The most interesting sex industry websites in 2018


Rockit Reports has been publishing reports on the most interesting websites for sex industry connoisseurs since 2013. That makes this the sixth post of its kind. This annual tradition wasn’t really planned. What began more or less as a one off attempt to inform the reading public about some good websites pertaining to the commercial sex industry became a running feature here.

In the past I have had to limit my lists of interesting sites in the name of being concise. As time goes on that isn’t the case. There either aren’t as many new and exciting sex industry websites popping up as there used to be or in my advanced age I am missing all the novel material.

In any event I have still discovered some websites that should be of interest to anyone who enjoys reading this site. Some of these sites are a lot different than sites that appeared in past lists but as times change so do we.

The Economist

Anyone familiar with The Economist may think I have lost the plot by posting a link to it here. In fact I am not posting a link to The Economist in the abstract. Rather I am listing the prostitution topic page of The Economist website.

That’s not to say The Economist itself doesn’t deserve to be read by people interested in the sex industry. It is one of the only established international media outlets to call for the legalization of prostitution time and time again.

The prostitution topic page of isn’t updated daily or even monthly. Rather it is updated when The Economist publishes something on the subject. So the schedule is quite irregular. It’s still worth checking however both for the archive of material already available (with tiles like “Why the price of sex is falling”) and the potential for new things to come.


Hunkhands is a Western man who gives women sensual massages in an attempt to make them squirt and records the action for all to see. Hunkhands doesn’t work with professional porn stars. He works with regular amateur women who mostly seem to hail from Asia. Burmese and Filipina women are among those included in the videos. There’s even a scene where a Chinese women’s husbands waits in a hotel lobby for her session to finish. I will link to the Hunkhands Xvideos page here even though he also has profiles with videos on other popular porn tube sites.

I have to admit that I get something approaching motion sickness when I watch the closeup footage filmed with a go pro mounted to the protagonist’s “finger banging” arm but but otherwise the content is original and entertaining. It may even be enlightening.

Some may wonder what a page like this is doing on a list of sites relevant to the sex industry. I reckon that making such videos with his face clearly in view and uploading them to the internet in what may or may not be a commercial endeavor places one in the commercial sex industry. At the very least it shows some level of bravery or openness which deserves recognition if not outright respect.


Adultwork is a UK-based website where sex workers can post their own profiles and ads. This allows them to promote themselves or seek out adult entertainment work. All sorts of posts appear on the site including want ads for porn actors and more. There are even “field reports” posted by people on the site.

Truthfully, the United Kingdom section of the Adultwork website is by far the busiest with sections for other countries like Cambodia usually being absolutely dead or riddled with spam.

Still Adultwork is notable as much for what it tries to be as what it actually is in reality. It gets a lot of use even in this day and age which must say something.

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