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Review: Jinju Massage in Seoul, South Korea

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Jinju Spa in Gangnam

South Korea has long been one of the most popular topics here. This website was banned throughout much of South Korea a few years ago without warning but people continue to seek out Rockit Reports for information.

Jinju Massage Seoul

Jinju Massage is a popular massage parlor in the Gangnam section of Seoul. It is a much more thorough place than other nearby massage parlors like Belle and Cool which have been reviewed here in the past.

Unlike many of the adult oriented establishments in South Korea this place is totally friendly to foreigners even when they cannot speak the local language. The shop has signs in multiple languages and the people on staff can all speak at least a little English.

Jinju Massage is located right out in the open though it could conceivably be easy to miss since it is situated on a side street and only a block away from another massage parlor with a similar exterior. The main landmark in the area is the Hotel Dynasty Seoul which is just around the corner from the place under review here.

Most customers probably travel to Jinju Massage with the aid of Seoul’s popular mass transit system. Stops like Gangnam, Sinnonhyeon, Nonhyeon and Eonju are all in walking distance.

Inside Jinju massage

Once they arrive at the well-marked black glass front customers enter and remove their shoes. They place their footwear in one of the available lockers and take the key before heading up a small step and over to the front counter where they book their sessions.

The young men who work the front desk at Jinju are friendly enough and capable of speaking at least enough English to deal with foreign customers. Locals are much more common but as stated the management warmly welcomes people from around the world who are able to understand and follow the way things work.

A single session at Jinju Massage costs 130,000 Won ($110 USD). The fee is paid up front. Once it is settled customers can walk down a hallway and into a changing room where they will find a male attendant. This attendant seems to watch television more than anything else though he is helpful in directing customers when needed.

Things are pretty self explanatory. Customers find an available locker and put their clothes and other belongings inside. Then they take the key and keep it with them. After that they walk into the large communal shower room where they are expected to clean their bodies and brush their teeth. They can also partake in the available tubs if they want to soak.

Once they are down wetting themselves down customers head back toward the lockers and grab a towel to dry off with. Then they can pick up one of the available pairs of robes and shorts before notifying the attendant that they are ready for their session to begin.

Happy ending

At this point customers are led down a long maze of seemingly endless hallways until they reach one of the available rooms. There they wait until the first of two female attendants shows up to take care of them.

The first attendants are made up of a team of women in their forties who are professionally trained in the art of the massage. While they are not supermodels by any means they are generally attractive. They wear short skirts and polo shirts and are generally friendly even though few can speak any English. They are certainly skilled in body rubs too and that is what matters most when it comes to their positions.

These attendants give customers thorough rub downs that last close to an hour. They are purely therapeutic until the end. At that point a second attendant arrives to provide a happy ending. In order to get the customers ready for these second wave gals the original body rub girls work on the lower bits. Once the customers are fully and visibly engaged the body rub women leave so that the session can continue.

The second attendants are generally very attractive. Most of them cannot speak much English either but they know their jobs well. They are mainly in their twenties and shapely with sexy lingerie making them look even better. Each person has their own way of doing things but in a typical session the second gal will drop her top and give her customer a bit of access. Then she’ll preform a bit of oral before finishing everything off with a lubed up round of hand service.

Once customers complete the secondary attendants clean them up before leading them back down the labyrinth of halls to the locker room. There customers can clean up again with the showers or simply put their gear back on and leave.

Jinju Massage is a well functioning and clean massage parlor with a competent staff that knows what they are doing. I think the place deserves four stars mainly because of the level and involvement given in comparison to other nearby places like the above mentioned Cool and Belle. Probably the biggest drawback is the cost which is around what good jack shacks in the middle of New York charge though it must be remembered that Seoul is one of the largest cities on earth.

Jinju Massage. 204-6 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. Click here for a map. Open every day from 9:00 AM until 2:00 AM.

52 thoughts on “Review: Jinju Massage in Seoul, South Korea”

  1. Wow. Rockit. You are just around my home now. I’ve heard of Jinju massage many times. It is one of the longest running massages in Seoul and I am not surprised that they welcome foreigners as well. Dd you have a FS for 130,000won ?
    Most similar massage include it as far as I know. Probably the second session lasts about 15 min!! If you need help,(I don’t you do but) you can write me to the email address. Cheers!

  2. That’s awesome.

    An hour of a normal massage and then the masseuse is swapped out for a handjob attendant at the end. It literally sounds like an AV come to life.

    Is this format standard practice in South Korea?

    1. Yes. It is a very standard practice in S. Korea. Most of the girls at the massage do CIM if the rate is 90,000 won and above. If the rate is 50,000~80,000, only some bj and a happy ending handie. Cheers!

        1. Cim really depends on girls at the rate of 80,000 won. There’s one called Da One near Apkujung station exit no. 4 that accepts foreigners like Japanese mostly because the runner speaks Japanese. The rate is 120,000 won and very similar to Jinju, I been there many times and cim is normal there, some girl also did DT but I do not remember her name. Cheers.

