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Soon after I first started this site I made a short post that contained a list of mainstream articles arguing for the legalization of prostitution. That was 2012. It is now 2014. Back then I didn’t imagine that marijuana would be legalized in several US states so quickly. I certainly didn’t imagine that prostitution would.

Events in the years since have shown I had a better grasp of the latter subject which should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this website. Rather than moving toward legalization many places have gone in the opposite direction in recent years. Many will remember that Rhode Island outlawed prostitution in 2009. The terrible C-36 bill was introduced earlier this year in Canada, a place where the sex trade has long been legal. In June, a crackdown on prostitution in China led to thousands of arrests.

So here we are, no better off than we were when Rockit Reports started. I’ll continue to report whenever and wherever it is feasible, for the purpose of entertaining readers. Without bogging the site down I’ll also continue to keep an eye out for any serious moves for or against legalized sex work. The following articles on the topic have been in the mainstream media recently:

Why Prostitution Should Be Legalized in the U.S. (The Crime Report, February 2014)

It’s Time for Legalized Prostitution (Slate, July 2014)

Legalize prostitution now (The Daily Californian, July 2014)

Legalizing Prostitution Would Protect Sex Workers From HIV (NPR, July 2014)

Prostitution: A personal choice (The Economist, August 2014)

Why It’s Time to Legalize Prostitution (Daily Beast, August 2014)

In Defense of Johns (TIME, August 2014)

Legalize prostitution in Hawaii, protect sex workers (Kaleo, October 2014)

Prostitution in India: Make it legal (The Economist, November 2014)

And as an added bonus…

When Rhode Island accidentally legalized prostitution, rape decreased sharply (NY Times, July 2014)


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