Review: Cool Massage in Seoul, South Korea


Cool Massage is another upper tier jack shack in the Gangnam area of Seoul. It is similar to the previously reviewed Belle Massage which is about two minutes away on foot. The places are similar, but there are differences as I will go on to explain.

Cool Massage is on a main street. But it is not necessarily the easiest place in the world to find. It is just about six blocks away from exit 4 of Gangnam Station. The place is around the corner from the Prudential Building and across the street from the Bang Bang clothing store.

There is a vertical grey sign that says “Cool” in white English letters on the building that houses Cool Massage. The actual entrance is a bit back off of the main rain in a sort of parking area. There is another dark sign over the entrance of the parlor. It too says “Cool” in white letters. It is visible from the street.

Cool Massage in Gangnam

Unlike a lot of the sex shops in South Korea, Cool is a place quite happy to accept foreign customers. When you walk up to the entrance and ring the doorbell you are greeted by a young Korean man. He can speak English. And he has no problem with guys from countries other than South Korea.

Cool Massage has a decent enough setup. The shop is not particularly amazing. But it is certainly clean and good enough for the kind of establishment it is. After all, we are not talking about a five star restaurant here.

Cool Massage in Seoul

Cool is popular with both foreign and local guys. It can get busy some evenings and weekends. It is a lot quieter during weekdays and on Sunday evenings. More men are home with their families those times. But even on weekdays there can be a bit of a rush around lunch time. Some guys just can’t wait to get out of the office.

The cost for service at Cool is a little higher than it is over at Belle. A standard hour-long session costs 120,000 Won ($102 USD), which is a tad on the expensive side. But the service is quite good so I don’t have too many complaints. At least I don’t have much to say that wouldn’t apply to just about anything else for sale in the world.


The routine is pretty normal. First you shower. Then you head back to the room where your service provider comes to greet you. Some people seem to think the staff is a little hotter here than at some of the other nearby shops with a similar mode of operation. But in my opinion they’re about the same. Ultimately it just depends on the particular person. The women who work at Cool are hot by any reasonable standards, and usually in their early twenties.

You disrobe and then your provider takes off everything except her panties. You get a brief light massage that’s good only for getting you turned on a bit. That’s followed by a light cat bath. For the uninitiated that means you get your body kissed and licked top to bottom.

Some guys have reported receiving a bit of light bareback oral here, but it’s not the norm. Some kissing is more possible. But it rarely if ever turns into French Kissing. So Cool Massage is definitely not a kiss bang.

After the brief massage and cat bath you get a sensual, lubed up handjob. The women are good with their hands. And they have the skill to get most any guy off. In my option the best service they offer comes when they climb on top of you and straddle your body in the 69 position. That was you get a nice look of panty clad backside while your tool is getting worked. It’s difficult to resist blasting off in a situation like that.

After you you do shoot you are be cleaned up. Then you usually get a few more minutes of lackluster massage. At this point few guys would actually care about the quality of the back rub. The place is more of an erotic happy ending massage parlor than anything else.


The guy at the front speaks enough English to transact business. The women inside are less likely to know the language. Some can go through some brief conversation in English. But others cannot speak any English at all. Or at least they don’t want to try the English they know on their foreign customers.

Repeat visitors seem to get the best service. But even first times get the standard treatment. Full service isn’t available for anyone. Asking for it would probably get a person shown to the door. One reason many places in Asia ban foreigners is that they think people from other countries cannot understand local rules.

Cool Massage is staffed by a team of warm, cute and bubbly providers who take care of their customers. If Bell wasn’t right across the street I would be tempted to give Cool four stars. But I have to take those kind of things into consideration. A Chinese massage parlor that would get four stars in the United States would probably get two stars in a city like Macau, which is home to the greatest men’s spas in all of the world. Even though Cool is good at getting the job done, it’s not the best thing going in the area. Taking that all into account, I give Cool a solid three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Dogok-ro, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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