    1. South Korea is a developed economy and surpasses many parts of the West. It hasn’t been an underdeveloped impoverished country in some time. Rates are on usually on par with similarly developed countries. Sometimes they are lower. Cheap sexual services are still available but they tend to be of lower quality just as they are in places like New York. Cheers.

    2. Still cheaper than Japan. 15 min of a FS in Osaka costs about $150. You can have the same service for about $60 for an hour in Bangkok, I’ve had a massage and a hj for 500bt about ($15) after some negotiating a few times. I’ve had FS for all night in Phnom Penh for $15. It really varies where you go in Asia. Cheers!!

      1. Old thread, but I’d like to chime in since the topic is still relevant. It is not an exaggeration to say that a majority of Westerners, especially those who haven’t traveled far from home, still view the world through Cold War era lenses. Back then the only developed countries in the world were the Western countries and Japan. Virtually every other country was impoverished.

        Fast forward to 2020 and the most modern and developed cities in the world are all in Asia (from as far West as Doha to as far East as Seoul). Meanwhile the standards of living have plummeted dramatically in the West. However the realization that the Cold War days are over has yet to sink in the collective Western consciousness. Not only is Russia still the public enemy number one, but I often talk to otherwise intelligent people – doctors, lawyers, etc. – who think there is still a war going on in Cambodia, or have never heard of Taipei. The school system and mass media in the West are outdated and don’t reflect the changes of the last 20-30 years (perhaps intentionally).

        Cheers to all.

  3. visited Jinju last week, very enjoyable. Bit of a long wait – 45 mins or so – for service, but bearable. Massage starts off very therapeutic and robust then gets increasingly erotic. Finger tip massage all over the body, ass massage, and finally oil massage on your balls and landing strip. Then the second girl arrives in mini dress and heels and pops her tits out. No oral but nice catbath, tits access and lubed handjob. Also went to Tiffany which is a little more expensive at 160k won, slightly different set up. First massage is longer, an hour, and a genuinely great experience, but not erotic. Then the second girl comes and it include topless light oral plus hand job. Overall i think i preferred jinju, more of a cultural adventure, but both good.

    1. Thanks for the report. That is indeed a long wait. They must have been busy or short staffed. I’m not sure whether or not I’m familiar with Tiffany. Could you give more information? Cheers.

  4. Sure. It’s on the same street, and same side, as the one that Jinju is just off. If you were to come out of Jinju and turn left down the main road, away from the Ritz Carlton, and keep walking for about 10 mins, after a crossing you’ll see a black sign with white lettering in Korean and the word massage in red in English. Ground floor entrance on the main road. Just inside on the wall it says ‘Tiffany’ with an arrow down to the basement. Head down and there’s a friendly Korean guy on reception. The shorts and t-shirt they give you after the shower are a bit shabby, and a nice Guantanomo orange, but otherwise lot of fun. Very robust hour of massage then a cute girl in a white party dress came in, stripped to the waist for the bj/hj finish. Btw Ace Anma seems to be closed for renovation temporarily at least.

  5. Will visit jinju later today and report back later. Is there any place like macau sauna which you can spend more time inside beside sex. Like eating, watch tv, and different ertoic massages?

    1. There are some anmas in Seoul that sort of resemble Macau saunas though they don’t really compare. The various anmas have their own policies and many forbid foreigners to enter. Cheers.

    2. I”ve seen some sauna very similar to a Macau sauna but they cost about the same or even more. But it is not the norm in Seoul. Many sauna let you sleep including Jinju above(I think) but the only free food you get is a bowl of ramen noodles. Some have in a house restaurant and you can just pay. The facility would be much smaller as well. And no line up and you just have to go with some profile or whatever the papasan gives you. In my opinion, Macau saunas would be still the best saunas in the world for men. Mainland China also has many similar saunas like in Macau but with no lineup and they are very discreet as to the service and sometimes you get nothing but just a hj even for a 900 cyn(about 150 usd) in some lux spa. Cheers!

  6. It is snowing in seoul. Well Now I can understanding why this is rated a 4 stars. I believe the extra star was from the first massage. My finger got slamed by the glass door that lead to the shower. It was a good experience overall. Wish the last part of massage from 1st person last longer. I dont mind pay extra to have another 15mins.

  7. I have just come from here after years of lurking and hesitation. Admittedly my first P4P, but I can only report very positively on the results. Prior comments regarding a three girl ensemble are accurate, and while hardly a connoisseur I was stunned by all three I was fortunate to play with. The first was a lower 20s c-cup (Asian) with a welcoming demeanor and cute smile. Diligently worked her hands for 15 minutes before an alarm sounded – and then continued for at least 2 more before I commented on the beeping alarm and she apologized for not finishing. She had lowered her shirt and bra without any request and allowed me to fondle – though limits were clear. Next came the ‘MILF’, though I I think that is entirely unfair. She was skinny and beautiful, well made up, and gave an absolutely fantastic massage to boot. Could not have been over 35. The finale to the real massage was some ball play and prep for the next stage, where another lower-20s, much skinner than the first provider came in and immediately went to work with her hands. She was more mechanical but nonetheless great to look at – did not remove her top although I am sure she would have if I asked. To be honest I was so relaxed from the prior hour of attention I did not really care any more. She politely departed after dressing me at the end of our session and I had a refreshing shower in the leaving area before departing.

