Happy ending massage parlors near the Seoul International Airport


Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea is one of the biggest and best airports anywhere in the world. If you fly in Asia, there is a good chance you’ll stop there at least once. The airport has plenty to do inside including a museum and an ice skating rink. But there’s nowhere for a guy to go and drain his balls on a quick stopover. Or is there?

South Korea is home to quite a large adult entertainment industry. But most of it is closed to foreign men. In part due to this atmosphere there are escort agencies catering to foreign guys in the country. But they require advance booking and the use of a guest friendly hotel. If Smooci operated in the country with their on demand online booking model things would be different thanks. As it stands options are limited. But there are several venues open to foreigners within reasonable range of the airport.

The AREX train to Unseo

South Korea’s public transportation system is cheap, clean and efficient. And in this case it’ll take you right to an area filled with massage parlors in a matter of minutes. There are other things in the are too as I will explain.

There is a train connected to the airport called the Airport Express train or AREX. It’s easy to find by following the signs in the airport or simply asking someone. There’s an automated ticket machine which provides instructions in many languages including English. Unseo is just two stops from the airport. It is a small town built recently for airport workers and travelers. It’s full of hotels and restaurants and not much else. The total trip on the train takes less than five minutes.

inside Incheon Airport

When you arrive at Unseo Station, you will see that there is only one exit. Straight out of the exit there is a large public square. Past that there is a single visible traffic light. Just beyond that light lies the center of the town. The layout is simple. You won’t get lost. The whole town is surrounded on all sides by trees, trains and the like anyway, so there is simply no way to wonder out of it!

After going straight through the intersection with the station behind you, you will soon see a 7Eleven convenience store on your right.  After passing this convenience store, you will start seeing signs for massage parlors on the street. They will be made of wood or inflated and lit up. They will say things like “Thai Massage” or “Sports Massage.”

Massage parlors in Unseo

The Thai Massage place will be first. It is on the fifth floor of the building with the sign. If look up from the street, you will see that the windows of the entire fifth floor are blocked out with “Thai massage” signs. Just enter the building and head up via the elevator.

There are plenty more places in this small area. If you cross the street, the first building has a shop called “Wellbeing Massage” on the third floor. Again, just enter the building lobby and head up on the elevator.

In the buildings surrounding this place, there are several more massage parlors. Look for inflatable signs, double barber poles (a sign of sex shops in much of Asia), and the numerous advertisements thrown on the ground. Almost all of the big square buildings you will encounter after waling a block past the Thai Massage place will have at least one massage parlor inside.

If for some odd reason you have trouble, there are even ads inside all the elevators next to the floor numbers. They even have illustrations of massage in case you can’t read. The signs are usually in English, Korean and Japanese. This indicates foreigner friendliness.

Prices and services

The prices seem to be relatively uniform. The norm seems to be 150,000 won ($140 USD). Some may try to negotiate though I doubt it has much of any result. The price is basically the price. You usually pay up front to the same mamasan who greets you.

After payment, you’ll be taken to your massage room. These are clean and private. You masseuse will come in next.

The women that work in these shops seem to all be in their thirties or forties. They are professionals of moderate looks. It seems the level of English spoken at massage parlors in this area is higher than those in Seoul proper too, probably from the influx of travelers.

You will be told to strip of your clothes. When you get down to your bare ass, you’ll be wrapped in a towel and taken to the table shower room. Here you’ll get a back and front soapy scrub by hand. Extra attention will probably be paid to your tender bits.

When you get back to the room your masseuse will give you a short soft massage followed by standard full service. No hand relief here, you get to go inside (with a latex sheath of course). Oral is on the menu too! After a few positions she’ll have you shooting. After that, you lay back and let her clean you up. Depending on how much time you’ve used up doing the do, she may give you a little more soft massage or chit chat.

Clean up and summary

When you’ve finished, get dressed and head out the door. Tipping is neither required or expected in South Korea. And these places are no exception.

All-in-all, these massage shops are a lot like the Korean massage parlors in the United States. They are just a lot closer to home as it were.

Cheaper and arguably better service is available on Hooker Hill and places like Belle. There are also a number of independent escorts around. But those are all the way in Seoul. Unseo seems like the most convenient option for any guy who is stuck in the airport and wants to blow a load. You can get there from the airport, do your business, and get back in about an hour if everything goes right.

Gimpo Airport in Seoul is not far from Incheon Airport and is connected by train. You can also get to these massage parlors by train from Gimpo by simply traveling in the opposite direction. There’s nothing else to it. The total trip from Gimpo should take 15-20 minutes each way via rail.

Note: A newer report on the massage parlors in Unseo was published in 2017.

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