a pop these are no cheap frolics. Yet this is Las Vegas where big spenders rule and people come to drop their entire life savings in a weekend. So it is to be expected. Especially when the dances offer so much mileage.

There are two types of lap dances done at the Vegas Hustler Club. The first type happens right on the main floor. These are very tame dances that probably wouldn’t impress any seasoned adult man. The dances that take place in the plush booths are different. The private dancers at this Hustler Club tend to be quite hands on. There is a lot of touching and contact in both directions. There are also plenty offers of extras that obviously come at an extra price. Some may even call the offer incessant. Since I don’t mind being propositioned by a naked women I have no issue with that. Besides I know what kind of place this is. Even if I didn’t all I need to know would be right there in the name. It’s called the Hustler Club so its no surprise that the women inside might try to hustle customers from time to time. Or all the time as the case may be.

Obviously I can only report on what I have seen. This isn’t to say that everyone else will see or experience the same things. As the ever popular saying goes, “your mileage may vary”. A lot of other people seem to come in just to watch some of the “performative shows” that are scheduled. I can’t imagine this is a great deal for dancers who work for tips. That could explain their ways of behaving with red blooded males who are into the scene. It could also help explain some of the expense.


Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas is clearly one of the best American strip clubs in existence. It is a nice place with a great layout, attenuative wait staff, and a bevy of babes on hand who are willing to go the extra mile to leave customers pleased even if that means relieving them of a fair bit of their hard earned. What else can I say?

I can say that it is an American strip club. So I have to take that into perspective when writing a review. Although prostitution is famously legal in the state of Nevada the sale of sex services is actually forbidden in Clark County. Las Vegas is located inside of Clark County. Of course sex work of all sorts still abounds in Las Vegas. But there are no above board brothels in the city where one might find a licensed prostitute like Norma Jean. By law those can only exist in counties with a population of 700,000 or less. Las Vegas alone is home to that many people.

Still as American strip clubs go this place is a gem. Sure it is part of a chain. And yes it is a bright and obvious place that attracts its share of tourists. But the Hustler Club also brings in a fair share of regular locals. That in and of itself says a lot about this place. You could blow your entire pay check here with ease. Or you could just kick back and enjoy the show without breaking the bank. Either way it is not cheap yet there is plenty of fun to be had here. There are even male dancers up on the top floor though I can’t comment on that part of the club.

The Hustler Club in Vegas is a great example of what a bright and shiny show bar style strip club can be like. With plenty of women it is sure to satisfy the itch of any man or women who wants to see some home ladies on display. Customers can either get up close and personal with the dancers or sit back, relax and enjoy the show. What else could you really ask for? I give the place three-and-a-half stars.

Address:6007 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118, USA (Map)
Phone:+1 702-795-3131
Hours:24 HOURS
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