    This was a wonderful experience and I could only recommend again. I was never interested in anything beyond a happy ending and a decent massage, and so left content. 140k won.

  8. Visited Jinju last week on 2 different occassion. Picked the 160k won, 2 shot menu for both sessions. So total I saw 4 20s girls, and 2 milf masseuse. All 4 of the girls in their 20s are stunning. I believe all have undergone cosmetic surgeries, at varying degree. One out of four has implants. All 4 follow the same procedures. Came in, cleanup with wipes, takes down top, and start oily HJ. No BJ, and other access limited. 1 out of 4 had good English. After HJ, they would cleanup and have some small talk. For 3 out of 4, this is literally the only time we talked, and it was 1-2 sentences. Got dressed in their robe, and was shown the way to the showers. The Milf, one had good massage technique, the other one was waste of time, I had to ask her to reduce the ‘massage’ from 1 hour to 20 minutes.
    Good place to see stunning beautiful girls giving you quick HJ. If you want GFE, this is not the place.

    1. I think foreigners are getting ripped off at Jinju seriously. All the reviews in Korean I read about the services at Jinju included bbbj and cim. Cheers!

      1. What you describe seemed a lot more common just a few years ago. Services for places that accept foreigners in South Korea seem to devolve as time goes on. Cheers.

    1. Nearly all prostitutes in Korea are Korean. And the same goes with nearly all customers I may add. There are exceptions in the form of some escorts and some Thai women working in particular places. Cheers.

      1. Interesting, Thank you .for your reply.

        I just wondered because I know someone who’s just started working at a “massage” place, she says everyone in this place is Thai. Just wondered how common that is and how does a shop with thai girls in korea differ from a shop with korean girls?

        1. Korea is one of the rare places where Thai massage parlors often offer no sexual services at all. For example read my post about happy ending near Incheon International Airport. There many massage parlors are concentrated in one area. All the Korean places offer full service. The Thai massage place in that area only offers Thai massage however. Of course there are exceptions and even Thai staffed places in Korea that are entirely sexual in nature. Cheers.

  9. Thanks rockit, this place offers handjobs for 30,000won extra on top of the cost of the massage, girls are good looking but girls peform the massage fully clothed.

  10. went here today for the first time. Doubt it will be the last, arrived around 3:45pm and I was the only person there, there is a door man who will ask you to remove your shoes and put them in a locker, (note the key for your first locker is the corresponding key to your second locker) and then over to young front desk dude who spoke English well. Place is clean and not creepy, pay 130 cash or 150 card, you’re taken to a changing room and asked to shower and brush your teeth, they also have a steam room and hot bath. After you shower head out and put on a robe top and shorts, back out to the waiting area. I waited 2-3 minutes and then as others have said, down a winding path for ages to a room way in the back. First woman who came in was really cute, not old and not unattractive but not a 10. She gave me an EXTREMELY good massage, I paid way more for a worse massage only in New York, good strong rub down, oil, hot towel wrap (whoah) and then she flipped me over, got me half hard and then another *extremely* hot young lady came in. They did a had over and the first lady left, second lady made light conversation with me in English and then took her top off. She had extremely nice real tits and proceed to give me an excellent hj, let me play with her tits as much as I wanted and moaned softly the whole time, made eye contact etc. All in all 10/10, highly recommend.

  11. Lads, I just came back today, and it was an overall great experience but a bit expensive. The massager was old, like old–perhaps in her late 40s or so, but her massaging technique was on point. I guess I was just unlucky today. We laughed together at some moments. ALSO, I had the girl with implants, but she’s a solid 9; and most importantly she had a sweet personality. She felt comfortable around me, and I even made her laugh so I had access to everything: I mean everything, beside her pussy and asshole. I got suckles on my nipples. Some blowies and I came inside her mouth. She did stroke a bit too hard, but I got the full treatment. BUT I did have to pay $50 extra because I didn’t finish in time so my time got extended. All in all, I highly recommend. So bring cash. Bring cash. Why? It’s cheaper. ALSO: respect the girls and make them laugh, maybe they’ll treat you like me :)

  12. Hi, rockit.. I’ve Been to establishment like ace, jinju, Belle etc.. Which one are still open? I am staying at Seoul now.. But need legit information from you.. Super thanks

    1. I am not sure. When I reviewed the places they were open. Some people have made recent comments here reporting visits to places like Jinju. So there’s a chance they’re all still open and operating. Cheers.

  13. Revised Review: In retrospect, my experience at Jinju was decent not overall a great experience. I paid 180,000 in total —130,000 (regular full service charge) + 50,000 (extra time) — which is sort of ridiculous. The handjob was too mechnical and rough, like it was being rushed, and the blowjob was subpar. The mood killer for me was when the phone rang to signal that time was up and it ruined the entire mood. Also she poured lube down my urethra and it fucking burned. I’ll go again one more time and report for the boys.

  14. Dropped by here yesterday since I’m visiting Korea. Sign on the door for Covid closure and there was construction work going on, no one manning the front desk. Not sure if they will reopen post covid or remodeling?

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