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Review: Gallagher’s 2000 in Queens, NY

Gallagher’s 2000 is an out of the way strip club in Queens, New York. Located on a side street off of Queens Boulevard not far from Scandal’s, the club is in a fairly discrete area. The only thing around seem to be industrial warehouses which may or may not be in use. It’s easy to reach by public transportation, taxi or car. You can get there from Manhattan in a matter of minutes.

The entrance is nothing special. A simple green awning over the doorway with a sign is the only thing to let you know that tits are out and bouncing behind the plain exterior. No big neon lights or anything like that exists.

Once you get inside it’s the usual outer-borough style strong security. Even though you’re right across the bridge from Manhattan where you are never checked before entering a strip club, here you must take off your jacket, pass through a metal detector and get a pat down from some oversized Eastern European guy.

After you finish will all that fun and excitement it’s over to the door where you will hand your jacket off and pay the entrance fee of 15 dollars. Have some money ready to tip on your way out. This is expected anywhere someone takes your coat, even though some out of towners don’t seem to realize that.

Inside Gallagher’s 2000

Inside the club is absolutely huge, at least for a place in New York. There is tons of seating, a big square bar with a stage inside, another stage below, a big space for lap dances and a private VIP room. But the problem is that a lot of the space seems to go unused.

If you sit at the bar you can watch the girls dance on stage. After they finish their routine, they will come around to each person to ask for a small tip. You will usually be approached by at least one or two other women while you sit there as well, not so subtly hinting that you buy them a drink or take them for a lap dance.

Gallagher's 2000 strip club

Lap dances go for the standard rate of 20 dollars a pop. They take place in the aforementioned space, on big cushy chairs. The chairs are next to one another but the layout and lighting actually gives you some privacy. You will walk past a big old bouncer on the way to the chairs. He doesn’t hover over you, but does appear to be there to toss out anyone who gets grabby or otherwise causes problems.

Private access to the girls is available in the VIP room. Time here is sold in blocks. The prices are absurd as can be expected for a strip club, so I’ve never even bothered with trying it out. There are just too many other sure things around. Nowadays I would avoid unless I had a lump of extra money to blow or lost my mind and went head over heels for a dancer.

Staff and service

Since this is New York City, the girls at Gallagher’s go no further than topless. Rules are rules I guess. Thanks Rudy! Down below they wear a thong. When not dancing, they wear the cheesy fake gowns that are so popular in the Big Apple.

The girls here are a very nice mix. Diversity is the name of the game as two to three dozen women from all over the world are working here at any given time. There are especially a lot of Eastern European and Latina women. I once got a lap dance here from a Japanese girl who I originally thought was Filipina based on appearance. It was the most well down and erotic dance I’ve ever received anywhere. She had me harder than the ground in Central Park in January. The age of the women here ranges from the low 20’s to the late 30’s. No one is really disgusting as far as I can see, but by no means are they all super sexy. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder though and as always your mileage may vary.

In 2001, there was a federal bust of several NY city strip clubs, including Gallagher’s 2000, alleging that mobsters had trafficked foreign women into work. As far as I know, this wasn’t some big illicit human trafficking ordeal, but instead they were helping girls who wanted to make money dancing get into the states for a set fee. I don’t know what ever came out of it.

As a pretty standard strip club where you can easily spend more than it costs to get full service from a hottie at one of the dozens of local Korean massage parlors, Gallagher’s doesn’t rank too highly in my opinion. I give it a star and a half. If it wasn’t for the ethnic mix, I’d probably give it less than that.

Gallagher’s 2000. 4319 37th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 4:00 AM. Phone: +1 718-361-1348. Website:

4 thoughts on “Review: Gallagher’s 2000 in Queens, NY”

  1. Avoid The lap dances. If your hands stray an inch over the girls body. I got ejected by the pony tailed bouncer, without warning. Though I was clearly not grabby.

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that hands on is almost always welcome especially once you bought a drink for the lady (or ladies) sitting with you. In Crazy House around the corner from Soi Cowboy, the NAKED ladies will even sit on your lap and you can grope to your hearts content. One very pretty and naked girl sat on my lap and groped my cock, saying how big it was even though I am average size. She then proceeded to unzip me, take me out and shoved me up her pussy and started bouncing up and down, all in a very crowded bar. The guy next to me kept looking to see what was going on. All I could think was “WTF!?!” and “I don’t have a condom on. I hope she is clean” and “Jeezus! I am about to cum. Cannot cum here. Too crowded”. But what a memorable experience… all for the cost of a $5 ladies drink.

  2. I find Western strip clubs boring. I am now living in Bangkok, Thailand and if you want to see real action head over here to Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, or Patpong. The girls are super sexy and in several bars dance fully naked. No entry fees, cheap beers and ladies drinks, and your favourite hottie is usually available to take back to your hotel room if you fancy more action.

    You can also head off to Pattaya (sin city) if Bangkok gets boring.

    I have completely lost interest in Pay-4-Pleasure in my home town back west.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I believe that a lot of people feel the same way as you once they experience the options in other parts of the world. Of course the entire West isn’t as repressive as the United States. Plenty of Western countries like Germany and the Czech Republic are filled with people and businesses offering sexual services. Cheers.

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