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The internet is for porn. Mostly. But not only pics and videos, or even info given on a site like about the real life commercial sex industry. There’s a lot of interesting stuff out there, including the following sex industry related sites.

Peter Tips

Peter Tips blogs fairly regularly with detailed reviews on adult-oriented venues. While his focus is mainly strip clubs in various parts of the United States, he also covers strip clubs and sex shops (like the Hinomaru blowjob bar and New Hot Point hands on peep show in Tokyo, and the sex for sale scene in Thailand).

porn the internet is for it

I don’t always agree with his reviews but they are informative and well done. It seems that Peter may be a bit more squeamish when it comes to purchasing direct sex services rather than just lap dances, but I still like what he does. The blog is definitely worth reading, and Peter seems to be a cool guy (he has commented on this site a few times and I hope to see more from him).

Check his site out at

Mounting and counting

Mounting and Counting is the blog of an American woman who is, in her own words,  “Dry Humping Toward a Secure Financial Future.”

Updates aren’t all that frequent, but the blog is interesting to read if you ever wonder what the day to day life of a woman in the sex industry is like. She also discusses things like considerations of what clubs to work at (and whether or not she should get into the “sugar daddy” / compensated dating scene.

Check her site out at

Amber Cutie

Amber Cutie is one of the more popular models over at MyFreeCams, which in my opinion is the best adult webcam site on the internet. I don’t usually spend a lot of time viewing American models on MFC, but Amber clearly has quite a following.

While I have never dropped a dime on Amber, I find her site very interesting as she describes her life and thoughts. Interesting to see what’s going on in the world of a married cam girl who probably clears more money each month than you or I.

It’s also refreshing that the goal of the site doesn’t seem to be to make money. In fact, there’s no push to pay for anything!

There is a lively forum section where countless cam models and MFC customers converse. Topics of interest abound.

Check her site out at

Happy Endingz

Happy Endingz is a trip through the mind of an American masseuse who makes a living giving guys happy ending massages (hands only, she fires employees who give oral!).

She seems to be very disdainful (and ignorant) of the Asian massage parlor industry in the United States, but her insight on a whole host of other topics makes for good reading.

As of late updates have been very few and far between, but there is a very extensive set of archives that could keep you busy for some time.

Check out her site at

Dollar Bill

Dollar Bill has spent years in the adult industry. He’s been a cabbie and a writer for adult publications. As of late he performs the duty of advertising Asian massage parlors and escorts in various publications and on websites.

A lot of what Bill writes is disagreeable or even uninteresting to me. But there’s so much other content that I find useful I continue to read.

Probably of most interest are his regular “roundups,” when he posts a nice rundown of many adult venues in the New York City area.

There are also numerous ads and listings for Asian massage, escorts and the like in New York posted on the site. These can be fun just to look at and fill time until another list like this comes around.

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